Update: Opportunity for Retreat Group Membership in a Secure Kansas Bug Out Location

I currently have a consulting client who lives full-time with his family on a highly-productive farm in Kansas. He has asked me to use SurvivalBlog to add a family to his retreat group. Unlike the caretaker position that I posted earlier this year (which was a salaried position) posted earlier this year, this is not a paying job, but if you have the qualifications think of your response as the first step toward a potential space for you and your family in a lifeboat which in a collapse scenario could be very important.

Imagine if the collapse has occurred and instead of being stuck in the city, you traveled to a retreat and are welcomed by a Christian family. All you needed to do is travel to their farm/retreat and help with security and usual farm chores. It sounds like a fantasy, but it is true as there is a retreat owner and consulting client has asked me to search for a qualified like-minded family to help assist their family in the event their retreat needs to be activated. They live full time at their farm which has been a productive farm for over 150 years. The farm is in a safe geographic area with multiple sources of power, water including a stocked lake, and abundant trees for firewood in Kansas, which is a conservative state.

The farm produces enough food for hundreds of people and surrounding farms also produce grains, milk, meat, and eggs. The area is lightly populated, with more cattle than people. Wildlife including deer abound in the area.

Currently, the family has room for just one more family. They will take under consideration any families from the continental United States, but special preference will be given to people in the Midwest and South as they are geographically closer. The retreat is already stocked for the owners, but additional supplies for you and your family to be determined upon mutual agreement with the retreat owners could be pre-positioned if you are accepted into their retreat group.

But before I can tell you anything more about this farm retreat, I need to know about you. The ideal candidates must be able to check off the following:

A military, law enforcement, or a medical background is preferred.  If a quality Christian family has skills either through their employment or hobbies that could be useful in a collapse environment (such as a mechanic, gardening experience, or home repair skills) that will also be considered.

They will only consider happily married individuals in a strife-free and drug-free monogamous relationship.

Be devoted Christians and be on the same page as the farm owner concerning current events of these Last Days.

Be circumspect and security conscious.

Have minimal emotional baggage, drama, or other “issues.”

Apply with the understanding that they will have extensive background checks.

The wife must be practical. She must keep good discipline of your children and pets.  Cooking, baking, gardening, and sewing skills are a definite plus.

In your initial cover letter, please introduce you, your wife, and your family including you and your families’ beliefs, interests, hobbies, pets and diet including any allergies or foods that any members of your family don’t eat. Please include detailed profiles of each family member that you would like to be potentially included listing work history and skills.

If you meet these qualifications, then please e-mail a cover letter and detailed profile description, to:  jamesATrawles.to , (Change “AT” to an @ sign.) and I will personally handle the initial contacts. Once we’ve narrowed the list of potential retreat group members, your details will then be forwarded to the farm owner.

Please pray seriously about this, before responding.