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This weekly column is a collection of short snippets: practical self-sufficiency items, how-tos, lessons learned, tips and tricks, and news items — both from readers and from SurvivalBlog’s editors. We may select some long e-mails for posting as separate letters. Don’t miss today’s link to Paul Joseph Watson’s piece on vaccine passports.

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Wagstaff sent this: Biden stimulus checks spark historic surge in gun sales, especially AR-15s.

Wagstaff’s Comment: “I find this ironic and amusing… in my case, I used my stimulus check to buy parts, lowers, uppers, mags, bullet molds, etc.”

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S.F. in Oregon had this comment for Serena (the author of the recent SurvivalBlog feature article Demonetizing Precious Metals):

“Serena, great history lesson and good points…
Bottom line, EVERYTHING is, or seems FAKE today! Fake fiat, fake health, fake news, fake elections, fake emotions, fake genders, fake religions, fake CGI movies, fake plastic bodies and hormones, fake websites, fake politicians, fake emojis, fake weather, fake laws and fake economics…so, are we the “weird ones” for holding, storing and appreciating REAL MONEY and PMs?! Not! They are tangible, lasting and beautiful!”

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The latest video from Paul Joseph Watson: The Truth About ‘Vaccine Passports’.

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Another comment on Serena’s article, from Just-A-Dad:

“Serena is correct with her take on the monetary situation currently in play. While as she says, her take is brief, it is one of the most honest ones I have seen in close to a decade.

Even as a relatively “poor” person, my strategy to combat this is quite simple.
Food / 3 stages / short term or fresh is 2 weeks to a month (self grow an added 50-60% intake) – medium term or canned and frozen is 3 -4 months – long term is 3-4 months
Monetary is even simpler / cash on hand between 20 and 200 at all times (again poor) – silver on hand, 10-20 ounces always – and lastly, some credit available but not used unless absolutely needed
Again, this article was amazing!”

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SaraSue sent this suggestion:

“Although I don’t agree with the philosophies, giving/charities, or Amazon affiliation of this company, it’s a starting point to find products NOT MADE IN CHINAChina Never.  I wouldn’t follow the links on this site, per se, but make note of the lists of products.”

Panhandle Rancher mention this piece of pending legislation, which is a move toward renewed independence for Texas: A BILL TO BE ENTITLED AN ACT relating to proposing a referendum to the people of the State of Texas on the question of whether this state should eave the United States of America and establish an independent republic.

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I enjoyed this video: How G*N Owners Think About Money – Haha! SO TRUE!

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Reader H.P had a book suggestion:

“I’d like to suggest, “In Their Own Words”, by Terry Turchie as a book recommendation. Mr. Turchie is a retired FBI agent and is highly respected by his peers.  I’m friends with his ex-partner Paul Petro, whom I met when I was in law enforcement and he was stationed in the New Orleans office. I appreciate your work. I think it’s going to be a long road ahead for us.”  Turchie’s book is available through BooksAMillion (BAM).

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Rich D. spotted this, in EuroNews: What is ‘survivalism’ and why is it getting so popular in Spain?

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Reader Tim J. had some observations and questions on the recent TEOTWAWKI Toilet Options article, by St. Funogas:

“What works in most places in CONUS, does not work in other places.

In the deep South, there is high humidity and temps, which some consider unsafe for humanure.

Composting toilets are considered safe, but they create an artificial environment, using an electric fan, to dry out the biosolids, which is not the same as outside composting.

Long ago, I visited Twentynine Palms, California, for a couple of weeks. They appeared to be spreading raw human biosolids on fields, but in the desert sun, high heat and low humidity, within an hour, it was dried out and the smell gone…
By the end of the day, the biosolids were crumbling into smaller dry pieces when stepped on. This process works great in that environment.

I wonder about biodigesters for the conversion of human waste and fuel production?

Would the leftover biosolids be safe for fertilizing after the digesting process?

Do any SurvivalBlog readers use biodigesters?”

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C.B. sent news of this odd new development:  Sky shepherding: Using drones to herd sheep ethically

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Another from C.B.: Genome sequencing reveals a new species of bumblebee

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And lastly, a good reason to call your U.S. Senator, to oppose a nomination: David Chipman, Biden Gun Czar, Says 2nd Amendment Requires ‘Well Regulated’ GunsJWRs Comment:  Neither Chipman nor the Newsweek writer appear to understand that in the context of the 18th Century, the term “Well-regulated” meant “well-trained.”

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