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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats, and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at the importance of buying some extra AR-15 lower receivers.

Top Five Guns to Buy Before a Potential Ban: 2021 Edition

Reader Paul D. sent us this insightful Iraq Veteran 8888 video: Top 5 Guns to Buy Before a Potential Ban: 2021 Edition. JWR’s Comment:  Their advice parallels the advice on buying AR-15 lower receivers that I’ve been giving repeatedly since 2005. Stack them deep. (Oh, and you should obtain them as private party purchases, if you can–even if it means paying twice as much.)

The Democrats Are Pursuing a Palpatine Strategy

Linked over at the news aggregation site: The Democrats Are Pursuing a Palpatine Strategy. Here is a quote from the essay:

“The Democratic Party is like a Trojan Horse for the far Left. Palpatine is a cover for Darth Sidious. Joe Biden has the avuncular façade of a forgetful grandpa, but he is allowing a radical, globalist, anti-American agenda to metastasize.

The Democratic Party used to be the party of the working class. It used to be the party for everyday Americans. There are still millions of Americans who vote for the Democrats because of this heritage. But now, the Democratic Party has been captured by billionaire tech and finance titans, pro-LGBTQ, anti-Christian, pro-illegal alien and anti-U.S. wage earner, pro-critical theory, and anti-traditional American values, pro-globalist and anti-nationalist special interest groups.”

NBC Mask-Shames a Florida Grocery Store

Matt Christiansen: NBC Mask-Shames a Florida Grocery Store on National TV — Without a Shred of Evidence.

40-Year-Old Mountain House Meal Taste Test

Video from the good folks at Simple Living Alaska: 40-Year-Old Mountain House Meal Taste Test.

Amazon Crackdown on RF Devices – Ham Radio

Tim J. sent this video commentary from a “Yes, sir”–toe-the-line ham: Amazon Crackdown on RF Devices – Ham RadioJWR says: “I told you so — at least for you Baofeng UV5rs.”

12 Years Living Off-Grid on a Sustainable Homestead

12 Years Living Off-Grid on a Sustainable Homestead in a Self-Built Cob Home. JWR’s Comments:  Yes, they’re in the Birkenstock/Man Bun/Gluten-Free Granola crowd, but there are definitely some DIY and frugality lessons here.

In England: A Family Preparing to Fail

Our own Pat Cascio forwarded this: We’re ‘collapsologists’ living off the land in case civilisation crumbles – Covid proves we’re right to be preparedJWR’s Comments:  This article is written in The Sun‘s typical sensationalistic style, but it does includes a few useful nuggets.

Some Important Insulin Refrigeration Info for Diabetics

Reader C.B. spotted this over at Medical Xpress: Study shows a vial of insulin can be stored for 4 weeks after opening at up to 37C without losing efficacy

Matt Bracken on the Risks of Gun Registration

Tim J. pointed me to a great piece that was written for American Partisan by former Navy SEAL and novelist Matt Bracken: So what’s the matter with gun registration? Everything! Here is an excerpt:

“In the Turkish case, only a small clique understood the true purpose behind the gun registration and gun control laws of 1911. If average Turks thought about the gun laws at all, they probably believed they would actually lead to greater public safety, as advertised. That was also generally the case with the Russians, Germans, Chinese, Cambodians, Guatemalans, Rwandans, and all the rest who were required to register or even turn in their firearms for “public safety,” and who accepted the demand at face value as a “reasonable” gun control measure, to their later regret.

American liberals who would like to see the Second Amendment torn out of the Constitution as a problematic relic of a bygone era generally do not know—or pretend not to know—this well-established historical pattern. But American Constitutionalists, who are more often than not students of history, understand the scheme very well.

So, directly behind the insane faces of contemporary villains like Loughner, Holmes and Lanza, we see the smirking faces of Stalin, Hitler, and Mao, tyrants who did not murder individual victims by the fives and tens, but entire populations by the fives and tens of millions. And in every case, these national genocides were preceded by gun confiscation that was made possible by national firearms registration laws sold to a gullible population in the name of ‘public safety.'”

B. of A. Secretly Handed Customer Data to the FBI

D.S.V. sent us this: Tucker Carlson: Bank of America secretly handed over private customer data to the FBI following Capitol riot.

Interview: We are Living in the Age of Deception and Betrayal

A Recent Audio Interview: We are Living in the Age of Deception and Betrayal — Jim Rawles interviewed by Dunagan Kaiser.

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  1. I agree with you JWR, buy em cheap and stack em deep. I walked into a local sporting goods store today to see a friend buying 12 anderson lowers at $60 each. I think a better approach is to buy the 80% lowers. I wish the 80%people would develope some long range bolt action kits, and .50 bmg kits. I just hope that people are stockpiling food along with guns and ammo. I wonder if the evil men pulling the strings want us to be armed to the teeth, and then they create a food shortage and get us to kill each other over food.

    1. BIG MIKE: you can take an 80% AR lower and match it up with the non-federal firearms ferret 50, and you have a 50 BMG bolt action. The upper is not classed as a firearm and does not require a FFL. This accomplishes both of your purposes doesn’t it?

    2. We watched a recorded episode of NCIS last night, it was originally aired Tuesday. It was about those evil ghost guns that people are making, get this, ANYWHERE! Even in their own homes. And, and, and no one knows how many of them are out there waiting to kill unwary citizens.
      Sigh. Hollyweird just doing their part to bring the country down. Too bad that opportunity to clean out the commies was botched.

    1. We met the enemy it are us…….a little slang English, but I along with millions of us have fed the juggernaut, we bought harbor freight, we bought Amazon, we used PayPal, we bank wells Fargo and Bank of America………point being it was convenient, it was cheap, we did not understand 20 years ago……where this was headed……remember Sam founder of Walmart when Wally World had a buy American made slogan. The blame also rests with American companies who enjoyed years of fleecing the American consumer with high prices because they were the big boys on the block and a almost monopoly of the market place. I for one see the end of the tunnel…..and understand we now reap what was sown, can’t undo the mistakes and can only try and mitigate current. I for one am retired, have I quit shopping the China products, be honest are there any viable alternatives, in most areas there are not. Maybe it’s like having an animal that has served us well but now is at the end of its existence, we are not God and so we may have to put it out of its sufferings. Have always said there are pessimistic and optimistic people but in the middle the common sense crowd they are called realists….they take both sides and meld them together and continue on with lifetimes struggle, this is myself. god will handle the situation, end of story.

    2. Agreed, Tim in CT. We have departed Amazon as well. We are voting with our wallets, and we are becoming increasingly more investigative in this regard.

      WeatherTech had a great ad on America’s Voice. It would be worth verifying their commitment to America, and if this is correct, to support them fully alongside other companies doing the same!

    3. Excellent quip, JWR: ” Yes, they’re in the Birkenstock/Man Bun/Gluten-Free Granola crowd, but there are definitely some DIY and frugality lessons here.”

      I, too, draw my lesson from whatever source God offers me. And, I reckon these folks were ahead of the curve, “no buying from Amazon”.

      Carry on

  2. As we persevere, we must also be tenacious.

    All of America, no matter an individual’s political stripe, deserves a true, honest, lawful, transparent, and public accounting of the 2020 election. Where fraud is uncovered, it must be corrected. Where people who committed fraud are discovered, they must be held accountable according to the law.

    SB friends… This is not the time to tire. If news reports are correct, we are seeing that more and more among us are becoming aware of the fraud perpetrated against all of the United States in the form of election theft.

    …and those who seem to be the perpetrators may appear to be strange bed-fellows, but my view is that they are not so strange to one another after all. Corporate America and the Communist Left are banding together to take the vote from the common American man and woman — those of us who make up the backbone of this great nation.

    We can fight back peacefully and yet with great force with our political voices, with our community involvement in elections processes, in the education of others including your children, with our wallets, and in many other non-violent ways. If there is violence, let that be on the shoulders — no, a weight on the very souls — of the Radical Left.

    We are also seeing that there are people in positions of power and authority who are taking decisive steps to block or otherwise impair the forward march of the current regime.

    We are not alone. God is with us, and He is sending others right here on earth. We will win with truth. Goodness will prevail.

    Here are some examples of people standing up, even now. Have hope. Take heart. Be part of constructive action. Liberty loving people who believe in the Constitution and the Republic can make a difference in ways that will not only deliver political change — without ever firing a shot — but that will transform our country in ways that will make her a better, stronger, and more prosperous nation going forward.

    My heart, and I hope yours, is filled with FAITH in the goodness of this movement. Remember. Persevere and be tenacious.

    From Big League Politics: “POLITICSPro-Trump Vice Chair in Michigan is Recruiting Activists to Investigate Addresses of Detroit Voters”

    New Hampshire joins the fight for truth. From The Gateway Pundit: “HUGE DEVELOPMENT: Hand Recount Finds Dominion Voting Machines Shorted EVERY REPUBLICAN Candidate in Windham, New Hampshire, 300 Votes!”

    Here comes Oklahoma. From The New American: “Oklahoma Governor Nullifies Biden’s Executive Order — With His Own”

    From The Gateway Pundit: “MUST READ: Democrats Were ONLY Able to “Win” in 2020 By Breaking Chain of Custody Laws in EVERY SWING STATE”

    Protests are not just arising on the basis of election fraud, they are also arising based on specific or “subject area” interests. From The Western Journal via Populist Press: “14 Attorneys General Pen Letter to Biden Seeking Reversal of Major Biden Decision”

    California is on the move. From Breitbart via Populist Press: “Recall Leader: We Have the Signatures for a Vote on Gavin Newsom”

    More work is yet to be done. What is happening in Arizona is inexplicable. Keep speaking up, Arizona Patriots!

    From the Gateway Pundit: “Arizona GOP Legislature Continues to behave like RINOs”

    …and keep in mind the truly bizarre messaging we are getting from Washington DC.

    From the Liberty Loft: “Washington, DC Still Looks Like The Hunger Games Capital Panem Yet No One Knows Why”

    Perhaps they fear the truth of reports like this one by Peter Navarro? I will just say this… Politicians and those who are complicit in their nefarious activities are only hiding the truth from themselves. They are not hiding it from the rest of us.

    Here’s a link to the Peter Navarro Report via Dr. Navarro’s website:

    Read it. Know it. Educate others. Share this report with as many as you can.

    1. This order of the Governor doesn’t have a lot of meat but the meaning of it expresses everything. We among others are going to buck King biden’s executive orders as long as possible. It’s a losing battle by ourselves but hopefully others will join soon. Texas and Oklahoma aren’t going quietly.

      1. Texas and Oklahoma have important roles and are leading the way… Other states are coming alongside. Remain strong, vocal, and forward moving. Do not relent in letting every person in a decision making capacity — from voters to officials — know that they must take action to restore, protect and preserve the Republic. At the forefront of this fight will be actions related to recovery of election integrity and protections for the 1st Amendment.

  3. I just closed two B of A accounts this week. And told them why, in a polite, but firm tone. I doubt they care, but who knows? Maybe they will lose enough customers to start caring.

    1. The voice of every person who votes with their wallets will ultimately be heard, and the numbers are growing as disgust for the abuse of institutions like this one grows. I say GOOD FOR YOU.

      1. Singin’ my song: “The voice of every person who votes with their wallets will ultimately be heard, and the numbers are growing as disgust for the abuse of institutions like this one grows. I say GOOD FOR YOU.”

        You know I beat that “vote with your wallet” drum every chance I get.

        Glad to have someone agreeing.

        Carry on

  4. My DW worked for BOA for a few years after they bought her previous employer. She left them about twelve years ago. They offered free accounts which we refused. The greed and corruption was quite obvious in the policies they were implementing. Even back then it was obvious they were not bank of America but bank of the globalists. My suggestion is to bank with a local bank or even better a credit union. Credit unions are not for profit and controlled by the members.

  5. Stack em deep…Palmetto State Armory has their Stealth Lower for $199 and FREE shipping for their President’s Day Sale. On the books, but a great price these days…

  6. I agree with the thought of buy em cheap and stack em deep. But stacking em deep does no good unless we have the bang pills to go with them. I would be buying one every week if I could afford it, but as many of you know, thats reliant heavily on the “able” portion.
    My biggest frustration has been finding ammo & reloading supplies, of any kind
    Trying AmmoSeek, as well as doing general searches and trying specific suppliers I’m finding that each and every one, with only a very few exceptions, everything is out of stock, and many suppliers are not even accepting backorders. They are so far behind in their orders they list “no backorders”. This is covering primers of all brands/sizes, powders, casings, bullets, and even going into the dies and other reloading hardware.
    I did find an outlet that would accept backorders, but they are so far behind in the orders they can’t even process the “one” caliber bullets & casings order they did have in stock for 3-4 weeks……. Out of all the calibers commonly used, and this one not all that common, that was the only one available…..

    We live in perilous times, among events very few of the now living have experienced before. Most of the WWII era folks are dyeing off, the only ones experienced with firsthand knowledge of Communism/Socialism/Facism in any of its forms.
    Only those from Korea & Vietnam are able to relate with firsthand exposure. And then it was more a combination of dictatorship driven by socialist tendencies.
    Those from Iraq and the various “Stan” wars experienced not Communism/Socialism/Facism, but outright Tyrannical Dictatorships. There is a difference.

    Along these same lines I ran across these instagram post(s) I thought everyone would find interesting, pertaining to finances, the planned coming food shortage, as well as some info on the election fraud. Be wary – Trust no one! They want us dead! Let us not let that happen.
    Long Live Our Republic

  7. It’s time to employ some “Irish Democracy”. Many on this site already do. We are trying to do the same. Lists vary depending on which article you read. Point is to take a stand no matter how small. Cancel credit cards of BoA and others, pay with cash, work for cash, barter, home school, grow your own food. Support local business even if less convenient and more expensive. These decisions take time to implement. Some require significant sacrifice. Your list will be different than mine. Making small decisions trains us for the day when larger ones are required. Point is make TPTB lives hard and their jobs difficult. Wear them down and starve the beast.

  8. Democrats in the Nevada legislature have announced they plan on going whole Hogg on gun control. They have decided to push bans on “assault weapons”, magazines over 10 rounds, and “ghost guns.” Last session they required background checks on gun sales between private citizens. Nevada runs its own background check system, and according to a friend of mine who is a former cop, they keep your name and serial number in a permanent database (default registration).

    As Sen. Cruz said in an earlier quote, in order to make a universal background check system work, a registration system is required to monitor transfers. And registration makes future confiscation possible.

    This is why I would buy 80% receivers while you can.

    Some gun owners feel that they somehow out-smarted the system because their guns will be “grandfathered” by our magnanimous Overlords. What this usually means is, you won’t be able to pass them on to your kids, or anyone else after you die… once their database shows you attained room temperature, they are going to order your family members to turn in your guns under penalty of fines or jail time.

    On a brighter note, the Missouri House just passed a law banning police from enforcing federal gun laws, in response to future federal (Biden) gun legislation. Lets hope that other states will follow suit.
    (at KSHB dot com – “Missouri House Passes ban on enforcement of federal gun laws”)

    1. As Sen. Cruz said in an earlier quote, in order to make a universal background check system work, a registration system is required to monitor transfers. And registration makes future confiscation *possible*.

      Inevitable if not Imminent.

  9. People, you are all great, knowledgeable and God fearing or praising but there is only one truth to the matter. “RESISTANCE IS FUTILE”. The swamp is pervasive and will eventually assimilate us all. Hunker down, expect the worst and pray, pray , pray. God Bless!!

    1. Years ago (when AG Reno said we were the true enemies of America) I was forced to admit I had two sides. I was a Christian first then a patriotic American. That way my trust was in God’s promises and not DC. I find this year my schizophrenia is showing up again.

      As a Christian and local church leader I support masking and all the social distance bull to protect the elderly in our congregation. But as a patriot I bristle against the Dems grabbing power. Fortunately our state supreme court has ruled against our Dem governor occasionally.

      Trying to go gray and still maintain ability to support those I wish to support is not my first choice, but bring retired and limited in physical ability is ok for now.

      At least 40m is opening up now in the afternoon. I’m still working on FT8 and other weak signal modes to ensure comms can continue.

      In all things TGBTG

    2. I completely disagree with you. Resistance is NEVER futile! NEVER!! Resist with all your might. Resist for the sake of your children and grandchildren. RESIST!!!

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