Recipe of the Week:

The following recipe for Noodles with Peanut Sauce is from Mrs. Alaska.

1.  Save any meat or fish bones and/or vegetable skins, peels, ends, leaves, etc to occasionally make batches of broth.  Pressure can this broth to save it long term.
2.  Cook a package of noodles in broth, according to directions. (Boiling noodles in broth results in a more flavorful dish than boiling them in water.)  Note that generally dry wheat noodles take 8 – 13 minutes, rice noodles 5 minutes, and fresh, homemade pasta just 2-3 minutes.
3. Drain the noodles, saving the broth for making the sauce.
3. The sauce:  Mix one-quart broth with 1/3  to 1 cup peanut butter (your preference, to suit your taste.)  Less peanut butter will yield a thinner, lighter sauce.  More peanut butter results in a thicker and heartier sauce.  Add 3 – 4 TBS soy sauce.  Add aromatics of choice, such as garlic, onion, cayenne.
4.  Combine sauce and hot noodles so that the pasta absorbs the flavor.
5.  Add any pre-cooked meat or vegetables, of choice.  The sauce clings well to broccoli and cauliflower.
6. Top the dish with one cup of shelled peanuts and fresh scallions or chives.

JWR Adds: Mrs. Alaska has a fascinating blog at: Off-road, Off-grid in Alaska.

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