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Reader M.B.R. in Idaho wrote via snail mail to ask:

“Is there any way to maintain my privacy when buying firearms, gun accessories, and ammunition?”

JWR Replies: Thankfully, Idaho is one of the 33+ states where private party gun sales are still perfectly legal. So I advise that you buy your guns used, from private party sellers at gun shows, or via local classified ads in advertising free newspapers. For people living in private party states, the majority of the folks that rent gun show tables don’t have FFLs. Rather, they are private party sellers. If you are at a gun show and see a gun of interest, then your first question should be: “Are you a FFL holder, or are you a fellow private party here in Idaho?”

It is safe to assume that credit card purchases of guns and ammunition are now or will soon be correlated in some big database in the sky.  So, if your goal is true privacy, then buy any ammunition and gun accessories only with cash, at a local gun shop, at a feed or farm and ranch store, or at a gun show.

Yes, you will pay more for all of the aforementioned goods, but sadly that is the price of privacy, whilst living in 21st-century America.

Oh, and if you want to “break the chain” of paperwork on any guns that you’ve previously bought through an FFL after 1968 (with an ATF Form 4473 on permanent file), then the best thing to do is sell them to an FFL, and be certain to retain a copy of the detailed sales receipt, so that you can document that you disposed of those guns. That surely beats attempting to claim a burglary or a “boating accident”, years from now.

I must remind my readers: It is a federal felony to buy a modern gun across state lines, without FFL paperwork. I have some advice for any readers who live in any of the 17-odd states where by law all modern gun purchases must be made through licensed dealers: If you cannot move to a free state, then consider buying at least a few pre-1899 production guns. That way at least part of your collection will not have a trail of federal paperwork.

Bottom Line: The best firearms are those without a paper trail leading to you. As my friend Peter says:  “I like my guns like Democrats like their immigrants…  …undocumented.”

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Tim Pool: New Pandemic, Avian Flu Could Kill 60% Of People, Lab Did Gain Of Function To Make It Infect Mammals.

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Our Editor-At-Large Michael Z. Williamson spotted this news piece posted by Brandon Herrera about a based man arrested in Western Australia: Police discover secret underground bunker with treasure trove of firearms and a shooting range and arrest him because apparently you can’t do that in Australia.

Michael’s Comment: “Not a bad start. But only 1,000 rounds of ammo?”

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Video of truck driver delivering food to massive underground bunker.

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Illinois Hobby Club Believes Pentagon Shot Down Their $12 Pico Balloon.

Canadian military demands US podcaster delete episodes featuring sniper who was fired for refusing vaccine and mask mandates.

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SaraSue sent us this snippet:

“I purchased a variety of organic potatoes, red and yellow,  and two kinds of sweet potatoes from Azure Standard.  I started several sweet potatoes suspended in jars with water in order to grow slips.  The others are sitting in trays in the dark spare room that stays cool.  They should begin to grow roots.  Some of my red potatoes from last year’s harvest have sprouted.  These are all for planting in the gardens.  My tomato and cucumber starts that sit in the bay window are growing well.  The chickens are laying like gangbusters and I regularly collect 2-3 dozen eggs a day.  My little herd of 4 cows are getting along well and we are enjoying being back in milk.  The inside house projects are progressing and soon a fresh coat of paint will be applied to the repaired walls.  I’m working on a better watering situation out to the cows and to the gardens.  Last year’s attempts failed miserably.  A lactating dairy cow can drink 30-50 gallons of water a day!  I have 3 – 100 gallon tanks, so you can imagine how often I’m filling water tanks no matter the weather.  Their water is filtered by the house system and brought out via long hoses.  When it’s freezing, I carry out bucket after bucket after bucket of hot water from the house, which is a real pain.  This would never work in snow country!  In Tennessee, we are downwind of the Ohio disaster and I am on well water.  For the first time, I was grateful that I went to the expense of having a whole house water filtration system installed, plus I filter, again, drinking and cooking water with the Berkey.  I’m hoping charcoal and carbon filters do the job, but I have no idea.  I have no idea how the Ohio river, which meets the Tennessee river, are connected, how it all connects to the aquifers, and how we will be affected.  What has happened in Ohio should never have happened.  I read that FEMA is finally going to help them.  It’s just crazy, the whole thing.  Those poor people.  Oh Lord, I ask in Jesus’ name that you protect your children.  Amen.”

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Tim J. recommended this video: Ranger Survival and Field Craft Bushcraft Survival Scout Kit.

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Richard T. had this comment about a recent article:

“Regarding the Swedish death cleansing article:  This reminds me of how as my dad aged he gradually reduced his possessions until he had nothing in material goods other than his clothes, eyeglasses, hearing aid, wedding ring and bible. He lived in a facility where a television was provided but he never watched it, he sat in his rocking chair and when he was asked what he was thinking about he replied “my life”. In the end that is all that we will have, our life to think about. Make sure your life is something that you will treasure more than the things that you have. ‘Lay not up treasures on earth where moth and rust will corrode, but lay up treasures in heaven where neither moth nor rust corrodes’.”

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At WND: Army kicks out Guardsman over vax refusal, now insanely says AWOL if he fails to return

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Chris D. had this follow-up to a recent review article:

“We have been using Keen boots for many years. Our experience with a number of products (not just boots) Is that we find a particular item we like and when it becomes necessary to replace that item it has either been changed or discontinued. Not so with Keen boots. They have been very steady with their product line over the years.
We live a farm/outdoor live in The foothills of the Appalachian range and are hard on everything. Keen boots perform up to our standards and protect our feet very well. Here comes the “but””
The adhesive that holds the sole to the upper boot begins to fail as early as six months after purchase. The company will replace the boots inside of the year after purchase. However we typically repair them with Shoe Goo and move on.
Why do we continue to use their product line you ask? Because they fit. They are actually shaped like a foot and therefore are very comfortable. I would suggest keeping both your receipt and Shoe Goo handy!”

New Mexico: US officials authorize helicopter with shooters to kill feral cows in the Gila Wilderness.

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Karen M. in Canada sent this:

“I recently made the Peanut Butter Granola recipe posted on your – it’s terrific.

A few changes I made were to add:

    • 1 cup Millet
    • Several grinds of fresh Nutmeg
    • 1 cup slivered Almonds
    • 1 cup unsalted Peanuts
    • 2 cups dried Cranberries

The oatmeal I used was the old-fashioned, slow-cook type. Next time, I think I’d use the quick-cook type. But if soaked overnight in yogurt the slow-cook oats do soften up nicely.”

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Reader H.L. spotted this Breitbart news piece: Chicago’s O’Hare Suffers ‘Dystopian’ Nightmare with Growing Homeless Encampments.

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H.L. also suggested this, from AmericanThinker: Harvard gun study leads to unexpected results.

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Lastly, there is this, over at RedStateLandmark Study Vindicates Everyone Who Touted Natural Immunity to COVID-19.

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