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First, and foremost, from Patriot Nurse: There’s No One Coming: It’s Up to Us to Check the Feds. I now concur that the benefits of a Constitutional Convention now outweigh the risks.

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Tim. J. sent these three solar project links:  [16.9 Fluid Ounces]  [33.8 ounces]

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Pfizer To ‘Require’ Twice-Per-Day COVID Pill Alongside Vaccines. Subheaded: Pfizer is so confident the pill will be approved and likely mandated that it has started production before the end of clinical trials.

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Peter mentioned this Joe Biden meme, that says it all: Joe Tzu.

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Reader C.B. spotted this: Study reveals threat of catastrophic supervolcano eruptions ever-present.

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DMC wrote us this supply chain update, from personal observation, noting recent increases in prices at Walmart or Sam’s Club:

                                                     Now                                                   2019 (approx.)

Brand name 2 liter of soda           $2                                                       $1.50

Tires at Sam’s for large truck       $285                                                  $250 (2 weeks ago)

Untrimmed beef brisket               $5/lb                                                   $3/lbs (6 months ago)

Beef skirt steak                             $8/lb                                                  $4/ lbs

Dog food (premium)                       $32/bag                                            $22/bag

Baby back pork ribs                        $5/lbs                                               $3/lbs

Fresh chicken wings                       $3-4/lb.                                              $2/lb.

Fresh whole chicken                       $1/lb.                                              $0.80/lb.

He also mentioned:  “The fresh chicken aisle in our local Midwest Sam’s club tonight, was just one layer of packages deep. The Sam’s employee I queried said they’re only getting fresh chicken on some days of the week, and it’s only enough to last a couple of hours. This has happened in the last month.

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With the recent proliferation of thermal scopes, this piece over at American Partisan may be important:  5 minute project: Add a thermal barrier to your tarp.

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Several readers wrote in response to a request in the blog for obtaining religious exemptions for Wu Flu jabs.

T. wrote:

“If J&M’s son feels he may have a difficult time getting a religious exemption because he did not apply previously with other vaccines, tell him to state that with the other vaccines, he did not realize that they were connected with aborted babies. Now that he is aware of many vaccines and their connection to aborted babies, going forward he will object to ANY vaccine that is connected to them. Also, have him term it as aborted babies and do not use the term “fetal tissue.” The tissue is from aborted babies. Using the term fetal is part of the left/progressive’s playbook. It makes it less personal, not a “human.” Using the term baby makes it human. God’s creation.

Bible verses to include:
Jeremiah 1:5
Isaiah 49:5
Psalm 127:3-5
Mark 9:42″

Cia mentioned this website: Push back against Mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations!

Desert Rat sent this:

“J&M had a request for experiences in helping their son avoid getting jabbed while still Active Duty. This may be dated, but during the Vietnam years Unk decided that all MEU inactive personnel would receive certain inoculations regardless of stand-by status. These were live and attenuated bacteria & viruses. Most of the doctors said No way in Hades to this, as did a fair amount of enlisted. Solution was to team up with another doctor or corpsman and sign off on its administration, no jab at that time. The caveat was that if things looked like imminent activation was to happen, we would contact our ‘secret partner’ to get jabbed and go. The Medical Officer Corps raised enough objections about safety that they were allowed to delay inoculation until orders came down, the enlisted followed suit. The beauty of this was outside of who had partnered with who, nobody else knew. Plausible deniability. general understanding was if the shot was needed and the person’s partner could not be found, one of the known doctors would do it. Thank you, HIPAA!My suggestion to J&M, tell him to find a sympathetic Chaplain and see what he/she may have in their exemption bag of tricks. If that doesn’t work, get some intel on who in his Command’s Medical Dep’t- officer or enlisted will administer the shot to the trash can and sign off on documentation.

My $0.02.”

Rocket J. Squirrel suggested:

“My son-in-law is in the Air Force. I think the vaccine approval is for the Comirnaty vaccine which will not be available for 2 more years. The currently available Pfizer vaccine is still Emergency Use Authorization. I sent him the following link a few days ago:

Greg Hunter has the following interview with Dr. Chris Martenson as well which I just noticed but have not listened to:

It seems like legal wrangling, but may give an avenue for those in the military services to decline legally under the UCMJ. If what is available to our troops is still under EUA then the Nuremburg Code prohibits forced vaccination if I understand correctly.”

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Another item from C.B.:

Awesome what u can do if you’re determined and gifted: World’s Tallest Elephant Toothpaste Volcano (I FINALLY DID IT!!)

C.B. says:  “Good things come to those who think of others first.”

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Some food for thought, published by the NIH in 2019: Engineering a Genetically Encoded Magnetic Protein Crystal.

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Reader D.B. sent this News Of The Absurd: Rutgers bars unvaccinated student from attending virtual classes. JWR’s Comment: My guess is that they must have been afraid that he’d spread a “Computer Virus.”

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Reader T.G. sent this troubling news on a planned expansion of Federal bank reporting. “We received this letter from one of our banks yesterday”:

“Dear XXXX,

XXXXXX Bank cares about you, your finances and your account, so we want to let you know about a concerning proposal developing in Washington, D.C.

According to the American Bankers Association,

“This proposal [in the American Families Tax Plan] would require financial institutions and other providers of financial services to track and submit to the IRS information on every account with a balance greater than $600 all transactions throughout the year.

Policymakers must consider how account-holder data would be protected and whether a program of this scale and scope infringes on the American people’s reasonable expectation of privacy.

IRS experiences 1.4 billion cyberattacks annually, has had multiple data breaches, and continues to deal with the fallout of identity theft and false tax returns. Adding an entirely new set of data may compound the IRS’s systemic problem and expose even more taxpayer data.”

If passed, reporting of this information would be required by your federal government annually of all financial institutions.

We value your business and privacy, and want to make sure you have all the information you need regarding your finances and your money.

As always, thank you for allowing us to serve your banking needs.

Sincerely, XXXXXXXX, Bank CEO & President”

The following links were also included –

Please contact your congresscritetrs, to oppose this!

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Lily was alerted to this YouTube video: Israeli soldiers forced jab in middle of the night. (Since Lily has studied Hebrew, she said that she can vouch that the subtitles are a fairly accurate translation.)

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The latest from comic genius J.P. Sears: FDA Approves the Shot! Take It or be BANNED From Society!

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And, to round out today’s Snippets, here is an update from Naomi Brockwell: The Most PRIVATE Search Engine (2021).

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