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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats, and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at the invasion of an Arctic airmass.

‘Unprecedented’ Arctic Weather Shocks Texas

First up today is this, linked over at the news aggregation site: ‘Unprecedented’ arctic weather shocks Texas.

We also read: Walmart has temporarily closed 500 stores.

JWR’s Comment: Al Gore should chalk this up as another example of Global Warming.

Parler is Back, After Amazon’s Censorship

Mashable reports: Parler is back after going dark for a month. Just a bit more news about Parler’s new hosting servers can be read, here.

Biden to Push for Sweeping Gun Restrictions

Mike sent us this: White House Press Secretary says Gun Control is Coming. JWR’s Comment:  The first statement (dated February 14th) at the White House website was fairly vague:

“Today, I am calling on Congress to enact commonsense gun law reforms, including requiring background checks on all gun sales, banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and eliminating immunity for gun manufacturers who knowingly put weapons of war on our streets.”

Take note that he put “background checks on all gun sales” first on his wish list.

Details are expected to follow, in the weeks to come. Biden will not only ask Congress to enact restrictions, but will almost surely pen some Executive Orders on his own, starting with importation restrictions on guns, gun parts, magazines, and ammunition. And by way of his newly-appointed Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, order the Treasury’s BATF to expand or re-write some rulings on things like .50 caliber rifles, detachable magazine-fed shotguns, 80%-complete receivers, belt-fed semi-autos, arm braces, AP rifle ammo, and more. Plan accordingly, and pray for the inclusion of grandfather clauses. And, needless to say, contact your congresscritters often!

Stuck Seven Days on a Snowy Mountain Road

Headline: California man survives 7 days stuck on snowy mountain road. A snippet:

“Earls had visited friends in Grass Valley the weekend before the worst of a winter storm hit California. Interstate 80, the main route over the Donner mountain pass, was closed on Jan. 24 due to heavy snowfall. Earls told a friend he would take State Route 49 to pay her a visit in Truckee on the way to his home, but his GPS rerouted him to travel on Henness Pass Road.

His pickup truck got stuck on a dirt portion of the remote road as the storm dumped 6 to 8 feet (2.44 meters) of snow.

He first tried to turn the vehicle around using a chainsaw and rope, but didn’t get very far, his mother said. When his clothes and cellphone got wet, and night fell, he decided to hunker down, rationing on two cans of beans, bread and some sausages. He used a propane heater kept in the truck to melt small amounts of snow to drinking water. To stay warm, he duct taped his pant legs to his boot and huddled in the back of his truck, which was topped with a camper shell.”

JWR’s Comment: This shows the importance of always carrying your survival gear when driving in winter. And this is just another example of why you should not trust GPS.

Can the FBI Access Private Signal Messages?

Reader C.B. spotted this troubling news: Court documents show FBI may have tool to access private Signal messages on locked iPhones. The article’s opening paragraphs:

“Court documents from a recent gun-trafficking case in New York suggest the FBI may have developed a way to access texts on Signal, the encrypted messaging app that has risen in popularity in recent months for its secure communication.

The court documents, filed by the Justice Department and obtained by Forbes, showed screenshots of Signal messages between men allegedly discussing an illegal weapons trade and attempted murder.

The screenshots reportedly showed metadata indicating that Signal had been decrypted on their phone when the device was in a certain state called “partial AFU,” which stands for “after first unlock.” In this state, iPhones are more vulnerable to having their data extracted. “

Bank of America Sells Out Gun Owners…Again

D.S.V. sent us this: Bank of America Sells Out Gun Owners…Again…Still

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  1. In addition to Texas being hit with power outages the city of Moorhead, Minnesota (western border) was hit with some power outages yesterday as a result of power being diverted to the southern states. This is just another of the many examples of the need to be totally prepared for harsh times ahead. Winter is the time when people are the most vulnerable and this electrical outage did catch some people off guard. I had not heard of any deaths in any northern states that were directly linked to this cold snap. The temperatures in the northern states (bordering Canada) have actually been a little above normal recently. Too few people have any backup heating plans in place and the same could also be said for a food and water supply. This is just another wake up call, but most people will sleep through it.

    1. As I listen to the lovely Slavonic Dances by Antonin Dvorak, I am grateful to be warm. The juice flows here.

      This bears repeating: “This shows the importance of always carrying your survival gear when driving in winter. And this is just another example of why you should not trust GPS.”

      This, too: ”

      Henry Van Dyke

      “It is better to burn the candle at both ends, and in the middle, too, than to put it away in the closet and let the mice eat it.”

      Carry on

      1. “It is better to burn the candle at both ends, and in the middle, too, than to put it away in the closet and let the mice eat it.”

        Hey Marine, not sure how you’re translating that but when I read that story, and all the responses here, I thought to myself, “Yeah, but he got a great story out of it!” Caution is great but it’s also fun to go out on a limb sometimes so we end up with experience and a great story to tell. He’ll probably never again forget some emergency supplies in his truck.

        I think your quote is saying the same thing that sign hanging up in my shop says: “I do not intend to tiptoe through life only to arrive safely at death.”

        1. Actually, StF, what I was getting at was packing that BOB now and get it into your vehicle. Action energizes.

          “It is better to burn the candle at both ends, and in the middle, too, than to put it away in the closet and let the mice eat it.”

          Stored survival gear is useless when a fella is stuck.
          And, yeah, that guy has a story now.

          Carry on

    2. Greetings to those of you in Moorhead Minnesota, my former hometown, and in Fargo North Dakota just across the Red River. Having rolling blackouts in other (cold) areas just because it is cold someplace is unwarranted and uncalled-for. It makes no sense, and is another example of government’s massive overreach. Yes, I know that the Southwest Power Pool, which was responsible for the rolling blackouts where I live, is a supposedly private company, but they had agreements and permission from various government agencies to shut off the power. I think an appropriate slogan for the coming revolution would be “POWER TO THE PEOPLE !”.

    3. My father designed and oversaw the buildout of the grid in the Fargo-Moorhead area, so I grew up reading internal documents (while folding them into airplanes). At least one of his power plants has been taken offline and dismantled since he retired, but the GRE grid should handle more load than the region can reasonably use in February. So any diversion heavy enough to cause outages in the Red River valley is heavy indeed. Of course, here in the frigid north, we hear with gas and oil.

  2. Re Signal: If you want to have a secure communication, don’t use social or unsocial media of any type. The Constitution and Bill of Rights have been destroyed by federal, state and local governments. We have descended into Orwell’s 1984 where someone or thing is listening and watching.

    1. Anybody that actually believes that there is ANY communication that the government agencies can’t track/decipher if they want to, is kidding themselves. Cell phone, text, scrambled radio, it doesn’t matter. If it’s broadcast, the government can pick up the signal, record it, and break any codes or security that we, as civilians, have access to.

    2. Everything you write on the internet, every email, every phone call and piece of mail is subject to interception and perusal by the government. The only comfort I have about my online communications is that there is nothing of interest to anyone in the government contained in them. My activities are really too boring and ordinary. But rest assured that if there was, they COULD and WOULD be able to read them. Just remember that everything you do on the internet, the phone, and in the mail is PUBLIC. There is no such thing as “private” anymore.

    3. I was told by a police detective that even if you are boring and ordinary, LEO’s can find something to arrest / hold you on, if they want to. According to the book ‘The Law of Self Defense’ by Branca, the first and only word out of your mouth should be “lawyer”, no matter why the LEO is questioning you. It would help if you had a specific law office name in your wallet, rather than having to take a public defender.

      1. This from a retired defense lawyer.

        I had a lawyer friend whose business card said,
        “Don’t talk, and you could walk.” Unfortunately
        Supreme Court said it was OK for LEO to lie to
        suspect to get confessions. Now there are a lot
        of cases about people confessing falsely just to
        get out of the little room with LEO.


        Carry on

        1. Once a marine

          A very common nasty little practice in English LE was a technique called ” verballing a suspect “, in essence, if a person refused to sign a statement while being ” interviewed “, because it was false or you were being fitted up for a crime you didn’t commit, the Cop was able to sign on your behalf!, that became prima facie against you in court, what put a stop to this nonsense?, 1990s CCTV in the interview room and another cop present.

          Anyone who thinks they are immune from false accusations or vindictiveness from all-powerful Govt Depts is dumber than a box of rocks. Trust no one in Authority. Even being a grey man, you can come under scrutiny.

      1. TofA,

        That is for sure. Everyone should do “trip planning” beforehand. A plan is made much more efficient looking at a paper map rather than a tiny computer screen.

        Perhaps checking the weather reports would be handy?

        It might help to have basic survival gear in your vehicle. I never leave home without it; and it is more than basic. It is “complete”.

        1. Has this ever happened to any of you while traveling and using your GPS? On three different occasions I’ve had my GPS direct me off of the interstate and right through a town’s business district. And then I had to fight my way through traffic and multiple stop lights (all red of course) until I could finally find an entrance back on to the interstate. My guess is that the town has a deal with the GPS company to direct travelers through their business district in hopes that said traveler will stop and spend money.
          Years ago I was driving north through Nevada and I needed to pass through Las Vegas on my way to Area 51. I can’t remember for sure but I believe the interstate number was 95. Anyway my GPS said exit so I did, even though it made no since. Wow what a mistake! It took me almost 45 minutes to figure how to get back up on the interstate and in the meantime I was in horrible traffic and an unbelievable amount of traffic lights, you guessed it, all were red.
          So now that I’ve gotten my education I never get off of the main highway regardless of what my GPS says.

          1. Mray! Would love to hear about your experience at Area 51. …and you ask a great question about the deals that may have been made between town business districts and GPS guides! I would not be surprised for a moment if this were the case.

          2. Yes, we had an non cell phone GPS back around 2010 and it directed us off the freeway into a bad area in St. Louis, MO. We were coming back from a homeschool basketball tournament in Springfield, Missouri and it was just me, my mom and my three kids. My husband had to stay back home to work. It was scary!

          3. That happened to me but not because of the GPS. I just missed the exit through ignorance and because the drivers in Vegas drive so fast and are so rude. I drove miles of white knuckle stuff to find an exit and figure how to get back toward Rachel, Nevada.

            Area 51 was a fun, fun, fun back then.

            By the way, an old Alaskan friend of mine was Mark Farmer, otherwise known as Agent X. He appeared on several shows including “Sightings”. Mark was something else but totally likable.

        2. Hello TominAlaska!
          Would be very interested to hear more about your complete survival gear for trips especially from the perspective of someone in Alaska who has a lot of experience with winter weather risks. My husband and I strongly encourage cold weather preps for everyone, no matter what part of the country they live in or travel through!

          1. Hello TOA,

            I’ve had a fun life exploring the back country in Alaska and the desert southwest. In the desert I am usually high in the mountains ghost towning, visiting old mines and rock hounding. That is where your outfit has to be versatile … cold and hot weather and extremes of both.

            I’ll try to compress things by saying for winter travel I always carry a winter sleeping bag (mine is made by Feathered Friends of Seattle), extra clothing, signaling items, camp stove and fuel, emergency candles to heat the inside of a vehicle, Woolrich blanket, a combination of freeze dried meals and canned soups, water, vehicle tools and basic parts like fan belts, shovel, Wyoming saw with extra blades, tow chain, fire starters, flashlight, headlamps, extra batteries, etc. This could be a long discussion but I take considerable quantities of everything depending on the length of the trip and locale. I’ve got it broken down into several “sets” of stuff that I use solely or in combination. Seldom do I leave home without at least a basic kit.

            One major caveat. I use caution when carrying firearms if I might stray into California. And you have to be even more careful around the Mexican border. I haven’t been down there in five years or so but at one time areas were open and easy to cross into.

            I used to have a 30 foot diesel boat in Alaska and that was pretty much self contained like a survival cabin on the water. The items were pretty much the same as desert winter travel. When ashore in Southeast Alaska, rubber boots and raingear are a must. And I also carry a S&W 629 and bear spray although I don’t have much confidence in defending against bear attacks.

            The thing I tell people is to buy good quality gear. It will work when you need it. Otherwise you might get to be on TV with Creek Stewart or on the evening news.

            My wife looks at my gear and shakes her head. Then she tells me to buy a GPS and PLB. So I did. Someday I put the topo maps aside and try to learn about electronic things.

            “Survival is devoted to those who are prepared”

            I also recommend a good medical kit with antibiotics and a variety of OTC medications. My doctor happily prescribes for me with the most important item being anti-parasitic medication. I had a bad case of giardiasis once for two weeks. That was terrible.

        3. Hello TominAlaska!
          No “reply button” below, so sending a note of THANKS to you for your thoughtful and detailed suggestions related to survival gear, travel kits, safety tips and more. My husband and I very much enjoy brainstorming with others and your thoughts were very, very helpful!

          Also wanted to revisit a thought you shared about bear attacks because I think it has great importance in a larger preparedness “thinking” or “mindset” context. How important it is to prepare for situations like this one that may or may not be survivable, but also to understand the odds. Having a real grip on realities like these improves strategic planning and situational decision making by orders of magnitude. Such a great point, and again, THANK YOU!

        1. Yes! Agreed. Paper maps. We keep these in our vehicles, in our home library, and we bundle updated maps from time to time for the entire region and send these in a care package to our adult children.

    1. Apparently GPS is not standardized. It depends on whose maps and coordinates you are using. My son dispatches trucks and depending on whose map is being used, the GPS could be as much as five miles off. He has to demand that his sales people and customers use one set of maps to make it work.

      1. GPS updates are also critical. Not just individual units but the system as well. A couple of years ago, a study found the continent of Australia was off significantly, like 30 feet. Apparently the continent is moving faster (continental drift) than previously thought. You also have GPS satellites from multiple countries in orbit.

  3. Awesome to see Parlor back in spite of satan amazon’s attack on free speech. No matter what happens God is control. If anyone is interested in a great Revelations series, check out CCPhilly, Joe Focht..he is at around chapter 8 but all prior sermons are available. Wonderful pure and real teaching.

  4. The weather event in Tx is a 100 year weather event. Who knew something like this could happen. The EPA brought this about by mandating coal fired generation to be shut down in various states due to acid rain (so-called). So now the US represents an under-underpowered banana republic, much like Haiti, with rolling blackouts through out the central US. Renewables have miserably failed in Tx, especially wind turbines.

    1. I know Texas usually hasn’t seen this cold very often for the past 50 years.

      But whenever the Powers That Be and their consultants who sold us substandard projects, which failed due to a 100 year event ( 3 inches of rain into a local cities sewage and stormwater system they paid millions for) within four years of completion,

      and in Texas’ case the engineer I saw interviewed say that their plan was good but none of their generators could start in cold weather due to the 100 year storm…..

      I am just glad I am not having to clean up another mess of coffee that sprayed thru my nose onto the keyboard.

      Texas and the plains states have had many such storms over the past several hundred years. Hence the term “Blue Northers”.

      Climate change is real. But it is not You (or me), or CO2. It’s the sun. The global electrical system impacted, the prevailing jet wind currents blocked, and classic La Nina cold weather events heading south instead of rushing to the east as usual.

      This is just the beginning. When you dump ice water into your lukewarm beverage, it cools down. Fresh water floats on top of salt water, with a stable thermocline. Cold fresh water from all the global ice chilling the ocean is triggering conditions for global cooling.

      We’ll see more and more cold weather. Records all over the globe are getting broken this year. So yes, Texas may be getting a hundred year event but it won’t last very long. Physicists (not Meteorologists) explain that historical records show a continued impact of 1 to 3 years of global climate changes due to these combined effects, however the cooling ocean will cause a much longer cooldown. Perhaps like an ice age.

      Do you ever notice that temperatures reported on TV/Media are always several degrees warmer than your home area? It’s because they are measuring the warmer area of concrete heat sinks slowly releasing heat. Add up all the cities reporting temperatures, which make up the reporting network, to give us annual averages, and there is your biased false scientific data.

      I have deep sympathy for those impacted but not much empathy.

      1. When I lived in Bullhead City, AZ they were constantly the hottest spot in the nation. They moved their “official” temp gauges to a higher spot so that Laughlin, NV ended up with the title. Manipulation at it’s finest.

    2. According to my sources, 87% of the power outage was natural gas, coal, and nuclear. The natural gas plants froze up in the same way as the wind turbines. Another part of the power failure was due to lack of investment by ERCOT in preparing the system for tough times.

      The failure of the renewables is a false narrative. See below.

      Morning Mix
      Rick Perry says Texans would accept even longer power outages ‘to keep the federal government out of their business’
      Texas’s independent power grid was crippled under high demand and damaging weather after a historic cold snap hit the U.S. over Presidents’ Day weekend. (John Farrell/The Washington Post)
      Katie Shepherd
      Feb. 18, 2021 at 1:09 a.m. CST

      As millions of people endured a third day without power, former Texas governor Rick Perry on Wednesday defiantly proclaimed that Texans would spend even longer in the freezing cold if it meant thwarting Democrats who want to address climate change with new regulations.

      “Texans would be without electricity for longer than three days to keep the federal government out of their business,” Perry, who also served as the Trump administration’s energy secretary, said in a blog post.

      Like many other Republicans, Perry also falsely blamed frozen wind turbines for the mass outages, when a widespread failure to invest in winterizing power sources and frozen natural gas pipes played a far bigger role. As millions of Texans struggled to stay warm amid massive cold-weather power outages, Gov. Greg Abbott (R) also directed his ire at the frozen wind turbines.

      “This shows how the Green New Deal would be a deadly deal for the United States of America,” Abbott said to host Sean Hannity on Tuesday. “Our wind and our solar got shut down, and they were collectively more than 10 percent of our power grid, and that thrust Texas into a situation where it was lacking power on a statewide basis. … It just shows that fossil fuel is necessary.”

      The governor’s arguments were **contradicted by his own energy department, which outlined how most of Texas’s energy losses came from failures to winterize the power-generating systems, including fossil fuel pipelines**, The Washington Post’s Will Englund reported. But Abbott’s debunked claims were echoed by other conservatives this week who have repeatedly blamed clean energy sources for the outages crippling the southern U.S.

      Texas Gov. Abbott blames solar and wind for the blackouts in his state and says “this shows how the Green New Deal would be a deadly deal for the United States of America”
      The Texas grid got crushed because its operators didn’t see the need to prepare for cold weather

      In fact, typically mild winters and a lack of state regulations in Texas combined to leave electricity providers unprepared for the extreme cold that has suddenly hit the state, The Post reported. Nearly every source of energy — from wind turbines to natural gas to nuclear power — have failed to some degree following a harsh storm that covered the region with thick layers of snow and ice.

      Although renewable energy sources did partially fail, they only contributed to 13 percent of the power outages, while providing about a quarter of the state’s energy in winter. Thermal sources, including coal, gas and nuclear, lost almost twice as many gigawatts of power because of the cold, according to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), the state’s electric grid operator. Critics have also noted that wind turbines can operate in climates as cold as Greenland if they’re properly prepared for the weather.

      Despite the much larger dip in energy from fossil fuels, Republican politicians have seized on the outages to attack the Green New Deal and Democrats’ push to address climate change by reducing the consumption of fossil fuels.

      In his Fox News interview, Abbott did not address the fact that most of the state’s power comes from fossil fuels and that ERCOT had planned to produce far more power from natural gas than became available as the cold set in, contributing a stunning deficit amid the freezing weather. On Tuesday, Abbott called for a state investigation into ERCOT’s failings, saying the agency had been “anything but reliable” following the winter storm.

      Beware of politicians who have an axe to grind. Research. Two clicks for me on this one.

      Carry on

      1. It is very frustrating to see both sides try to make political hay out of the situation in Texas. I wouldn’t consider what is happening there to be any sort of policy failure.

        The ASHRAE (American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air conditioning Engineers) publishes the temperature design data that is typically used for climatic design. It shows that Houston is above 27.7°F 99.6% of the time. It would be terribly expensive to design for rare temperature extremes. I live in southern Ohio. I did not size the heating system in my house to keep the house comfortable when it is -40°F outside, as it has not been that cold in the last 40 years. I have no doubt that it may get that cold for a day or two eventually, but I will just suck it up and be cold for a few days. There are other priorities for my money. The utilities in Texas (and everywhere else) feel the same way. No matter what temperature you pick to design a system for, there will always be a day that is slightly colder.

  5. Parler is showing the way to escape the tyranny of leftist-control communications assets. Conservatives are going to have to get off their duffs and create their own commercial assets to provide competition in the free market to the leftist assets. Thats the way I think it works with property rights, unless there are overriding legal issues of antitrust that can be leveraged. I’m delighted to see the beginnings of a response here to the censorship. But real freedoms are maintained only by real work and real sacrifice, and there is a lot of that ahead if we are to maintain freedoms…..

  6. People are speaking, and what they have to say is important…

    Kurt Schlichter posted this article to Townhall.

    “Our Military’s SJW-Driven Abandonment of Warfighting Is Going to Get Troops Killed”

    This line says so much… From the article: “Congratulations, Pentagon. This is all on you.”

  7. Re: Bank of Amerika;

    So we’re now looking at a surveillance state (willingly aided by private business), a cancel culture attempting to censor the opposition into silence (again private business) and threats of losing your job because of who you voted for or expressed support for (private business)…
    And if that wasn’t enough, questions about election cheating will now get you branded as a White supremacist and a terrorist (thank you Schumer and Pelosi).

    In the mean time, those who are attacking you are bedding chinese spies and getting rich off of chinese bribery. They circle the Capitol with barbed wire and armed troops but throw the gates open on the southern border and invite thousands of foreign nations into the country.

    Half the country voted for this.

  8. GPS story:
    Vehicle kits, go bags and the additional “cold weather bag” are definitely in order. Water is always a challenge to maintain.
    I’m glad he was tough and clever enough to survive.

  9. And
    re; California man survived 7 days on snowy road

    Henness Road is right on the border of NV and CA at Verdi…

    There is actually 2 signs that say not to follow your GPS and that the road does NOT connect to the highway… one is a metal sign and the other is a portable lit up highway information sign…

    This road vaguely parallels highway 80… so dumb shlitzs will try to use this dirt road through the mountains when the Interstate highway itself is closed down due to snow storms… apparently so many people try it, they had to put up signs warning people…

    Poor survival instincts…

  10. Beware- John Matze, the guy originally behind Parler has been fired by the “investors”. We all know how these “invsstors” care about free speech and our rights.

    1. John Matze was reportedly fired because he caved and wanted to start more aggressive moderation of Parler content (aka, a Facebook lite moderation policy). This was a 180 degree turn from his earlier statements about protecting free speech. My take on it is that he caved and was willing to provide some level of moderation in return for the ability to let Parler remain on certain outsourced server farms. The board and investors disagreed and let him go. Perhaps they were the good guys in this story.

      1. I hadn’t heard that. Matze actually says the opposite. Whatever the case, a neo-con multi-millionaire family – the Mercers – are in control now. And they have their dirty hands all over Facebook with data mining of its users. Not good either way.

  11. Hmm, Biden pushing gun restrictions – see and talk to your representatives. whenever I tried to talk to Tim Johnson ( D ) ( now medically retired ), I would get snotty, shi**ty, very nasty answers back about gun control and how he wasn’t about to be forced to work with national (homegrown ) terrorist organization. It was almost like trying to talk to a wall and have the wall p**s back on you. And I don’t think John Thune ( R ) is any better, I get the feeling he is a RINO (a closet Democrat) himself.

    And about the BOA being anti-gun. well, so is the First National Bank of Omaha.

    1. As has been recently illustrated by the recent coup against President Trump, everyone in congress and the senate with about 3 exceptions is a totally worthless scumbag and traitor to the American people. We do not have our representative republic anymore, we have a one-party dictatorship. We are living under the Fourth Reich, the Soviet States of America, or the American/Chinese Communist Party now . As we have recently seen, voting no longer makes any difference. Supreme court judges no longer make a difference. You cannot count on John Thune or ANY public serpent to save you. Now you know.

      1. Nathan Hail,

        It’s sorta this, “We are living under the Fourth Reich, the Soviet States of America, or the American/Chinese Communist Party now.” Yet something even more than this: Really, research the Noahide Laws deeply.

        1. Was it you who provided a link to the Noahide web site? I went there today and read enough to know they are severe globalists. It also reads as though they are slamming Christianity. That was just after a few minutes of reading. I didn’t get that wrong did I?

          1. @Avalanche Lily- I read the Noahide laws. It seemed to me that they were an incomplete, paraphrased, rewrite of the Ten Commandments, only not as good. I hope i don’t step on anyone’s toes here, but like the Morman faith and the Muslum faith, which are both distorted copies based on the Christian faith, this seems to be an altered version of the Ten Commandments that were given to Moses by the Living God. The question is what was left out, and what was added, and WHY ?
            I prefer to believe that the original version of the Ten Commandments is the correct one, and that the Christian faith without alterations and distortions is the correct one. The only way to God is through the Lord Jesus of Nazareth.
            If you are a Morman or a Muslum, you have a right to believe what you want, but I do not agree with your beliefs.

          2. You need to find the websites that speak of the laws and sublaws and go into great detail. Then you will really understand what we are facing. The surface explanations are only the surface. You also need to understand that these laws are for the gentiles…Not for them!

        2. I forgot to mention; the “Laws” they promote also seem to me to be a perversion of what our Old Testament actually says. I noticed they didn’t use the actual language from the Bible or the Torah to back up their interpretations.

          1. @Avalanche Lily- I am not sure of what you mean. I will guess that you are saying that the Jews that are mandating the Covid injections for their own people will also demand and then force the injections onto us gentiles in other countries. Am I on the right track ?
            I am sorry, but even though I try to keep up on all the news, I sometimes fail to do so. Thanks for your help n advance.
            P.S.- and you are obviously very busy today !

          1. I am reading that right now but I am finding some disturbing things written there, such as “The great city is Jerusalem. Also called Sodom and Gomorrah. She is where the Whore of Babylon reigns. It is from there the Dragon will rise and deceive the world. Even as he is doing now.” . Jerusalem the same as Sodom and Gomorrah ? I don’t get that.

            “The beast that comes up out of the sea, “The beast I saw resembled a leopard, but had feet like those of a bear and a mouth like that of a lion”
            It was Germany, Russia and the Great Brittan (sic) that were responsible for the assembly of the New Nation of Israel.”
            I don’t get this either.
            Now I don’t know for sure but this sounds like a subtle hit piece against Israel and not just an explanation of Revelation or even just a theory explaining a hard to understand section of the Scriptures. Personally I think that Israel in general and the Jews in particular, rather than being evil, are just trapped in the wrongly-held belief that the Messiah has yet to come. Much like the people around the world that have yet to accept Jesus of Nazareth as their personal Savior. They are not necessarily evil even though at this time they are still lost. And if we- and our nation- abandons Israel, we are disobeying God.
            Am I on the right track now ? I understand that the modern Jewish state of Israel leans in the direction of the communists yet it is still our ally. So we should beware of them too and be wary of any satanic influences that come from there or any other place- including Washington DC.

          2. Revelation 11: 8 speaks of Jerusalem being as Sodom and Egypt

            And their dead bodies[The Two Witnesses] shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.

            Jerusalem has an extremely high homosexual population in it. Tel Aviv brags of being the Gay capitol of the world.

  12. Iran…China…USSR…and many other countries where Christian pastors are jailed without due process…and now we can add Canada too.

    (RCB4572TN, I haven’t forgotten about your request to discuss Live Not By Lies – I just haven’t finished it yet! I did give a copy to one of the elders in my church, and he hasn’t finished it either, but last Sunday he did tell me that he has lots of customers coming into his business who have escaped from communist/socialist countries, and they all tell him the same thing as Dreher is saying: it’s happening here.)

    1. Bear… TY for sharing the link… had read this on another website but that site did not have any of the tweets … very disturbing… how long before this takes place in US… I am glad to hear you shared the book with an elder…not surprised to hear of the stories that were shared with the elder by people who had escaped from other countries… may we continue to listen to His Holy Spirit for guidance and to trust in Him

    2. And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.
      Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

    3. Sadly,

      There is nothing new under the sun, is there? “History may not repeat, but it may rhyme.” As Jim, often, likes to quote.

      It Is coming here. It’s just a matter of time! Are we ready to stand?

    4. Bear and John, The books’ messages are good, but, I don’t think anyone on this site needs a book to tell them that our nation is now run by communists and satanists. As John quoted “If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation.” I do believe many people are aware of America’s real situation, but most are waiting for someone to lead them. The question is, what are patriots going to do about it?

  13. My heart aches for Texans. So much goes on behind the scenes and things are implemented that no one voted for. I can’t imagine, 100 year event or not, that the state richest in natural resources can’t use their resources.

    This “weather event” sure does give credence to the Grand Solar Minima though. We’ve had such a late winter (fall was mild) that I thought oh well, no GSM. Watching southern states get the kind of temperatures we’re used to in Idaho is shocking. We’ve had non stop snow for a month, with a few bursts of sunshine getting through. I often pray in the morning, “please Lord, just a few rays of sun through the gray skies”. There is at least 4 feet of snow on my garage roof and 6 feet on the ground. It slides off the roof eventually. Although homes here are built to handle the load, it gets a little disconcerting. All our power is underground where I live and was upgraded over summer. No outages. I can’t imagine what Texans are going through right now. I’m praying, generally, for them.

    Everything that is happening politically, financially, and weather wise, confirms to me that “preparedness” needs to be a lifestyle no matter where you live. Something I saw on Wranglerstar’s youtube channel is, if you have camping gear, a tent, sleeping bags, oil lamps or a propane “buddy heater”, you can set up the tent in the main living area INSIDE THE HOUSE and get in there. It will warm up very quickly because you are containing the heat your bodies generate. What a great idea!

    1. I know people who live in the DFW area and most are long time southern folks, who have never lived in cold climate areas. I text one family to find out how they are doing and they had no power but did have water. I told them to drip their faucets to keep them from freezing and they had never heard of doing that. They did have a fireplace but it was mostly for looks so they only had a small bit of wood. No generator. Told them about grand solar minimum…. they never heard of it. Sent them some links. Ask them to send me a list of lessons learned after the storm passed!

      1. That will be interesting to hear. I have distant family in that area. I have fallen out of touch though. I wonder how they are doing. What concerns me is people who depend upon electricity for medical issues.

        I didn’t learn about dripping pipes until I moved to Northern NV, up above Reno. One house I lived in was not built for really cold winter weather. The bathrooms were built against an outside wall, so the pipes froze quickly. One night the garage door was left open and the exposed pipes in there froze. I called an emergency plumber (we did have electricity) and he told me to get a blow dryer and blow hot air on the frozen pipes. That worked! Where I live now, the bathrooms are located in the center of the house. One thing I never thought I’d appreciate is baseboard heating. You can choose specifically what rooms you want to keep warm rather than having central heat trying to warm the entire house. Although, here, baseboard heating cannot keep the house warm enough during the winter – hence, wood stove. Praying for Texans. I bet they are hoppin’ mad over the green energy initiatives that left them short on energy.

    2. It is too bad that the weather in Texas has been cold- but it has been colder in other places. Places like where I live in the Midwest, where we suffered a rolling blackout yesterday morning when our temperature was BELOW ZERO. THIS IS BULLSH@T ! They have NO RIGHT to shut off my power just because it is cold somewhere else. I was lucky to have another heat source to use. This is another sign that we live in a totalitarian dictatorship.

      1. I’m sorry you’re suffering.

        It’s interesting, while horrible for people, to start investigating your “local grid”, then how it’s connected to other grids, and start to understand that where you live, and the policies of your government can impact your very life.

        I hope everyone investigates, and then demands local accountability. The “Green New Deal” would take away options “for the greater good”. I hope this horrible weather wakes people up. Also, realize how important self-sufficiency is.

    3. SaraSue!
      From your post: “Everything that is happening politically, financially, and weather wise, confirms to me that “preparedness” needs to be a lifestyle no matter where you live.”

      Absolutely agree with you. 100%. Preparedness should be a lifestyle, and it should be embraced by all. People too easily revert — after a disaster has passed — to the notion that everything going forward will be fine — no need to worry or otherwise be concerned. This is a very dangerous behavior.

    4. Thank you for your concern, Sara Sue. We live in the central Texas area. My husband and I were pretty well prepared for this, but it still has taken a toll on us and our relatives. We had plenty of food, water, etc. My husband knew how to prepare the pipes and such for the cold. We had no power for over 36 hours, but we never had the water system break down in our area. We were so blessed overall. I have relatives who still have no water. One relative and her family have not had water for a week now, because of their water well pipes freezing up, cracking and now needing repair. Other relatives have to go out today and get what little is left in the grocery stores, and from what I hear, that isn’t much. My husband and I are now aware of little holes in our cold weather preps that we really had not thought about enough before hand. Even so, God has been exceedingly good to us and I’m preparing to take care of those missing items, both online and in stores. We are glad to be aware of this at this stage, and not further down the road when nothing could be done about it. Thank you, again, Sara Sue. You are a sweet and kind lady. I wish I could meet you in person, but someday I will. Heaven awaits all of us who know Him by name.

  14. Remember that Texas is a separate power grid, not connected to the rest of the US power grids. They had to divert power from their customers to de-ice the wind turbines, lest the turbines freeze. Texas is known for its gas and oil industries, but looked to wind to supplement the fossil fueled generation plants. During very cold weather, little wind blows. Also, structures are built to average expected weather. My 5 years in Minot, ND was very comfortable because the houses were insulated to protect -50 degrees F. Here in Oklahoma and Texas, the heat loss could not be recovered with the sub-zero temps. Also, total electric homes may sound great, but I insist on a gas stove, water heaters and house heater, based on my childhood experiences. I am looking forward to next week when temperatures return to normal.

    1. Most of Texas may be on its own, but the closer to the state line, the more tied in to the ‘other’ stuff it gets. I had hoped this would spare us in the far NE corner but no- almost 2 hrs w/o power around midnight. Not a all at once Out & done, but there were several power spikes and then it quit…so I am tempted to think that there was a tree or such got on a line. Our co-op is good and
      got it handled. Not such an issue here as I’ve been keeping the Fisher woodburner running around full tilt since Sunday evening and down to -6* later on in the week with 18″ of snow. Our water froze for part of the day, even with heat tape on the well pipes and a slow drip going. :/
      J-W, those old domestic 4Xs are good stuff to keep in the stable but ya can’t kill those 40 year old Toyotas either, and a few of us stacked parts to keep them going.

  15. “Stuck Seven Days on a Snowy Mountain Road” ~ There has to more to this story, than what’s in the article.

    SurvivalBlog has an advertiser, ~Survival Real Estate~ with a link in the sidebar. Surely, if you buy quality property from them, they’ll give you a paper map of the area!

    SurvivalBlog has numerous articles about obtaining paper maps for where you live. The latest is ~Knowledge is Power: The Value of an Area Study – Part 2, by Viking4~ JANUARY 31, 2021<~
    The Late Great State has actual Tire Chains/Cable Traction devices ~requirements for the highways, when the weather becomes severe. Four-Wheel Drive with snow tires is only allowed ~for particular weather conditions. The government says when and where for chains/cables; they check too, when going through the hills and mountains.
    Total speculation: = Harland Earls, 29 might have been trying to dodge the Tire Chain Inspection spot.
    … … A California government employee actually stands out in a snow storm, checking to see if all the vehicles have required chains/cables, at an inspection spot on a Highway.
    The vehicles slow way down and slog through an inspection point. The speed limit with chains on the tires is 'slow' to begin with, when traveling through the mountains. … Slogging Slow is the crawling speed at an inspection spot.

    The article says, "The storm dumped 6 to 8 feet (2.44 meters) of snow." A person would think Harland Earls would notice all the snow falling, and all the snow on the road. ~6 to 8 feet of snow in one storm is a lot of snow.
    The take away: Take the advice of the many SurvivalBlog articles, "Get a good paper map of your area, and the places you plan to travel."

  16. American and Israeli News Out of Israel:

    Fauci cites Israel as proof of effectiveness of vaccine

    Biden’s chief medical adviser points out Israel’s high vaccination rate: When your turn to get vaccinated comes up, get vaccinated.

    Arutz Shevah

    Breaking Israel News

    Biden Hints at killing the 2nd Amendment

    Rabbinical court judge suspended after refusing COVID vaccine

    Chief Rabbi of Israel suspends judge from rabbinate conversion court after judge refused to get COVID vaccination.

    Aryeh Deri announces:
    Only vaccinated, recovered, to be Shas polling station workers

    Here is some truth:
    Vaccination in Israel: Challenging mortality figures?
    40% Higher mortality in those vaccinated then would be if they had caught the virus.

      1. Look, I am a real doctor. The MD type with the actual degree in the real license. I really practiced medicine for 30 years. I really saved many many lives. I still practice medicine. You can believe whatever you want, but I’m going to try to give you factual information.

        I tell the truth to my patients at the homeless clinic, I tell the ones who are going to die, you are going to die because of decisions you are making. The way God made this world there are consequences to bad decisions.

        Here are some information sources you might wish to review.


        Rumor control is always difficult to do. Statistics is hard for people to understand. We have vaccinated millions and millions of people in the United States, and the infection rates and death rates are going down down down. If any of this rumor or true, the OPPOSITE would have occurred. It’s just like perpetual motion machine’s, you have to understand a little bit of science to realize when you’re being fed a line.

        Most of our extended family above the age of 65 has now been vaccinated. We are doing fine, thank you. The majority of our ham radio group is being vaccinated these days. They are doing fine, thank you.

        I have tried to present accurate information throughout this entire epidemic, countering illogical claims from both left and right with real data from the actual records. But just like my patience, you don’t have to believe me. All I can do is try to give you the data.

        1. Sorry Prepper Doc,

          We don’t agree with you. When the wild strain of whatever is in that vaccine appears, you very well may become very, very sick. I don’t wish it upon you, at all, but we are not going to take that chance.

          Furthermore from my own experiences, I no longer trust mainstream doctors. Most just continue the rhetoric of pushing the drugs. From my personal experience just in the past two months, instead of choosing to look into the root of a matter, I had to figure it out by myself. Turns out that I may be sensitized to Stearic Acids/PEG’s in vitamins and other foods.

          Doctors are best to help with correcting eating, exercise, sleep, and physical accidents, etc. Not preventative medicine through vaccines and just treating symptoms through drugs, versus actually healing somebody…

          There is so much to this vaccine that is proving to have biblical significance. Bill Gates is a known eugenicist and vaccine enthusiast!! Why would we trust him and Fauci???

          1. Of course you are free to disagree with me. But it is my friends back at the hospital who are saving lives every day and have fought this virus in the intensive care units. You have no idea what I did to try to save lives all over the world in response to this far us and I can’t print it here, due to Opsec. My old dept had an epidemic within their own department before the vaccine became available. It almost shut down a portion of the hospital! You don’t have to agree with people with 30 years of experience taking care of patients like myself. But sometimes it’s wise to listen to us old codgers. You might be amazed at what we have learned from treating others for 30 years and our own experiences as well. The intricacies of the human immunologic response are still prodigious, and none of us can be certain of the complex interleukin and cytokines response. But the simple fact is that the death rates continue to fall as they care becomes better and better attuned to how do you spot each trick of the virus. A month ago I listen to an hour long talk by our ICU docs on what their latest strategies were and they were clear that they get better and better every week. So there is some advantage to listening to the people who are actually on the front lines.

          2. This “vaccine” is already being pushed under the conditions that you won’t be able to buy or sell without it. If you are a Bible reading Christian, you will immediately get all kinds of red flags. Still there are lots of supposed Christians taking it. Maybe it isn’t the Mark yet, but there are LOTS of warning signs saying it is coming, and I believe that if we do not prepare now, it will be impossible to avoid it when it comes.

        2. From what I have read, it may depend on which vaccine you take. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines seem to report the most side effects and deaths. But, I think my chances are better without taking any vaccine.

          1. If you are a younger person, your chances of being harmed by the disease are generally rather small. If you have no one in your family who is at significant risk, then that is a fairly reasonable course of action. Those of us with extremely high risk people in close family relationships have a different problem.

        3. Doctor, this is a column by Karl Denninger. Such comments will always worry people about the possibilities of ‘new’ medicines. Some of us are old to remember the Thalidomide babies.

          The West’s Obituary 2/13/2021 by Karl Denninger. =

          “Ordinary vaccines we have lots of experience with, such as measles, the flu shot, mumps and similar do not carry a risk beyond that of natural infection and cannot be weaponized because they produce the exact same antibody response as a natural infection. If you have had either the measles or the shot you will have antibodies but an antibody test will not tell you which since they’re not distinguishable.

          I suspected from the start that due to the way these mRNA shots work — they are not actually a vaccine at all in that they do not “mimic” natural infection but rather cause your cells to produce the spike protein that the virus has and that elicits an immune response — that the antibodies produced by those jabs would be distinct and distinguishable from natural infection.

          All of the so-called “experts” who worked to develop these and the firms involved knew damn well this was the case when they started developing them — and did it anyway.

          Now we have hard, scientific confirmation of that and it’s very bad.

          In fact it’s potentially nation-ending bad.

          An adversary that develops a virus (e.g. another modified/mutated bat virus, for example) that selectively targets ADE in people with the specific antibodies from vaccination, which are distinct from natural infection, could easily kill every single person who was vaccinated and not harm or only make mildly sick those who either had Covid-19 naturally or who were uninfected and unvaccinated.

          The nightmare scenario that has always driven bioweapons research is the push to discover some genetically distinct means of targeting a bioweapon such that it only kills your adversary and leaves everyone else alone. It’s even worse for your adversary if your side gets and transmits it but doesn’t get sick. This has never been found despite diligent effort in the past; all attempts to find such a distinct vulnerability have failed, showing reactivity across the board and thus strongly suggesting that if that “thing” was completed and got out it would kill indiscriminately. That you cannot stop a virus from circulating (even isolated islands eventually got hit by the 1918 pandemic flu!) means that releasing a virus or bacteria that nobody on “your” side has been sensitized to yet doesn’t help because when (not if) the sensitizing agent gets into your population all your people die too.

          This has now, for the first time in human history, been changed by the idiotic actions of our governments and pharmaceutical companies in that we are now tagging people for death by the literal millions and they will die if an adversary is able to develop a virus that targets those specific antibodies.

          Of course, said adversary will not deploy the tagging via said shots in their population and thus their people will not be attacked and killed. Since it takes an actual jab of a needle to be sensitized absent intentional action there is no risk to the adversary’s population or troops.

          I give the odds of an adversary (remember, we’re talking nations here with nearly unlimited resources and plenty of smart people) figuring out how to selectively target Covid-19 vaccination antibodies at 50% or better within the next five years.

          If they succeed every single person who took one of the vaccines that produces a distinguishable antibody titer dies.

          You can bet your last nickel they’re working on it right now.

          What happens if they succeed and we forcibly vaccinated our children and anyone who wishes to have a “normal” life back? The entire procreation-capable stock of people in the United States will die and so will America.

          That risk is wildly beyond the boundaries of sanity to have ever been accepted and it was deliberately concealed from the people — not just here, but throughout the Western World.

          It’s clearly not enough for certain ghouls to have destroyed a full year of most school-age children’s education; now they propose to risk literally extinguishing all of their lives and thus the future generations they would be able to create down the road.

          I pray I’m wrong.” … [More information and speculation in the column]

          The fatality rate for Covid-19 seems to strike very old people, and people with what are called co-morbidities. It seems healthy people often do NOT know they even had Covid-19.

          We know the Covid-19 was used to facilitate the theft of the 2020 election with all the absentee and unverified ballots.

          It seems the Covid-19 ailment was unleashed intentionally on the world by Communist China. Yet, our Fake News blames Trump.

          Is Covid-19 really that dangerous?
          Why isn’t Communist China being held ~financially responsible for Covid-19 by our ‘China’ Joe? … Why is our ‘China’ Joe discussing the taking away of our guns, when Communist China wants to put an end to the USA as we know it?

          +PrepperDoc is a real Medical Doctor. Is Denninger right or blowing smoke? I’ll acknowledge the Doctor as the expert.

        4. Prepper Doc,
          Thank you for sharing. I learned that my elderly mother got the first vaccine and is scheduled for the 2nd one in about a week. My heart fell. I hope she’s not one of the elderly people who die shortly after taking the vaccine. She is 87 and has a weak heart. It wasn’t my choice for her – another sibling has Power of Attorney and I learned after the fact.

          Florida has vaccinated over 2 million Seniors. We’ll know soon enough if vaccinating them for a virus that has a very high survival rate, was a good decision. Meanwhile, I pray for my mother that there are no adverse impacts. It’s been heavy on my heart.

          Regardless of the controversies, I think rushing a vaccine was a mistake, and then pushing it out on the Senior population, another mistake. I’m not a doctor, just a person who can’t see the logic in it.

  17. Regarding Signal-
    I’ve always felt that the FBI and other alphabet agencies have the ability to intercept and read all electronic communications. Why else would they allow them to exist? If the government attacks something, its probably because they can’t control it. If they let it be, its because they think they can use it. Ive always found the heavy crossover between big tech and “intelligence agency ” personnel suspicious.

    1. That’s how they “get around” the law, and the constitution. If “they” can’t do it legally, they farm it out to their minions in the private sector. Nobody can accuse the government of breaking the law, and if a private company is accused of breaking the law, it the government that investigates them – finding that they were within their rights as a private company.

      The same thing is happening with the first amendment. The government can’t censor people, but it they get the private media to silence all dissenting opinions it’s perfectly legal.

  18. Just heard this on the radio this morning: “City of Los Angeles suing maker of ‘ghost gun’ parts“

    (From MSN article)

    “Los Angeles is filing a lawsuit against a Nevada-based maker of “ghost gun” parts that have been linked to hundreds of weapons recovered throughout the city.

    City Attorney Mike Feuer announced the lawsuit against Polymer80. “


    “ The Los Angeles Police Department says it has recovered more than 700 ghost guns that use parts from Polymer80, about 300 of those in the South Los Angeles area. In Los Angeles, about 40% of the recovered guns have no serial numbers.

    The city argues that the company is violating state and federal gun laws and is engaging in false advertising by telling customers the business model is legal.”

    My comment:
    Obviously, selling 80% receivers is not violating federal gun laws… and there is no “false advertising“… California requires anyone finishing an 80% receiver to obtain a serial number from the DOJ, and engrave it on the receiver, with your name and address… The Nevada based company can not make a private citizen in California comply with California law… or monitor them.

    If California wants to outlaw the sale of 80% receivers they can, but that is not the current law.

    (It’s Interesting that 60 percent of those confiscated 80% receivers HAD a serial number)

    Realize that this is the beginning of an orchestrated campaign which will mesh with Biden’s gun control program… the intent is to make the un-informed public think “ghost guns” are causing an “epidemic” of violence and crime. The demand for serial numbers and “universal” background checks are two sides of the same coin.
    They want you on a list and they eventually want your gun.

    1. Wagstaff,

      1969 — Leary v US

      An owner of an illegitimized object/activity cannot be forced to register it.
      That requirement is unconstitutional due to prohibitions against self-incrimination.
      (In Leary, the object was marihuana, the alleged intent was taxation.
      Does the legal theory hold true for other objects/activities?)

      In any registration scheme, Fifth Amendment prohibition applies — the government agents cannot force an individual to give information.

      A similar theory applies to journalists and their sources as a ‘possession’.
      One example is Judith Miller, jailed for months for refusing to reveal sources of information about TheClintonCrimeSyndicate influence on vp dick cheney
      (After Miller’s release, clinton/bush co-hort Irving ‘Scooter’ Libby (nee ‘Liebowitz’) came forward to claim responsibility.)

      Additionally, we have constitutional restrictions on ‘law’ causing an existing object/activity to be made unlawful.
      This is codified as ‘ex post facto’, colloquially spoken as ‘after the act’.
      An example is the thousands of 80% lowers I owned since decades ago.
      Lucky for me, I did not affix numbers to indicate the decade I made ’em.
      Yes, indeed, that was an unfortunate oversight…

      Except, of course, for a few dozen with the serial number ‘8’.
      So, if you spot any errant stray lowers wandering around with serial number ‘8’, let me know.
      I will come fetch them.
      According to a California judge ruling against California law-makers in their violation of federal ‘law’, ‘a piece of a receiver does not constitute an UndocumentedFirearm’ because federal ‘law’ specifies certain characteristics… and an 80% lower fails to meet that standard.

      In my humble, a chunk of aluminum does not constitute any part of an UndocumentedFirearm.
      In my humble, California prosecutors making meany faces about a company outside California is merely a lot of fluff from TheBureauOfJustifyingOurExistence.

      1. LargeMarge,
        What gets me is, these activist lawyers will just declare something illegal when it’s obviously not. And the propaganda wing of the democrat party (the news media) will never inform the public that this is a bald faced lie.

        Since the 1930’s it’s been perfectly legal to make your own firearm. At some point the ATF said the receiver you start with can’t be more than 80% complete. Period, case closed.

        This is the beginning of a propaganda campaign in service to Biden’s gun control plans. As usual, it aims to outrage people who know nothing about guns, hoping it will generate the inevitable hyperventilating by the posturing Leftwing snowflake crowd.

        They claim that non-serialized 80% firearms are now the main weapon used by the criminal element Nation wide. I highly doubt that, purely based on the fact that Leftwing activist lawyers are famous for being lying sacks of pig poop.

        Your average garden variety LA drug dealer has enough money to buy a ready made gun, or a stolen one. Guys that make hundreds of thousand a year dealing drugs aren’t going to waste their free time in the basement crafting a hobby gun. And they aren’t going to stick an AR-15 down their pants during a street deal.

        In any case, let’s be honest… the government doesnt care about Mexican drug cartels, gang members and Antifa thugs. They want to disarm you… the person who has never committed a crime, and minds your own business. You are a threat to the Order because you didn’t vote for China Joe and Princess Kamala. This means ipso Facto, you must be a violent right wing white supremacist and a terrorist. Thus you must be disarmed.

  19. RE: Bank of America
    I am going to buy 1 share of BOA. By law, BOA, has to provide me all kinds of information, such as a Schedule K-1 is an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax form issued annually for an investment, upon my request! Plus a lot of other forms they have to provide by law. Also, the K-1 form is the size of a vevy thick magazine and it costs them a lot of money to print it and mail it. Plus, I get to vote against the currunt board of Directors every year.LOL!!! All this fun for one $35 share! Now, I realize my 1 little share will not hurt them, but if you, my brothers and sisters join me, in time, we will have an effect. Use Robinhood, it cost next to nothing to buy your 1 share. Do this with me, not to make money, but to be a voice for the US Constitution and the 2nd amendment. How do you eat an elephant! One bite at a time! LOL!!! Join me brothers and sisters and we will take a whole lot of bites at a time!!
    Oh, did I mention Citigroup at $65 a share! LMAO!!!

    1. This is a GREAT idea. We need to start thinking outside the box like this in order to defeat this evil…because, in addition to financial damage, they have much worse planned for us.

  20. Here we go… I say don’t trust ’em. Clearly the political elite know that 75,000,000 (or more) are simply not going away. They’ll try to lull us back into some strange form of slumber believing that they are actually attending to election fraud. It’s my view that had they intended to address this honestly and transparently, we would have seen action when the matter of Donald Trump’s legitimate election victory (and all our many legal votes) could have been resolved. Where were they then?

    …and where were they when it came time to defend Donald Trump against an unconstitutional trial in the Senate based on a bogus impeachment?

    …and where were they in coming forward about the mounting evidence of something truly dark and sinister involving ANTIFA-types involved in the tragedy of January the 6th.

    I could go on, but I’m certain SB readers get the point.

    In order for this to be resolved, the fraud must be truly revealed and properly rectified. Nothing less will satisfy this matter in my mind, and I will not be voting for any establishment Republican again — as in EVER.

    Posted at The Gateway Pundit: “OUTRAGEOUS: After Abandoning Trump and Allowing Landslide Election to be Stolen, Republican “Leaders” Now Want to Look Into Election Integrity – What Garbage!”

    Just check this out from Michigan… Don’t get me wrong. The clean-up of voter rolls must be addressed. But. The timing is terribly suspicious.

    Posted at The Gateway Pundit: “Michigan Removed 177,000 Voters from Voter Rolls in January After Certifying Biden Won Michigan by 154,000 Votes in November”

    Do not slumber. Continue to speak. Get actively involved in elections at the local level. This is where a great difference can and must be made.

    …and never forget who stood with our Constitutional Republic, who stood against it, and who simply stood by and did nothing whatsoever to help.

    1. Good Post:

      You can’t take them head on, but a thousand cuts is another way.

      Same reason I have Prime! Many items I use, it is either Amazon or Wally World – no love lost here!

      The truth is these monsters were a blessing for the little guy trying to make ends meet!

      It has went too far, but there is no turning back time

  21. I wanted to get more recent information on the health situation in Gibraltar. As of current data, the number of cases and deaths there have basically dwindled to almost nothing. this may be the result of the vaccination campaign, can’t be sure. But if the vaccine had caused deaths you would have expected the opposite, a dramatic / ongoing rise in fatalities. Exactly like America, lives are being saved.

    Government of Gibraltar released a statement near the end of January that these social media claims of deaths were completely misconstrued. But I wanted to look past that day since we were two weeks past that to be sure that the data still supported that conclusion, and they do. When you’re looking at small populations, it’s very easy to be fooled by aberrant statistics. ( It’s always possible to throw four heads in a row, but throwing 40,000 heads in a row is very unlikely. ) So you have to look at larger groups to see the true statistics. America is obviously showing people the true statistics: COVID-19 cases are plummeting!! Try three guesses at why. I am certain it’s multi factorial, but you can easily guess what one of the reasons is.

    I didn’t go through two years of post graduate engineering education, four years of post graduate medical education, and three years of residency post graduate education for nothing.

    1. Sometimes education doesn’t mean anything.

      Sometimes common sense, the witness of the Holy spirit and gut instinct, reigns supreme. My instinct and Lord God tells me “No!” I am not to go the way of the whole world!! Their path is wide and leads to destruction! The way to life is narrow and few there be that find it.

  22. This is my first post here. As a long time reader, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the information I’ve gathered here over the years. I’m in Texas (the southern part) and it has been a grueling few days, to say the least. But my husband and I fared better than many because we were as prepared as one can be for a 100 year storm. The Green crowd has infiltrated our government to some degree, and I fear this may become the new normal in any odd weather event. Praying that doesn’t happen. And by the way, you may get a whole slew of new subscribers, because I have recommended this blog to many like-minded people this week! Thank you again.

  23. There is nothing wrong with common sense measures of lots of sleep, healthy living, moderation in all things, proper diet and exercise. But that didn’t stop diphtheria from killing millions, polio from killing millions, the black plague from killing millions, and on and on and on.

    Just before this virus hit, my wife and I were scheduled to go to a Third World nation to serve for several weeks as missionary physician. As part of the preparation I had to receive multiple vaccines and had the chance at others—at The county health department. I’m one of the few lucky older folks who got some vaccines as a child, that are no longer available. When I was offered the chance to get several others, I whipped out my checkbook and paid $400 so My wife and I could get these vaccines— even though we don’t drink, or in reasonable health, and live a clean life. Why? Because these things won’t be available if there is an apocalypse, and millions will die from simple simple diseases which Americans are no longer used to. But my wife and I will be immune. There is always a risk when you take vaccines. As I told all of my patients, whenever you get nearest doctors, there is a risk. But it’s just like anything else in life, you have to weigh the pros and cons. If my views are correct, our death rate in America will dwindle and we will have avoided many many many deaths. If my views are incorrect, then our death rate will skyrocket in several months, when various other strains come about and some of these theories being per pound it might turn out to be true. I can’t say, but the preponderance of the evidence is likely in my court. I took the flu vaccine every year, it was basically required at my hospital anyway, and I never died from any variant strain of flu. Nor did anyone else that I knew who got the vaccine. I’ve been lucky, I’ve had almost no difficulties with vaccines, other than one day of low fever after the second Moderna shot but that was a risk well worth taking, because we knew the chances of my father-in-law dying were very significant if we didn’t find ways to protect him. The same is true of a relative in my family for whom I had huge concerns that they might die based on their medical condition. Was I wrong to take this risk on my part and theirs to try to save their life From the very real present risk?? I don’t think so. Facing the risk that you know exists squarely may be more beneficial than worrying about hypothetical risks in the future.

    1. mRNA vaccines are not your usual vaccine.

      If 2% of the population doesn’t take the vaccine, if there is herd immunity, then we don’t pose a threat to the vaccinated. I mean that’s what vaccination is suppose to do, right? It is suppose to protect people from the actual “Bug” when it comes along.

      Israel and Fauci are indicating that the unvaccinated are a threat to the vaccinated. What kind of warped thinking is that??

      The word out there by some doctors, scientist and researchers is that the mRNA vaccine is a bio weapon primer, which mean that when the wild strain of this virus comes along, it will make the vaccinated sicker and unable to fight of the wild version. This means that there is a delayed reaction of death, until the wild virus comes along. The delay time is 4 months to two years…Therefore, the pro-vaccinators will say that it’s not the vaccine’s fault.

      It is a stealth weapon of mass depopulation!

      The mRNA vaccine is not a risk I choose to take.

      Jim also thinks it’s a stealth weapon of mass destruction. He doesn’t trust the POWERS THAT BE!

      Our household prefers to wait and watch!

      1. Additionally,

        We believe the Word of God when it says not to mix your seed with another seed, which is exactly what the mRNA vaccine is, a seed. Too many so-called Christians say they believe the word of God but don’t take some parts of it seriously enough. They don’t read the Word enough to see that God has spoken of all things. God has told us everything we need to know in His word about the days we are living in and how to protect ourselves. Those with His wisdom and those who trust in Him will not be deceived by the Powers That Be in these last days.

        1. I, as a Bible believing Christian, cannot accept the “world view” for the need to inject my immediate family or myself with an mRNA vaccine. I have been provided detailed information from a relative in the medical field (who, herself has taken the vaccine). The number of times the words “might,” “may,” “possible,” etc., were used throughout the documentation is surely indicative of the fact that the manufacturer doesn’t know and cannot possibly know the short or long term effects of the vaccine. And, ultimately those developers could care less because they are protected from being sued having lobbied for their own tort reform. As long as they get their money, what do they really care if you or your family member dies? The fact that few/none of the vaccine testing standards have been observed over time with this mRNA vaccine, and that these vaccines have been approved for “emergency” use with no recourse for the injured is indicative of accountability being almost nonexistent (government included). The media and others will have you believe that they know it to be safe, but what do they know? WE HAVE ZERO LONG TERM STUDIES OF THE EFFECTS OF A NAZI-ESQUE EXPERIMENTATION PROGRAM BEING IMPLEMENTED UPON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE WORLD. A survival rate for a virus that ranges between 98-99.9%, versus a vaccine that has an efficacy of 95%; and where you still must wear an untested mask with no filtration standard while keeping a magical 6 feet apart is asinine. And, this often coming from people in the liberal/socialist/communist community where faith in God is abhorred – no thanks. I’ll stick with my gut, critical thinking skills, Biblical principles, and instruction from the Holy Spirit. I’m a science kind of guy, but the crap being pushed by all the “followers,” is pure manure. One day the various therapeutic drugs are bad. The next day they’re good. One day doctors can’t prescribe this, or that because some politician wants another politician to be wrong, or whatever! ITS ALL CRAP! Liars and delivers and ultimately thieves everywhere! Remember, DOCTORS PRACTICE MEDICINE, ATTORNEYS PRACTICE LAW! I’m tired of the “follower community,” insisting my critical thinking, gut feelings, and Biblical principles are irrelevant. This is the same “community,” that says killing an innocent child in the womb is good. Where baby body parts are sold. Where lies are spread to entice women to get abortions. SHAME ON THIS EVIL GENERATION OF VIPERS! The fool hath said there is no God. Time is short, be prepared both physically and spiritually.
          Live as a free people and mind your own business.

          Avalanche Lily or Mr. Rawles, you don’t have to post this, but I just felt the need to rant! That PrepperDoc is very sincere and well educated, but just like everyone else he is placing A LOT of faith in something without long-term factual proof of efficacy and safety. I’ll stick to my faith in the Lord, his Son, His Spirit and His Word. Thank you both for this site, and your advice.

          1. I’m fielding the comments today. Jim recently left to do errands, but has followed most of the conversation between me and Prepper Doc today. He agrees with my stance. If Jim didn’t agree, he would have stopped this thread of debate.

          2. Better to die with your soul intact, than to trade it for a ‘vaccine’. I may be wrong but I’m willing to take that risk. “my body, my choice” also works when it comes to vaccines.

      1. Well, something just isn’t right when a virus/pandemic has effective therapeutic drugs available, but cannot/should not be used. But, however, we must take a vaccine produced in just months that causes a genetic response instead of an immuno-response in order to buy/sale/trade, get back to normal, etc. This alone doesn’t even pass the common sense test, let alone the scientific method!! My relative said the mRNA doesn’t leave the cytoplasm, and therefore doesn’t change the DNA. I asked her how she knew, and she told me the doctor she works under told her so. Well, I’ll just rush right out and take the shot – NOT (sarcasm intended)! Nobody really knows for sure everything about this virus, it’s origin, the vaccine(s), effects, etc., and if they really do, they’re not saying. Something just isn’t right if your eyes are open…

    2. My wife a Doctor herself is not going to take the shot
      And talked to 3 others Doctors that are not going to take it also
      So I will follow what she knows about this
      I have had a few friends that had Covid in their 50’s most said it was like a bad cold
      Also my wife is a Health Commissioner she did the deaths for are small city 4 covid 8 overdose And no flu deaths Makes you think

    3. Doc,
      The last section of this post contains what are to me, illogical statements.

      Re;protecting your father in law. An absolutely honorable intention that I agree with.

      However, if according to your belief the “vaccine” is safe and effective in protecting against the virus, why does your getting the vaccine or not affect his possibility of survival? If he is protected, your state of infection should have no affect on him, he’s been vaccinated!!
      Same for the rest of the family.

      In short, I agree with Avalanche Lily. Those who are not vaccinated shouldn’t pose any threat to persons who have taken the vaccine! Simple logic.

  24. I can attest to the Little Buddy gas heater, having purchased one years ago following a week long power outage from an ice storm. My elderly mother used mine to heat a room after losing power last week from an Ice storm. The problem lies in the little containers. She almost used up all my supply. Not realizing she would be hit again today with another storm, I raced to find more containers two days ago. They could be obtained online but would not reach her in time. I went to three different counties as they are either back ordered or everyone is using them. I did find enough to get her through 5 or 6 days worth of outage. There is a connection hose that can be bought to convert to the larger propane tanks, but have been problematic therefore I had not purchased one. All of this just points to the fact of having layers of preparedness. Just as we are seeing the windmills fail, I am seeing that solar will fail where I am living too. The GSM is not just about cold temps. There will be wide swings in all weather events. Where I live it is predicted to be very wet. We are almost drowning in rain, and each year gets worse.The ice storm will be in the northern portion of the state and the southern portion is in flood stage. The swing side is severe droughts which we had two years ago. Our blessing in all of this is while temps are going to be below freezing, they are not going to be zero or below. There is another problem though. The ground is so saturated that all the wind and extra weight of the ice will bring down a large amount of trees.

  25. Yesterday, Wheatley Fisher suggested buying some bags of wheat. I happened to find this awesome deal on Augason Farms bucket of hard white wheat at W*lmart, and thought I would share it, to bless those who are not opposed to shopping there.
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  26. What Austin, Texas, Demonstrates About Prepping
    BY Herschel Smith
    Feb 17th, 2021

    “Preparation isn’t just for the Northwestern redoubt, with all due respect to the folks at the Survival Blog. In fact, it may be more difficult in an urban area like Austin than it would be in Idaho, weather notwithstanding.”

    Gee, what about all of those SB articles on Hurricane Preparedness….

  27. The reason the CCP virus cases are plummeting is because the bad orange man is out of the way and the media is back in control of narrative, so everything is OK now, back to watching TV!
    I don’t know of one person that would attempt any travel much less winter travel without being prepared.
    Gotta go now, need to go out and start the generator and make sure the battery maintains a full charge never know when you might need it!

    1. “The reason the CCP virus cases are plummeting is because the bad orange man is out of the way and the media is back in control of narrative, so everything is OK now, back to watching TV!”

      Nailed it!

  28. Bank of America Credit Card,

    I used to have a credit card with SunTrust in FL, but they sold it to BoA.

    I’ve been meaning to get another one with a different bank, but that is not as easy as it used to be.

    Recommendation for a MC from a FL or Southern Financial Entity??? SunTrust is no longer a FL bank.

    I had thought about one from the NRA, but decided not to for now.

    1. Apparently GPS is not standardized. It depends on whose maps and coordinates you are using. My son dispatches trucks and depending on whose map is being used, the GPS could be as much as five miles off. He has to demand that his sales people and customers use one set of maps to make it work.

  29. First time poster here but wanted to chime in after reading for many years. I myself am a physician assistant working in an ER in a mid to large size town in KY. 2-3 months ago our virus numbers coming through the door were much higher, but we were certainly never “over run”. Our ICU was “full” but not full of virus patients. The virus patients showing up in the ER were mostly whiny 20s-30s year olds who were mad they couldn’t be admitted because they had a low grade fever, body aches, and didn’t feel good. Their oxygen levels were fine and they went home. We had a few virus patients in the ICU but the majority of the rooms were filled with other non-virus related medical problems. I have been on the front lines taking care of these patients (while pregnant myself!) so I know what the virus looks like and how many cases we have in our city (we are the only hospital in the town and serve many small surrounding counties). It has been scary and sad for families who have lost or worried over sick family and friends (myself included as I had family members who were hospitalized with it).

    With that said, I can understand the derision and hesitation to trust “the numbers”. Our idiot governor was screaming virus from the rooftops, shutting down churches, restaurants, etc. But from first hand experience, the numbers did NOT support this level of scare tactics and panic. “1000 people with the virus locally!!” In the SIX surrounding counties of more than 80,000 people? “The ICU is full!” By full you mean 30ish beds are full, less than 10 of those with the virus. FOR SIX WHOLE COUNTIES. The numbers and “facts” are twisted to meet an agenda of fear and control.

    The virus is real. People die from it. But the trepidation people hold regarding the numbers and the need for vaccination is understandable.

      1. Hi!! Thanks for all you’ve written over the years. Female preppers are few and far between and I love knowing there are other God fearing, logical, prepping women out there!

    1. ChickenLady,

      My creds:
      CombatMedic, ex-LawEnforcementOfficial, Physical Therapist with a couple-three hours of ContinuingEd, working in a morgue with Medical Examiners… and I grew-up on a farm with four grandparents next door.

      Occasionally, I meet some TrueBeliever with the absolute! knowledge! about some dang sacred! truth! or another.
      In the case of ‘chuckles-19 the virus’, the constant hammering by TheMainStreamMedia seems designed to force and re-inforce a mighty questionable agenda (the words ‘shady’ and ‘shaky’ come to mind… and that concept and those two words in one sentence remind me of Southern Poverty Law Center… ah, but I digress…).

      I question ‘this virus is real!’, but not because I automatically distrust anything from the government agents and TheMainStreamMedia.
      Nor because I notice a tendency for TheMalignantOverlords to create a crisis, then manipulate that crisis to their advantage.
      I disagree with ‘this virus is real!’ because my disagreement aligns with my general tendency to avoid crowds… and avoid the opinions of crowds.
      Anytime I hear ‘everybody knows this is true!’, that is a reminder for me to engage my ‘anti-social distancing’.
      A late addition to my creds:
      * the last time I owned a television set was sometime last century; I have zero-zero-zero interest in televisionprogramming.


      Did I really write ‘chuckles-19 the virus’?
      I suppose I was feeling an extra dose of audacious.
      It was probably something in the water, the soy, toe-foo, high-fructose corn-syrup, red dye 4, et al.
      But mostly the toe-foo.

      Right now as we speak, I bet some lab-rat is cooking-up a vax for that.

  30. The weather in Texas and much of the South may have a silver lining!

    A few days without power (nothing new to me) might wake some people up on energy reliability and climate change.

  31. There’s a basic misunderstanding between DNA, which is apparently what’s in seeds, and mRNA, which has no ability to reproduce.

    I am not a plant biologist. But mRNA doesn’t meet the definition of a seed. The normal lifespan for mRNA is apparently extraordinarily short.

    Anyway, within several months we will know. Deaths will either go up or down.

    “ give honor where honor is due“

      1. Can you provide information how mRNA can change DNA? I think now two of your readers have tried to explain this is not how God made cells operate. And how it would possibly get to DNA which is inside the nucleus, past the enzymes that destroy it? Provide references if possible.

  32. Prepped doc, I appreciate and respect all that you have done to save your patients. I just cannot understand why anyone would get an experimental “vaccine” when supplements and safe medications, such as Hydroxicloriquine are available. If early treatment of this regimen had been allowed, tens of thousands of people would not have died. I do not trust the medical establishment, the pharmaceutical companies and most doctors because of this malicious evil cover up. Some brave doctors have stood up and told the truth and have been punished for it. I pray that justice comes one day for the medical establishment. No way am I falling for Bill Gates’s plan.

    1. Hi there, you certainly are free to take any treatment you want that you can legally gain access to. Doctors all over the world have made a zillion tests of every possible treatment, and care regimes have improved significantly based on what I have seen. The email logic system is very complicated, at times this or that steroid may help and other times it may kill you. I read some of the early studies involving the use of hydroxychloroquin and hope to see real significant improvements but I was not able to find good studies that showed significant improvement. I believe doctors in my area actually participated in some of those. The advantage of the hydroxychloroquin and other treatments, with similar immune affecting drugs was to try and reduce the damaging effects of the “cytokines storm.” I saw one study with a related drug that had small benefits. In time, certain doses of steroids were found to reduce mortality, but not by very large amounts. None of these things seem to be the magic bullet in any of the studies that I read. I saw the same thing in mask studies, the Danish study made it very clear that as far as receiving the virus the masks were close to worthless, although on a societal level they had a small benefit in preventing giving of the virus. If you understand what I mean. Statistics is very important because we are studying things that are very complicated and it sometimes takes a fairly large study to see if you really did something or if it was just by chance, the case of throwing four heads in a row for example. The doctors with whom I worked are pretty brave people, and they tried really hard to save a ton of people in our ICUs and I have full faith that they would’ve been willing to do almost anything. They were of course putting their own lives at some risk and being exposed to huge viral loads in taking care of these patients. I think they deserve our honor. I heard till just recently that there are less than 30 patients with any COVID-19 at all left in my old huge hospital and people are very tickled about that!! So I don’t think the data are made up, I think we really are getting the better of this at the moment. Many people fail to recognize that the transmissibility of the virus has a huge impact on the requirements to achieve herd immunity. People scoffed at herd immunity when they really should’ve looked more closely at simple virology texts.

      So I’ve had to deal with a lot of beliefs on both sides and tried to just follow the data as best I could wherever it went. I think that is the wisest course.

      We lost at least a couple of people in my church that I know of at least. Many people don’t understand the pro clotting impact of this virus, and some people lost legs or other extremities as a result. Being intubated for 30 days is not at all a good thing. During all of this we faced real major major health problems with my father-in-law and we thought he was going to die from other unrelated issues and we had to get him urgent medical treatment. (even during a pandemic, people have the normal problems of heart attacks, cancer, stroke etc. )it was a very scary time for us, but so far he is still alive and all of us have escaped so far unscathed even though he is not out of the woods yet.

      1. Well that was supposed to be “immunologic system “not email logic system! I try to catch all the errors that my voice to text system makes but it sometimes changes things after the text has left this tiny box I’m talking into. Sorry! And I appreciate the Rawles allowing me to present these viewpoints. I think we’ve already lost 400,000 Americans, which is many more than I thought was going to happen, it’s only a fraction of those who die from ordinary diseases but it’s still pretty impressive. I’m hoping that we will be done with this soon. Generally the population has to tell the politicians that “we’re done with this” and I think that moment is coming soon. The numbers are looking better and better. In the Netherlands the government was soundly rebuked by their Supreme Court for their unconstitutional efforts. I think reason may yet potentially return.

        1. Whatever happened to the flu…that turns into pneumonia? That is what usually kills people who are already severely compromised. We haven’t heard nary a word about flu this year.

          1. The data in my state suggest that they are still seeing flu like illness is in the emergency rooms, but it is outnumbered 4 to 1 by the coronavirus. These data may not be 100% correct. Very little is 100% correct in the chaos of an emergency room!

            I’m not by training a microbiologist. So I have to do some reading. If having some kind of viral genetic material in our Cells means we can’t go to heaven, We are all in a heap of trouble. Some studies suggest that 11% of the typical human DNA has fragments of previous viral infections down through the ages. Roughly 3000 different viral fragments. No one yet has shown that any of these have managed to cause significant disease however.

            There are at least six human pathogens and viruses that include reverse transcriptase and have the potential to insert viral genetic material into our DNA. If I get this right, it includes two forms of aids, and a couple of forms of human T lymphocyte virus which causes a kind of leukemia. I read something else that suggested some of the hepatitis is also have this ability but I’m not sure

            An additional difficulty that people may not understand for a mRNA vaccine to create useful DNA may be that it only can only possibly create ONE of the two complementary strands of DNA if I have this right. There is yet another tool that has to be present to create the other strand. So there are many many roadblocks in the path of the theorized risk.

            1. You have to have reverse transcriptase available when you normally don’t
            2. you have to have the complementary strand creation enzyme present when you normally don’t out in the cytosol
            3. Then you’ve got to get it into the nucleus.

            I am not enough of an expert by any shake of the stick to figure out all of the protective mechanisms that the good Lord created with us to reduce the chance of any of this working. But the fact that we as a species are still alive after thousands of years of viral attack suggest that somehow or another we survive this. And I think even though our DNA is no longer as pristine as Adams was, it is my suspicion that we will end up in heaven if we trust the Lord. I have no proof of that other than the fact that the Bible did not seem to have an expiration date on that particular promise.

            So certainly people can avoid this vaccine if they wish, but in our case we were trying to keep two family members alive and we felt it was a really good move.

      2. I don’t want to generate ire toward an individual, but I take umbrage to some of the things I have heard coming from PrepperDoc. Just as the “vaccine” and the virus don’t pass the smell test, something about the heart behind PrepperDoc’s words are setting off alarm bells. I might not have initials behind my name that are as prestigious as PrepperDoc, but I am a licensed medical professional and I’ll leave it at that. First, I find it very hard to trust someone who takes a condescending opinion and makes statements such as “if you understand what I mean”. It smacks of “if you under-educated prepper rednecks can grasp this lofty concept that I am speaking of”. It sounds a bit too much like the way the government speaks to the citizenry. “You’re just not smart enough to understand these things so we’ll do your thinking for you”. I know because I have been guilty of this same attitude and through the correction of God’s Holy Spirit have been brought down from my haughty pedestal of self-righteousness.
        I do believe the virus is real, I also believe it is engineered. I know enough to read in between the lines of medical “studies” and how data can be manipulated to indicate whatever you want it to. I have been seeing some patterns emerge with this virus that don’t follow natural patterns and no one is really talking about it. The virus tends to have an affinity for people with increased cholesterol (standard American diet?), while also being somewhat repelled by type-O blood. The virus also attacks a few very specific components of the body: the neurological system (loss of taste and smell are serious neurological defects, not just a novelty side effect of the virus) and coagulation pathways (clotting cascades tend to be present in many of the worst cases of the virus). Natural viruses don’t tend to be so oddly specific.
        Now, we are supposed to just line up and think that a “vaccine” using a method that hasn’t been used before was safely and successfully created in 9 months (at best, and certainly not a year)? I don’t know about you, but 2+2 does not equal 5.
        PrepperDoc also made a mistake similar to what I’ve seen many elites, politicians, and globalists make in tipping his hand by saying that mRNA can’t get to a person’s DNA without reverse transcriptase such as is present in a virus!!! Ding ding ding!! Winner!! The virus would of course precipitate the environment necessary for the mRNA in the shot to attach to the host’s DNA. So, whether the virus is present in the shot, in the testing swabs, or natural exposure in the environment, it would behoove TPTB to hurry up and get this vaccine into people while there is likely to be exposure to the virus. That way whatever nefarious purposes they are aiming for can be achieved more readily.
        As I said, I read between the lines a lot and I’m picking up on some concerning chatter in PrepperDoc’s comments. The most blatant of recent being “give honor where honor is due [comrades…because some animals are more equal than others]”

  33. Well this is somewhat discouraging. The first references from the vaccine makers site provide no information whatsoever how mRNA would ever impact DNA. I looked through the other references provided but none of them provided any information about how messenger RNA would actually survive the enzymes designed to destroy it and make it into the nucleus where it’s not allowed, but these actually missed the whole point.

    Reverse transcriptases are not normally present in human cytosol. So there is no real way to even get there from here. The only way you could conceivably cause The hypothesized outcomes is if you were to infect yourself at the same time, same location with a specific kind of virus that did provide the reverse transcriptase to the same cell. and then you would still need a lot of (bad) luck.

    Some of the other material is basically guilt by association trying to infer that because this or that person has evil motives that means the companies who worked for a year to create these vaccines are also evil.

    I’m surprise that anyone would be upset by the quote from Romans 13:7-8 urging us to give honor where honor is due. I think in context the verse was clear that there are people on this earth who deserve honor. There are others to whom taxes are due and so on. Paul urges us to recognize those who labor hard to teach and to not shirk from compensating them. When people have worked long and hard to achieve a level of knowledge and expertise it is right to pay attention to their efforts to teach. The book of Proverbs speaks poorly about scoffers for example. Many times I have violated those commands and regretted it.

    But nevertheless, it will become clear within a few months who is correct here, whether the death rates go up or down. At the moment they are decidedly going down. I think this is cause for rejoicing. In the building of the temple, God took special note of people who had certain skills and I think we are wise to follow the example and recognize those who have the skills to provide life-saving therapies to save so many today. You are of course free to disagree and claim that their wisdom is short-lived and the results will be horrible in the long run. That remains to be seen. But I would be careful about imputing evil without specific proof that there was a desire on the part of these thousands and thousands of scientists and doctors who worked so hard here.

    1. Hey PrepperDoc, I hope no one gives me a beating for mentioning this twice in the same month but… I’ve been rereading The Science of Fear by Daniel Gardner. It’s one of the most important books I’ve read in the last 10 years. It’s required reading back on my home planet for anyone coming to earth so they can try to grasp how the human mind works… and doesn’t work. It turns out that confirmation bias is hardwired into the human brain, it’s not something Earthlings learn. Francis Bacon made observations about confirmation bias four hundred years before the term was invented and most people never get past it. Bacon had a hard time getting people to understand his new “scientific method” and it’s nearly as difficult today to get people to apply it.

      I highly recommend The Science of Fear, I guarantee you’ll be glad you read it. It makes life more tolerable when we can understand not what people think, but why they think it. The book is half about fear and the other half lays the groundwork to discuss the subject, both parts fascinating. He talks about why we use our Gut (reptile brain) instead of our Head and how that gets us into most of the problems we see in the world today. Gut is important in forming our first impressions, which are often wrong, so Head has to follow up and confirm whether or not Gut was correct before coming to a final conclusion. All too often that stage gets skipped. Humans are also inherently bad with numbers so the majority can’t deal appropriately with probabilities so the mass media, advertisers, and a whole lot of other people take advantage of that human shortfall.

      At some point we have to throw our hands in the air and chalk it all up to that darn amygdala, then grab some coffee and cinnamon rolls and watch the birds at the feeder.

      Best regards.

      1. Thank you for your comments. I am really poor at reading much other than the news and studying up on scientific questions. I really should read more things like what you were suggesting.

    2. PrepperDoc, thank you for all your insightful information. I can see that you put a lot of time and consideration into your responses. I am by no means and anti-vaxxer. I had a tetanus booster after being bitten by a dog a few years ago. I was completely vaccinated as a child. The problem for me is that this is vaccination was rushed, there are no long term studies, and there is absolutely NO recourse should you be harmed from it. One of my most valued treasures is my health. I am extremely healthy and at 60, absolutely no prescription drugs.

      The one thing you have yet to answer is why with the survival rates at between 94.6%-99.9% why are they pushing these particular vaccinations? Whether the mRNA infects your DNA or not, they now have enough information on how to treat this with several drugs. I have no idea whether people who are pushing this are evil or not, but I do know there are enough drs. raising the alarm and wouldn’t it be more prudent for me as the protector of my health to take a wait and see approach?

      These are not mandatory yet but with the roll out of vaccine/health passports or whatever they want to call them, force people into taking them. You won’t be able to travel, shop, go out to eat etc…the only thing we’re missing is the yellow star. I mean no disrespect, I’m only trying to understand what’s going on!

      1. Thank you for a politely stated and reasonable question. i’m not in charge of these vaccines, so I can only give you my opinions. The best available information back around March was that we were about to be completely overwhelmed by deaths. Many of us were working furiously at various ways to save more lives. For opsec reasons I can’t tell you what I spent weeks and weeks on; it ended up being basically unnecessary. We have someone over 300 million people in the United States. So A fatality ratio of even 0.5% is 500,000 people. In the very beginning friends called me up telling how people were just dying right and left in their ICUs. Treatment techniques were pitiful. Put them on a ventilator, get ready for them to die because we didn’t have much that worked. I started my medical practice when AIDS started and I had several patients die, we had nothing to do that would work. So there was an incredible push to do something because otherwise the death rate was going to be far far far higher than 500,000. A lot has been done since then. What do you think the eventual death rate will be from complications from the vaccine? Maybe 50 people? There are always people who have idiosyncratic responses to any medication that you give, it’s a fact of life. If you had the choice of reducing the death rate by 250000 at the cost of potentially losing 50 people, what would you do?

        I think that pretty well explains what is likely the thinking process of those trying to save lives.

        Now let’s suppose that we come up with a treatment technique that is 100% successful, nobody loses arms, nobody has strokes, nobody suffers a cardiac arrest, nobody has memory deficits, nothing. Then I think the virus vaccines would be completely unnecessary and would disappear. Do you think it is likely we will come up with a 100% successful treatment? We have never done that for aids, never done that for most, versions of hepatitis…. so the chances are not too good. The only treatment we have for a hepatitis that is 100% or even close to 100% successful is also about $100,000! Would you want that to be our treatment plan?

        So I think people are looking at the practicalities of the matter, but again I’m not them. I look at the data and my risk of dying from the vaccine is incredibly tiny and my risk of dying from the disease is maybe two or three out of 1000. Which do you think I will take? When if I get it my father-in-law could die or my sister could die? What would be my ethical choice?

        Now we have vaccinated 20 million or more Americans and we certainly don’t have very many deaths being shown on the nightly news. If we did have a lot of deaths that would change the discussion quite a bit, wouldn’t it? So I think people are just trying to do the best they can with the available data.

        Thank you again for a politely stated question. Most doctors are just trying to save the lives that they can.

          1. And I bet that not a single one of the deaths attributed to the virus were mislabeled, right? Wink, wink? Wonder if the death/case numbers went down this year because they suddenly figured out how to correctly count them…

        1. Prepper Doc,

          The only initials I have after my name are BS, but after working at two large pharma companies and a biotech company (in non-medical and non-scientific positions), I have seen drugs that were FDA approved pulled from the market after they entered broad distribution, drugs given red box warning labels after problems arose in actual use that were not hinted at in clinical trials, and plenty of companies sued over drugs that were approved by the FDA. It often took more than 60 or 90 days for these problems to be recognized.

          I also believe that the FDA will allow drugs that treat a previously-untreatable disease to enter the market when that very same drug would fail if it was competing with two or three drugs that were considered the standard of care. I can’t really blame them as a flawed drug with some efficacy may present hope to people who have none. But what have they skipped ushing this vaccine to the market?

          If this were a vaccine to prevent something innocuous like toe nail fungus, I think we both know it would not be on the market for another year or 18 months.

          Because of my insider view, which has nothing to do with my religious beliefs, I will not take this or any other new vaccine or any other “latest and greatest” drug unless my odds of dying were significantly higher than presented by COVID-19. I’d like to see a track record measured in years rather than months data for people in my age and ethnic group before I consider taking it, and my hope is that by then, I won’t need it.

          My 85-year-old dad has had both doses and could not be happier. Many other people who have been virtual prisoners in their home unable to see friends and family see this vaccine as a window to freedom. I am certainly not going to stand in his or their way. Neither am I going to try to convince Lilly and others to disregard their strongly-held beliefs. It’s a personal choice, just like carrying a gun. It might kill you, it might save your life, or it may just be something you lug around for the rest of your life. We can’t know, but we each make our choice for our own reasons.

          I appreciate your service and that of the many other medical professionals who have saved lives during this and other emergencies as well as the day-to-day emergencies that impact only one person and their family. I think of doctors a bit like cops: I respect them, I think they are good people who usually got into the business to help others, we need more of them, but I hope to limit my interactions with them in their professional capacity!

  34. As I understand the mRNA strategy, the “messenger RNA” is a small part of the virus… it essentially makes your cells produce a “spike protein” … a part of the virus that allows it to hook onto your cell walls. When your other cells see this foreign protein, they go into the immunity response.

    Supposedly the RNA can’t perform any other job other than making this “spike protein.” (The key word is supposedly)

    What I don’t get is, this should be a very limited, localized reaction since the mRNA can’t replicate itself…

    Or can it, once it enters a cell? Does it become a permanent addition to your system?

    Mitochondria exist in most cells and they produce energy for the cell. Mitochondrial DNA is only passed from the mother to her children. Mitochondrial DNA make RNA that performs various functions (protein synthesis) . So I assume that laboratory synthesized mRNA can’t reverse the reaction and modify the Mitochondrial DNA to make more mRNA.

    Actually, I don’t know why they don’t just inject you with the spike protein itself… seems like it would be easier to modify yeast to produce the protein, and then separate it.

    GSK makes an “adjuvant” that they add to vaccines that improves the immune response. They make huge batches of a “tame” version of the anthrax bacteria, and extract the chemical component. Seems like this would be a safer approach than fiddling around with RNA.

    Maybe I’m just a little paranoid.

    PrepperDoc, am I missing something?

    1. Hi there, thank you for a good question. I’m not certain I know all the answers. What I have seen so far is that they traditionally developed a vaccine, the protein-based vaccine has had a remarkably poorer response rate than the mRNA vaccine. If you are terrified of the mRNA vaccine by all means try to get the protein-based vaccine because getting any vaccine is far better than wearing a mask. People have been absolutely stunned at how effective the mRNA vaccines have been, Waymore than what anyone has seen apparently. I am not a vaccine expert I just read what I can, and apparently this was easier and faster to bring to market, which is one of the protein vaccine is slower to get there and then what we have is not as effective— but it’s still way better than nothing. The live attenuated vaccines have also had some horrible catastrophes in history, where some actually were not nearly as attenuated as desired. The mRNA or the pro team has the advantage that you’re not getting an effective substance. I hope that is helpful.

    2. Wagstaff, The Government of Canada explains the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, and how they work; in very understandable English.
      [ COVID-19 mRNA vaccines = canada(dot)ca/en/health-canada/services/drugs-health-products/covid19-industry/drugs-vaccines-treatments/vaccines/type-mrna]

      About COVID-19 mRNA vaccines
      How COVID-19 mRNA vaccines work
      What we know about the safety of mRNA vaccines

      mRNA vaccines are a new type of vaccine. Many types of vaccines use a weakened or inactivated virus or part of a virus to trigger an immune response inside our body. However, instead of using the live virus that causes COVID-19, mRNA vaccines teach our cells how to make a protein that will trigger an immune response. Once triggered, our body then makes antibodies. These antibodies help us fight the infection if the real virus does enter our body in the future.

      Researchers have been studying and working with these vaccines for quite some time. For example, they have been studied for flu, Zika, rabies and cytomegalovirus (CMV). Researchers have also used mRNA to trigger the immune system to target certain cancer cells.

      mRNA vaccines can be developed faster than traditional methods because they’re made in a lab using materials that are easily available. However, these technology advancements don’t replace the large-scale clinical trials needed to show that the vaccine is safe and effective.

      Like all vaccines, people who are vaccinated gain protection without ever having to risk the serious consequences of getting sick from being exposed to the virus. People also can’t get COVID-19 from the vaccine itself.

      ‘RNA’ stands for ribonucleic acid, which is a molecule that provides cells with instructions for making proteins. RNA vaccines contain the instructions for making the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. This protein is found on the surface of the virus that causes COVID-19.

      Thus, the mRNA molecule is essentially a recipe, telling the cells of the body how to make the spike protein.
      COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are given by injection into the muscle of the upper arm.

      After the protein piece is made, the cell breaks down the instructions and gets rid of them. The mRNA ~~~>>never enters the central part (nucleus) of the cell, which is where our DNA (genetic material) is found.

      The cell then displays the protein piece on its surface. Our immune system recognizes that the protein doesn’t belong there and begins building an immune response and making antibodies.
      [A bit more at the site. Very short, easy to read, article.]
      Me [GGHD]: A lot of people (including me) no longer trust our government (USA) to always be acting in the best interest of its own citizens. … The government and its employees (Politicians and many Beaurucrats) seem to service the financial interests of whomever pays the largest bribe to our politicians.
      [A lot of voters seem to be interested in mostly receiving ‘free stuff’ from the government.]

      Personally, I plan to hold out on this vaccine until I’m forced to take it. … Wary rats will NOT be the first to feed at a new food source. They watch the other rats first to see if it’s safe.

      The death rate for COVID-19 is a small percentage. Therapies seem to work, to treat COVID-19 in most ill people. (Many sick people have recovered; including famously President Trump).
      … …. COVID-19 seems to have escaped from a Biological Weapons Laboratory in Communist China. … COVID-19 ~may be a quickly ‘mutating’ virus.
      Will a vaccine good today; be good for a future mutation (if it happens)?

      We do know the ‘intentionally’ released on the World, COVID-19 was used to facilitate the theft of the 2020 election; & Along with the ‘crooked’ vote tabulating machines.
      [When people can actually look at the machines, the program, and the results, the tabulating machines produce lots of big errors]

      Have no fear for the future, mumbling China Joe is in hot pursuit of the ‘election theft’ and ~ the people responsible for the ‘intentional’ release of the COVID-19 virus.

  35. Reporting from Mississippi.

    We are definitely not used to these temperatures. It got down to about 15* here. We didn’t lose power (at least not yet), but we expected to. We went and got a little gas, pipe glue and chicken feed before the cold set in. I had plenty of cow feed. There was no mad rush to get milk, bread and eggs like everyone else. I don’t eat bread, but the rest of the family does, and we had plenty in the freezer. The milk and eggs come from our own animals. I did have to make some adjustments in my daily routine with the extreme cold. I had to store the pulsator for my milking machine inside during these days and take it out right before I milked. I had to make some adjustments in how I clean up the milking machine, since the water froze, along with all the hoses. I am hauling water from inside out to all the chicken pens everyday, so that’s a little different. The daily high temperature has risen above freezing most days, so it hasn’t been too bad. I have dealt with some days in past years where it stayed below freezing all day for several days, so this really wasn’t too bad.

  36. Not to generate ire, but much like the vaccine and virus don’t pass the smell test, something about the heart behind PrepperDoc’s ongoing insistence that the vaccine is so wonderful is setting off some alarm bells. I believe the virus is a real illness. I think too much time has been spent on promoting fear of the virus than trying to find out why a virus specifically targets neurologic and coagulation components of the body. And the particular affinity the virus has for people with higher levels of cholesterol (standard American diet anyone?) and the odd repelling nature of O-type blood. I don’t have many initials behind my name , but enough to understand that when someone starts to condescend by stating things like “if you understand what I mean”

    1. Good evening, anonymous, I’m sorry if you found my language offensive, the difficulty was on my part not knowing exactly how to explain the difference in the efficacy of masks on the receiving end versus the sending end, and my sentence was designed to convey that I wasn’t doing the best job of explaining it but I hoped people understood what I meant. There was no attempt to be condescending. I’m sorry if you took it that way.

      If people are coughing who are infected, the data seem to suggest that a mask on the infected person does significantly reduce the number of people around them who will be infected. That’s what I’m calling the sending end

      In the Danish study most of the people were not wearing masks and the study subjects were wearing masks and the controls were not. thus they were testing the protection of masks at preventing you from receiving the virus. And they found that the masks were basically worthless. (in statistical language they were unable to reject the null hypothesis that the mask made no difference).

      Avalanche Lily got me to read about the reverse transcriptases and I learned some things there, which I didn’t know before, but it did not change the overall outcome because generally you don’t have those reverse transcriptases within your cell cytoplasm. So the concern while theoretically discussable, is not a practical issue.

      I am confused by the theological concerns since it’s already demonstrated that basically all of us have tiny fragments of viral DNA within our genome. That would have been the case for the 12 disciples as well. But we are generally pretty convinced that 11 of them went to heaven, aren’t we? I’d find it difficult to believe that Jesus would be providing an atoning sacrifice if no one on the planet could be saved because basically all of us have some failures in our genome. The Scriptures don’t describe it as an ineffective or futile sacrifice.

  37. One of JWR’s titles is listed in Aesop’s Raconteur Report…

    This is a very good article (warning: some bad language) about what we will and won’t have related to medical care capaciity in a true and terrible disaster scenario. He makes several excellent points and these are worth considering.

    I do believe he’s right about the loss of life in a truly disasterous situation — that it will be severe. Having said that — I also believe, and Aesop really does say this too — that we should do everything we can in the present to be prepared so that we can save as many lives as possible.

    Our preparations must been both deep and broad, and no matter where we are (or think we are) in the process of becoming more prepared, there is always more we can and should be doing.

    1. Telesilla of Argos:

      I’m still team building. It never stops. The CERT program is fantastic for meeting people with motivation. But one of ours passed away.

      Today I learned one of our team, who was confined to a wheelchair and absent one leg, had died of bone cancer last week. His 72 YO mother is on our team and I called with my sad condolences. He was our radio coordinator and programmer, and a very nice gregarious guy. Ray, a licensed ham, is now a Silent Key.

      Another team member is a former nurse and his wife is a former nurse. He and I today made a plan to meet and develop a list of med supplies on hand, and what we need to order for mass trauma.

      Part of our discussion started with ” CERT only extricates and prepares victims for transport”, and progressed to “when the big quake hits or other med services are not available for days, we’ll need to have__________ and will need to be able to_________ provide sustained advanced treatment within our competencies” and do it as private parties since CERT works under system rules and those capabilities are beyond CERT authorization level.

      He listed many items for IVs with sources he’s aware of.

      If you ever have team members who come to your location to stay, make sure they have the list of prepared items you expect them to show up with, such as a filled propane cylinder, 5 gallons of preserved fuel, a weeks food for four, a generator, 5 gallons drinking water, bedding, etc., etc.

      I’m focusing on is the need for wide ranging competencies, provided by a large number of individuals. I’d love to have Prepper Doc on our team. Personally, I think the SARS COV2 vaccine discussions went a little too far in denying the science he was spending lots of time trying to help us understand.

      I stand firm on choice. If people insist on getting the vaccine I will not keep them from their choice after they are informed. Liberty is a gift of God.

      I’ve revised my opinion on FEMA camps too. I want to know where they are so when people who refuse to prepare show up at my gate, I’ll tell them, “Your camp is just down the road, keep walking, they have food, fuel, beverages, and everything you want. Hurry up now before its gone. They are waiting for you.”

      Now, I’m gonna check out the latest YouTube of the chill zone.

      God Bless

  38. If you are “on the fence” considering the vaccine this discussion may be more confusing than helpful.

    When things are cloudy or confused I always choose to stand with Mother Nature. I read recently that:

    ‘Healthy food, sleep, exercise, common sense, staying out of crowds, goes a long way to maintaining health! Not injecting an mRNA vaccine!’

    At a robust age of 72, I agree with that statement. And another consideration is that the next life is going to be a lot better than this one anyway….. not that I’m in a hurry for that.

    So don’t let worry make you sick.

  39. Please tell me this
    If you get the shot both of them
    Do you still have to wear a mask?
    If you get the shot why are you mad at the other people for not wearing a mask you are safe right ?
    If this Covid changes to a new flavor will we all go back on lock down again and wait for a new shot or two maybe 3 ?
    What happen to the flu this year ? I do not think I saw any adds for the flu shot
    Mask do not work but now they do work but you have to wear two mask That is better the one mask I am just going to wear 3 to be safe 🙂
    Nothing to see here just move along

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