Preparedness Notes for Monday — March 27, 2023

On March 127, 1975, construction began on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline; spanning 800 miles (1,300 km), the oil pipeline cost $8 billion. It was completed in 1977.

Today is also the anniversary of Tennirife airliner collision disaster, in 1977.

And March 27th is the birthday of the late Robert W. Ford (born 1923, died 20 September 2013). He was an amazing man who had a remarkable life. His book, Wind Between The Worlds (an account of experiences in Tibet, captivity by the communist Chinese, and his fight against brainwashing), is highly recommended. It is available for free download.

Today’s feature article was written by our Field Gear Editor Emeritus, Pat Cascio.  Pat has been in poor health in recent months, so please keep him in your prayers.