Editors’ Prepping Progress

To be prepared for a crisis, every Prepper must establish goals and make long-term and short-term plans. In this column, the SurvivalBlog editors review their week’s prep activities and planned prep activities for the coming week. These range from healthcare and gear purchases to gardening, ranch improvements, bug out bag fine-tuning, and food storage. This is something akin to our Retreat Owner Profiles, but written incrementally and in detail, throughout the year.  We always welcome you to share your own successes and wisdom in the Comments. Let’s keep busy and be ready!

Jim Reports:

I’m back on the road, to care for an elderly relative. As usual, I’ve put the ordering apparatus of Elk Creek Company on hiatus. If you want to order anything, then mark your calendar for March 31st. Ordering should resume then. Please note that I’m now in the process of cataloging about 20 percussion blackpowder revolvers of recent manufacture. Just as with pre-1899 cartridge guns, NO paperwork is required, in most States! Oh, and you can easily find cartridge conversion cylinders for many of those models.  (A hint for those of you who live in gun-deprived States.) Sorry, no overseas sales.

Now, over to my dear wife, Avalanche Lily…

Avalanche Lily Reports:

Dear Readers,
The beginning of the week was terribly rainy. Mid-week, we had sun. I made sure to lay out in it for at least a half hour for two days on my inflatable sleeping pad wearing shorts. (If the wind isn’t blowing, the sun keeps one warm enough, even if the air is only forty degrees.) Then we had three days of continuous snowfall.

At the beginning of the week, I heard the chickadees singing their spring song for the first time this week. A couple of Red Shafted Flickers (pictured) checked out the beams on the porch this week, looking for insects.  The Tundra swans returned to our river this week after the severe freezing temperatures abated.

Jim departed midweek to dodge the two incoming snowstorms, and arrived safely just before the latest storm hit the Cascades.

I did not do much if any prepping this week, just maintaining the ranch. There aren’t any good stories to tell you this week.  ;-(  I’m sorry.

I spent time reorganizing kitchen cupboards — refilling jars of salt, sugar, flour, etc. with the stockpile. I also deep cleaned our bedroom, kept up with laundry, vacuuming, dishes, cooking, and of course kept the pets and livestock fed.

Miss Eloise and I went to town for an appointment and some shopping.  She bought some stuff in preparation for acquiring a dog this coming summer.  She bought early in case there were supply chain issues, later. We’ve tracked down a breeder with the kind of dog she’s looking for and the pups are due in June.

I plowed after an eight-inch snowstorm struck us at the end of the week.

Each day,  I hiked either, around the ranch outside for about an hour, when not pouring rain, or spent time hiking around the kitchen island with my weighted backpack on while listening to scripture. Most recently I’ve been listening to the book of John, and some informative YouTube videos.  I spent a lot of time reading websites looking for news of current events. One morning after our family Bible Study, we were looking at the book of Revelation, after everybody arose and went their own way, I kept reading and studying for about another hour and a half. I want to share with you some things I have learned about the book of Revelation from our Bible Study Leader: This was a letter I was writing to one of our readers who was questioning: The different biblical interpretation of whether the Lord Jesus returns pre-, mid-, or post-tribulation, let me help you interpret the book of Revelation from our understanding.

Briefly, Hebrew (Old Testament) thought is cyclical and parallel. This means a writer will write about the same events several times, but focus on a different aspect with more detail at successive tellings. This is what happens in the book of Revelation.  There is one telling of the first Six seals and then the Sixth and Seventh seals are spoken of again twice more while focusing in detail on certain events.
(The major and minor prophets do this to a degree, also.  All of them, when speaking of the Last days are speaking of their visions of the same events. as John the revelator and what Jesus said in the Gospels in Matthew Chapter 24 and 25, Mark 13, and Luke 21.)
We believe that the Tribulation and the Wrath Of God are two different series of events.  The Tribulation is Satan’s Wrath Against man, God’s Crown of Creation. God’s Wrath is the punishment of Satan and the men who have partnered with him and his Beast System.
Those who are in Christ and refuse the Mark of the Beast, and are still alive at His second coming at the Sixth Trump are not destined for God’s Wrath. Rather, we will be taken out of the earth before God’s Wrath, through the Rapture.
In the book of Revelation in Chapters 5 and 6 we see the first Six Seals.  The first Six Seals are The Beginning of Sorrows and the Great Tribulation.  We will be here to see it, unless we die of natural causes or are martyred for refusing the “Mark” (possibly the vaccine and it’s Green Passport/digital bio-certficate) placed upon the skin of a persn’s forehead or wrist for the Testimony of Jesus.
Jesus returns during the Sixth Trump. The events describe what is happening during the Sixth Trump just before He returns.
Those who are alive and remained in Him, did not take the mark, are caught up into the sky with Him. This is the Rapture.
(So I am what you would call a Pre-Wrath Rapture believer.)
Chapter 7 is the prelude to the opening of the Seventh Seal. The Seventh Seal is the Wrath of God being poured out on Satan and unrepentant men, and all who took his mark. The Seventh Seal consists of the Trumpet and vial judgments. These two judgments are the same thing and parallel each other, they are just told a little bit differently. The 144,000 virgins from the tribes of Israel are sealed with the Mark of God and will be protected through his wrath
By the way, there are two visions from two different perspectives of the same events taking place on earth.  One of of them is the view from the heavens and the other is the view from down on the earth
Chapter 8:1 – 11:18-19 Is the Seventh Seal and is the telling of God’s Wrath,  and are the Seven Trumpets.  These are seen from the perspective of Heaven. The vision is of the censers, hail and fire, mountain burning, great star falls sun, moon stars darkened woes, bottomless pit, Euphrates river dried up,
Then Armageddon,
Little book, Measure the temple, Two witnesses, God reigns!
At Chapter 11:18-15:2 John the writer circles back his storytelling to the Sixth Trump, to tell another aspect and give more details of what is happening before and the Sixth Trump before Jesus returns. The Opening of the Sixth Seal Ends the Great Tribulation. Jesus has returned to earth to pour out His Wrath.  The vision explains what the Whore is, the Beast, and His Mark. The Woman clothed with the sun, War in Heaven, Beast from the Sea, False Prophet, 666 Mark of the Beast. Again it talks about the sealing of the 144,000, then the three angels sound: the gospel is preached, before Jesus returns, Babylon falls. And a reminder not to take the Mark of the Beast.
Verse 14:14 The first sickle is the Rapture at Jesus’ return at the sounding of the Sixth Trump
The Second Sickle is the Wrath of God it is Seventh Trump/The seven Vials which is the second telling of the Wrath of God.  This parallels the first telling of the of the wrath’s events, they’re very similar, with some different details being added to the scenario as now being seen from the earth.
At 15:17-16:16 Wrath
Angels hold the vials and are told to go their ways and pour them out onto the earth: grievous sores appear on all who have taken the Mark and worshipped his image, sea becomes blood,  rivers and fountains become blood,  sun scorches, men, darkness, Euphrates is dried up,
At 16:17 God says “It is Done”
16:18 returns John to the Sixth Seal for the third telling.  In this telling, He discusses the Great Whore, The beast and the Ten Horns, Babylon is fallen.
Verses 19:7-9 is the Marriage Supper of the Lamb (after the second coming and the Rapture at Jesus’ return.)
Verses 19:11-17 Shows Jesus going to war at Armageddon and then skips ahead to Lake of Fire and Satan is bound for 1,000 years. Indicating that God is now Reigning.
So then, there is so much more to the study of the Last Days that are a part of this understanding.  We haven’t even touched on the parallel events in Daniel, Zechariah, Joel, the first three gospels and other books. The Last Week of Daniel, the timeline, etc.
But this is a start.  I am no expert and I am continually studying. Please look at the scriptures carefully and follow the cycling around (re-telling) that I’ve described and see if this gives you a better understanding of what may happen.
Jesus comes once, takes up His bride, then judges the Beast and his followers with His wrath, then reigns on earth for a thousand years. We will live here on Earth to see the Time of Sorrows and the Great Tribulation, but not God’s Wrath.
Please don’t argue with me about pre-mid-post in the comment section.  Just read this and think about these tools of understanding that I have presented to you and read the scriptures and ask God for His revelation.  It is the time for Him to bring out much understanding of these scriptures.

May you all have a very blessed and safe week.

– Avalanche Lily, Rawles

o o o

As always, please share your own successes and hard-earned wisdom in the Comments.


  1. Hello Everyone. Those organizations that are messing with our weather need to be put in jail. Last week we had 6 days/nights of the coldest, icy/snow weather on record since 1954 in our location. This week and next week we may break records for the warmest February weather in decades. All the local lady bugs have hatched, which means the wasps and flies will come next. And I am sure in March we will have at least one more hard freeze that will probably kill all the buds on the fruit trees and berry bushes. TPTB are deadly serious about controlling the food supply. I’ve decided to order some dwarf fruit trees to plant in containers so they can be moved in/out of the hoop house, as I doubt that the weather will stabilize during the coming years.

    We went to the city Monday for the first time in over a month to pick up a warehouse bulk order. The sun returned and melted off the snow but it was still touch and go for the ice. Went to a couple of chain grocery stores, all of which were low on stock of just about everything. The fresh veges had not seen a restock in days, nor the bread deliveries, and canned goods shelves were almost bare. Even the frozen section looked barely stocked. The vege prices have continued to climb. On the way back we stopped at our favorite family-run feed store where we had called in an order for non-gmo feed. The truck had been delayed and was expected shortly, so we went to a nearby Walgreens to pick up an item, but it was mostly out of stock also. We went back to the feed store and picked up our order then went to our local Tractor Supply to refill our small propane tanks. It was a long trip but, once every 5 or 6 weeks isn’t bad.

    This week was animal week, as I spent most of the time with dogs and rabbits. We had to put down 3 old dogs, ages 11, 14 and 15. The 11 y/o lab had a stroke and the two cavaliers had stopped eating so it was time. We knew it was coming but it is never easy, but we are adjusting.

    All the vets in our area have this new system of seeing appointments; it’s a like a grocery pickup procedure. When you arrive at the vet you call to say you are in spot #, then a vet tech takes your credit card information, comes outside to your car, collects the pet, and takes it in while you wait in your car, then the tech or the vet calls you and tells you the diagnosis, how much it costs and collects your cash, then returns your pet and gives you a receipt. I complained but it seems that is the “CV19” procedure, but they let me in with my animals as I told them their new system was inhumane.

    Also had to take my son’s 10 y/o terrier mix to the vet as she is pee’ing everywhere and losing weight. $350 later, I am now giving her insulin shots twice a day and feeding her a very expensive dog food. We are still stabilizing her condition to determine exactly how much insulin she will need, so more appointments are coming. The blood work alone was over $125. I immediately researched home made recipes to make for diabetic dogs as can’t afford $35 for an 8.5 pd bag of prescription dog food!

    This week I moved bunnies around; moved the eight 6-week old bunnies to outside; cleaned and sanitized those cages well and moved the small pet doe’s and their nursing kits to the smaller cages. Cleaned/sanitized those vacated cages really well to receive 2 more pregnant doe’s due next week as the weather is not going to cooperate. That leaves one doe and 7 kits to move outside and one pregnant doe to move inside. Still have a Giant Flemish doe and her 10 kits that are nursing. That should complete the pre-Easter bunny cycle and the weather should start to warm enough for doe’s to deliver outside as usual.

    I have also been studying the scriptures, with focus on the last days. My quiet time is usually after humans and animals are fed and the kitchen cleaned. I sit in my favorite chair, surrounded by books on my “library” table. I get some time to compare various author’s versions and meditate, seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit, before my cats decide they need to have my lap space.

    My prayers for all of you; I know many of you are having physical and emotional challenges at this time; may God’s love surround you.

    May your week be safe and productive.

    1. Animal House… My heart hurt deeply for you and your family for the loss of these dogs. Everyone among us who has endured this loss understands. You are in my prayers, and I trust that God will see that you are with your furry companions again. He has most assuredly made provision for these animals as they teach us so much about the unconditional love and the gift of relationship God wants us to know, understand, and live out with one another.

      Your sharing of the new kind of CV19 vet visit speaks in yet another way about just how much our world has changed in the face of this pandemic. I am thankful they let you in to be with your dogs in their last earthly moments, and very, very sad that the world in which we live has come to this — and that you ever had to face such a challenge.

      Most of all, I hope you know and can feel the pouring out of caring from all of us who are part of the SB community.

      1. Telesilla of Argos

        Websters defines a pandemic thus :

        the adjective from the Greek word Demos….

        (of a disease) existing in almost all of an area or in almost all of a group of people, animals, or plants that exhibits a mortality rate of 30 % and above.

        CV19 has a mortality rate of between 2 & 3 percent, CV19 not a true pandemic. Did you know the Pneumonia US mortality rate has dropped to near-zero? ( I can supply stats from the 2018 year compared to the following year) up to now.

        In effect one normal health issue has been masked by a ” new ” so-called emerging health issue.

        ( comprehensive article coming )

      2. Telesilla,
        What a beautifully written, heartfelt expression of sympathy. I share your belief that God makes provision for our canine (and otherwise) companions for the exact reasons you described.

    2. Sigh… so sorry about your dogs. The hardest thing I can remember doing was having my previous Shepherd put down. I bawled uncontrollably. She had not even reached 12 years old. Lost 30 lbs, losing her fur, incontinent, and she cried and moaned. I felt bad for not putting her down earlier, but it was so hard. I prayed the other day, as I was watching my pups play in the snow, “please Lord, will you take them to heaven too so I can see them again?”

    3. We had an old suffering dog put down a couple weeks ago in the covid method you described. It was very odd and my wife did not believe it was our dog they brought out in a bag only a few minutes later.

    4. Dearest Animal House,

      This was a sad and rough week for you, having to put down three of your beloved pups all in one week! What a vacancy! I’m sad with you.

      Prayers and Blessings to you all,


      1. Hey Bob, I’m old but not that old! We used to call these changes season’s, but now it’s called weather modification. Do a search on duck duck go and you’ll find all the patents, research and articles that prove china, russia and usa are all seeding, spraying, and doing stuff to the atmosphere to cause dramatic changes. I read that India is sueing china for causing weather changes. Crazy stuff going on!

          1. I read the article. The writer didn’t make it clear whether it was the management of CPAC or the management of the Hyatt hotel that was giving these people the boot. Would be nice to know the whole story. I do know the management of CPAC got booed for asking folks to wear their fear masks.

    5. Oh Animal House! I am so so sorry for your family’s huge loss. Praying for peace and comfort for all of you.

      (Our vet is doing the same ‘curbside’ procedure, with exceptions made only for persons to be with their animals who are having to be put to sleep. It’s bizarre. The grocery stores and big box stores can be crowded with shoppers, but a half dozen persons can’t enter their office one at a time and sit alone in individual exam rooms??)

  2. Thanks as always, Avalanche Lily, for the updates. They are always an enjoyable read, as are James’s updates.

    Your view of the end times closely mirrors the position I have come to over the years through my own reading and study of scripture. You mention a Bible study leader from whom you gained this understanding. Is this someone local or is there a resource you can point us to to explore this more deeply? I would love to look further into the thinking of others who have come to this perspective.

    1. Our Bible study leader came to this understanding, also, by studying by himself and asking the Holy Spirit for Revelation. In the past, a man named Marv Rosenthal wrote a book called the “Pre-Wrath Rapture“. I read this book years ago when in my twenties. I don’t remember the details. I think that more revelation and information and understanding has come to light in recent years, since the writing of this book, especially concerning technological developments.

      As far as the timing of the Rapture, we are thinking that it may be sometime around the sixth year of the Combination of the Time of Sorrows and the Great Tribulation. Remember, God says that no life would be saved if Jesus doesn’t “cut short” the Tribulation… Therefore, sometime during the second 3 and a half years does Jesus return.

      But what if Daniel’s Seven Year’s Last Week, was for something else? Then the Time of Sorrows could last an unspecified amount of time and the last Three and half years countdown begins with the signing of the covenant the building of the temple the Mark and this is cut off? Either way, we suspect that the Last seven years might begin this coming September (2021) and that Jesus will return by 2028. I believe it is possible, that a great war will happen between now and September. A truce will be made and in the Peace Covenant, Israel will be divided into two states by this Fall… This will begin the Last Seven Years. The Vaccine and its embedded Bio-certificate Green Pass could be the Mark of the Beast, most will be forced to take it, and those who don’t will be hunted down and martyred for refusing it. This will be the Great Persecution of the Saints. The Temple in Israel will be rebuilt. And the Rapture will occur sometime after these things, sooner or later, but perhaps by the Fall of 2028.

      Our reasoning for this is that Israel will be eighty years old in the year 2028. In Matthew Jesus talks about the Fig tree, which symbolically refers to Israel. The generation that sees the rebirth of Israel in 1948, will not all pass away before the Lord Jesus returns. Furthermore, in Proverbs and Psalms God says that a generation is seventy years and eighty years if there be strength. So this is our reasoning. Jesus said that no one knows the day nor hour of His return, only the father knows… However, this doesn’t mean that we cannot know the year or the month of his return… This is based upon the seven Feasts of the Lord, particularly, the Feast of Rosh Hashana. Rosh Hashana is the Feast in the Fall in which the Trumpets are blown for a Memorial. The Memorial of what, isn’t specified. It is a Feast that’s beginning varies, because it is dependent on the sighting of the New Moon. Which month Rosh Hashana falls in, either September or October, is also dependent on the call of the Rabbis in the spring. Every year the Rabbis look at the weather and the evidence of the development of the Grain harvest. If the growth of the grain will not be ready for the spring feasts, they add another month to the calendar, the month of Adar. Therefore if in a year the grain isn’t ready, Adar gets a second month of Adar. They do not do this every year, nor is it a scheduled change every few years. It is only observed. Therefore as we see the events of Revelation taking place, if we live to see it, we can know the year and the month that Jesus will return, when we get to that year and the rabbis decide to add a month or not…., either in September or October of the year indicated… but not the exact day… We shall see if the Lord will allow us to see these things to be so…

      Just a reminder, we are not prophets or calling for dates, etc. We are looking at possibilities of events happening based on scripture and we are watching and discussing and speculating and teaching. Jesus said that knowledge and by extension wisdom and understanding will be increased as the days approach. Jesus said to watch and he said that all who read the book of Revelation and take it to heart are blessed! Even so Come Quickly Lord Jesus!

      1. Lily, I read the entire thread between you and John. My father, a fundamentalist Christian minister, would have agreed with you. Reading you over the years, I find that you and my Dad are very close on your beliefs. This is a good thing. He was the most knowledgeable Bible scholar I have ever known. To put it in his words he still didn’t know enough.

        Like you, I have never heard of any of the authors that John mentioned, other than Schofield. Having gone through my Dad’s religious artifacts there were no Schofield Bibles or books other than several copies of the Bible, all KJV. I think he had a Strongs concordance and an English translation and a Hebrew version of the Torah and the Talmud. These are all in boxes right now, to be broken out if and when we ever get moved to our planned retreat.

        My Dad also talked about the 42 months and emphasized that, not the seven years. That he saw as part of a countdown. HIs guess was that the countdown would start in 2015 and by 2022 things would get real exciting. However, he emphasized that it was only a guess and that dates were fluid, we’d know when God let us know.

        This is all to say, you are in good company. I think you are close to the truth as was my Dad. I also think John should lighten up just-a-bit. The minutia isn’t what’s important, it is the substance. Getting into the minutia leads to dogma that is likely in error. As long as we don’t reinterpret the Bible to make it say things it doesn’t actually say, it’s all good.

        1. Thank You Charles K. for your comment. Your Dad sounded like my kind of guy! 😉 I would have enjoyed talking with him, to compare end time prophesy scenario notes and current events with.

          I still don’t know enough at all and am studying often. Understanding the Prophesies has always been a passion of mine since High School. But, it took a lot of “guts” for me to post what I did in the Preps of the Week and to try to explain what else we’re thinking concerning prophesy, yesterday… I had been sitting on this teaching for about two or three years.

          When I was attacked concerning Schofield and Darby, I didn’t have answers for that which I wasn’t familiar with.

          His writing caused confusion and lacked a clarity for my mind, and didn’t ring true, the method of criticism, that is. I didn’t have the words and vocabulary to pin point what he was doing. It wasn’t “fair” and upset me greatly. (Which was his goal, probably.)

          It discredited me publicly and potentially could sow doubt into our readers who are not yet strong in the Word of the Lord. I was mostly recounting the word of God, according to the Hebrew method of parallelism. I felt like I was battling an invisible enemy and I didn’t know how to do it.

          Jim read the exchange and agreed that it was a troll and that we should take it down. In the future, we won’t allow any of these types of threads to develop. If they do, they will be dispatched as soon as recognized.

          May the Lord Bless you, Charles K.


  3. Aside from work and snow removal it was a relatively bland week. I’ve been in discussion with a realator about listing our severed 35 acre lot. I am so sick of having a mortgage on our principal residence and am ready for the freedom that it would afford.

    We’ve been ordering a hardcopy reference book or two each month to build our survival library. This month we ordered Carla Emery’s “Encyclopedia of Country Living’. What a wealth of info and inspiration is found in the pages. This is a must have resource. My only regret is not shelling out the extra $$ to buy a hardcopy.

    1. Since leaving Amazon, I’ve been searching for alternatives for books. I recently scored a full set of The Complete Works Of Francis A. Schaeffer: A Christian Worldview (5 Volume Set) in paperback for $50. That was a steal. I noticed that you can get Carla Emery’s book here too: Half Price Books hpb.com. I too am rebuilding my library and moving away from digital books.

      Dr. Schaeffer, as a Christian philosopher, really nailed it. I recall reading him in my teenage years. It answered so many questions I had about Christianity and our culture. I think he was gifted and blessed. If you have an analytical mind and enjoy pondering philosophy (the why), then you will enjoy his writings.

  4. Ahh, this has nothing to do with the above article, but I just have to tell somebody about it and I don’t if it is funny or just another silly coincidence. but the little bit that I can stand watching Joe biden on tv, I saw that from certain angles, he looked a lot like Walter the puppet. You know the one, the ventriloquist that has the four puppets, walter, ahmed ,the dead terrorist and those other two. Yeah, biden and walter look like they could be brothers , even in real life they are both being handled by others. Although biden might have a little bit more hair, but not much. Just saying

  5. This week… we have had endless snow and it’s snowing right now. We had one zero degree morning, but mostly the temps have been in the teens and 20’s. Next week looks like sunshine! And thank goodness because I have to get both pups to the vet – an hour’s drive away.

    Prepping: received 3 of 4 wool blankets I ordered. Everyone is tired of the copious amounts of snow. My driveway has been plowed 8 times in just February alone. I ordered more Idaho energy logs. The extra cold temps have caused me to go through more wood than expected. I don’t want to run short in Spring. I go to care for my grandchildren in a few weeks for a couple of weeks, and am crossing my fingers and toes that the new flooring will actually be installed while I’m gone. I’m looking forward to sunny weather and a temperate climate. I switched to my stores of all purpose flour for bread making and I’ll never use Costco’s all purpose flour again. While the flour smells fresh and looks great, there’s just no taste. My sourdough starter ruined, in my opinion. I do like Montana flour that you can get at Walmart. I’ll call the Costco flour, “flour glue” and will keep it around for oatmeal cookies and a thickening agent, but not for bread making. I’ve come to really love bread baked with freshly ground wheat berries and I have plenty of those to fall back on.

    A while back, I did a quick calculation of the cost of wood burning stove versus propane stove. This month I have a more accurate view of energy costs since I’m not cleaning up after tiny puppies any more (washer/dryer/carpet shampooer/baths/etc). Last February my electric bill was $220 + the cost of propane. This past month the bill is $140 + cost of wood. Still running close to the same cost, if not being more expensive to heat with wood that you have to buy. If you can harvest your own, hands down cheaper to heat with wood. If not, expect costs to go up, at least here where the wood suppliers are charging an arm and a leg, IF you can get it. Which is why I switched to buying Energy logs by the pallet from the local lumber yard. I’m still glad I switched to a wood burning stove because I don’t have to rely on propane delivery and can cook on the cooktop of the wood stove. We haven’t had an electric outage in several months, even with the deep snow. But, I’m disappointed that the cost is actually higher, and putting this out there for those who are thinking about converting to a wood burning stove for heat – if you can’t harvest from your own property, research the availability and cost of firewood in advance.

    1. Sara Sue – I liked your comments about cost comparisons. When we were heating with wood, our first year was about $220/cord delivered in December. We tried ordering in the off season the next year during summer. Same load was $160/cord delivered. If I ordered three or more cords it would be $150. So a 25%+ discount isn’t bad. Something to think about. Another option is to have a truckload of logs delivered if you are up to doing the cutting and splitting yourself. That can be lower than $100/cord. Of course all of that was pricing for our region for dense pine varieties, but it gives you an idea of what might be possible.

      1. Thank you for your comments. Here in West Central mountains of Idaho, few deliver, and the ones that do charge $325/cord, sometimes split, sometimes huge rounds that I cannot split. If one has a large truck and physical strength, one can drive several hours and pick up split wood for $225-$250/cord. If one has land, and can cut down trees, let them sit for a year, then split them, and let them sit longer, it’s cheap to heat with wood. Last year I started sourcing for this winter in the spring to get ahead of the rush. I contacted 5 or 6 people who advertised on Craigslist, which is the way people advertise here. When I finally found someone to deliver, they brought huge rounds rather than the advertised and ordered split wood (red fir), so I rejected the delivery. They returned with split wood, but charged a lot more, and I accepted the load because I was running out of options until I found Idaho Energy Logs on sale at the local lumber yard by the pallet. The cost difference between what you are describing and what I could find here is quite large. I think the people here are taking advantage, but I don’t know. We have a lot of pine trees here, but I was told not to use pine because it would create too much gunk (creosote?). Very few even sell the pine. I am a small person of limited strength, so I’m sure that factors in quite a bit. My brother who lives here also had a hard time getting anyone to deliver wood this past year as well, as did his neighbors. Not sure why, it sure sounds like a good business for an industrious person, albeit hard work and an investment in equipment.

        For people wanting to move here, and having that romantic notion of a wood burning stove (I did/do), I thought my experience might be helpful.

        It’s not just the wood folks who are over charging here for just about everything. I contacted 4 flooring companies and received outrageous quotes for a little over 500 sq ft that I wanted re-done. A tile contractor, when I thought I might want tile instead, quoted me $14,000 to tile (not including the tile!) that small square footage. One factor might be that I live near a wealthy resort town with multi-million dollar homes. The homes there sell within 3 days – I kid you not. People from out of state coming into Idaho have boatloads of money. I think the trades people in these here parts have lost their minds with the over charging. Business may not always be this good for them, and they should think about that. Just another factor to consider when moving to an area that is in high demand. I did find an honest guy with experience who gave me a fair quote. But, I digress… LOL. Certain things really irritate me and over charging is one of them.
        Off big tall soapbox.
        P.S. The sun finally started shining and the snow finally stopped and we are in for a week of sunshine! Be still my beating heart!!

        1. SaraSue we had the same outrages quote to install vinyl plank in about 700 sq ft of our home. The only spaces not done is the smaller bedroom and both bathrooms. We then asked a contractor at our church that has done some projects for us and he recommended a gentlemen who does only flooring and runs his business with his wife. He just finished the install on Friday, which included removing carpeting and old vinyl flooring, along with moving the furniture around. He and his helper took three days, did a wonderful job, and only charged us $1980. We suspected that the person who gave us our first quote didn’t really want to do the job and so gave us an outrageous price to deter us. With all of the construction of new houses in the county and also with other people remodeling, there is plenty of work for contractors so some of them may be aiming for the more lucrative jobs.

          1. That’s a great price! Less than the one I got – about $2900+/- not including the flooring for about 520 sq ft. And I agree. There is so much work here, that they can pick and choose. Thank you for sharing your experience! If I wasn’t so decrepit physically, I’d do it myself. Ha!

  6. Decided to do a Trader Joe’s run. I haven’t been there in over a year. Much to my surprise the whole store was fully stocked. I was able to purchase everything on my list and in the quantities I wanted. The prices were the same on almost everything that I bought. The frozen chicken patties had only gone up .20 cents. I had three carts full of food; the staff opened up an additional register to check me out. My third pantry is fully stocked.

  7. Was a cold start to the week but it warmed up nicely as in a above freezing! Started to put eggs into the incubator, went through the seeds and started to pick out seeds we want to plant this year. Got the seed starting supplies out and will be starting most of the seeds this weekend. My daughter helped me take measurements for the area we are going to fence in for cows. Then sent a night laying the fence out on paper so I can get what materials I need purchased. I bought a lot last year but will have a few more “T” post to pick up. Will probably have to pick up another roll of Fence wire, so I can make repairs, etc. I’ve taken a break from reloading. Purchases included 500 polymer coated 125 grain bullets for reloading 9mm (starting to replenish my stocks), a #10 can of Augason Farms Broccoli Cheese soup mix, a 2 pack of battery testers (AA, AAA, D etc), and an old Universal food chopper (a design I haven’t seen before the hopper and body are hinged, will be easier to clean).
    The other project I have going is looking for an old Jeep CJ7 (want something that can still work post-EMP). Problem is it is hard to justify spending the same amount of money on a 1980’s vehicle when I could buy a 2010 etc for the same amount. I talked to a buddy who works in the auto industry (for years) and is a motor head and he said that in his casual observations most problems with newer vehicles today are electronics related.

  8. Two more funny stories I forgot:
    1. The flooring was to be delivered but when a chained up snow plow tractor slid down my driveway prior to delivery, I called and had the delivery re-routed to the lumber yard in town. LOL. They finally delivered it, so it is here safe and sound.
    2. I had stored a box of winter squashes, absolutely beautiful squash, in a spare room that I had closed off for the winter – it stays about 45 degrees. Then I moved the dog crates, the gigantic, largest crate made for the male German Shepherd who is 60-70lbs at 8 months old, into that same room, forgetting about the squash, and turned the heat on 55 degrees. This week I remembered the squash! Yes, it had all spoiled due to the increased heat. I felt so dumb and it went into the trash.
    My prepping skills this week were lacking! You may ask, why didn’t you store that squash in the basement? Well… it’s very difficult to access my basement in the winter, which is only accessible from outside the house. I’d have to shovel through 6 feet of snow to get to it, so I ignore it during the winter. Sigh…

    1. I’ve heard that greensand is becoming harder to find. If you are using greensand for the potassium I would strongly recommend that you find a source of potassium sulfate. It will most likely be cheaper by the bag and the percentage of potassium is MUCH higher than greensand. It is true that greensand has a wide variety of other minerals, but this is where the Azomite comes in. I use Azomite and have had good results with it and use it in my in-row plantings. A spoon full of Azomite, kelp, soft rock phosphate, etc. in a transplanting hole for the tomatoes does give them a big boost. The “etc” can include a little compost, aged manure or another natural source of nitrogen, but if the soil is balanced well it can be left out. I generally prefer compost to manure.

      Go to:
      for locations that have Azomite.

      Happy Gardening!

  9. This week started out cold in fact it was so cold i saw a politician with his hands in his own pockets!
    I have 1 more week of having my hand in a splint and then removal and hopefully all back to “good as new ” again I can’t wait, the to do list is a full page long already.
    This down time has given me the time to study up on solar power and we are finally going to make the investment and go off grid with the biggest factor being spending the $$ here before it becomes more worthless.
    Saw this article on the gateway this morning.https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/02/gods-will-no-concern-congress-top-democrat-nadler-derides-god-video/


  10. Matthew 10:34-36
    New American Standard Bible

    34 “Do not think that I came to [a]bring peace on the earth; I did not come to [b]bring peace, but a sword. 35 For I came to turn a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; 36 and a person’s enemies will be the members of his household.

    1. This is true. And heart wrenching. But, people need to get this deep in their souls. The younger generations have been so completely brainwashed with godless Marxist theology (not all), that they will turn in their own parents and grandparents for not complying. I think I shared that one of my sisters is also in that far left Liberal bucket of haters, although raised in a Conservative and Christian home. Her words were “Christ is the Prince of Peace!!” – meaning peace at ALL costs. That’s not what the Bible teaches us. I spent sleepless nights stressing over this, and then realized that they are all in God’s hands and He is both merciful and just. I share nothing with them and I live far away from them. I must.

    2. Armed Citizen, Matthew Henry’s Bible Commentary circa 1706, is interesting and enlightening on this passage. It is too long to type in here but you can find them on the internet. It is one of my favorite Bible reference books.

  11. I’ve just recently noticed that YouTube has totally removed two channels by REAL health advocates. Gone. Zapped. Decimated. No surprise there. Also a friend in the Redoubt who is a nurse and a fine Christian lady has had one of her videos on Covid removed. No surprise there either, just more disappointment about living in “the land of the free and the home of the brave”. I guess it’s more like “in the land of the fee and the home of the slave”.

  12. We had one day this week that the temperature got up in the 60s ! Just 2 weeks ago, our highs were below zero. So anyway, on our warm day, we had us a PICNIC to celebrate !
    Now back to highs in the 20s and 30s, but WE HAD A PICNIC ! Praise the Lord !

  13. Quiet week here. Warm weather is melting most of the recently acquired snow. It would be nice to think we might have an early spring but March has been known to bring some of the worst snow storms of the season. Planning some new raised beds for this spring. Praying for you all.

  14. Jim and Lily: That’s a beautiful photo of a Flicker! I’m somewhat of a “bird lover,” so really enjoyed the picture.

    I am blessed to have a large, forested back yard leading down to a year around creek. It’s a haven for various kinds of wildlife (deer, racoons, squirrels, chipmunks, and beavers) as well as a variety of birds and waterfowl. I often start my morning prayer time by giving thanks to God for the wonders of His creation.

    Most of the time, I really like the Flickers. They are so colorful and I enjoy watching them hop along the ground looking for various kinds of insects. However, during the Spring months, they become very noisy. More than once, the peace and quiet of my surroundings has been abruptly interrupted by a very loud “rat-a-tat-tat” — it sounds like a burst of machine gun fire. It so happens that Flickers love to get up on the roof and pound away at the metal vent pipes. The sound is so loud that it reverberates through the whole house. I’m not an ornithologist, but I’m guessing that this is some kind of mating call.

    Now the question arises: did God make Flickers that way, or are they behaving that way on their own? I suppose the answer depends on whether you are a Calvinist or an Arminian — LOL. 🙂

    In any case, I hope you all are having a great day. Best wishes and prayers for a blessed week ahead!

    Cliff (in Oregon)

    P.S. It was a joy to receive the SB archive stick (special edition) in the mail yesterday. I took a quick look at the extra bonus section and was delighted to see such things as the Bible (KJV) and a detailed manual for my Ruger 10/22. I can’t wait to see what other goodies are stored there. This could really come in handy during an extended power or internet outage.

    By the way, here’s an update on the ice storm that hit northwest Oregon two weeks ago… PGE (Portland General Electric) reported that they had more than 700,000 customer outages. According to the Oregonian newspaper (2/24/2021), PGE fixed 9,806 downed wires, 775 high-voltage transformers, and 686 power poles. I’m guessing that the total repair cost will be astronomical.

    1. CDM, down here we have woodpeckers, and like your flickers, they like to bang on the metal atop the chimney during mating season. It echos down and through the house! I had read that initially, people who observed it thought that they might just be dumb birds who didn’t realize they weren’t at a tree. Au contraire…. some ornithologists figured out that they were seeking out the metal on purpose, because it was louder than the trees and therefore audible to potential mates from a greater distance.

      We also observed one large woodpecker in particular, who perched at the window of our truck and absolutely had it out with the rival in the rearview mirror. So I guess bird smarts are relative. LOL.

      1. Thank you, Bear, for shedding some additional light on the behavior of flickers and woodpeckers. I’m constantly amazed at how rapidly these little guys can hammer away at a metal object. I’m even more amazed that they don’t get a major headache or neck injury!

        That it such a funny story about the woodpecker who was challenging the rival looking back at him in the mirror! Thanks for the laughter! 🙂

        Thanks too for your earlier comments about the medical challenges (in your family) during this past week. We, in the SB family, will be holding you up in prayer. Blessings to each of you. — Cliff

  15. Dogs! My daughter works in a veterinarian’s office and brought a pure white German Shepherd mix puppy home. He’s about two months old with big brown eyes. Mostly quiet unless you get him riled up. He has a strong enough bite to go through a thick oven mitt while playing. I get along great with him and he follows me around like he’s already mine and curls up next to me on the floor. He’s up for adoption and I would love to bring him into our family but can’t. Too many pets have adopted us already. This one is going to make some family very happy. He’s already super smart and house trained.

    The cold weather blast that hit the midwest and deep into Texas have made life interesting. I’m handling hundreds of convenience stores/gas stations plus on call coverage for other impacted states. It’s not just frozen pipes people are dealing with. Broken HVAC systems, electrical lines down, major car problems, food shortages (even now we have no frozen dinners, bread, bacon, butter or beef in my local Walmart), comms/internet down, product loss, diesel fuel problems – the list goes on and on. Items I will be adding to my stock of parts when we buy our next home: replacement plumbing backflow valve for the house, a heat strip and related equipment for our HVAC, switch activated pipe warming strips, a good stock of PVC pipe, flexible water pipe and standard valves.

    Ham radio study continues and I’m about ready to take it. Ordered parts for an antenna setup.

    We ordered gluten and soy free trail/storage food to try out from REI. Some companies do an outstanding job on these meals. On that topic, have y’all tried some of the freeze dried foods you bought and stored away? Let me tell you, on some of those prepackaged meals good for 20 years, 12 out of 10 normal people would prefer dandelions and fried grubs. It’s a really good idea to taste test stuff and see how your body reacts to it before committing to buying larger quantities. Eat these freeze dried wonders for 3-5 meals in a row to get a food idea of how they will work out. Some are ok, and sometimes you will end up sitting on the porcelain throne deep in thought about what exactly was in that #10 can of freeze dried kibble for humans. Definitely trying to be smarter about this.

    Other than that still house hunting.

    1. Chris in Arkansas!
      Dandelions and fried grubs… I read this and really laughed. Gosh, this is the truth. …and it’s also hilarious. As a group, we may have to figure out how best to freeze dry foods with our own recipes such that we’ll actually want to eat them when the time comes to do so!

    2. Looking forward to hearing your accessment on the soy free and gluten free foods from REI. Our family has the same challenges.

      After looking at the limited entrees, I have resorted to making my own dry mixes with rice. Not using mylar bags yet, just vacuum sealed in jars or bags. Add water and serve with canned meat.

      Our family prefers buying ingredients and using them with our own recipes for pantry cooking. It is easy to use rice and cornmeal, but gluten free pasta is nasty. Breaks down too fast. Im still experimenting though.

      Good advice about trying some of that stored food. We may all need to add more gravy misx or tobasco sauce to our pantries and emergency kits!

    3. Chris in Arkansas, can you elaborate on the “replacement plumbing backflow valve for the house, a heat strip and related equipment for our HVAC, switch activated pipe warming strips, a good stock of PVC pipe, flexible water pipe and standard valves.” Sounds like good stuff to have but I’m not familiar with some of these items.

  16. The robins have returned, and the birds have all returned to the feeders after the cold. Only the snow drifts and piles still exist in the warm weather. Spent most of the week taking Mom out for road trips to kill the cabin fever. Stopped at the garden center and started picking out seed for the garden. From the fog, we should be getting some heavy weather in April. For us, 90 days after a fog, expect precipitation. Heavier fog, heavier storm.

    Found that the Cobray 37mm flare launcher can mount to a 16″ barrel, but I will have to construct a new strap for the mount. It fits much tighter on the M4 profile barrel, and also blocks the sling mount. Luckily, I picked up a surplus top sling mount a ways back. I started making use of my Soxhlet Extractor to make my own pepper spray/gas. Looking at making up the only antipersonnel rounds that still keep things legal for a flare launcher. Will need to get a 3D printer for the short M203 handguard I want to finish with.

    While I was out, I picked up some Mountain House pouches I haven’t tried before. We’ll see if we want some cans. Tried the Yellow Curry, and it’s OK, but nothing I would go out of my way for. Also noticed that the Italian Peppersteak isn’t out anymore, which is my favorite meal!

  17. Perhaps some new free-speech centered competition for left-wing alternatives?

    I’ll be watching Encyclosphere to see where this goes!

    From the article linked below: “Sanger told Just the News that his new, forthcoming project, called “Encyclosphere,” is a decentralized network of the world’s encyclopedias, what he called “an old-fashioned, leaderless, ownerless network, like the blogosphere.””


  18. In terms of medical special needs parenting, this past year has really lulled me into a false sense of security. It’s been about maintenance and therapies and school, and our last visit to the children’s hospital was very close to a year ago. Yesterday when I had to physically scoop him up and carry him after speech, and then the neurologist said “emergency department!” I didn’t have time to review his records, in between packing a bag, calling the grandparents, and tucking the other children in for quiet time as usual with reassuring words about how we were just going to the doctor and we’d be home soon. My brain felt mired in mud and I felt very very rusty.

    So as my old truck thundered down the highway, I felt like Samson, praying, “Please Lord, just one more time.” Asking for brains instead of strength. (No, I won’t tell you how fast we were going but in my head I was rehearsing, “Sorry officer, you can escort me to the hospital or arrest me and call an ambulance, but this child needs specialized medical attention.”) Then the check engine light came on. Of course it did. Normally I’d stop to check it but yesterday there was an apologetic pat on the dashboard and some whispered words of encouragement.

    They couldn’t do the MRIs last night because it was so difficult to round up the anesthesia team on a Friday night, so I promised to keep a very close eye on him if they turned us loose for the weekend. We’ll go back this week for the testing unless he worsens further. I lost track of how many Official Scrub-wearing Individuals orbited in and out of the room, but over a dozen. SO MUCH TALKING for this introvert, but everyone was over-the-top caring and kind. I accidentally scuffed the nicely waxed floor with my jungle boots while demonstrating some of his movements, because I was born in a barn. The supervising physician had asked me what I thought was causing the issues. I thanked him for that; many doctors ask me “So what’s going on?” but he is the first to ever ask my opinion as to cause. Sudden demyelination of those Important Thingamajigs in the motor cortex seemed like such a doomsday thing for me to say, and I didn’t want to speak evil prematurely, so I kept it general and explained why I thought it was a neuro issue. At the end of the night, he asked me about the medical background he just assumed this mama Bear had. 🙂 I guess that Samson prayer was answered….

    Other than that, we’ve been waiting on the delivery of the freeze dryer, which has been rescheduled a bunch due to weather. I sliced and froze two flats of strawberries, to go in it when it arrives. Assembled a heavy-duty Rubbermaid shop cart to put it on. That was very simple – 28 screws. I had SO much help, it took only fifteen hours to finish! Also started a few seeds in a raised bed…the assembly and filling of which was similarly slowed by ALL THE ASSISTANTS. LOL.

    And a praise report: my husband has deleted his Farcebook account!
    Also, he had had a scheduled vaccine appt (shingles, I think). I asked him whether he had researched this specific vaccine, was satisfied with its efficacy and side effects risk and was proactively seeking to put it in his body….or was he just “yes-dear”ing his doctor and taking it because she said it was recommended. At first he “yes-dear”ed ME, saying of course he’s researched it blah blah…I knew he hadn’t, but said nothing further… But the next day he told me he had looked into it more, and cancelled his appointment! Woohoo! I feel like I’m starting to see HIM emerging again.

    1. One thing that kept going through my mind while reading your post was: vitamin B12. It’s a needed component for the Thingamajigs to function properly – oops, I should have said “for proper neurological function”. Pardon my curve ball. I had a friend who was a biochemist and specialized in live cell analysis who found out that my father was low on B12 (additionally he had problems with his thyroid, was not drinking enough water and had suffered a mild stroke – all detected by this researcher in less than two minutes time) and promptly got him going on some methylcobalamin, which is the bioavailable form of B12 as opposed to cyanocobalamin which is much more common, cheaper and less effective. In a few days time my father’s crying spells completely disappeared. He would, for no apparent reason, start crying like a small child with nobody around. Nobody could figure out why he was doing this until the biochemist discovered his problem. It was very dramatic, the before (with the problem) and after (without any problems). My father was mid 80’s when this occurred.

      Research has shown that Folic Acid is a synergist to B12 so many nutritionists suggest taking it along with the B12. This might be something to look into for your son. A blood panel may reveal something. A good multiple B vitamin might also be good to consider.

      Regarding immunizations you might want to go to:
      and search for the following: JUDY MIKOVITS, DOLORIS CAHIL, LEE MERRIT, CARRIE MADEJ, etc. as they all have good information. Judy is my favorite of the bunch as I have the most in common with her (live lab experience). You might have already researched them, but perhaps the above info would prove helpful and convincing to your husband to not go the vaxxed route as too many people.

      Good luck.

      1. Thank you David ‘n’ Goliath! We ran a CMP and a CBC on Friday, mostly looking for electrolyte imbalances or the breakdown products of rhabdomyolysis. Everything that was tested was normal. I checked his multivitamin and sure enough it contains the cyanocobalamin form. I will ask neuro which supplement she recommends which would contain methylcobalamin, and whether he needs it at a specific time of day so as to not interfere with uptake of any other things. I’m so glad your friend was able to help your father and a dramatic improvement was made! My son also had a stroke, at birth, and I have been told that the scarring from it will neither heal nor expand…BUT it is right up there on top by the motor cortex among other things, so the team wants to check it out. (I had also put in a request for an ambulatory EEG, earlier in the week before he worsened.)

        1. Regarding the form of B12 it would probably be good to review the following:
          The above might be a long read so I’ll summarize some of the high points. There are some contraindications against your son taking the cyano form. The cyano form is Co+++ and the methyl form is Cu+ and since it takes energy to convert it to the bioavailable form and since the cyano form “…is an inactive, slightly toxic form of B12” and your son’s existing condition dictates that you take the cautious route I would not use that form of B12. “Cyano B12 is especially risky to those with liver problems, renal failure, and smokers, because in these people the cyanide can’t be cleared properly.” After reading the entire article my opinion of the cyano form is the same. I’ve seen what the methyl form can do and from a scientific viewpoint is the one that most people should be using. Let me relate what my biochemist friend had to say on the subject: “Sometimes people will ask me what I think of this or that supplement company. I tell them to bring me a copy of their product catalog and I find where the multi-B vitamins are and look for B12. If it says cyanocobalamin I hand the catalog back to them and say DUMP IT.” I have never heard a full-fledged health researcher / scientist ever say anything positive about the cyano form. Conversely many MD’s do promote whatever form is available – usually the cyano. I must disagree with them, regardless of how many years experience they have. I’ve had over 30 years research experience that has ranged from immunology, chemistry, horticulture, plant genetics and a few categories that will not be mentioned. So I’ve seen first-hand the good, the bad, the ugly – although not necessarily in that order.

          One other point in the above article: “…methyl B12 is the better choice. It exhibits distinct neuroprotective effects, improving nerve regeneration while bringing synaptic transmutations and diminished neurotransmitters back to normal levels.” Compare that with what they have told you about your son’s condition regarding his motor cortex. Most good pharmacies will have the methyl form for sale, but in case they do not it’s available on the web. If you cannot find a good multi-B without the cyano, then my personal choice would be to discontinue it and get the individual B’s singly. Also if you can get the B12 tablet to dissolve under the tongue it would be good.

          I looked at what is include in a CMP. Hmm? I wish they would have more atomic elements included in it. Manganese is required for calcium absorbtion in the body and if calcium is not functioning properly none of the rest of the body biochemististry will be working correctly either. I know I’ve said it before on this blog, but here it goes again… the glyposate herbicide has a very strong affinity for manganese and ties it up in the soil so it’s not available to the plant and any unreacted herbicide on crops functions as an “anti-nutrient” in the human body. Any wheat bread that is not made from certified organic wheat should be considered “guilty until proven innocent”. (Now how can a patriot make such a statement? 😉 )
          Something else I ran across when looking for resources of information:
          It might not be relevant to your son’s condition, but included it just in case…

          I’ll be remembering your family in prayer this week.

    2. Bear, so sorry for your trial this week. We went through something similar with our youngest daughter. We adopted her when she was a teenager, and she came with significant issues. Unfortunately, we also had to make several of those ER runs. We’ll keep y’all in our prayers.

    3. Bear! Many prayers lifted up for you, your husband, and all your children with a special prayer of healing for the neurological concerns. I am also the parent of a child (now an adult) with significant neurological challenges. I understand in a special needs parent sort of way!

    4. Thank you so much, Francis Marion, SaraSue, Telesilla, Animal House, CDM and Avalanche Lily, for your support and prayers. God will carry us all through this, no matter what the future holds. I had chosen the hymns for this Sunday prior to all of this occurring, so when I played them this morning I was struck anew by the recurring theme of FAITH and how much more it resonated. It is so hard to see stuff happening with a child (we’d all rather it be OURSELVES), but I have to continually remind myself that God took care of him for all the years before I even knew him, and He will continue to do so now!

  19. Rain, rain and more rain around here lately. Between the rain showers I’ve been pruning fruit trees. I still have a way to go but I’ve gotten a solid start. I have one of my cherry trees with a blight and sprayed it with copper spray. The weather report showed no rain for 24 hours but within 6 hours it was raining again. I’ll need to repeat my spraying.

    Since it was cold and wet outside, I made several large batches of fajitas and sweet and sour chicken then put them into the freeze dryer.

    Chris in Arkansas : “On that topic, have y’all tried some of the freeze dried foods you bought and stored away? Let me tell you, on some of those prepackaged meals good for 20 years, 12 out of 10 normal people would prefer dandelions and fried grubs.”

    This is what drove us to invest in a freeze dryer. Our daughter is celiac and beside the pour qualify of food that is provided in prepackaged FD meals, they are full of chemicals. We wanted to be able to control what is in our food, so we bought a Harvest Right FD about 5 or 6 years ago. We are very pleased with our purchase and find we can make a much broader menu to satisfy even our picky eaters.

    1. A freeze dryer is on our list, but we are saving all cash reserves for our home purchase. We are looking forward to being able to safely store foods for years. Right now we are limited to dehydrating and canning, and we’re doing pretty good on that front. You can store away a LOT of good quality foods this way. Still, it’s no comparison to the lifespan of freeze dried foods.

      I have two adult children sensitive to soy. What that stuff in certain forms can do to the human body over time (especially men) is eye-opening. Soy is in almost everything now. Wesson vegetable oil? 100% soybean oil. Breads? Soy. Frozen stuff? Soy. Barbeque sauces? Soy. Salad dressings? Soy. Trail/Survival foods? Yep, a lot of them contain soy. I don’t understand why it’s being added to everything under the sun now but it’s probably because it’s a cheap alternative to other ingredients. I’ll eat it if I have to but avoid it like the plague when I can unless it’s fermented non-GMO soy as an ingredient.

      1. Chris in Arkansas,
        We were also shocked to see how soy is used in most products. Soy flour, soy oil, and lechiten (soy sludge). Even chocolate!

        I did find treasure though..Nestles dark chocolate chips contain no soy (yet).

        Hang in there. There are still some real foods to be found.

      2. Chris in Arkansas, it is not just the soy that is put in some of this prepackaged stuff. There’s a whole lot of other scary stuff in them. Best to build your own from Non-GMO food components if you can.

      3. C in A, I totally understand. We must avoid soy as well along with dairy and gluten. We actually use 5 methods to set aside food. We use canning, freezing, dehydrator, freeze dryer and cold storage. Our family member is so allergic with autoimmune disease that over time we have had to dedicate funds to total food preservation.

        Any method is a good method and you are right….there are many ways to achieve the goal.

  20. This was a good week in a number ways! First, we found out that our recent improvements appear to have worked as our spring-fed gravity-flow water system did NOT freeze despite several days of below freezing temperatures with night time temps in the mid teens.

    Second, we translated our garden layout from lines on paper to stakes and string on the ground. Along the way, our neat, rectangular 40’ x 50’ garden ended up being 40’ x 60’ x 35’ x 55 feet due to the topography. It may not look as square, but we gained 160 square feet which should be enough room for two more raised beds, so we are not complaining. If the weather cooperates, we’ll be putting fence posts in the ground this coming week.

    And finally, we went to “the city” for the first time since we moved here in December. In addition to going to Sam’s Club (the reason we made the trip) my wife went to Target, I went to Home Depot, we both went to the bookstore, and we enjoyed takeout lunch from Chik-fil-A for the first time since who knows when.

    We are looking forwar to meeting our new, 2-month old grandchild for the first time this coming week.

  21. I can see how important it is again this spring to get going on the seed starting but am having a hard time getting motivated. I’ve been starting seeds and doing pretty good in the garden every year. This year my total motivation is, “I need to have it in case there are food shortages.” We live in a good growing area and have a good local market stocked with local produce and meats. And we have a good farmers market in the summer. I’m 73 now and getting tired! Anyone else feeling this way? I’ve got lots stored, but would prefer to eat all fresh foods. I’d like to just call this the jubilee year and let the garden do it’s own thing.
    Oh yeh. And when asked I say I am pan-trib = it will all pan out in the end. Not to make light of Bible prophecy, but have my own opinions, based on Bible study alone and welcome open discussion done in a pleasant, friendly way.

    1. Hi Janie,
      If I could suggest a change in what you wrote:
      “I need to have it in case there are food shortages.”
      to the following:
      “I need to have it when the food shortages occur.”
      It will come down to a matter of “when” they happen instead of “if” they happen. I’m not trying to be an alarmist, but to be perfectly honest in what will happen in the near future.

      There is a video called:
      Tough Talk On Food, Farming, and the Future with The Ice Age Farmer
      It is a bit long at an hour and 41 minutes, but describes in detail some of the things happening.

      1. I totally agree! That’s what keeps me going. Know I will get it done – probably little by little and maybe not on so grand a scale – but it will get done. Thanks for the motivation. Also thanks for the link. I watch his videos, but had not seen one that long, so will have to go check it out.

    2. Hi Janie,
      Yes, you can have a jubilee year. I’ve decided to too. I have so much stored up, and our local farmers and ranchers are all working hard preparing for when the snow melts. We don’t rely on the food supply chain the way city folk do. It’s mostly local. My excuse, at 61 years old, is I’m exhausted from my two puppies, and updating the house in hopes of selling it, if not this year, then next, Lord willing. I figure, if I just eat from the freezer and pantries, I could live for years with a few trips to our local farm store during the summer. Even though, it makes me sad to not be seed starting on the dining room table, I’m tired too. I don’t want to hoe. I don’t want to bend over putting seeds in the ground. I don’t want to water. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I SO GET HOW YOU’RE FEELING! Sometimes resting is just as important as prepping.

      1. Yep. need a break. I will probably just get a few plants going. It would be hard to get through the summer without a fresh tomato and being able to go pick some lettuce and green onions – oh and maybe cabbage and cucumbers. There is plenty stored from previous years (I’m so glad it is there!) . I stored up for five people eating three meals a day. Now we are down to two people eating two meals a day. We could probably live for years on what is stored too, with just the addition of some fresh stuff. Our perennials will help out a lot too. Thanks for the affirmation.

  22. We finally got several days of dry weather this week, so we were able to catch up on a few things. We started getting the raised beds ready, closing the garden off from chicken yard, turning the soil, adding compost, then turning it again. I hope to put in the early vegetables…peas, carrots, and spinach…next weekend.

    We also used our pole saw to bring down several low hanging branches from and started converting those to firewood for next year. Our wood stove has definitely helped bring down our heating bill, but we are able to harvest our own wood, which makes a huge difference.

    We received several mail orders this week, starting with an iTarget Pro system. This is a laser trainer, similar to the LMTS (Laser Marksmanship Training System) or “Beam Hit” we used in the military in the early aughts. I’m still working with it, but early results are encouraging. It’s simple to use and a good way to train on fundamentals, particularly given the current cost and availability of ammo. I also received my Survival Blog memory stick and was very pleased. I bought one two years ago, and while it was a great resource, the current version is much better in content and interface. Now I just need to figure out how to install it on my iPad, rather than just a laptop. Finally, and possibly most importantly, I received my quarterly resupply of 5 pounds of beans from Black Rifle Coffee Company. One must have one’s priorities.

    Stay safe and stay vigilant, folks.

  23. My six-volume set of books arrived this week. The Book of the Farm is amazing. It makes me want to search old farms back east for machinery.


    Survivor Library is a must-have if you want to Survive. I follow the Librarian on MeWe.

    On a sadder note, I went over and got all the ham equipment today from the mother of our CERT Team that passed away. We’ll be setting up a CERT emergency operations trailer in the future. Ray wanted this, so his Yaesu FT-890 and Icom IC-R7000 will be part of the future mobile OPS center.

    Grafting season is on us now, even though we are freezing at nights. Any grafts I do will be brought indoors for several weeks to get started. Grafting wax seems to seal better than tape, but beware the wax doesn’t get sun scalded and crack too soon.

    Rubber tape stretches better than the black vinyl tape, allowing for more growth room and will last for several months as the grafted tree grows.

    God Bless

    1. Wheatley Fisher-

      Thanks for the tip on the book of the farm- looks very interesting! I always think about we need to protect and be able to pass down knowledge post-TEOTWAWKI.

  24. Hi Avalanche Lily, thanks for your thoughts on Revelation. I appreciate the mention of the cyclical repetition of events with a different focus. I have a question: why would Jesus reign on Earth for 1000 years after his Bride, the true believers, have been removed to Heaven? Would there be no one on Earth who loved Him? But it would be peaceful? Would more people come to know Him? Thanks kindly for your insight.

    1. In a nutshell, as I understand it, there will be people who didn’t believe in Jesus, so were not raptured, but also didn’t take the Mark of the Beast, and the 144,000 from the twelve Tribes of Israel, who will survive the Wrath of God. They will enter into the Thousand Year Reign after the Battle of Armageddon which occurs during God’s Wrath, when Satan worshipping men fight against God.

      God will give these people a chance to live in their flesh another thousand years, They will be living, marrying, and bearing children, and dying, being ruled by him on earth with His iron fist, having the chance to learn of Him without the influence of Satan.

      Then when the thousand years are completed, God will loose Satan for a time to test these folk’s loyalty, to see if they will truly trust God or trust Satan. There will be another war. This war is called the Gog and Magog war.

      After this war there will be the Great throne Judgment when God will Judge all of the dead from the beginning of Creation until then.

      Those who believed in Jesus, and didn’t take the Mark of the Beast, who were martyred for their testimony of the Word of God and of Jesus, will reign with Him during this thousand years, while the rest of the dead will sleep until these thousand years are completed.

      Then the earth and heavens will be destroyed and a New Heaven and Earth will be created and a new Heavenly Jerusalem will descend from Heaven and all will live in the great new city of Jerusalem.

      This is all written in the book of Revelation Chapters 20, 21 and 22.

  25. Dear Readers,

    For the past few weeks, at least, we have had trolls among us. I am beginning to recognize them, by their positive remarks and then their super criticality on a message that we are presenting as a warning or teaching. I have begun to check IP addresses and their names and have discovered that these Trolls have not ever posted before by their IP or their name. This means that they are using different names and VPN to display different IP addresses.

    From here on out, any negative Critical comment given by a new poster, who has not established a relationship with our Blog will be assumed to be a troll, and that post deleted.

    Constructive criticism is welcomed once you have established yourself and have formed a good relationship with us, that is not condescending and unrelenting.

    I had been a naive moderator, but now, I will show no mercy.

    This is a private Blog. Jim and I have a special message to give to our readers and we wish to be unchallenged by naysayers who can go read other sites with their version of beliefs.

    If one doesn’t believe most of what we believe and what we are trying to accomplish, then why be here? Why cause us angst? In my opinion that is evil behavior.

    I will not have my peace stolen by trolls, again.

      1. Dear Bear,

        I’m praying for you and your husband that the Lord God will give you wisdom and words of knowledge concerning how to help heal your son’s neurological issues. May he also send you the right help and give you strength, peace and endurance to continue the works you are doing. You have a lot on your plate. May the Lord God also continue to give you the grace to handle it all well. I do understand to a degree what you are dealing with, having had issues with one of our children when they were very small, OPSEC prevents a full telling. I pray peace and blessings for you all!


    1. P.S. Maybe it’s an encouraging sign though, even frustrating as it can be? ‘Cause remember, when you get to taking flak then you know you’re over the target 😉

    2. I was happy to see those posts removed. Not because someone was presenting a different viewpoint but because there was an underlying current of disrespect that was evident in those posts. Your blog, your rules. We are guests here and it is appropriate to be reminded of that occasionally. Besides – most of us like to talk about survival and preparedness stuff.

      1. Chris in Arkansas, & A.L,
        Bigtime ditto! I saw those texts and thought the same thing. When I came back later I notice the Comments count had dropped, and immediately knew why.

        JWR & A.L, thanks for all that you do!

        As always, hoping we all…
        Seymour Liberty

  26. Pre, mid, or post trib? I though I have given it prayer and study I won’t share my belief here. I did go to a study a few months ago and heard this. Some of you may have heard it before. It does lend some humor to what can sometimes be a stressful discussion…In addition to those- pre, mid, or post, there is also the pan theory. When Jesus comes back, it will all pan out. First time I heard that I had to chuckle. That is when we’ll know fer sure. 🙂

  27. If you have eyes to see, read, watch postings from around the world, Christians on other continents are undergoing constant tribulation in our days.

    Prayer effort is needed, far beyond the energy levels spent discussing theology. As Jesus said on Matthew 12 verse 49, “Behold my mother and my brethren.”

    Survival…….what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his soul?

    Anyone focusing exclusively on Stuff, or intensely focused on debating theology with this blog’s hosts…..without far greater focusing on the good works He has prepared for us in advance, had best take a breather to re-energize and refocus IMO.

    Christians and Jews being persecuted to death around our world need your intense prayer.

    God Bless and Protect Us All

    1. Agreed,

      Right now in Israel, Jewish people are being persecuted by their own government for not taking the vaccine. It has only just begun and it will get worse and will spread around the world. Watch and pray!

  28. Yesterday I had to go to the ER. While there a older gentleman brought in his wife in a wheel-chair for some health issue. She wasn’t all there mentally and he asked if he could stay with her. They asked him if had been Covid tested, he said no. So he was told he could not stay with her but to wait in his car. They would call him when she could be picked up. But he has no cell phone. He had a bewildered look and said, We’ve been married 65 years and are never apart”. He slowly walked out the door. I said this is nuts!
    But the lady said this is the rules, we just follow them. Society has gone plain crazy over a disease with a 99% + survival rate!

    1. What?! That is disgusting. The best word that comes to mind is MALPRACTICE. You don’t separate a patient like that from her advocate and caregiver! Suppose she incorrectly remembers/relates her history, symptoms, current medications…that could be VERY dangerous. Never mind the ethics of whether a person with diminished faculties can really consent to testing, treatment, etc…

      How are YOU doing though, Bob? We sure hope you are okay now?

      1. Dear Bear and Bob and Everybody,

        You are not going to like what I am going to say, but I must say it anyway for you to think about how to deal with the future. Pretty soon, sooner than we would all like, one will not be able to get medical care without the vaccine and it’s bio digital certificate!!! Seriously! As Christians, we are quite certain that this will be the Mark of the Beast and you are being given the choice to take it or not even if it’s mandatory.

        The cost of not taking it, is not being able to participate in society. Are you ready to count that cost??? Are you prepared for no groceries, no medicine, no doctor care, no restaurants, no traveling. Do you have the supplies and gardens and networks to help other believers survive? Do you have the medical stuff you will need? What if a loved one will die if you don’t get them emergency care right away? But the hospital will not treat them if they’re not vaccinated and do not have their Green Passport/didital certificate? Will you allow them to vaccinate you so they can save you and give you mabe seven more years tops before Jesus returns, but this is the Mark of the Beast and you will lose eternal life?? Is a few more years on this earth worth an eternity separated from God the Father? We are going to have to make some very, very, very hard choices in the next few months. We are there, now!! Please read the Book of Revelation again, and pray and ask God if this vaccine and it’s Bio certificate are the mark of the Beast. Pray hard and wait on the Lord and do some deep research by reading the english news from European countries and Israel. I heard today that Barbados will not allow anyone to enter their country without the Green Passport. Greece and Germany will not allow Israelis to come into their country this summer without a Green Passport. It is here. One cannot go into Israel soon without it. Currently anyone entering the country, without the Green Passport must go into a fourteen day Quarantine and have a digital tracker ankle bracelet put on their ankle for those 14 days to track their whereabouts….

        Quickly, people get your last eye, and teeth check-ups ASAP before the door closes for you to be able to do so. Christians If you love the Lord Jesus, you cannot take this Vaccine and Digital Bio-certificate!!!

  29. Last week was very busy so not much immediate family prepping was done. We ARE doing prepping chores with our MAG, so progress was made there.

    Question: Has anyone ever purchased high-quality frozen vegetables and dehydrated them? The problem with dehydrating from fresh here is two-fold. First, I have no idea how fresh the veggies I purchase really are. We live where we can’t have a garden, at least for the next year (fulfilling Exodus 20:12 obligations). Our space has no good sun either, and containers are not allowed. Community gardens require neuro-toxic pesticides/herbicides, not safe for our family members. The management where we live monitors our electricity consumption so grow lights are out too. The other issue is that extra water to blanch-and-cool is problematic (they watch our water consumption too).

  30. Avalanche Lilly,
    I’ve been an avid follower of Survival Blog for many years and appreciate all you and James do! This article you wrote really struck home with me as I’ve been reading the word and coming to very similar conclusions myself. Please keep us up to date on your studies and what you see going on in the world. God bless you for what you are doing!

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