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A video recommended by our Editor-At-Large, Michael Z. Williamson: The .22 LR “Pinball” Skull Shot Theory, Is It True?

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The latest YouTube essay from Lauren Southern: Hunting Rifle Ban Announced in Canada.

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Avalanche Lily spotted this: Why Do So Many Christians Deny The Deadly Intent Behind The Globalists’ Agenda?

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Bankrupt Front Sight firearms training school is now owned by PrairieFire.

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Andre in Belgium recommended this software developed in Germany: AntiRansomware.

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Reader C.B. mentioned this new attempt at land-grabbing: Strategic reserves in Oregon’s forests to prevent biodiversity losses, protect water, and mitigate climate change.

Reader J.R.G. had this commnet:

“I enjoyed the article on the updated Crosman pneumatic pump pellet pistol.  Air guns have a lot to offer a foraging hunter / vermin eradicator.

I have essentially the same pistol, only much older, the common 1377C American, purchased during the mid 1980s, I also purchased the shoulder stock converting this to a very compact carbine (legal for air guns in the United States).  It is a very lightweight short-range (< 20 yds) vermin rifle as well as possible small game gun.  Given the lightweight compact ammunition source, worthy of thought for cross-country bugout use.  Much quieter (save DB-loaded .22 rimfire) and can often be shot within city limits [in most cities] because of exempt air gun status.”

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Reader D.S.V. suggested this at PJ Media: Investigation Into Attacks on Power Stations Across the U.S. Continues.

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And D.S.V. found this posted at WorldNet Daily: Fed-up gas station gets tough: Hires guards packing AR-15s.

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Ed in Maine wrote:

“Kindly reconsider the recent negative comment regarding the KitchenAid grain mill attachment. I use one on my wife’s Artisan 325 Watt model [pictued at the top of this column] with no trouble.

I purchased one a couple of years ago because my micronizer-type mill (Wondermill) does not produce a coarse-enough product suitable for a hot cereal. The result is too “soupy” for my wife.

I grind up 13 of the 15 items I keep on hand as small as teff and amaranth, and as large as popcorn and dent corn. The two I don’t bother with is chia and flax seeds; they are much too oily. I like to make hot cereal such as cream of wheat, grits, and cornmeal mush. If I make cornbread, I run a portion of the corn through this for the coarse texture. My second batch of hot cereal included the following items all processed through this mill: teff, amaranth, quinoa, sorghum, barley, rye, kamut, hard white, soft white, hard red, buckwheat, dent corn, and maybe some brown rice. What I ended up with looked like a craft project, different layers of color.  Mixed with four parts of water and cooked, it made a great meal. Grits come out stunningly bright yellow, and have a distinct flavor. But you have to cook the cereal right way.

I don’t clean it quite like I used to; I merely shake it out or take it outside to the air compressor. (But I DO disassemble it for cleaning.)

It is important to note that anything going through this mill must be absolutely DRY. This includes moisture AND oils.

Note: No nuts, chia, or flax; use a coffee grinder or a hand mill with a nut butter burr for peanuts.”

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K.B. spotted this: New Zealand takes custody of baby whose parents refused ‘vaccinated blood’.

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San Francisco Reverses Course, Prohibits Use of ‘Killer Robots’ by Police. (A hat tip to reader D.S.V. for the  link.

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St. Funogas had this suggestion:

“In view of last week’s remembrance of the Pearl Harbor tragedy, I’ve been thinking about how and why that happened. The tragedy happened when wrong assumptions were made by those in charge. Too much emphasis was placed on the probabilities (saboteurs disabling US fighter planes) while known possibilities (air attacks) were ignored. When the bombs started dropping that fateful morning, it was far too late to prepare.

We can partially forgive the powers that be: they had insufficient knowledge and no way to obtain it and only made best guesses based on what little intelligence they did have. The Pearl Harbor take-home message for preppers is that when the cost of not preparing for the possibilities can have such dire consequences, we must prepare for those possibilities.

I won’t go into the details but the indisputable known facts gleaned from readily-available declassified documents about the Cuban Missile Crisis show the US government was the one who instigated the crisis by putting our missiles right on Russia’s border in Turkey. Russia asked us to remove them and Kennedy refused. Kennedy knew, based on a report the Pentagon had prepared, that approximately 175 million Russians and Americans would die if a nuclear exchange occurred between the two countries. And yet Kennedy refused to back down. Russia moved missiles to our “border” in Cuba. At any moment, Kennedy could have gone on television and said, “We will honor Russia’s request and withdraw our missiles from their border” to diffuse the situation. Even knowing that 175 million people would die, he still refused to remove our missiles. He willingly and knowingly chose to place all our lives in danger instead of doing that and removing our missiles. The Crisis erupted and one single man, Russian submarine commander, saved the world from nuclear war.

We are in a similar situation today. In my opinion, our government is just as arrogant today as ever. They care less about We the People than they did during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Unless some huge change of events occurs, there is no question in my mind that the US/NATO will be directly involved in a war with Russia in 2023. The reason why Americans believe that a nuclear exchange is highly unlikely is due to the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD). Based on a news blog story, the MAD idea appears to no longer be true. If this link doesn’t work, here’s the web address:

The most important part of the post is to read the second half, translated from Russian and probably not available on any other website.

If you think John Helmer is a bozo, then see his Wikipedia biography.

In light of this, and knowing that our government is just as arrogant as ever and has total disregard for We the People, it seems like it would be imperative for us to not only prepare for the probabilities (direct war between Russia/NATO) but prepare for the possibilities (nuclear war) as well.

The US has a long undeniable history of implementing false flag attacks to get the American people convinced into backing their wars which benefit none of us. This week there is talk of dirty bombs: the nuclear material doesn’t explode but it does cover a wide area with nuclear waste simulating a nuclear reactor accident. Deployment of a dirty bomb could easily escalate into using tactical nukes, then conventional nukes.

Dirty bombs would be used as a false flag event to provide an excuse to escalate the war. Who would benefit from a dirty bomb? Who is interested in escalating the war? Russia has shown they don’t care about international law, have had no qualms about causing grief and suffering by taking out the eastern two-thirds of Ukraine’s grid in the middle of winter as shown in NASA satellite photos, so why would Putin need a dirty bomb excuse to escalate the war? Ukraine would benefit by showing the world they desperately need more help to save the world from this madman. The US has the most to gain: one more false flag to get the US people to back the war US/NATO is dying to get into once Russia is worn down a little more from the Ukraine war and has fewer armaments and soldiers to work with.

As always, the mainstream media in the US, which few of us trust anyway, is guilty of censorship yet we believe everything they’ve been telling us about the Ukraine situation. We have to get ourselves out of that mindset. At least read some alternate new websites to be more informed, and let’s do ourselves a favor and each day read the two main Ukrainian and Russian new blogs, Russia Today and the war section of the Kiev Post, so we can get the other side of the story. While it too will be biased, we can at least have more info to decipher what’s really going on.

In light of the dire consequences that can occur if we only prepare for the probabilities (US/NATO engaging in direct war with Russia) but don’t prepare for the worst of the possibilities (nuclear strikes), we’ll find ourselves in far worse trouble than those at Pearl Harbor did on December 7th 1941. Unlike the Cuban Missile Crisis which could have been ended with a five-minute phone call to Russia, once we’re involved in war with Russia, we’ll be in it for the long haul, facing the possibility/probability of nuclear war.

It seems like an excellent time to step up our prepping.”

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Tim J. recommended this instructional video: Learn Military Skills to Signal Search and Rescue in a Survival Situation.

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Another link from Avalanche Lily: WEF Wants To Slaughter Millions of Pet Cats and Dogs To Fight Climate Change.

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To file under “No Great Surprise”: NYPD Officers Leave in Droves for Better Pay in Smaller Towns. (Thanks to H.L. for the link.)

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In a Future Filled With Electric Cars, AM Radio May Be Left Behind.

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I-Spy: Change your computer’s settings to stop programs spying on you.

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Another from C.B.: Non-native bees discovered in Canada may pose serious threat to native mason bee populations.

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And lastly, C.B. sent us this: New facial recognition technology scans your ear.

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