The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

“Everyone knows that the fire from a little spark will increase and blaze ever higher as long as it finds wood to burn; yet without being quenched by water, but merely by finding no more fuel to feed on, it consumes itself, dies down, and is no longer a flame. Similarly, the more tyrants pillage, the more they crave, the more they ruin and destroy; the more one yields to them, and obeys them, by that much do they become mightier and more formidable, the readier to annihilate and destroy. But if not one thing is yielded to them, if, without any violence they are simply not obeyed, they become naked and undone and as nothing, just as, when the root receives no nourishment, the branch withers and dies.

To achieve the good that they desire, the bold do not fear danger; the intelligent do not refuse to undergo suffering. It is the stupid and cowardly who are neither able to endure hardship nor to vindicate their rights; they stop at merely longing for them, and lose through timidity the valor roused by the effort to claim their rights, although the desire to enjoy them still remains as part of their nature. A longing common to both the wise and the foolish, to brave men and to cowards, is this longing for all those things which, when acquired, would make them happy and contented. Yet one element appears to be lacking. I do not know how it happens that nature fails to place within the hearts of men a burning desire for liberty, a blessing so great and so desirable that when it is lost all evils follow thereafter, and even the blessings that remain lose taste and savor because of their corruption by servitude. Liberty is the only joy upon which men do not seem to insist; for surely if they really wanted it they would receive it. Apparently they refuse this wonderful privilege because it is so easily acquired.” – Étienne de La Boétie. (From Harry Kurz’s 1942 translation of ”Discours de la servitude volontaire ou le Contr’un,” or, in English, “The Discourse on Voluntary Servitude, or the Anti‐Dictator.)


  1. Another excellent quote of the day!

    From this post: “But if not one thing is yielded to them, if, without any violence they are simply not obeyed, they become naked and undone and as nothing, just as, when the root receives no nourishment, the branch withers and dies.”

    Focusing in on “they become naked”, I do believe the perpetrators of crimes against America (and all Americans) will be “become naked” to the public. This may already be happening.

    1. It’s finally happening in New York. King Cuomo is finally coming under fire for his nursing home mandate and the subsequent coverups. There are even calls for impeachment or other prosecution. One can only hope. I think, at least, this scandal will keep him from running for any other office especially federal.

      1. I saw this news reporting also…

        From the New York Post: “Melissa DeRosa’s admission on nursing home coverup sparks calls for probe — and Cuomo’s prosecution”

        Janice Dean, whose in-laws both lost their lives to COVID, has a lot to say about this as well.

        From PJ Media: “Janice Dean on Cuomo, Whitmer, Newsom: ‘I Believe All of Them Should Go to Jail'”

    2. What a lovely quote.

      I offer one I found today.

      “What an astonishing promise it is that the Spirit prays in us and does so according to the will of
      God. Perhaps our real task in prayer is to attune ourselves to the conversation already going on
      deep in our hearts. We then may align our conscious intention with the desire of God being
      expressed at our core.”
      -Henri Nouwen

      Carry on in grace

  2. Course this is merely my opinion, but I do base it on actual evidence. The present regime is not legal, having achieved their positions by fraudulent means.
    Any laws, rule, regulations, edicts, executive orders etc., enacted by fraudulent means and contrary to the Constitution and standing “legally” enacted laws, are Null and Void. There is precedent for that as well.
    It rears its head commonly in courts as not only is the defendant on trial, but in numerous cases, the law allegedly violated is also on trial as to its legality.

    By simply refusing to obey the so called “masters”, there is not much can be done but use force. By using force they engage in a “circular logic” scenario. By forcing those who would not obey, to obey by eliminating those who would not, they then have no one left to force to obey.
    The power of NO !

    1. The crooked Democrat Party Leaders (The China Joe followers), believe in the advice of their hero, Chairman Mao. = “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”
      ….. … The Democrats have started turning Washington DC into a military fortress; the Democrats are depending on the USA military guns being turned against the American voters. … The Democrats know they stole the election; they’re hiding behind the fences and barbed wire.

      The 2020 Election was stolen. The tabulating machines miscounted the actual votes, and the Democrats stuffed the crooked ballot box areas. … The Democrats stole the 2020 Election.
      Professional politicians can be bribed and blackmailed. There’s plenty of Internet information about the sordid dealings of many of our politicians. …. Just because a politician wears a favored political label, doesn’t mean he’s going to follow the real goals of that party. The politician is most likely a lying deceptive person.
      …….. Become involved in politics at the local level where you live. … Know your political representatives.

      The Democrats will need to take away the guns of honest Americans. … There will be a Jackboot response to the crimes, incited and furthered by the Democrats. … There will be less police, court prison sentencing, and far less effort to keep criminals and illegal drugs out of our country.

      Make plans to defend yourself, family, neighbors and home. There is plenty of information on SurvivalBlog. … The best information is moving to a gun friendly place, that believes criminals belong either in prison, or on the other side of a Border Wall. There is information about preventive measures to use BEFORE reaching for a gun.

      We are in for dire times. Don’t give up on America. Most of us know the 2020 election was stolen by China Joe and his cronies. The honest citizen can rectify the wrong.
      The proof of a stolen election is available. The truth is being censored. The Democrats do NOT want Americans to have the 1st Amendment rights of =

      “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

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