Preparedness Notes for Monday — February 13, 2023

Today is the birthday of General Chuck Yeager (born, 1923), the first man to break the sound barrier. He passed away December 7, 2020.

February 13th is also the birthday of Robert Charles R.C. Sproul (born 1939, died December 14, 2017), a well-respected American Calvinist theologian.

A special request from JWR: A relative of mine will soon be attending a school that is south of Hamilton, Montana.  That relative will need to rent garage space to store a vehicle for about a year. Ideally, it would be a spot with an outlet available for a trickle charger, and that has access year-round, in case that vehicle is needed for an emergency. So, if you, or someone you know, lives within 20 miles of Hamilton and would have a covered parking spot in a garage, carport, shop, or barn available, please let me know, via e-mail. Many thanks!

Today’s feature article is a review written by SurvivalBlog Field Gear Editor Thomas Christianson.