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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods. This column is a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from JWR. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats, and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. In today’s column, war drums and police chases.

10-Year Anniversary Prepper Camp 2023

The 10-year anniversary gathering for Prepper Camp 2023 will be held September 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, 2023, in Saluda, North Carolina.

Chaos: An Aerial View of the Huge Burning Man Mud Mess

A recent Trent Palmer flying video: It got WAY WORSE – Burning Man 2023 Rain Update Part 2. From Trent’s description: “70,000 people stuck at Burning Man, so Jerry and I decided to take a second quick flight up to Black Rock to check on how Burning Man was holding up after all the newest recent rain storms and see how the exodus was going.

JWR’s Comment: So-called “Dry Lake Beds” don’t always remain dry. As of Monday, the “Shelter In Place” order was lifted, and some of the revelers were able to slip and slide their way off of the playa.

Is The U.S Ready for a Two-Front War?

Published by the Atlantic Council: The United States and its allies must be ready to deter a two-front war and nuclear attacks in East Asia.

Did Russian Kamikaze Drones Explode In Romania?

Ukraine claims Russian kamikaze drones exploded in NATO member Romania. The news article begins:

“Ukraine on Monday accused Russia of hitting NATO member Romania with kamikaze drones – which Bucharest “categorically” denied despite apparent photographic proof.

The Iranian-made “Shahed” drones, aimed at the Ukrainian port of Izmail on the Danube River, fell across the banks and detonated on the Romanian side, Ukraine’s foreign ministry claimed while sharing images of a giant fire from the attack.

“According to Ukraine’s state border guard service, last night, during a massive Russian attack near the port of Izmail, Russian ‘Shakheds’ [sic] fell and detonated on the territory of Romania,” the ministry’s spokesman, Oleg Nikolenko, wrote on Facebook.”

A Chinese Attack on Taiwan Soon?

CNBC reported this prediction from fund manager Kyle Bass: China hawk says Beijing could attack Taiwan by 2024, bringing ‘war to the West’.

Existential Threats to Humanity are Soaring

At Axios: Existential threats to humanity are soaring this year.

GSP Pursuit of Indiana Murder Suspect Into Oncoming Traffic

Reader  B.G. sent this video link: GSP Pursuit of Indiana Murder Suspect Into Oncoming Traffic — Truck Goes Airborne — Assist to USMS.

The Grappler: This Device Stops Police Chases

Oliver Anthony’s Latest Song

A one-minute clip on X, linked over at the news aggregation site: Oliver Anthony’s latest song.

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