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I heard from SurvivalBlog reader T.D.H. about a nifty and inexpensive way to efficiently store 30-round AR-15 rifle magazines. By coincidence, the dimensions of small, stackable Sterlite plastic storage crates are perfect to fit 12 of the 30-round PMAGs. These fit tightly in these crates if the magazines are left in their factory wrappers, or loosely, if they are out of their wrappers. They also loosely fit 14 unwrapped alloy or steel AR magazines. These plastic mini crates are made in U.S.A.. You can find these on eBay or at the Walmart website by searching on this phrase: Sterilite Plastic Desktop Storage Mini Crate, Black, 9″ x 7 3/4″ x 6 1/8″. They make these in black, white, and clear plastic. I was able to buy 10 of these via eBay, for $25.30, postage paid! (Just $2.53 each. Since they arrived via FedEx, I don’t think that they made much of a profit on that transaction.) They arrived in a Walmart shipping box.  I suppose that they are also sold in Walmart stores. This is a great way to keep a quantity of extra magazines handy — in your gun vault, in a vehicle, on trips to your shooting range, or in a cache. – JWR

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SurvivalBlog’s Editor-at-Large Mike Williamson sent this, over at X about some recent monkeywreching, in London, England: An anti-ULEZ vigilante group known as the “Blade Runners” has committed itself to removing or disabling every last ULEZ camera in London. 90% of the cameras in South East London have already been “retired”.  

Mike’s Comment: The Revolution will not be televised. At least not if these guys have anything to say about it.

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Reader A.K. recommended this video by Eva Zu Beck: Giving Up Modern Life to Become a Goat Herder in Montana.

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Tim J. suggested this Victor Davis Hanson video: The De-Civilization of America.

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M.J. sent this snippet:

This year I planted corn and beans, just like last year.  However, the yield this year was a lot less. All that labor, and much higher water bills because we had very little rain this summer, and not much to show for it.  It’s also possible that I didn’t fertilize enough.

On the positive side, some volunteer melons are growing very nicely, and my tomato and arugula are doing well too.
Now I’m ripping out the corn stalks and feeding them into my compost pile so that I can get some compost to fertilize the beds before winter comes and the compost process stops.
The biggest prep for me right now is to get a better job to keep ahead of inflation, so that will be my main focus.

Good luck, everyone.”

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Steve Kirsch, by way of the news aggregation site: Vaccinated people are over 2X more likely to get COVID than the unvaccinated.  An excerpt:

“Bottom line: The CDC lied; people died.

In general:

    • The vaccines in general make you 2X as likely to get COVID.
    • If you do get COVID (which is half as likely for the unvaccinated), the COVID vaccines do NOTHING to reduce your risk of hospitalization. They are lying about that. This is why no state or country in the world will ever release their vaccine-death record level data. If the data was good, they’d be making it mandatory for everyone to download it. They would be teaching it in schools.
    • The vaccines will increase your risk of dying from COVID if you do get COVID by up to 3x. My analysis on the CMS Nursing home data shows that clearly. The odd-ratio of 2 months post COVID vaccine (to give it a chance to be administered and work) vs. just before the vaccine rollout, shows an OR of over 3 with a z-score over 21. Stay tuned for that one in a Substack coming up soon!

So do not get vaccinated unless you are trying to die. OK?”

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Reader C.B. mentioned this, over at MedicalXpress: Q&A: What we know so far about BA.2.86 (‘Pirola’), the new COVID-19 strain.

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Reader H.L. sent this: Radioactive Wild Boar Roam Central Europe.

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I had an Elk Creek Company customer who is a novice shooter write to ask what was meant by “mild” chamber pressure loads. I replied:

Ammunition is made in three general pressure classes:  Mild, Standard (or “Factory”), and Hot.

  • Mild: Most mild factory loads are marketed as “Cowboy” loads, for the Cowboy Action Shooters market.  Anyone who is well-experienced with handloading can make mild loads.
  • Standard: The terminology varies between makers, but most standard loads are often marked “target” or “field.” Most shooters consider typical factory ammunition from makers like Winchester, Remington, and Federal to be “standard” pressure” loads. The velocities of most chamberings are almost identical, whether you buy Winchester, Remington, and Federal ammo.
  • Hot: “Hot” loads are usually marked “+P”, “Heavy”, “Maximum”, and sometimes “Critical Defense”, or “Dangerous Game”. (Again, the terminology varies between makers. Some use “Critical Defense” or “Dangerous Game” to describe their expanding bullet design rather than their pressure.)  Good examples of hot loads are the cartridges made by Buffalo Bore. For instance, their .45 Colt loads are safe to shoot in a modern N-Frame S&W revolver, a Taurus Judge, or a Colt Anaconda, but they are not safe to shoot in a Colt Single Action Army revolvers, regardless of the gun’s vintage.

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Another from reader C.B.: Philadelphia Phillies Launch ‘Facial Recognition’ Program for Fan Entry at Park.

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SaraSue sent us this update:

“I am feeling much better and trying to solve my anemia via “food as medicine” because the iron pills my doctor prescribed make me sick as a dog.  Red meat is the primary source I’m using since it’s in abundance here.

This past week I processed a lot of fresh corn for the freezer, cooked down a lot of homemade butter for Ghee (butter oil), purchased large quantities of fresh, local, potatoes,  and apples, from the Amish.  My potato crop was very small so I knew I needed more.  All the animals are thriving, and especially enjoying the cool down we are experiencing.  I have secured hay and firewood for the winter.  As is normal, the milk cow production has slowed down from 6 gallons a day to 3-4 gallons of milk a day.  That provides a nice break for me with less milk to process.  I think there’s enough butter in the freezer now to make it through the winter.  But, if not, I have a Jersey cow who will calve in a few months, and we’ll be drowning in milk again.

I am on a mission to rid myself of every last food item in this house that has any “bioengineered” ingredients in it, and that includes condiments, crackers, etc.  I realize that means I must make all those convenience items myself, but I’m finally ready to do that.  Removing all processed foods of any kind from the home is a process, but I’m feeling stronger about ridding every last vestige of it from my home.

Rather than planting a fall garden, and after two years of garden failures, I am in process of completely redesigning the garden and hope to get raised beds built this Fall and ready for Spring.  You can mow around raised beds!  The current garden has plants and bushes that have grown as tall as me in just a few months’ time – things grow so fast here it’s crazy.  Setting up a “forever garden” addresses my one last big homestead project that I had planned.

I urge everyone to pay attention to what’s in food in the grocery stores, and source local farmers and ranchers who are like-minded.  Not out of fear, but in preparation of potential tumultuous times in the near future.  In the same way, to rid ourselves of any remaining worldly influences or attachments so that we will be ready to stand strong, in the Lord, for what comes.  I’m just sharing what the Lord seems to be nudging me about.  He may give you a different message.”

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Wolves Return to Southern California After More than a Century.

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NRA: How to Build a Hunting Kill Kit.

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