Food Shortages – The Hype and The Reality – Part 2, by SaraSue

(Continued from Part 1. This concludes the article.)

In Part I, we discussed a bit about where the real food shortages are and some solutions. The primary advice was: buy in bulk if possible, buy single ingredient whole foods, identify alternative food sources, cook from scratch, grow your own, and avoid processed foods wherever possible. It’s pretty straightforward stuff, right? Then why is the “prepping community” “stacking it to the rafters” if there’s plenty of food? What’s going on underneath the surface? What’s not so obvious, generally? Why are people, seemingly, panicking about access to food?

Conspiracy Theories

Let’s get all the conspiracy theories out of the way first: global warming, global cooling, the government wants you dead, the government is going to make you eat crickets rather than steak, the government is going to compost human beings for you to fertilize your garden with, “you will own nothing and be happy about it” (World Economic Forum), one day people will be half human and half robot (transhumanism), etc, etc, etc. I love conspiracy theories because they allow me to exercise my brain in creative problem-solving! For instance, let’s take the Grand Solar Minimum. I fully believe that the earth and the solar system go through extended weather cycles, and that God created it to work that way. We, as human beings, do not know everything about how things work; but we know what recorded history and observation teaches us.

It is possible we are in a Grand Solar Minimum right now. How does that affect us? Well, it depends upon where you live and what a “normal climate” looks like to you. It could be colder and the snow deeper for many areas of the country and world (think: greenhouses, lots of firewood, etc). It could be warmer, hotter, for many areas (think: heat-loving crops and water systems as very important). It could rain barrels of water in an area that was previously very dry with potentials for landslides, sinkholes, rotting crops (observe and react in advance). I’m not saying I know anything. I am saying that for each “conspiracy theory”, there are elements of truth worth a look. An old adage: Don’t put your eggs all in one basket.

Let’s take the weather first. If we are truly in a Grand Solar Minimum, there could be crop failures in certain areas of the country, and around the world. We do so hope that the major companies who grow food are in tune with weather cycles. I kind of suspect they are, even if they don’t say it out loud. If they aren’t paying attention they’ll go bankrupt, so it’s their primary job to pay attention even if the information is obscure. Smaller farms, homesteads, and ranches should be paying attention too, and prepare for the worst, to the best of their ability. For instance, if you run cattle in Wyoming, you might think about having available shelter and extra hay for the animals when previously it wasn’t needed. If you live in the Southern states, it could be colder there too, or hotter. Plan for both.

Remember what Texas went through with the ice storms and lack of power? That was unheard of, in Texas! If you live on the East coast, prepare for more hurricanes and snow. If you live on the West coast, prepare for torrential rains. If you live in the middle of the country, consider that weather may fluctuate from hot to cold, and vice versa. As a suburbanite, prepare for electrical outages and sparse grocery stores. City dwellers, in my opinion after having lived in the city, in suburbia, and in the country, are most at risk due to the vast number of people who need things (services, food, etc). When things go sideways, its more difficult to service large cities just due to sheer population. As always, get out of the cities, but don’t despair! A prepared mind lends itself to many, many options.

The Political Side of Things

I’m sure I’ll offend someone, but here goes. (Actually, I don’t care if I offend someone because being offended is an opportunity to exercise one’s brain in critical thinking. So, in that sense, I’m doing them a favor!). There is a faction in society and the world, often ensconced in government positions, who think they know it all, basically. They plot and plan, form committees and private societies, jet around the world and have conferences with “world leaders” (an offensive term), and are generally obnoxious in the global general public’s mind. Because of their wealth and arrogance combined, they have the ability to influence change on a scale that most of us wouldn’t want to be capable of. Many act as if they think they are gods. They think they know better than us, and they think they have the right to impose their utterly absurd ideas on all the people of the world. They are so drunk with their own affluence, influence, and raw power, that I can confidently say, most of them have never shoveled real manure. If anything, they lack experience that matters. They are well versed in particular social belief systems, but lack common sense. There’s a reason common sense is so valuable. If there truly was a global disaster, those people would be lost because their money would be worthless, they have zero practical skills, and there would be no one to wait upon them and do their bidding. I wonder if they could find their own shoes.

Because of the meddling of these people, often called “the Elites”, many things in our day-to-day struggles are entirely manufactured by them. The high gas prices and the “food shortages” are entirely manufactured by them, as is the run-away inflation we’re all experiencing. I wonder sometimes if they realize how hated they’ve become, and I think often of Marie Antionette and her demise. Surely she knew what was coming, right? Probably not. Arrogance is a horrible personality defect. At any rate, these “Elites” exist, and they are messing with us in order to satisfy some demonic drive to control the world, its people, and all outcomes. They don’t understand the phrase, “Live and Let Live”. And what’s worse is they wrap their arrogance in moral superiority, which is quite funny actually, considering most of them are hardcore Atheists.

Think about it, if you think you’re a god, then you don’t need God, right? They wish to form The New World Order, a One World Government, as many of them have stated publicly (research that, you’ll be shocked), with… get this… themselves in charge! Lord help us; they obviously haven’t studied the Bible. So, with that in mind, you can easily see why they are attempting to herd us like cattle to the slaughterhouses (depopulation). Now, mind you, they will fail. I have no doubt about it. Look at history – kingdoms come and kingdoms go just as the world turns. When the billions of people on the earth decide they’ve had enough, they take decisive action, sometimes together, and sometimes individually, but action they take. Remember “the Elites” are just fallen human beings – they just don’t know it. There really are more of us than them. And by the way, I am not giving up beef for insects, nor am I going to allow my mother to be composted for fertilizer.

When Politics Become Reality

What can we do in response to these absolutely perverted people? Self-defense and self-reliance come to mind. This is why they’ve deemed both concepts as “racist”. LOL. Going “Galt”, living under the radar, practicing the principles of survivalism, etc., are all topics we here have discussed. So what can we do about all this? Well, I pray a lot, asking for God’s intervention, mercy, and grace upon us, and I pray salvation for, or destruction on, “them”. And I don’t think that’s trivial. However, practically, in our day-to-day reality, what can we do? I think we have to reinvent ourselves and that looks different for everyone. I can’t tell others what to do, but I can study, gain skills, change my life, and influence my family.

My tact or approach then, knowing that we are living through a manufactured “food and energy crisis”, is to realize it is a lie. The lie is designed to demoralize us, cause anxiety, fear, panic, and they hope, submission to “the plan”. Once you realize what is going on, it’s freeing. You can say, “I see what you’re doing there… and I ain’t buyin’ it.” I’m not saying there aren’t real world consequences! In fact, according to a reliable source, 4.4 million people voluntarily quit their jobs in September of this year, most likely due to “vaccine mandates”.

I’m sure there are many millions more who decided to retire, go into business for themselves, changed up their lifestyles, moved to a friendlier political area, etc. When you believe you have choices, you can control a lot more than you think. I know the idea of quitting one’s job is terrifying, but I had to on several occasions even when I desperately needed the money. My objections were of moral value and on those I could not compromise. For me, there was no choice but to walk away. God provided every single time though, so I encourage you to do what you think is right, pray, and move forward.

Spiritual Warfare

It feels like we are fighting for our lives in some ways. I certainly feel like we’re fighting for our way of life, and in an enormous spiritual battle – the forces of Good and Evil up against one another. I spend a lot of time studying the Scriptures, praying, and doing: living out the concepts of a prepared life. I used to feel panic, that tightening of the chest and mind racing, sleeplessness, but now I get going instead. It’s amazing what physically moving the body, out in the sunshine (or the rain!), does for the body. The absolute worst thing you can do is stay inside, in the dark, glued to the screen of a computer, television, or phone. The media is devoted to “reporting” the latest outrage on a variety of topics.

If you aren’t afraid of the “pandemic”, then you’ve got to be afraid of the “domestic terrorists” in our midst. If you aren’t afraid of either of those, there’s always another outrage to focus on. Our minds are under assault. I suggest we largely reject those inputs, only allow the smallest portion of real news (hard to find) into our minds in order to be aware, but not crippled. Guarding our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus is not just a Biblical concept. It’s an extremely practical action that we must make in order to experience true peace.

Conclusion To Part 2

I do hope that discussing “food shortages” – what’s real and what’s not – was helpful. The more we share with one another, the more well-rounded and knowledgeable we become. The SurvivalBlog community is a gift. I encourage y’all to write out and submit your thoughts, your how-to articles, your experiences in overcoming obstacles. I love hearing from you and I know you have valuable information and opinions to share. It takes time to put an article together, but think of how many people you might bless with your time. Even if the take-away is just one small slice of information you didn’t have before, it’s so important to all of us. Please help the community – there is always something we need to learn. May the Lord bless you and keep you.