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Here are our Recommendations of the Week for various media and tools of interest to SurvivalBlog readers.  Many of these come from our readers. We try to emphasize small companies that make hand-crafted goods, here in the United States and in Canada.

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This week the focus is on the store closing sale at Dom’s Surplus. (See the Gear section.)


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By popular demand, Max Velocity is now selling his books directly.

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The Art of War by Sun Tzu.  There are paperback copies of the English translation for $14.97 at

Instructional Blogs, Videos & Vlogs:

Regular content contributor Tim J. sent us this video link:  The Forgotten Truth About Pickled Eggs (The egg talk begins at 3:53.)

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A few more, from Tim:

Deep Winter Greenhouses in Minnesota

Deep Winter Greenhouses – Extension Office Construction Advice

Survival Navigation – 5 Improvised SERE Methods to Make a Compass

Finding North by Angular Differential

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And D.S.V. suggested this, by Steve Nuble: How To Make Cornpone


Any readers living in the East Bay Area of California may have already heard the sad news that Dom’s Surplus, in Livermore, is going out of business. Just another small business that couldn’t compete in the face of blue state COVID lockdowns that shunted more and more business to the giant online sellers. Dom’s has already discounted all of their remaining merchandise by 30%, and I suspect that even deeper price cuts will be coming soon.  When I last visited their retail store, I noted that most of their guns, ammo, knives, and optics were selling out quickly. But they seem to still be very well stocked on boots, tarps, outdoor clothing, and various recreational gear. Their ammo cans were still a bit over-priced, but there are plenty of other items that are real bargains.

While visiting the store, I bought three Victorinox Swiss Army knives and their last two Leatherman tools. I also bought out their entire display of Butler Creek scope caps — 91 pieces — for $3 each —  price that I negotiated with Dom, himself. It may take me years to sell them all, but with their current retail prices now ranging from $10.90 to each, they will be like money in the bank. So, yes, I take my own advice on investing in tangible goods.

Note that this is a genuine “going out of business” sale. They are even selling all of their display cabinets, racks, and other store fixtures. This store closing is particularly sad for me. I bought my first M1A rifle from Dom’s in 1978, just days after I turned 18 years old.

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A reader suggested these web sites, for finding “Made in USA” products;

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For gunsmithing tools, I highly recommend Grace USA tools. They are all American-made!

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