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Avalanche Lily tracked this down: Sweden’s New War/Terrorism Emergency Preparedness Brochure, in English.

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Reader Thomas M. wrote to ask:

“Mr. Rawles, do you have a recommendation for a tablet that one can use for viewing the materials on the SurvivalBlog archives [waterproof USB sticks] that are put out every year?  With all of the possibilities for real trouble, I am wondering if there is a brand or style of tablet that will work should the Internet go down or other problems.”

JWR Replies:

“A ruggedized tablet — such as a Panasonic Toughbook A3 — would probably be best.  But any recent brand-name tablet with wireless connectivity, the Firefox browser installed, and a USB port will suffice.  (You can get one with the smaller USB-C jack, and easily use a USB 3.0 adapter to mate it with a traditional USB stick.)

In my experience, for long-term reliability, the power adapter cords are always the weak link.  So get two AC power adapter cords and three 12 Volt DC (automobile) adapters. Oh, and, if needed, buy at least two of the USB 3.0 cord adapters. With all of those, you will have a tablet that will be serviceable for more than a decade — perhaps even a lifetime.

For Faraday protection from EMP/CME events, store your tablet and all removable memory media in a steel can with a tight-fitting steel lid.  A holiday gift popcorn tin works fine, for that.”

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A new video from backcountry pilot Jonas Marcinko: The Apocalypse… Stealth Snow Bike OR Modified Army Truck?

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Reader Ray  K. had this response to SaraSue recent snippet:

“I had milk fever show up in my goats years ago.  The solution is a calcium gel that you dose orally to everyone at kidding (or calving) to prevent milk fever.  It was OTC then and should be now.  It won’t hurt a thing if she doesn’t need it, but it will save her life if she does.  It comes in a tube and you dose it like you are applying caulk.  The gun is smaller in diameter than a caulk gun, and is designed to give the dose based on [the number of] trigger pulls.

I think I got mine at TSC, but you should be able to find it at most farm stores or online.  You will need to buy the [dosing] gun to go with the tube of gel.”

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In The Washington Times: Experts warn electric vehicle weight threatens road safety and infrastructure. (A hat tip to H.L. for the link.)

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Why Trudeau really wants to ban hunting riflesJWR’s Comment: Handguns deter street thugs, but rifles deter tyrannical governments.

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Reader H.L. spotted this: US Army Ditches Next-Gen Helicopter Program In Major Aviation Shakeup JWR’s Comments:  If they were truly logical, then the military procurement planners from all of the branches should establish a 90/10 rule: 90 percent of combat and recon aircraft should be unmanned and remotely piloted.  Wake up and join the 21st century! You’ll get more bang for the taxpayer buck and be transporting fewer flag-draped coffins!

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Bill Gates’ Plan to ‘Fight Climate Change’ by Blocking the Sun Begins.

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Reader C.B. sent this: California bill would ban all plastic shopping bags at grocery stores JWR’s Comments:  Californians will be able to sleep much safer…

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Also in California: (Video) State senator proposes annual paid gun registration.

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