Con Te Partiro: Closing Our Comments Section

It is with regret that we’ve decided to close our Comments sections.  It is Con Te Partiro. The existing comments will still be available in the SurvivalBlog archives, but no new comments can be added.

We reached this decision after some prayer and serious deliberation. We concluded that because the spamming and trolling were getting out of hand that the Comments had become a “No-Win Scenario.” It had become a huge time sink and the source of a lot of anxiety. It was very difficult to maintain editorial neutrality, particularly on controversial topics. So, in the absence of Comments, we are now reverting the Old School approach, where you e-mail us letters for possible posting, at our discretion. Please try to stick to just preparedness-related topics in your letters–with a minimum of religion or politics.

Comments Statistics

SurvivalBlog has been posted daily since August of 2005. But the Comments feature was relatively new. Just as a “FYI”, here are some statistics on our archived Comments, since we started allowing them in April of 2017:

  • Approved Comments: 78,943
  • Manually flagged by the editors as spam: 4,396
  • Automatically flagged as spam by Akismet software: 912,120
  • Comments deleted by the editors for various reasons: 406  (.051% of comments)
We STill Want To Hear From You

We look forward to receiving your e-mailed letters. Be advised that we won’t have the space to post all of them in the main blog thread. The highest priority will go to letters that are directly related to family preparedness topics. If your letter isn’t chosen for posting, please don’t feel offended.  A hint: If your letter has great spelling and punctuation, that will make it that much easier for us — and again, it will be more likely to be posted.  Please carefully proofread any letters intended for posting.

Additionally, we plan to start a new compendium column for any e-mailed letter that is too short to publish as an article under a heading perhaps called “Snippets” where we’ll selectively post any short e-mails too short to post as letters and any of your brief observations or helpful hints about any article published in the preceding week. We still very much want to hear from many of you!

You can send your e-mails to me at:

You can send your e-mails to Avalanche Lily at:

Please be sure to put “FOR POSTING:” in the subject line if you consent to posting. Alternatively, for private communique, put “NOT FOR POSTING:” in the subject line.

Again, the existing comments will still be available in the SurvivalBlog archives (both online and on the USB sticks), but no more can be added.

We appreciate the many of you who had been regular commenters.  Thank you for all your wonderful contributions.

We look forward to receiving your e-mailed letters!

Thanks! – JWR and AVL

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