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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, in a departure from the usual news coverage, we will briefly focus on the increasingly conservative politics in The American Redoubt.


What kind of political beliefs are newcomers bringing to Idaho? Survey says…

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Written by a liberal, back in 2021: Explaining Idaho: Growing Fast and Changing Politically.

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Thousands of Idahoans are moving to these 5 states. (We could be more adventurous.)

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Report Says Migration to Idaho From Other States Down 61% since 2020.


The New York Times is Trashing Montana Again! And This is Good…

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Rosendale says Montana Freedom Caucus will be ‘tip of the spear’ in pushing conservative agenda.

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After Notching Historic GOP Gains, Montana Lawmakers Lay Out Legislative Priorities.

Central & Eastern Oregon

Breitbart: Campaign for Eastern Oregon to Join Conservative Idaho Gains Traction as Leftist Laws Hurt Citizens.

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They Left: Portland Is Losing Some of Its Biggest Fans. “Rising taxes and a falling quality of life have some Stumptown die-hards voting with their feet.”

Central & Eastern Washington

2023 Legislative Preview: Can Washington Democrats, GOP span differences?

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In the liberal Crosscut, circa 2021: What we learned about the urban/rural political divide in Washington.

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And this article from a decade ago keyed into some long-term trends: A State Divided: As Washington Becomes More Liberal, Republicans Push Back. A quote:

“Newly elected Gov. Jay Inslee, a former Democratic congressman, carried only eight of 39 counties. All of those counties just so happen to be located within 100 miles of Seattle.”


While Wyoming’s Red Sea Became Redder, Its Blue Island (Teton County) Got Bluer.

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Gov. Gordon to Legislature: Wyoming ‘ideal model’ of governance.

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