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Our Editor-At-Large Michael Z. Williamson wrote:

“My passenger was using an iPhone (I call them “spiPhones”) to navigate this weekend. The phone’s navigation system said:

‘Turn right at the red car.’
It was gathering enough private information in real-time to know what color a car ahead of us was. If that doesn’t bother you, then you’re oblivious.”

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Video: Massive Uprising in France Has Begun! And here is an article about the uprising: French Police Lay Down Shields Join 100,000 Protesters Marching Against Vaccine Passport.

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Avalanche Lily heard about this legislation:  Voters will decide if Mainers have a constitutional right to grow food. Hopefully, this will pass and become model legislation for other states.

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The latest vlog from Matt Christiansen: The White House Is Openly Directing Social Media Censorship | ‘Misinfo Takes Away Our Freedom’. JWR’s Comment: You’ve gotta love how the Bidenistas are now using the old Soviet term “disinformation” (Dezinformatsiya.) That is somehow sweet and fitting.

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Reader C.B. just wrote to mention that the WSJ Housing Index just put Billings, Montana and Coeur d’Alene, Idaho as their #1 and 2 picks for housing destinations.  Locals: Brace yourselves. You’re now living boomtowns.

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H.L. suggested this piece posted over at Zero HedgeIs South Africa’s Present America’s Future?

Andre in Belgium forwarded this:

“11 Questions You’re Probably Asking About Windows 11 4. What Is TPM and Why Does It Need to Be Enabled to Upgrade to Windows 11?

Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is one of the major hardware requirements of Windows 11.

It’s a security chip that is either installed on your computer’s motherboard or added separately to the CPU.

TPM helps in protecting sensitive data, such as encryption keys and user credentials, from malware and attackers by providing hardware-level safety and protection.

TPM mostly deals with security. Since Microsoft is trying to make Windows secure in every possible manner, it has made the TPM 2.0 chip mandatory for Windows 11.”

Source: Make Tech Easier.

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My sister Gayle sent me this advice on Vitamin B-1 supplementation from Nutrient Insider: Never get bit by mosquitos again.  A quote:

“However, there’s one smell almost all mosquitos hate. It’s the smell produced by vitamin B1, or thiamine.

Here’s why it works: Vitamin B1 is soluble in water. So when you take a dose higher than what your body needs, your body excretes it in your urine and sweat.

This “discarded” thiamine produces an odor that is unbearable for mosquitoes. They hate it!”

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Revealed: leak uncovers global abuse of cyber-surveillance weapon.

And here is a related news article: Israeli firm’s spyware targeted journalists, reports say.

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St. Funogas penned this:

3ADScout’s recent article on Bartering, gave me more “aha” moments than any article I’ve ever read on SB.  We talk about bartering all the time but never get into the specifics of exactly what we’ll be bartering.  His article provided lots of insight.  As for dollar store items, I agree with his conclusions with a few notable exceptions, all of which I have purchased on a regular basis.  I think one of the most overlooked items for SHTF preparation is… clothes pins.  They’re almost extinct but a 36-count package for $1 is a great deal.  I paid $4.99 a few years ago at the hardware store.  They also have foam paintbrushes in 8 packs for the same price you’d pay for a single one anywhere else.  I’ve used these for a couple of years now and cannot tell the difference from more expensive ones.  When all the glue runs out and we’re using wheat paste, these brushes, and the regular ones they sell, will be a big help for applying glue in many situations. They also have a multitude of other uses and are cheap enough they can be tossed after using with non-water soluble things like stain. 

Pencils will be another important item, to be saved until all the ink pens dry out.  Writing implements are not used as much anymore so after the SHTF and people realize there are no more keyboards, writing implements should be a good barter item.  They have 12-packs of real wood pencils (the particle-wood types don’t sharpen worth a hoot), though Walmart has 24-packs for the same price.  DollarTree also has “parachute cord“, 1/8” x 25′ on a flat winder, and braided rope 3/16″ x 40′ on a winder.  I use both of these.  Not the highest quality but for many jobs will be just perfect, such as hanging clothes with those clothes pins (I call this my solar clothes dryer.) 

Lastly, reading glasses.  They are not the best quality but for $1, I can buy 10 pairs and scatter them all over my house and shop so I never have trouble finding a pair.  The best part is, even when the frames break, an individual lens can be used for most applications.  The cheapest I’ve seen elsewhere are in the $8 range.  At $1, these can be stocked in pretty large quantities.  Any barter items should have an explanation when bartered exactly what the quality and expectations should be.  Thanks again for the article.

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H.L. sent this: How Did Rich Connecticut Morph Into One Of America’s Worst Performing Economies?

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I recently had a consulting client ask me about sources for canned butter and canned ghee. By coincidence, three days later, one of our long-time advertisers and writing contest sponsors, Ready Made Resources announced a sale on Red Feather brand canned butter from New Zealand.

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The latest from Ann: Barnhardt Podcast #150: Holo-cough Denial. (Language Alert for this episode!)

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Tim. J. sent this news from Florida: Man accused of shooting down Sheriff’s Office drone.

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And Tim J. also suggested this video by Reid Henrichs: ORDER OF COMBAT Issued Against Cuban Citizens: Immediate and Relevant Case for Armed Citizenry. Tim’s remarks: “In this informative video, Reid Henrichs of Valor Ridge discusses the Cuban government’s “Order of Combat” against political dissidents.  This inevitable event is what happens when people are disarmed and tyrannized by their own government.  The classic communist playbook does not waver or change.  It is always harmful to freedom, free speech, and protests.”

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And, finally: Utah’s Great Salt Lake dips to record low, Lake Mead also in crisis amid drought.

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