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Nancy Pelosi Fought the U.S. Border Fence — And Dragged Her Feet for Four Long Years
But Then She Ordered the Three-Mile Long Capitol Fence — And Had it Put Up in Four Days


  1. I knew this would come up since I saw this on youtube. Here is my thought on this: Keep the fence, take all military from inside and place outside, then lock the gates once Congress has filed in and are firmly inside, then place the military at all gates to keep Congress in. Then we can all live our lives. Drop needed necessities via helicopter. Problem solved.

  2. the nagging question that comes to me is – how did 3 miles of anti-climb fencing get manufactured and staged just outside of DC ? in order for it to be erected in just 4 days ????

    just building 3 miles of barriers in a shop is gonna take awhile , more then 4 days ,
    if the panels are 8ft across – it will take 1980 panels to surround the capitol complex
    ONE THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED and EIGHTY separate panels !?
    think about that number . how many days would it take just to manufacture them ?
    its gotta be more then 4 .

    and then the staging of them just outside of town, in order to be able to erect them so quickly,,, this all points to pre-planning ,, this was a well managed staged event , it has too many characteristics of human guidance , I.E. not organic ,

    and then add to the mix , the videos of capitol police officers opening doors and allowing people to enter the buildings , we’ve all seen the videos , if you havent, they are easy to find ,, and add the ashli babbet shooting video ,with antifa john sullivan playing a starring role, on video, telling the cops guarding the door , they should leave,, which they do, kinda , they just move away and watch the destruction ,, while doing nothing to stop anyone from causing damage
    there are way too many signs of stagecraft for this to be happenstance

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