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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, some wind turbine news. (See the Idaho and Wyoming sections.)


Lincoln County commissioners receive update on massive wind farm project. The article begins:

“The Lincoln County commissioners received an update on the massive wind farm project that could possibly break ground in the summer of 2022 if everything goes right.

On Monday, the Bureau of Land Management updated the commissioners on Magic Valley Energy, LLC’s Lava Ridge Wind project.

The proposed project has been projected around $1 billion dollars, and it will be located primarily on public land administered by BLM, located 25 miles northeast of Twin Falls within the counties of Lincoln, Jerome and Minidoka.

The proposed project includes an estimated 400 wind energy generating turbines up 740 feet tall, six substations, and the project would encompass somewhere between 1,300 to 1,700 acres.”

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Here’s a new parcel that I saw listed with Survival Realty Brokerage Services: 10 Acres with National Forest Boundary, near Sandpoint, Idaho.

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Nampa man pleads guilty to killing ex-wife, fatal Oregon crash

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Court document shows what led up to Capitol riot arrests of Sandpoint man, brother

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The Coolest Place in the US You’ve Never Heard of… Three Days in Stanley, Idaho

And from the same travel bloggers:
Pettit and Toxaway Lakes Loop: Two Nights Backcountry Camping in the Sawtooth Mountains


Butte neighbors disrupt car theft that left one man wounded by gunshot

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Pileup of approximately 30 vehicles shuts down I-90 near Billings

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Group of eight snowmobilers rescued near Granite Lake

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Bozeman scientific equipment supplier continues to grow in booming industry

Central & Eastern Oregon

Grazing rights rescinded for controversial Eastern Oregon ranchers

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Two killed in Hermiston shooting; 911 caller claims self-defense

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High winds topple trees, cause damage in Sisters area

Central & Eastern Washington

Walla Walla Makes a Property Tax Mistake

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Two teens hospitalized after gang-related shootings in Yakima


Wyoming lawmakers advance voter ID bill despite fraud doubts.

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Cheney Reintroduces The Grizzly Bear State Management Act

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Wyoming coal mines could be home for old windmill parts. Here is an excerpt:

“Although made of fiberglass to reduce weight and cost, the huge blades that rotate the turbines can be longer than the wing of a large jumbo jet and weigh more than 5 tons each. As the industry adds thousands of new turbines a year, the problem of disposing of worn-out parts and blades has escalated, especially for local municipalities.

When photos of thousands of used wind turbine blades at the Casper landfill went viral last year, local and state officials took notice, said state Speaker of the House Eric Barlow, R-Gillette. That’s because relatively small local governments like the ones in Wyoming can’t handle adding that volume of waste in their landfills for long.

As federal policies and tax incentives continue to spur wind development, Wyoming’s unique weather landscape will continue to make the Cowboy State a leader in building and expanding wind farms. And as residents have expressed concern about the impact those farms can have on landfills, Barlow was drawn to a simple potential solution.

He suggested burying the blades in the huge Powder River Basin coal pits as companies reclaim the land.”

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      1. It is based on racism. It is coming from a source you would never believe possible! The betrayal and deception know no limits. They worship the Father of Lies. It is prophesied in the scriptures. A tribulation greater than the world has ever known is approaching rapidly.

        Do you all know Jesus? If you belong to Him, You’ll escape the Lord God’s Wrath. He is seeking all who are lost. He will give you eternal life if you surrender to Him. If you don’t surrender to Him, you face eternity separated from the Living Creator God. Read the Bible. It has all the answers.

    1. 50 million? So how is that supposed to work? After the 2nd dose, folks fall dead, or is there some “genetic switch” that can be turned on to kill those that receive the vaccine whenever the powers that be like?
      I agree with Joe.

  1. Hot off the Press: Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla admits Israel is the ‘world’s lab.’

    Rabbi Yaakov Ariel: ‘Sue teachers who don’t get vaccinated’

    Rabbi Yaakov Ariel, leading Religious Zionist rabbi, calls on parents ‘not to be silent.’: Our children’s right to health is more important than the ‘personal rights’ of teachers to infect our children and endanger their lives, G-d forbid.

    [“Teachers who stay home, should not get monetary compensation.” Cannot buy or sell, earn money, outside of the Beast System]

  2. My math and research may be suspect, but here goes: According to the DOE, the best windmills available now generate about 1.5 megawatts of electricity. 400 of them would generate 600 mw. Also according to Idaho stats from 2015 (the latest I could find easily), the state consumes approximately 972,000 mw per year. Divide that number by 600 and you get 1/1620. I’m just a farm boy, but that doesn’t equal much for a billion dollars! The wind has to blow and end-of-life disposal is difficult and expensive. Somebody help me if I’ve miscomputed, please.

    1. You are probably right, but keep in mind if we burn less fossil fuels we create less CO2. No CO2, less plant growth, equals less oxygen; the planet will support less animal life. Seems kind of self defeating, not to mention only a very small fraction of the people on the planet can or will participate. I have not seen any studies that have shown any effect that all the money spent has done anything to change anything. What little they say never takes consideration of what the planet does on it’s own. Makes you wonder if the real motivation of environmental scare tactics is actually greed based.

    2. L, you did not include the time component in your figures. Say your 600mw capacity was all the time (unreasonable) 600 megawattsx24 hoursx365 days = 5,250,000 megawatt hours per year. If they ran at 25% capacity they would produce about 1,300,000 megawatt hours a year. Where I live we pay 13 cents a kilowatt hour that would be $130 per megawatt hour. 1,300,000 x $130= $169,000,000 a year output. with a 20 year life span that’s $3.38 billion worth of juice. Of course that would be retail price. Wholesale price would be much less. I hope I got my figures right.

  3. from the ‘those trend-setting Californians are at it again’ department:

    Californian assembly-person Evan Low introduces the specialness of another ‘law!’ to fix all the problems Californians have without a new ‘law!’ to fix problems they probably have no idea they have… but would if only they were woker.

    Assembly bill number 2826 forces toy-sellers to establish and maintain for all perpetuity at least one, and I quote, “…gender-free toy section…”.
    The new ‘law!’ hopes to reduce their terrible sense of ostracism experienced by gender-free persons each time they face the systemic genderism of gendered toys.

    I think we can all agree assembly-person Evan Low’s timely repair of past wrongs is both timely and fixes stuff in a repair-type fixing way.

    This proposed new ‘law!’ is trotted-out after toy-makers voluntarily established a gender-free Mister Potato-Person Head toy kit for those with a strong bent to dress their vegetables in plastic human features (the features are plastic, not the humans) with internal-organ puncturing spikes… if potatoes have internal organs… which they probably will if assembly-person Evan Low has anything to say about it.

  4. I talked to some residents in central Iowa who live near windmills. They said when a storm is approaching the windmills split the clouds so the rain does not fall directly west of the windmills.
    I wonder how much more of an effect there is where the windmill fields are more concentrated?

  5. It’s been documented time and again that the energy it takes to build a windmill, and disposal of its parts when worn out, is greater than the energy that it will ever produce.

    Windmills also affect migratory birds, and mess up their navigation systems. Those large swinging blades kill literally thousands of birds indiscriminately. Geese, pigeons, ducks, and also eagles, and cranes. Large, small, common or endangered, or even species facing extinction, the windmills do not discriminate.
    Having been out to a windmill site, and seeing the swath of dead birds laying mangled on the ground, I had to wonder where all the protesters were?

  6. But the wind has to blow, and the sun has to shine, or they are simply a moot point, and neither wind nor solar are as efficient as indicated, solar 60% & wind much less.
    How many birds do you wanna kill with windmills, how much more heat are you willing to put into the atmosphere from solar panels, and neither are really recyclable and taken mass amounts of other fuel, energy sources, and mining efforts to produce. A green new deal, not so much.

  7. After viewing the video: The Coolest Place in the US You’ve Never Heard of… Three Days in Stanley, Idaho.

    I am impressed. Anyplace with a hot springs calls my name. I’m about ready to saddle up and hit the road.

    Carry on

  8. Quoting JWR’s linked article:

    “The Idaho FBI agent reviewed film from cameras containing license plate readers in the Coeur d’Alene area to search for two vehicles …”

    I want to read Michael Anthony Pope’s charging documents to understand how the FBI obtained this license plate data.

    Can someone please post a link to the charging documents that were supposedly unsealed? I always read charging documents but I can’t find these. All of the newspaper articles I’ve read simply assert without evidence that the charging documents exists. If they exist then they are public record.

    This is relates to JWR’s linked article above “Court document shows what led up to Capitol riot arrests of Sandpoint man, brother”

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