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Digital Health Pass: IBM and Moderna Partner up in New York  for Digital Passport

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Reader Tom in South Dakota wrote:

“H.R. 8 breezed through the House of Non-Representatives. I think they’ll also squeak it through the Senate.  So I’m stocking up, BIG-time. A high-cap magazine ban is also coming. I’ll be hitting all the [in-state] gun shows and I’m watching the local newspaper ads for private sales. It’s kinda tough to find your whole family’s supply-for-life in just a couple months, but I’m going to give it max effort, and max budget. I’m also trying to find some pre-1899ers. I’m mainly looking for 7mm Mausers like Tunnel Rabbit talked about.”

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Reader Kirk wrote:

“Work at a large hardware store chain.  We still can’t get certain items that we have been out of for months.  Pretty well all lumber/wood has gone up a lot. Our hardware/fastener supplier (Paulin) mentioned that they are not sure if they can meet demand and keep prices the same when things get going in the spring.  A few of our builders have mentioned that an average “nice”  new house build (around $450K) has gone up almost $100K since last year at this time.  Plus they are saying that’s if you can get the trades and materials to build it.  We are having some contractors buying ALL our stock of plywood, OSB, 2x4s, sheetrock (drywall)as soon as we get any.  Pressure-treated is hard to get in quantity.  Other items that we have trouble getting are certain lighting/electrical items ( mostly hard electrical like breakers, switches, boxes and some popular light fixtures).  Not sure if you can verify with other people/businesses in your area? Keep up the good work.”

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A recent video by Tim Pool: Democrats Pass New Gun Control Bill, Media Launches Creepy Coordinated Propaganda On Gun Crime. (Thanks to C.B. for the link.)

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Reader Ray K. wrote:

“Hi James
I read the article from the guy in Houston.

When I lived in Dothan, Alabama, we very rarely had winters as bad as Houston just had, but we did have it in spades one year.

We were living in a mobile home that had a lot of air leaks.  I used painter’s plastic drop cloth and duct tape to cover the windows.  It dramatically reduced the run time on the furnace.

Later I learned that there are window kits that put a plastic covering over the inside of the windows and you use a heat gun to shrink the plastic covering tight to make it look pretty.

I had a good chuckle about the electric chain saw.”

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Lisa sent us this “must watch”: Tucker responds to Pentagon’s criticism of his show

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Reader Wagstaff wrote:

“I read “digital gulag: why team tyranny won’t need door-kickers to enforce the coming gun bans” over at My comment is [posted] there. In brief, I believe that men with wives and children are particularly vulnerable to this bureaucratic legalistic tactic. I call it “being pecked to death by ducks.”

A man is not going to want his family subjected to impoverishment… losing a paycheck, a job, not being able to pay the rent or mortgage.

I also don’t want to subject my wife to interrogation by the FBI. (Forced to disclose where something might be buried, etc.) No one person should know everything, as was the practice among resistance groups during WW-II.

The answer is to make sure the wife has a separate bank account, credit cards, etc. Also, the title of the house, and car should be in her name.

This way, when the deep state-ATF-FBI lawyers come after the husband, the wife can still function financially.

This may seem extreme, but gov. Bureaucrats can and will attempt to take your children under the auspices of, you are exposing them to a “dangerous” environment (ie illegal guns, racism, conspiracies, militia activities, etc, etc).
Ironically, It may be necessary to divorce and assign the legal responsibility of the children to the wife in order to keep the family intact.”

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Two weeks ago, Mobileye became the first major employer in Israel to announce that employees who are not vaccinated would not be allowed to enter the company’s offices starting in April.

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New US guidance says fully vaccinated people can meet without masks.

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52 Volcanoes ERUPTING NOW / SO2 On the RISE / Awakened Taal Volcano, Veniaminof, ICELAND Volcano

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(Illegal Patents) – CDC Holds 100% of all Patents of Corona Virus, its Detection and Kits to Detect the Virus.

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Dr. David E. Martin Exposes Anthony Fauci & the CDC for Domestic Terrorism Under the Patriot Act

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Regarding the recent product review by The Novice, Reader R.S.R. wrote:

“The two-flange Surefire EP3 plugs have minimal margin for error if they don’t exactly fit your ear.

The three-flange EP4/EP5 are far superior for minimal cost difference — EP4 has removable plugs, EP5 does not.

Having these correctly sized is very important for them to work correctly, but sized correctly, they’re easier to insert and less prone to user error than the foam plug alternatives.

I typically wear them plugs open under my electronic earpro, unless indoors or shooting a particularly loud weapon.

Can also wear them when working with power equipment w/ plugs open for some hearing protection while also keeping more situational/audio awareness than what folk usually wear — for instance, being able to hear your kid yelling and approaching while mowing might save their limbs or eyes.”

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Reader Mike 16 write:

“Mr. Rawles,
You frequently mention to stock-up on imported magazines etc.. However like a lot of people I’m not totally sure what manufacturers are imported.  There are the obvious ones like Glock and H&K however I discovered today that many of the Springfield Armory firearms are imported from Croatia from a company named HS Produkt.  I came across a website,, that is an arms market and exhibition site.  What I found interesting that may be of interest to your readers is a tab called Companies.  This takes you to a page with countries listed on the left side of the page therefore if you’re interested in researching companies from Italy you can pick that country and it will list them. This may help people who are uncertain about whether to focus on imported products versus domestic made.”

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And, lastly, something to ponder: The Feds Chose an Odd Time to Remove Protection Around Antifa’s Favorite Riot Target in Portland

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