Recipe of the Week: Yogurt from Dry Milk

Mrs. Alaska provided directions for an easy-to-make yogurt with dry (or fresh) milk and a few tablespoons of store-bought yogurt (with live cultures) per quart of milk.

“I have successfully done so with dried, non-fat milk and even from store-bought yogurt that had frozen.

Motivations: I do not raise milk-producing animals.

It is challenging for us to transport dairy products to our home.

With yogurt, I can replace sour cream in any dip, sauce, gravy, baked goods (like pancakes and quick breads) as well as using it for a topping for fruit or granola.


Heat 1 quart of milk to 180 degrees F.  (I use 6 cups of water mixed with 2 cups of dry milk.)  Cool to 115 degrees F. (I just put the pan outside in Alaska for 20 minutes).  Add 4 TBS of yogurt (with live cultures, but for me, frozen still works). Stir.

Pour into containers. (I use three pint Mason jars).

Keep warm overnight:  I have put them in the bottom of my gas oven (with pilot light) and also in an insulated cooler.  Both worked.

Check the next day to see if the liquid has congealed.  Since you may experience some hits and misses, try this out before you use up your store-bought yogurt.  I keep one pint indoors for quick use and let the others freeze outside in Alaska, but other readers could refrigerate theirs.

When you get low, just make another batch, using several tablespoons from your existing homemade yogurt to provide a culture.”

Mrs. Alaska has her own blog: Alaska Bush Life, Off-Road, Off-Grid.

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