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Governor Holcomb signs Indiana’s Constitutional Carry bill into law. The new law goes into effect on July 1st, 2022.

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“A moderately strong G2-class geomagnetic storms are possible on March 31st when a CME is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field. During such storms, naked-eye auroras can descend into the USA as far south as, e.g., New York and Idaho (geomagnetic latitude 55o). In fact, the storm might be stronger than predicted. The source of the CME, active sunspot AR2975, has just sent one or two more CMEs right behind it.”

Update 1: These CMEs are reportedly already playing havoc with some FAA radar systems.

Update 2: Some breaking news, via X-CLASS SOLAR FLARE: Earth-orbiting satellites have just detected a powerful explosion on the sun. The X1.3-class flare on March 30th (1737 UT) caused a shortwave radio blackout over the Americas and has almost certainly hurled a CME toward Earth. Take precautions, folks!  Disconnect your antennas. Unplug your radios from utility power, and if possible put them and any spare radios in Faraday enclosures.

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I heard about a great little firearms training school, in Johnson City, Texas: Three Stand Ranch. If the big “one size fits all” style of training at the big shooting schools bothers you, then this is the place for you.

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I found this linked over at the news aggregation site: The US Army’s Green Berets quietly helped tilt the battlefield a little bit more toward Ukraine. JWR’s Comments: The Green Berets have always been primarily a training organization–for both insurgency and counterinsurgency. They are just doing what they do best. Oh, and the Canadian Army deserves even more credit, for training the Ukrainians. They’ve had hundreds of trainers cycle through there in recent years. With U.S. and Canadian training, and a growing supply of high-tech anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs), it is no wonder that the Ukrainians have been doing such a good job of repelling the Russian invasion.

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Some sad news: Bill Sardi, 1945-2022, R.I.P.

At Revolver: And So It Begins: Hunter Biden’s Laptop and the Ukraine War Show How the Ruling Class Plans to Silence Every Single One of Us. (Thanks to reader D.S.V. for the link.)

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Reader D.S.V. sent this link: Latest CDC Data Shows That Vaccinated Children Aged 5-11 Are Now MORE Likely to Catch Covid Than Their Unvaccinated Peers.

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Reader H.L. spotted this: Unusual rescue of deer with shotgun blast shown in photos.

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Sheila S. e-mailed us this note:

“I’m writing to provide an update of how we improve our self-sufficiency in the suburbs.  While we see the value of living further out, it was not workable for us.  We strive to make the most of our .16 acre yard and home.

Back in November, we built an enclosed chicken coop and run.  We live in a subtropical climate, so we built a “Texas” style coop, with only three walls, for excellent ventilation.  We got 5 pullets then, and now we are getting 4 eggs a day.
We started a 600 square foot vegetable and fruit garden last year.  Though we both watched our parents growing up and have family in farming, it has been a learning experience.  We can plant three seasons a year, if we carefully choose the crops.  Our soil is poor and compacted, so we till and add compost between seasons.  We are looking to expand to planting vegetables in the flower beds to make the most of our yard size.
We have invested time to learn how to preserve the grown vegetables and fruit.  Our pantry grows over time.  We have learned to make many things from scratch.  At this point, we mostly buy meat, dairy, or off season produce from the store.

We very much enjoy reading SurvivalBlog and learning.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience!”

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GrayInOK wrote:

“Regarding reader Shirley C. and her wise OPSEC suggestion about Costco membership cards, two simple words – Gift Cards (bought with cash, of course)

I used to live several hours from a Costco and would visit it a few times a year. Anyone can go in to buy a Costco Gift Card, and then turn around and use it. (This started with a friend who was a Member sending me a card for my birthday and telling me that I didn’t need to be a Member to use it).

The first time I bought a card for $200. When I was checking out it was ~$350 and the cashier would only let me pay cash for the rest (one had to be an actual Member to use use a cc or check).

After that, I would routinely buy a card for just $20 and then still buy a whole cart of stuff – with cash only. Occasionally I would get a weird look but they never stopped me.

Keep up the great work, and God bless.”

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Rita M. wrote:

“In regards to Shirley C. ‘s suggestion about OPSEC shopping at Costco:  I have often thought about that, you can do a lot of bulk shopping at the Chef’s Store.  No membership required and you can pay all in cash.  No tracing.  Works for me.  Also WINCO has some bulk bags of basics.  Just a thought.”

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On the same topic, reader W.  suggested:

“I’ve never been a member of Sam’s Club or Costco, but I do use grocery and gas discount cards. I don’t remember what name or other info I used getting them.

If I can’t just walk in and get the card, then I pass.
One “High-End” grocery store wanted to scan my license. No thanks.
Of course, I don’t get the mail or e-mail ads. Oh well.
And no, I didn’t use the name ‘John Galt’.”

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Those ubiquitous smartphones: Foreign Volunteers Blamed For Missile Strike That Killed 35 at Ukrainian Training Facility.

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Any SurvivalBlog readers who own M1A rifles, take note: I just heard that (one of our long-time advertisers) just got in a batch of original U.S.G.I. M6 bayonets. These fit M14 and M1A rifles — if they have bayonet lugs.

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Sabotage: Code added to popular NPM package wiped files in Russia and Belarus. (Thanks to Wil H. for the link.)

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Reader G.F. wrote us:

“A note concerning an interesting video on the ‘Net concerning Off Grid Emergency Comms your readers may find instructive.  There are a number of bloggers that address this capability but few do it as well as OH8STN/Survival Tech Nord.  The author rarely touches on politics though occasionally one can catch nuances. His reported location in Scandinavia may contribute. This makes the 27-minute video all the more interesting.   As always his focus is on low power emergency communications when modern infrastructure is impaired. This video has  more of a tactical bent addressing topics like traffic analysis threats, DF concerns, and frequency rotation to limit interception of group communications.”

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From the FPC: ATF classifying some ‘forced-reset triggers’ (FRTs) as ‘machineguns’. JWR’s Comments:  Please contact your senators and congressman, and ask them to rein in the ATF. The ATF has no authority to re-write the congressionally-enacted definition of “machinegun”.

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Richard T. offered this:

“A recent article, “Addictions: Now and During TEOTWAWKI”, by Mrs. G. challenges those with addictions to deal with them now before they will be forced to due to shortages. It is commonly advised in preparedness topics on barter to store alcohol and tobacco, even if you don’t use them, as barter items in the event of shortages. Perhaps that advice should be rethought. First of all, if that is what you intend to do in a prolonged period of shortages, it is unlikely you will have enough to supply an addict’s need, and if you do word will get out of your abundance and where you live. Also consider what your bartering customer would have on hand to barter that would be of value to you being that they have an addiction. Would they have an abundance of things that you should have been storing all along? I would guess not. If they had not stored their stuff it is highly unlikely they would have cans of beans for you. Another thing to consider is how civil would an addict be in a barter situation? If you do not have any idea how that would go, I suggest that the idea of storing goods for addicts is not a good idea. That was avery good article, Mrs. G.”

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From The UK Guardian:  Being male and on your phone are biggest dangers on Scottish mountains, says expert.

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Reader AK. recommended watching this 8-minute video: Vacuum Bomb Thermobaric Weapons Assessment,  on the MedCram channel, at YouTube. Fascinating!

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And, finally,

There was this response to a Snippet from Tunnel Rabbit:

“I noticed that SurvivalBlog linked to my 2 Meter Moxon page at Thank you for your link to my page; it is good to be associated with a survivalist web site. The 2 Meter Moxon has been designed primarily for the Amateur Radio market in the 144 to 148 MHz range, and is optimized for operation in that band. The specification listed on the website provides the VSWR characteristics for the antenna tuned for 146 MHz which is mid-band frequency. To make the antenna more useful for the MURS band the spacing between the end elements need to be shortened a little bit, plus the spacing between the Driven element and the Reflector element would also need to be reduced. If enough interest is shown then a more MURS’ specific antenna can be built for about the same price

My background is an Electrical Engineer. Employed by Motorola I designed Two-Way radio and microwave communication systems for state and local governments as well as communication systems for the five Class I railroads in America, and the two Class I railroads in Canada. I was also involved with the AAR, and the FRA in the creation of a trunking radio band plan.

I do not belong to any social networks. I never believed in them from the get go.

Organizations that I belong to are American Radio Relay League (ARRL), and the NRA.

Regards, and God Bless America.

Michael Salak, KC9Q
SAL Electronics, LLC
(815) 669-6567

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