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I found this linked over at the Whatfinger news aggregation site: Peer-Reviewed Study Finds Young Moderna Jab Recipients Have a Jaw-Dropping 44X Higher Risk of Developing Myocarditis Than the Unvaccinated.

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Reader D.S.V. sent this item: The Dutch Farmers’ Protest and the War on Food.

Don’t miss this video from Holland, as reported by Paul Joseph Watson: Agent provocateurs caught on camera.

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Kirk wrote to mention:

“I was looking for 5-gallon pails of motor oil at my two local Walmart stores for the past month.  The only thing they had in 5-gallon pails was hydraulic oil.  I didn’t check anywhere else ’cause Walmart always has the cheapest prices on the 5-gallon pails. They were about 1/2 the price of the next cheapest store in my area.

I wound up getting 5 quart jugs at Walmart instead, but even those seemed to be in short supply.  Not all grades and not all brands in stock.
Got oil filters too–no problem with those.  They had lots of all types.
I wound up getting enough oil and filters for the next year’s worth of oil changes for the whole fleet-just in case. Not sure if this is true for anywhere else.”

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Reader C.H. was the first of several readers to send this news: Gun permit process in NY could include social media check.

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Mike M. had this suggestion:

“Pat should try the Rescue Wasp Stick.  I buy them in town or on Amazon. Today’s price is$12.76. It was $8.99 when I first tried them.  I hang them for dirt daubers but they work for wasps also. I have greatly reduced my wasp and dauber problems 10 fold.  I even hang them in my deer stands.  Word of caution on hanging them. Hang by BOTH ends. The heat will cause them to release from only one end and fall to the ground.”

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D.S.V. was the first of several readers to send us this: California Just Leaked The Name, Address Of Every Concealed Carry Licensee In The State.

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Yes, Even Your Coffee Maker Is a Security Risk.

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SaraSue sent this update:

“In challenging news: I need a new roof, I got really sick with an intestinal flu for two weeks during our recent heat wave here in Middle Tennessee. I couldn’t manage the farm by myself, had to call for help. For me to call for help, it has got to be really bad.

Ongoing preps: putting all my efforts and cash into farm improvements to make it more manageable and sustainable for the foreseeable future. Decided to purchase a large portable gas generator rather than a whole house generator, or propane backup, due to budget constraints. Solar setups that are big enough are just still too expensive for me. Our heat index has been 105F – 110F degrees, but so far I haven’t lost any animals to the heat; we had 1 short 30-minute electrical blackout. AC still working well. I lost half the garden to the heat and lack of rain, but I’m harvesting tons of potatoes and squash. I guess if that’s all you had to eat, it would sustain you.

Dairy cows: The calf, at 10 weeks, is huge! I have separated the calf at night now, and am getting tons of creamy milk in the mornings before letting the calf back with her mom for the day. I’m still in love with the cows. There’s no need for halters or prodding sticks, they come when I call them and seem to understand what I’m saying. Amazing creatures!”

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What Does the Guard Do with 40,000 Unvaccinated Soldiers? No One Knows.

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US Department of Defense activates Civil Reserve Air Fleet.

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From reader C.W.:

“I highly recommend SB readers check out the SouthernPrepper1 YouTube channel: “Boots on the Ground – BOTG” segments – these are 10-20 minute videos (uploaded daily) where people send him emails from all over the USA and other countries about what they are observing in their local areas regarding food and gas prices and availability, other supply availability (parts, etc.) crime in the area, businesses closing down, and a variety of other topics.  He also shares good news if people send that in.  It’s well worth the time to go back a week or so and watch these, he’s just reading what other people send him, and it’s people from all walks of life, from Doctors, to WalMart employees, railroad workers, dock workers, small business owners, farmers, ranchers, pharmacists, you name it.

What it has done for our family is start to aggregate data points from all over and make us realize we need to step up our preps.  These would be good videos to share with friends/family to help wake them up to the situation around us – many people report they are sharing these videos and people are waking up.  David Kobler (SouthernPrepper1) is a Christian and is sharing all this information with a good heart to help others prepare.”
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Andre liked this article, at Electroverse: Grow Your Own Potatoes.

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Reader Animal House had these comments on Mrs. Alaska’s article on homemade dog food and products:

“I live out in the country and a lot of people dump their unwanted animals out here when no one is around. Dogs are social animals and some end up at my farm gate. If they can get along with my pack of 8, I will take them in, get them spay/neutered and train them as livestock guard dogs. At one time I had 12 dogs, but the older ones have passed on to doggie heaven.

Feeding 8 dogs and 6 cats is a challenge. For now, I can still afford to buy their kibble but I have had to start mixing the high-quality kibble with a cheaper brand to keep the costs steady. The puppy and some of the dogs/cats need special diets, which I make from scratch to stabilize and/or supplement or their medical needs. This costs a fraction of what Science Diet or Blue dog/cat food costs; but it takes time as it needs to be made about every two weeks.

Diabetic dog food recipe:
(Makes enough for 2 weeks for a 15-20 pound dog)

1-1/2 pd ground chicken or beef
2 cups cooked brown rice
2 cups chopped carrots
2 cups mashed sweet potatoes
2 cups chopped green beans or kale/spinach
2 eggs including the shells
1/2 cup coconut oil
1 TBS salt
3 TBS bone meal or beef collagen powder

Cook the chicken and the rice. Grind them together in a food processor to mix well and get the consistency you want. My food processor is only a quart so I mix things together in small batches, some chicken, rice, carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes, coconut oil and bone meal each time until it is all processed.

Spread the mixture on a large cookie sheet and bake in the oven for about 20-25 minutes; remove and let cool. The mixture should be firm but not dry like kibble. Divide the mixture into bags for freezing. Fresh food will keep in the fridge for a while but I divide the mixture into bags for freezing and take a bag (with 5 days worth of food) out night before it’s needed to allow for thawing.

Special cat kidney food recipe:
(Makes 10-12 days of food for an adult cat)

1 cup 90/10% cooked hamburger or tuna in oil or chicken, ground in a food processor
1 cup cooked brown rice but soft and mushy
1 cup finely ground/chopped carrots
1 cup finely ground/chopped green beans or kale/spinach
1 egg including the powdered shell
1/2 cup fish oil
1 tsp salt

Cook the meat and the rice. Grind them together in a food processor to mix well and get the consistency for cats. My food processor is only a quart so I mix things together in small batches, some chicken, rice, carrots, green beans, fish oil each time until it is all processed.

Spread the mixture on a large cookie sheet and bake in the oven for about 20-25 minutes; remove and let cool. The mixture should be soft and moist, not dry like kibble; if needed add more fish oil or water to obtain the required moisture. Fresh food will keep in the fridge for a couple of days but I divide the mixture into bags for freezing and take a bag (with 2-days of food) out at night to allow for thawing.”

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Firefox continues its fight for privacy by automatically stripping URL trackers. (Thanks to K.S. for the link.)

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Video from Australia’s SkyNews: Dutch farmers ‘desperately’ fighting back against government’s ‘green’ agenda. (Thanks to Fred S. for the link.)

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Michael J. e-mailed us this:

“I spent Independence Day morning cleaning out a clogged bathroom sink.  I didn’t have any pipe cleaners, so I improvised by clipping some flexible green branches from a tree that I’m going to get rid of soon.   Those cleaned the clogs out.  I cleaned the P-trap by washing it in the toilet bowl.

No doubt real plumbers reading this will laugh loudly at the idea of using green branches to clean clogged pipes, but it’s what I had available, and it worked; the sink is draining a lot better now, and I didn’t need to call a plumber.
The rest of Independence Day I spent on studying for a new computer certificate that will lead to a better job with a better paycheck, and hopefully an all-remote position. Then I can move to a red county and live with liberty-minded people.
Best wishes to everyone here at SB!”
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And lastly, this alarming news, forwarded by H.L.: The invasive giant African land snail, which can grow to be 8 inches long, decimate agriculture, and carry parasites, has been spotted in Florida.

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