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M. in The Redoubt wrote to ask:


Do you think the benefits of owning a [registered] suppressor (flash signature and sound reduction) outweigh the increased exposure of being on the ATF registry?


JWR Replies:
In the present-day political climate, I would advise against it.  The high profile outweighs the potential benefits.  If you want to shoot quietly, then buy a .22 bolt action or pump action with a fairly long barrel (20″+) and feed it with .22 Short or .22 CB Cap cartridges. For example, Rossi makes pump action clones of the venerable Winchester Model 62 that will reliably shoot Short, Long ,or Long Rifle cartridges from a tubular magazine in pump repeater mode. It can also be used to fire CB Caps in sngle-shot mode, fairly rapidly.

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Daniel Beach, the proprietor of,  has written a very detailed essay, titled: The Scout Rifle Has Run It’s Course.  He makes a good case for using traditional receiver-mounted LVPO scopes instead of forward “Scout” mounts on bolt action rifles. I highly recommend  reading the article.

Krissy wrote:

Hi, everyone. It seems like ages since we commented, and I miss hearing from you all. I think I went into withdrawals, with the main symptom being sadness… With that said, I support JWR’s & Lily’s decision [to discontiniue comments.] Also, I continue to pray for you all.

One skill I have been working on is starting a bonfire with only one match.
My folks have a burning permit and lots of wet branches that need taking care of.
Remember the Proverb “pride goeth before a fall?”   Well, I proved it.

First time out, I thought, this will be easy, I’m great with getting a fire going. Gahhh! In reality, I’m only good when all the wood is dry. I completely bombed though I tried for hours.

Next time I tried, I mentally approached it as going to be difficult, babied the wet branches/wood, and succeeded.
I keep reminding my folks, “You know, you can take all this to the transfer station for free.”  Alas, they don’t want to bother, so I will have ample opportunity to practice my fire starting skills this spring.

Btw, my dad is still living and working, PTL. Thank you to all who keep him in your prayers.

My dad surprised me with a random gift of a new Stihl battery chainsaw. It is small, lightweight and not very loud. It is perfect for branches and small trees. My dad supervised me at first, and let me learn from a few mistakes. One was, I started cutting a thick branch from the bottom up,(I was on a ladder) and then my blade got pinched. Thus, I learned to start cutting on the top of the branch first.
You have to imagine my joy at doing this, because I was never allowed, just my brother. It was akin to, “No. You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!” (If you get my analogy)

My dad purchased a 1940s farmhouse fixer upper (for relatives in need) that has ginormous locust trees that need felling by professionals because of power lines, et cetera.  I will get to cut up all the branches in the next month and a half and improve my chainsaw skills. I love being outside!  IMO, work isn’t really work when you are helping someone and having fun at the same time.

Oh, my gosh. I just remembered a family story my adult kids love to tell.

Once, years ago at dinner, I asked my then spouse, for power tools for Christmas. His instantaneous reply was,

“The only power tools you are going to get, are an iron and a vacuum.”

I know, you think I’m making this up, but I’m not.  Of course the boys burst out laughing because, yes, it was hilarious, but also because they knew how wrong it was, PTL.  (Unfortunately, my spouse was serious)

Moving on,  the Diamant hand mill I ordered on the Black friday sale arrived 2.5 months early. Another order of 200 lbs of split peas arrives tomorrow. I had it delayed because I took a trip to the Redoubt to help my son and his family with life while they are building their home. PTL for the Redoubt, where kids can be kids!!!
Gave the girls an explanation that there will be no more picking up of snakes! Snakes were safe where they lived before, but they are in rattlesnake country now.

I scored 4 cases of wide mouth Ball quart jars for my DIL while with them.

I in promptly decided on a road trip for my return home. I drove through areas in several states that I had only seen on a map while looking for retreats or land.  It was a heavenly drive. Bright sunshine, dry roads and snow on fields and mountains.  By the time I arrived home, I was suddenly very sick. PTL for a pantry with medicine!!! After three days in bed, was feeling 75% better. Suggestion: stock more meds than you think you will need…

I would like to do a shout out to RKRGRL68. Praying you through your painful long term recovery.

Wormlady and BWL, you and your spouses are remembered.

SaraSue, prayer for continued long term healing. (and dog training 😁)

PJGT, dear sister in the Lord, you are prayed for everyday.

JWR an AL, thank you so much for all the work you do for the blog.

Miss you all. May our Lord bless each one of you and keep you safe,
– Krissy

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News from Israel: In precedent, court rules school can bar unvaccinated, untested worker. “Labor court defends right of schools to stop employees who refuse to get inoculated from coming to work unless they take regular COVID-19 tests.”

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Last week, I suggested pondering this:  The Feds Chose an Odd Time to Remove Protection Around Antifa’s Favorite Riot Target in Portland.

Well… Now, we’ve more recently learned: Its TOTALLY NOT an Insurrection: Portland Courthouse once again Under Seige.

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