Preparedness Notes for Monday — May 22, 2023

On May 22, 1960, the Valdivia earthquake–one of the largest earthquakes on record–struck the southern coast of Chile, killing about 5,700 people and creating seismic sea waves that caused death and destruction in distant Pacific coastal areas, notably Japan and Hawaii.

Iron Edison (one of our biggest advertisers) has announced a sale on their 5kWH wall-mount batteries. These batteries are normally $3,395 each, but they are offering them at $600 off, for a price of just $2,795.00. The discount code for this deal is SALE2023.  The special pricing end on June 16th, so order yours, soon. Iron Edison offers complete solar and battery kits that include everything you need for a complete solar system.  If you contact them, then please mention that you saw them mentioned in SurvivalBlog.

Today’s feature article is a product review written by Field Gear Editor Thomas Christianson.