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Where is the western bumblebee? The super-pollinator declined 57% in 2 decades, study said.

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I just heard about a new, inexpensive piece of courseware called the Family Prep Plan that was published by an old friend of mine. He is a Christian and a former Marine Corps officer. Like me, he believes in the Biblical role of husbands — to lead, protect, and provide for our families. He had numerous friends ask him for advice on preparedness, so he compiled much of his research into a website. Please check it out: Not surprisingly, his Prep Plan page includes multiple links to SurvivalBlog articles and to our loyal advertisers. – JWR

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3AD Scout wrote:

“I found this “collection” of publications at the USDA website.  It is titled the “Organic Collection” because the documents are from the 1940s and earlier before all the compound chemicals started to be used.  The index is not very good, so going page to page looking at the various titles is well worth the time.  Although most of the publications pertain to livestock or crops there are many other subjects that homesteaders/preppers will find useful such as tanning, construction, etc..  I’m only about a 1/3 the way through but that it well worth sharing this “old school” knowledge.”

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Ray K. sent this snippet:

“Way back when I lived in south Alabama, I learned that fire ants could be killed by sprinkling grits around the mound.  Apparently the ants like the feed, and it swells inside them [and kills them] when they drink water.  It not only worked, but it’s safe for the livestock and the environment.”

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Countering China: ‘A big deal’: US, Philippines tighten military ties. (A hat tip to H.L. for the link.)

Andre found this gem: Communicate safely during protests or emergencies with Briar.

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Sis sent this snippet:

“I love reading your weekly reports and can see you’re a very industrious woman 🤗. Anyway, I’m responding to the Alaskan woman who raised meat, Cornish cross, chickens. We have done this for well over 20 years. My husband doesn’t like chicken skin so we just skin them. Also, you want to try and keep their bedding rather clean to reduce the smells. It’s important to remove their feed at night as they will just keep eating and then grow too quickly for their legs. I did like the idea of putting their feed and water farther apart. If you can build their coop directly on the ground and as soon as weather permits, put their feed and water outside they will move at more which of course is healthier. We also added apple cider vinegar and colloidal silver to their water. The main problem that we have to deal with is if it gets too hot in the summer as when they’re almost full-grown it’s hard on their hearts. But if you can get them outside with some shade you’ll have a much better success.. also we raise ours at least 10 weeks as we want more meat and less bone. Ours were at least 6 lbs, after being skinned, gutted and the feet and two lower parts of the wings removed. We like knowing what’s in our food. The meat is definitely superior to store-bought. Also. I pressure cook down the carcasses and get bone broth and shredded chicken meat off after it’s been cleaned of the gristle and yucky stuff and the broth has been strained. Oh, I just thought of something else we do. We stop feeding them around 12 hours before butchering. We do leave them water because it seems cruel not to. But by removing the feed it’s a bit less messy.

Have a blessed day. God is in control and He promises us to go through anything He allows in our lives.”

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Tim J. spotted this video: Building a Portable Diesel Heater | Hot Tent Ice Fishing.

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A video from Matt Christiansen: Pro-Life Activist Raided, Prosecuted by Biden’s DOJ Acquitted — The High Crime of a Deserved Shove.

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Mark X. wrote:

“There is some logic in having hard copy books that might help you through difficult times. You know, your smartphone might slip out of your hand while you are lounging around your hot tub and become useless.

I have a habit of looking for books used on eBay before I support the Amazon beast.

A few books I have purchased recently are:

There was a useful article from The Epoch Times: A Reading List for Self-Reliance: The Smart, Practical Survival Library.”

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Reader C.B. sent this: Major insurers plan to drop two car models’ coverage due to thefts: report.

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Air Force shoots down China’s plan to build corn mill less than 15 miles from North Dakota base.

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D.S.V. sent us this: Switzerland Weighs Break With Centuries-Old Policy Of Neutrality.

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And lastly, ham radio operator Mike Q. e-mailed me:

“On my purchase of a QYT 8900D from Aliexpress I see in the manual instructions on how to REMOTELY turn off receiving in a (perhaps) stolen rig, and also to send a code that completely bricks the unit, over the air.

Remote Stun
First set the DTMF Remote Stun Tone and Master Control ID in Software: When your radio receives the DTMF Remote Stun Tone Sequence (Set by software) (Requires Menu 18 and 19 to accept DTMF signaling) it will command the ra- dio to disable transmitting abilities. The Master ID station must first identify and send the PTTID (set in software as “Master ID”) – once the Master Station identifies itself, the radio is set to receive command tones, if the Monitor Remote Stun tone is received – the radio will no longer be able to transmit. Both the master ID station and remote stun signal must be set up in software.
Remote Kill
First set the DTMF Remote Kill Tone and Mas- ter Control ID in Software: When your radio receives the DTMF Remote Kill Tone Sequence (Set by software) (Requires Menu 18 and 19 to…”
This makes me wonder about other electronics, how many can be remotely disabled?”

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