An Arborist Training Position in Louisville, Kentucky

I just heard about a job opening for an essentially recession-proof job that might interest a SurvivalBlog reader.  I have been asked by the owner of the company to do the initial review of the resumes that come in:

Arborist Training Position

Job Description: Climber ISA Certified Arborist

Position available as climber trainee in a growing (literally!) field in high demand.  Work one-on-one with owner of a small but successful tree company. We have a relaxed but safe work environment, with no drama.  We are servicing Louisville, Kentucky.  You will learn all aspects of tree care including planting, pruning (including fruit trees) climbing, crane-assisted and climbing tree removals, chainsaw operation and maintenance as well as operation of all types of equipment used in arboriculture. Ideally, you would train for three years to industry standards, after which you would be eligible to take the exam to become an ISA Certified Arborist – which is an internationally recognized credential.

You’ll be able to learn additional skills such as felling and bucking, working with hand tools (crosscut saws), bandsaw mill operation, equipment maintenance as well as excellent first aid training, utilizing the MARCH assessment.  All training materials are provided.

The shop is located on a farm outside the city so you can find inexpensive housing outside the city and be very close to work.

Job Qualifications:
We do not drive CDL trucks and therefore a CDL license is not required. We drive medium-duty trucks up to 26,000-pound GVWR. But you must have a clean driving record and the ability to drive a manual transmission.  This is not back-breaking work, since we have lots of equipment to do the heavy lifting. But due to the physical nature of this job, you must not be afraid of heights and be able to lift 80-100 lbs.

Candidates with skills such as welding, truck and equipment repair, climbing experience, or military service are encouraged to apply.  You must be trustworthy and dependable. Personal references are required, and a background check will be conducted.

You would be a regular W-2 employee with weekly pay, via direct deposit.  We are fully insured including workman’s compensation.  Typical job hours are Monday to Friday  7 a.m. to 5 p.m..  We do not work weekends unless we have storm damage.  The typical work week is 40-to-45 hours and although this is an hourly position, we utilize the fluctuating workweek pay schedule set to 40 hours per week so you will be paid full-time even if we are unable to work due to bad weather.  Starting pay is $48,000-to-$52,000 depending on experience with raises available as skillsets increase.  All major holidays are paid off with two days for Thanksgiving and a paid 12-day end-of-year break.

Please send resumes to Jim Rawles, via his Contact form.