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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats, and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at Digital Vaccine Passports.

H.R. 8 Gun Background Checks Bill is on Fast Track

It has been widely reported that the recently re-intoduced H.R. 8 — the primary “Universal Background Checks” bill — is being fast-tracked by House Speaker Pelosi. The phrase “Universal Background Checks”  sounds warm and fuzzy, but what it really means is a private party transfer ban, with violations considered a felony.  Here is a link to a PDF of the  the ‘‘Bipartisan Back-4ground Checks Act of 2021’’ text. The plan is apparently to rush it through committees and push for a floor vote tomorrow, with just a few perfunctory hours of debate. Please contact your congress members again, about this.  And also contact your Senators and tell them that you oppose any similar legislation in the U.S. Senate. Remind them that this perverts the Interstate Commerce Clause, because it regulates sales of used guns between residents of the same state. That isn’t interstate commerce. That’s intrastate!

Note that in-family transfers must be “bona fide gifts”, not sales. And also note that the law would take effect 180 days after enactment. I can safely predict that this six-month period will be the wildest period of price inflation for secondary market  (that is: used, private-party) guns in history.  Prices will probably at least double and possibly triple or quadruple for the most sought-after guns, namely: AR15s, AR-10s, Tavors, M1As, HKs, FALs, Steyr AUGs, military pattern AKs, Glocks, SIGs, Colts, and so forth. So stock up, muy pronto. Stack them deep! If this bill passes then gun shows held during the six-month Window of Opportunity will be truly memorable!  Just imagine the scene at a gun show the weekend before the law goes into effect.

One last note:  After that window closes, the only guns that will be exempt from background checks will be “non-firearms”. That means: Air rifles, air pistols, blackpowder muzzleloaders, percussion revolvers, and pre-1899 guns. With the latter, the law of supply and demand will dictate substantially higher prices. There simply aren’t a lot of serviceable 124-year-old cartridge guns in circulation.

Digital Vaccine Passports Are Coming

Reader D.S.V. sent us this: Digital Vaccine Passports Being Rolled Out Everywhere to Prove You’ve “Got Your Shots”

Australian Journalists Smear “Selfish” Preppers

A.S. suggested looking at this subtle propaganda piece from Australia: Coronavirus conspiracy theorists act more selfishly than others, new study finds. Here is a quote (with emphasis added):

“The study – released today by the University of Queensland – states that coronavirus conspiracy theorists are more likely to respond selfishly to the pandemic, rather than as a society.
They are also more “likely to focus on ways of helping themselves” such as stockpiling, and less likely to respond to community-focused strategies like hand-washing and social distancing.

A comment from A.S.:
Note the clever manipulative propaganda, i.e. = stockpiling = selfish = prepping

Amazon’s Alexa Vulnerabilities

C.B. sent this: Study reveals extent of privacy vulnerabilities with Amazon’s Alexa

The Left’s Campaign Against Self-Defense

Henry K. suggested this American Thinker essay by Janet Levy: The Left’s Campaign Against Self-Defense.

Two New Montana Retreats

I just noticed two interesting new Montana listings, at

Montana Decommissioned Radar Base


DIY Solar Power

Reader Tim J. spotted this: Renogy Rover Boost + CIGS Flexible Solar Panel = Solar Golf Cart. Tim says: “Military solar panel, now available, will function with bullet holes. Charge controller can use a 12v panel to charge a 48v battery. Charge e-bike batteries with a small solar panel.”

20 States Warn Senators on H.R. 1

Next, over at The Western Journal: 20 States Send Letter to Senate Leaders Promising Swift Consequences if HR1 Passes.  (A hat tip to H.L. for the link.)

Why are Gun Ownership Rights Widely Taken Away?

Even the liberal editors of Yahoo News are asking: Why Are Lifetime Gun Bans Being Imposed on Tax Cheats? This article begins:

That the punishment should fit the crime is a widely held axiom. If you lie on a tax return, you might expect to face certain consequences, such as fines and the repayment of back taxes, probably with interest, and perhaps even home confinement, or (in the extreme case) prison time. But you would not expect a lifetime restriction on your fundamental rights — such as the freedom to speak, to own property, or to enjoy your privacy. These punishments would be arbitrary and unjust given the nature of the crime.

Nor would you expect to permanently lose your right to own a firearm as punishment for a false statement to the IRS. But that is exactly what could happen, and what has happened, because of an unforgiving and unconstitutional federal law — passed as part of the Gun Control Act of 1968 — that automatically bans nearly all felons, even those convicted only of non-violent crimes, from ever possessing firearms for self-defense.”

$100,000 in Fines for Parking Off Her Own Driveway

Reader D.S.V. spotted this: Florida city fines woman more than $100K for parking incorrectly in her own driveway

Apophis Asteriod Visit

Andre tipped us to this article at Sky & Telescope: Asteroid Apophis Pays Earth a Visit This Week.  “When a potentially hazardous asteroid glides safely past Earth on March 6th, astronomers will conduct a dress rehearsal for a dramatic close-miss pass in 2029.”

Trump ICE Director Says Biden Created a Border Crisis

And, finally, via Whatfinger there is this: Trump ICE Director Pulverizes Biden for Creating a Border Crisis

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