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Here are the latest news items and commentary on current economics news, market trends, stocks, investing opportunities, and the precious metals markets. We also cover hedges, derivatives, and obscura. Most of these items are from the “tangibles heavy” contrarian perspective of SurvivalBlog’s Founder and Senior Editor, JWR. Today, we look at America’s new physical tungsten investors. (See the Tangibles Investing section.)

Precious Metals:

The result of the November 2-3 Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting may be a genuine move toward tapering their bond purchases. (Versus their incessant jawboning, to date.) This could push up interest rates and hence push down precious metals prices, at least in the short term. Don’t let that frighten you. Instead, look at it as a buying opportunity. When interest rates inevitably jump, the prices of both equities and precious metals will suffer. But once Incipient Dollar Doom becomes apparent to all, we will witness both an equities collapse and a precious metals bull market that will make the one in the late 1970s seem small, by comparison.

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How Much Gold Is There In The World?

Economy & Finance:

Peter sent this: I’m A Twenty-Year Truck Driver, I Will Tell You Why America’s “Shipping Crisis” Will Not End.

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At Zero Hedge: Biden Wants To Give Separated Illegal Immigrants $450,000 Per Person.

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At BizWest: Interest rates will rise as bond purchases decline.

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Bezos Leads Parade Of 400 Private Jets To COP26 With $65M Gulfstream As Greta Accuses Leaders Of Betrayal.


Chip makers threaten to scrap new US factories without subsidies.

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Forbes: These Commodities Investments Can Insulate Against Inflation.

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OilPrice News reports: Bank Of America Sees $120 Oil By June 2022.

Inflation Watch:

Wages and prices are still spiraling: US wages jump by the most in records dating back 20 years.

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Inflation notches a fresh 30-year high as measured by the Fed’s favorite gauge.

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Home prices climb by most on record, new home sales surge.

Forex & Cryptos:

Zimbabwe plans to double budget in 2022 amid rising inflation.

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Over at FOREX Live: The next FOMC meeting is November 2 & 3. Now the question is how much taper.

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“Buy Bitcoin”: Robert Kiyosaki Foresees A New Depression.

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Game over! ‘Squid Game’-inspired crypto scam collapses as price crashes from $2.8K to zero.

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Signed, Sealed, Delivered: VeVe Partners With The United States Postal Service.

Tangibles Investing:

Over at Zero Hedge: “We Like The Cube” – Thousands Of Crypto Traders Are Paying Top Dollar For Tungsten. A brief excerpt:

“According to WSJ, which published a story on the tungsten phenomenon on Thursday, traders are buying and holding cubes of tungsten. 1.7x as dense as lead,’s product page describes tungsten cubes as “surprisingly heavy”…and a “great conversation piece”. Amazon Prime members can get free shipping if they buy the cubes.

The demand for tungsten came out of twitter and chat service Telegram. Crypto traders and other tungsten enthusiasts prompted a major run on tungsten supplies in recent weeks, with some paying $400 apiece for 2-inch cubes weighing around 5 lbs, and others paying $3,000 for the 4-inch version, which is about as heavy as “a low-horsepower outboard motor”, according to WSJ.”

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Huuse Flipper Zillow Seeks to Dump 7,000 Houses to Big Investors after Reports it Overpaid: Buy High, Sell Low, Take “One-Time Noncash Charge?”

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