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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods. This column is a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from JWR. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats, and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. In today’s column, we look at Joe Biden’s Planned Executive-Level Gun Control Office.

Elon Musk and OpenAI President: The Singularity is Near

Linked over at the news aggregation site: Elon Musk and OpenAI president agree—the Singularity is near.

Biden to Establish Executive-Level Gun Control Office

H.L. sent this news reported by Breitbart: Joe Biden to Announce Executive Level Gun Control Office.

JWR’s Comments: This is nothing short of an Executive Policy Capture move, by Michael Bloomberg and his gun-grabbing buddies. Stefanie Feldman, “Deputy Assistant To President Biden and Senior Advisor To Director of the Domestic Policy Council” is the titular leader of the new office. She is rabidly anti-Second Amendment. She is in the back pocket of Bloomberg’s cabal and has been scheming behind the scenes since March of 2022, establishing a “Whole-of-Government Approach” to anti-gun policies and coordinating with NGO anti-gun activists. Among other things, Feldman has been pushing for Red Flag laws. “Stef” Feldman attended Duke University, graduating in 2010. She then attended Yale Law School. She is a typical Eastern Liberal who favors big government. Starting out as a policy intern when Biden was Vice President, Feldman has also shaped Biden administration policy on climate issues. Notably, her X (formerly Twitter) page is replete with reposts from, BradyBuzz, Brady United, Moms Demand Action, and She frequently reposts tweets from anti-gunners Herbie Ziskend (the White House Deputy Communications Director) and “Moms Demand” board member Shannon Watts. Allowing outside pressure groups to set Federal policies and to drive executive orders subverts the very nature of the executive branch.

FEMA Map: Natural Disaster Risk

Raeder C.B. sent this MSN piece: Map Reveals Your Neighborhood’s Risk of Natural Disaster.

A Nation of Snitches: DHS Has Americans Reporting on Each Other

A recent essay by John Whitehead: A Nation of Snitches: DHS Is Grooming Americans to Report on Each Other.

EPA Just Banned Sales of Berkey Water Filters

Blog reader T.H. spotted this news: Highly corrupt EPA literally just BANNED sales of Berkey water filters, calling them “pesticides”.

Family of Man Who Drove Car Off Collapsed Bridge Sues Google Maps

Family of Man Who Drove Car Off Collapsed Bridge Sues Google Maps. A quote:

“Philip Paxson used Google Maps while driving home on a rainy night from his daughter’s birthday party when Google’s “outdated directions” sent Paxson onto the “Bridge to Nowhere,” where he crashed into Snow Creek and drowned, lawyers for the Paxson family said in a news release.

The derelict bridge in Hickory was washed out years ago.”

Flesh-Eating Bacteria Infection Leads to Quadruple Amputation

Reader D.S.V. was the first of several SurvivalBlog readers to mention this news: San Jose Mom Loses Arms and Legs After Eating Fish Contaminated with Flesh-Eating Bacteria.

Marine Corps F-35 Crash in South Carolina

Another article linked at the news aggregation site: What is known about the Marine Corps F-35 crash in South Carolina?

Authors Sue OpenAI for Copyright Infringement

John Grisham, George R.R. Martin and more authors sue OpenAI for copyright infringement.

Elon Musk Seeking Volunteers to Test Brain Implant Chip

Voz: Elon Musk seeking volunteers to test his brain implant chip.

New EPA Trucking Rules Will Have “Near Zero Compliance”

The independent Sentinel reports: New Impossible Trucking Rules Will Have “Near Zero Compliance”.

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