Overcoming the American Era of Self-Loathing

There is a disturbing trend that I’ve seen in contemporary American culture: Self-loathing. People young and old are being indoctrinated to hate the things that made America exceptional: Capitalism, hard work, entrepreneurship, our Founding Fathers, farming, ranching, and wholesome family relationships. Our children are even being taught to hate the color of their own skin. Some key examples are the “Systemic Racism” mantra and the now pervasive “Critical Race Theory” curricula. This trend has been promulgated by both academia and the mass media.  Ironically, the same liberals who laudably preached “treat everyone equally” are now preaching that people should be treated differently, based on skin color. Recently, a medical journal published a paper claiming that whiteness is “a malignant, parasitic-like condition.” Similarly, self-loathing is being pushed on heterosexuals and anyone who might oppose “gender reassignment.”

Here is my point, in a nutshell: The only thing more destructive to society than hearing “It is all your fault” is being coached to say: “It is all our fault.” Some of the worst of this can be found in the Slavery Reparations movement. Leftists are spreading the absurd notion that taxpayer dollars should be allocated for cash payments to the sixth or seventh-generation descendants of antebellum slaves. (It is noteworthy that even the Exodus 34:7 generational curses only extend to four generations!) For “slavery reparations”, they preposterously say that everyone should be taxed, and then cash payments handed out to anyone with a dark skin tone, regardless of their connection to pre-1865 slavery — with no proof whatsoever needed that they are a descendant of a slave. The taxes for this would come out of the Federal general fund — and hence the residents of the northern anti-slavery states would also be taxed for this purpose.

The Biden-Harris administration has played along with these self-loathing charades, demanding that $5 billion of taxpayer funds be allocated to debt relief for farmers, but only for black farmers. They’ve also supported H.R. 40. The divisive talk by Biden and Harris has been fairly consistent, following the liberal playbook. Biden even claimed that BLM protesters would have been treated ‘very differently’ than Capitol rioters, if they had been the ones protesting.

When will this insanity end?  Only when enough people balk and insist on a reversion to the path and standard of true equality. We must insist that there is only one race: the human race. Divisive rhetoric only builds animosity. Unless or until we counter their rhetoric, the leftists will push for more and more self-loathing, and ironically even anachronistic physical segregation.

Dr. Martin Luther King famously once said: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Well, now the leftists are passing judgment on vast swaths of the populace, based entirely on the color of their skin. This is the reverse discrimination that the Supreme Court’s Regents of the University of California v. Bakke decision presaged.

I have made it very clear, repeatedly, and from a young age that I am opposed to racism. To reiterate my position, briefly:

“There is no inherent superiority in any skin tone or facial feature, any more than there is in any particular hair color. I have accepted The Great Commission with sincerity. It says; “Go forth into all nations” and it means exactly that: all nations. God’s elect come from every nation on earth. Skin color is a non-issue. It is also noteworthy that Christianity started out as a religion of Semitic people, and by God’s grace, it spread all over the world. It is not a “white man’s religion”, as some racists would contend.

I’m often asked, “Aren’t you proud to be a white man?” No, I’m not particularly proud to be white, any more than I’m particularly proud to have a Pronounced External Occipital Protuberance (aka “Anatolian Bump”) on the back of my head. That is just a product of genetics. So what? Big deal. But neither do I feel guilty or embarrassed to be white, as some liberals seem to be. Do genetic traits make any difference in my standing with God? Certainly not. Granted, many of the scientific advances of the modern age came from some very creative deceased white guys. But again, will any of the fruits of Western Civilization mean anything when I meet my maker? No. Only one thing will matter: Whether or not I’ve accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. That is a distinction that I can and will share with Aborigines, Ainus, and Hottentots. I’m proud to be Christian, that just happens to be a white man.”

Seeing racism creep back into our society — even if it is ostensibly created to right some ancient wrongs — is frightening. By driving wedges between people groups, they are creating resentment, hatred, and anger. It is as if the left-wingers want to foment a race war. This madness must stop, before America descends into severe animosity, fiefdoms, and a cycle of violent reprisals. Please treat everyone equally, and encourage others to do likewise. Judge people as individuals. And don’t let anyone make you feel guilt or shame for being a moral and upright citizen. – JWR

Update (June 17 PM):  Synchronistically, John Lovell of Warrior Poet Society posted this video, just a few hours later: Why we are the WEAKEST generation of all time.