Recipe of the Week: Big Ben’s Texas Goulash

The following recipe for Texas Goulash was kindly by SurvivalBlog reader Big Ben. It was developed with freezer storage in mind. He later adapted it for home freeze-drying.


5 lbs Ground Beef

5 lbs Macaroni Noodles

2 lbs Frozen Corn

1 large Onion diced

1 #10 can Tomato Sauce

2 10 oz cans Rotel Original Diced Tomatoes and Green Chile

2 4 oz cans diced green chile

1 10.75 oz can condensed tomato soup

1 ½ c Italian seasoning spice mix

½ c Chili powder

¼ c granulated onion

¼ c granulated garlic

½ c minced garlic

¼ c crushed red pepper flakes

1/8 c ground black pepper

8 oz shredded mozzarella cheese

8 oz shredded Italian cheese blend

24-32 oz shredded cheddar cheese


Brown ground beef well and add diced onion and cook till translucent.  Cook macaroni to al dente in a large pot.  Drain macaroni and ground beef.  Combine everything in one pot and mix well.  Add 4 to 6 cups water and simmer to desired doneness/flavor blending.  The cheese will want to stick to your stirring spoon, but if you keep stirring eventually it will dissolve into the mix.  I bag this in quart freezer bags at 24 oz to the bag to fill twenty bags. \

To freeze dry in my Harvest Right, I turn it out onto parchment-lined trays two bags to a tray.  To rehydrate, add enough boiling water to make 24 oz again, and let stand for about 5 minutes.  Each 24 oz load will feed me and the wife with the addition of some crackers or bread (cornbread is a good extender for this one) and will satisfy my otherwise oversize appetite.   This is one of our big 5 freeze-dried meal recipes.   We do two batches of this as part of our one-year supply, along with the other 4 recipes plus extras.  Making this takes about 3 hours.  The freeze-drying takes a couple days.

Do you have a favorite recipe that would be of interest to SurvivalBlog readers? In this weekly recipe column, we place emphasis on recipes that use long term storage foods, recipes for wild game, dutch oven and slow cooker recipes, and any that use home garden produce. If you have any favorite recipes, then please send them via e-mail. Thanks!