Nice Guys Go To The Gulag

Watching recent events has confirmed that America truly is in peril. It is now clear that the Democrats intend to pursue California-style political domination, nationwide. In California, the Democrats hold super-majorities in both the State Assembly and the State Senate. They also hold the governorship, in the person of Gavin Newsom–who is part of a wicked multi-generational four-family intermarried political dynasty that has dominated the state for 60+ years.  So now, California’s Democrats hold The Whole Enchilada. They are getting their full socialist agenda enacted, with no meaningful opposition. They are driving a Democrat steamroller over Sacramento. But clearly, the Democrats want the same for the Federal government.

Seeing this progression led me to a minor epiphany: What the Democrats have already accomplished in California, and what they hope to accomplish nationally was all perfectly legal Although there was some Illegal gerrymandering and plenty of felonious “voting irregularities”, they largely gained their supermajorities within the political process. It was all legal. This was nothing short of a quiet and calculated socialist revolution, all via propaganda, public school indoctrination, demographic shifts via legislated immigration rule changes, and then a slow series of electoral victories. The Republicans just watched it happen, with no substantive pushback.  Even during the Trump years, when the Republicans held the majority in both houses of congress, they simply dithered and dawdled, not daring to  keep their key promise to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA — commonly called Obamacare.) The leftist “moderate” wing of the Republican party was dominated by Never-Trumpers who didn’t wish to hand Trump any legislative victories. They preferred to squander the advantage of their majority rather than see Trump given any credit for rolling back socialist legislation.

The fictitious insurrection

If the Democrats succeed with their plans, then we will have a problem: Conservatives are largely law-abiding, and non-confrontational. We are The Nice Guys. And Nice Guys generally don’t start riots, and they don’t start revolutions. On January 6, 2021, just a hint of an uprising threw the Democrats in Congress and the leftist mainstream media into a panic.  Nancy Pelosi ordered fencing thrown up all around the U.S. Capitol complex, topped with razor wire. National Guard troops were mobilized for five months to “guard the Capitol” against a fictitious “insurrection.”  As of early June, 2021, the troops have now been withdrawn, but Pelosi’s ugly fence remains.

If the Democrats use their usual bag of tricks to steal the next election, and further solidify their hold on the House and Senate, then we will be in deep, deep trouble.  With a Democrat president  — most likely the Maoist Kamala Harris — and solid majorities in the House and Senate, they will begin to push through their entire socialist agenda. To wit: Higher taxes, more bureaucracy, gun ownership restrictions, censorship, targeted prosecution of conservatives, womb-to-tomb welfare, “stimulus” to infinity, taxpayer-funded higher education, a never-ending succession of COVID strains with lockdowns, unbridled government spending with no meaningful debt limits, defunding police, race-based reparations for pre-1865 slavery, et cetera.

Now, if the Democrats continue to pull this off, election after election, they will reach the threshold of holding supermajorities. Meanwhile, with Democrats controlling the White House for several successive terms, the composition of the Federal courts will become solidly liberal. Their carefully planned endgame is to assert socialist control over all three branches of government. If that happens, then Lord Help Us!

Please also consider that the Republican Party, as it is now being led is not much better than the Democrat Party. In essence, both major parties have socialist goals and have acquiesced to accepting big government and high taxes. The Democrats are just in more of a hurry.  When we look back on the last 50 years, we can see that the two outstanding “conservative” presidents — Reagan and Trump — were, despite their rhetoric, both big spenders and not true libertarians. So, what is needed in the long term is not just a new wave of Republicanism, but also a Sea Change within the Republican party, pushing it toward less government, minimal regulation, and lower taxes.

Not The Time To Play Nice

This is not the time to “play nice.” We’ve tried that for five decades and it has only emboldened the socialists. They’ve grown the state and federal governments to gargantuan proportions. They’ve shackled us with innumerable regulations and dictates. They’ve taxed us to death. They’ve attempted to disarm us. They are driving wedges between the generations and people groups. They’ve legalized homosexual marriage with hardly a peep of opposition, and now they are now pushing forward with their “trans-sexual” agenda, even on pre-pubescent children, again with very little concrete opposition. They’ve instituted systems of regulation and licensure for just about every trade and occupation. In many states, you can’t even be a barber or a hairdresser without a license. In some locales, they’ve made things as simple as building your own home a bureaucratic nightmare, with umpteen codes, inspections, environmental impact studies, and permit fees. And, as we’ve seen in recent months, the leftists will push “White Privilege”, “Critical Race Theory”, and “Climate Change” environmentalism as hard and fast as possible.

The sad truth is that continuing to play nice with the statist-socialists will inevitably put us behind barbed wire, for “re-education.”  The history of the 20th Century saw this pattern repeated, many times in many countries. This is how socialists operate: First, they belittle you. Then they demonize you. Then they criminalize you. Then they segregate you. And finally, they incarcerate you — or in some cases liquidate you. Nice guys go to the Gulag.

The leftist politicians have shoved the throttle wide open for their entire agenda, with the complicity of academia and the mass media. Anyone who opposes them is instantly branded as a racist, or “homophobic”, anti-semitic, or worse. Oh, I suppose that they will stop maliciously labeling their opponents as child molesters, because that is the next item on their agenda of proposed “rights” and “lifestyle choices.”

How We Can Win

In the long term, we can win, and we will win, but we must steel ourselves with genuine resolve. How can we accomplish this?

  • We must quietly team up with like-minded individuals and families.
  • We must learn to ignore the taunts and threats of leftists. Our behavior must be driven by Biblical standards — not by what is “now-accepted” or “popular”.
  • We must press on, despite being demonetized and de-platformed.
  • We must stop “moderating” our positions, for the sake of appearances, attaboys, or decorum.
  • We must coordinate a campaign of massive noncompliance with unconstitutional laws.
  • We must establish home-based businesses, and trade amongst ourselves — preferably with constitutional silver currency — and starve the beast.
  • We must fully withdraw ourselves from their Orewelian social media platforms and instead establish and support alternate media platforms — such as FrankSpeech.
  • We must consolidate geographically to redoubts — to survive and thrive in the dark days to come.
  • We must guard our children against evil influences, through homeschooling.
  • We must arm and armor ourselves and draw the line in the sand of never “papering” (registering), or surrendering our guns, ammunition, full-capacity magazines, night vision gear, body armor, and helmets.
  • We must begin consistently using both encryption and VPN. (Note: I prefer NordVPN — and we’ll earn a small commission if you sign up with them, using our link.)
  • We must support those who have been maliciously persecuted and prosecuted.
  • We must cease any and all “compromise”.
  • We must withdraw from liberally tainted churches.
  • We must choose in advance just how, when, and where we will fight against tyranny. Pick your fights wisely, and consider the consequences. Brief your family members, and make those crucial “You will go stay with Aunt Charlotte” contingency plans and directives.
  • We must modify our home architecture with both ballistic hardening and hidden safe rooms. (What I call “Ten Boom Rooms”.)
  • We must teach our children well: “Never get on the bus.” Never willingly go into Federal custody.

I pray the 91st Psalm for all of my readers. – JWR