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H.L. sent this troubling news reported by American Greatness: Deprogramming of January 6 Defendants Is UnderwayJWR’s Comment: This self-flagellating rhetoric reminds me of the public humiliation “Struggle Sessions” that were a staple of the Cultural Revolution in mainland China under the brutal genocidal rule of Chairman Mao and his henchmen.

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My wife Avalanche Lily suggested this news item, that I also included in our Economics & Investing column: Israel has already tested a digital shekel cryptocurrency. This has some very far-reaching implications.

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Reader M.P. wrote:

“Brian Krebs recently posted an article describing an industry survey that found that the majority of drinking water supply systems in the US have not even fully inventoried their IT/OT (operational tech) systems, let alone secured them. If they don’t know what they have, they cannot lock them down. Couple that with the highly improbably 67.9 percent that say they have had no IT security incidents in the past year and it becomes pretty obvious that this sector as a whole has not IT security strategy and is a whole set of time bombs waiting to explode, or rather be exploded from without.”

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Matt P. wrote:

“Here is an interesting video on night vision and clothing I think the readers will find interesting: Best Clothing Versus Night Vision. I know there have been articles on the topic but can’t recall a video demonstrating it.”

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Tom. L. wrote to mention this news, from Texas: More than 150 Texas hospital staff fired or quit over vaccine ruling. Elsewhere, I’ve read that roughly 20% of physicians nationwide have refused to take the Wuhan Flu jab. What does that tell you?

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The good folks at the Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) e-mailed me this update on teh nomination of David Chipman to be be the next ATF Director :

“The Senate Judiciary Committee held a vote this morning  [24 June] which ended on an 11-11 tie. But there’s a foul-tasting twist…

In peak Washington Swamp style, the committee still has the power to punt Chipman’s nomination to the full Senate.

However, before the Senate can hold a final vote on Chipman, the Senate must also hold a vote to bring hi[s nomination] to the floor.”

Please contact your state’s two U.S. Senators again and tell them NO, NO, NO on the Chipman nomination.

Tunnel Rabbit sent this comment on an interesting video: Unconventional Warfare Strategies – Negotiation Skills 101.

“Our minds are our first and best weapon.  However, our emotions and our mouths can get us into trouble in a hurry.  The video is a discussion about negotiation skills, and sage advice from a former Special Forces soldier.  It is adapted to the needs of preppers, and is loaded with wisdom.  I believe it is the single most important tool to be employed in a WROL situation, yet I am already in need of it.  Given the fiercely independent nature of survivalists, I believe the ability to be a diplomat who can negotiate at the drop of a hat, can resolve issues and bring people together, will be the key to success.  I’m already striving to improve these skills.”

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Several readers mentioned this news: Antivirus pioneer John McAfee found dead in Spanish prison.  JWR’s Comment: John McAfee warned that he might be “suicided” (or “Whack’d”) and even got a tattoo on his arm, to reiterate that point.

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Blog reader Batteau sent this note that serves as a reminder to NOT take the Wuhan Flu “vaccine” jab:

“Well, it was only a matter of time after being hounded for weeks by the nursing home to take the 2 Johnson & Johnson shots, which she did, my wife’s sister, Laura, passed away in her sleep, at 0100 hrs., this morning.

Laura had not been ill, period, while residing at this nursing home. She never had COVID, and was pressured to take the shots. The home contacted us an average of 3 or 4 times a day, 3 or 4 days a week…then had Laura start calling, demanding to take the shots. Finally, her siblings permitted it. Laura had four heart attacks after the shots.
Now she is gone. She used to play  25-30 bingo cards at once!”
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H.L. mentioned this: Giant managed care group to pay over $1 billion to settle drug overcharging claims.

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Diana wrote:

“Just so you know, many of the firearms carry issues at Disney Florida are at Disney Springs.  I know they also happen at the parks too.  If you have a permit, they ask you to put it in your car or they have safekeeping as well.  They never use to check at Disney Springs – bags, etc.  It was just a walk-in place from your car, so I assume many carried there in the past.  Since reopening last summer, they have bag/person checkpoints as they do in the parks.  I know people working there and this is a big part of the issue.  Somehow, things like this make the news, when in Florida many carry.  I just wanted you to be aware of this situation.”

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Paul Joseph Watson, on the latest Wuhan Flu hypocrisy: Lockdown Architect Caught Red Handed Violating Lockdown to Have Affair With Mistress.

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Reader Jim l. penned this:

“I must take issue with our friend T..J. Dixon:   “If your soil is full of clay, you can also mix in some peat moss to help break things up.:

The peat moss supply is being rapidly depleted.  Thus, it is rising in price.  There are plenty of other organic soil amendments to be found for low or no cost.  We food-raisers are called to pray for guidance and be creative.”

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And, lastly, Miss Eloise noted: The Council of Mosquitos on the Rawles Ranch, otherwise known as the BSTs (Blood Sucking Terrorists) for the good of their species, have decreed that each warm season, a chosen group of scouts will be sent into the humans’ house, to collect their unwilling donations. Many go in, but few ever come forth again.

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