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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we focus on some feloniously fictitious cattle. (See the Central & Eastern Washington section.)


New bills addressing emergency powers emerge from Idaho Statehouse JWR’s Comment:  The Republican majority has clearly decided that Governor Little went more than a little too far!

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I just noticed that The Good Simple Living vlogging family (vaguely near Bonner’s Ferry, Idaho) just surpassed 200,000 subscribers. My heartfelt congratulations.  BTW, If you haven’t already subscribed, then you should!

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Three Idaho National Guard personnel killed in Black Hawk crash

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FCC Fines Former Idaho Resident Nearly $10 Million for making racist calls

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Blackfoot Man Facing Multiple Charges After Accident on I-15


Reward increased for info on two dead grizzly bears found near Bigfork

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Outfitters support bill to set aside hunting licenses for clients

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Investigation active after two kids lead police on low-speed chase in stolen RV

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Montana hiker injured in surprise encounter with moose

Central & Eastern Oregon

Central Oregon Sportsman Show planned to go ahead this year

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Two Bend men arrested in 6 recent car thefts; 3 stolen guns also recovered

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Camp Umatilla gets funding for more upgrades

Central & Eastern Washington

Tyson Foods sues rancher over 200,000 phony bovine. The article begins:

“A prominent Washington ranching family is in hot water after a lawsuit over fake cattle.

This comes after Tyson Foods Inc. accused the Easterday Ranches’ family of allegedly charging them for 200,000 cattle that never existed.

Tyson Foods said this cost them more than $225 million in losses.

According to court documents obtained by Action News, a Tyson attorney states Easterday Ranches President Cody Easterday admitted to the fraudulent scheme saying it was initiated to cover more than $200 million in commodities trading losses.

For years, Tyson Foods and the Easterdays had an agreement that Tyson would reimburse the Easterdays for the money spent purchasing and feeding the cattle on Easterday feedlots that were then provided to Tyson’s placing plant in Wallula.

Washington Trust Bank has now entered the lawsuit claiming the Easterdays are transferring assets and selling collateral in violation of its loan agreement.

The bank’s complaint states Easterday’s action to begin liquidating assets is concerning and they are worried other collateral could be improperly sold.

The banks also states Tyson foods discovered Easterday was planning to sell the” North Lot” of the ranch in Pasco.

Washington Trust Bank is requesting the court appoint Farmland Company Management Inc. as the receiver with the power to manage all Easterday Ranches’ business and assets.”

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Reintroduced partition legislation: New bill would split Washington into two states; creating 51st state called Liberty. The text of the bill can be found here. JWR’s Comment: The Liberty State movement is still alive and well. Given the deep social and political divide, at some point, the partition of eastern Washington will be almost inevitable.


Powder River Basin coal mine ceases operations, asks court to reject pension and health care obligations

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High winds, slick conditions to impact sections of I-80, I-25, I-90 over the weekend

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2020 Conservation License Plates sales raise over $300,000JWR’s Comment: You’ll note a little typo in their headline, online. Although in the age of texting, genuine conversation is an endangered species.)

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  1. I just finished reading HOUSE BILL 1239 from Washington State and am glad to see things are continuing to move forward with Liberty State. Several areas that I noticed could be potential problems (Read: continuing the mistakes of the past / previous state) to the real freedom that the citizens deserve are the following:
    Sec. 2.(1)(f) Debt; [they need to stay as far away from this “viper” as possible. The Biblical principle of “the borrower is servant to the lender” should be applied here.
    Sec. 2.(1)(j) Education; [There needs to be a provision written in the new Constitution that states that parents have the full right to educate their own children without any government interference. No evolutionary “theories” here.]
    Sec. 2.(1)(0) Health care. [No socialized medicine will be forced upon the citizens.]
    There are a few other areas in Section 2, but these are the top ones that popped up at me as being obvious spots for trouble. The section on Agriculture needs to have someone at the helm that is a very good business manager and a scientist to the core, because this will, to a large part, determine the long term survival in a time of economic turmoil. It needs to be a self-sustaining system that is put in place.

    1. “Sec. 3. This act takes effect immediately upon the United States congress’s consent to the formation of a new state of Liberty in accordance with Article IV, section 3 of the United States Constitution.”

      It would set a nice precedent if they could pull this off but since it requires congress to approve it, I can’t imagine them being able to pull this off.

      If they did, it would pave the way for other states to do the same and there are certainly many citizens who would like to see the big cities have less control over them.

  2. “In other words, the company needs to divert funds originally dedicated to workers’ benefits to the mine cleanup fund instead.”

    This is wrong on so many levels… I am frustrated and angry at the evil men do. Just another example of the working poor being robbed. I pray that a good judge will protect these workers.

    1. My guess is that the company already HAS diverted the worker’s earned benefit monies to the mine cleanup fund and this is an end-around to cover that up. You know the owners got their money already.
      But I would not consider the mine workers to be “working poor” except in relation to the officers and owners. Their jobs, in general, are high-paying compared to almost anything else in the area.

      1. BinWy, I meant, “working poor,” as a figure of speech. I assume they are normal middle class folk who cannot afford $100,000 to $5,000,000 in attorney fees to defend themselves. I do not know if their union can afford that either. I pray the union can, otherwise, to me, it is akin to stealing ones 401k, social security payments, and future healthcare. May good win.

    2. “The mine has reclamation plans and adequate bonding.” I went searching for and found this in the article.
      I vaguely remember another such promise in another state many years ago that there would be a bond to ensure that the mine would revert after operations ceased and that should the company default, the bond would provide for the reclamation.
      Going after the workers benefits appears to be the easiest and least expensive pathway for the parent company. I wonder how this will play out in the Courts.

  3. The FCC fines someone for making racists calls but can’t seem to stop the gang of grifters who call everyone in the U.S. to offer us warranties on our cars. And then there are many other scams on the telephone that seem to never stop. Where is the FCC on this??? It is actually the easiest thing in the world for the FCC. The second you dial a phone number the cell system knows your number, the number you are calling, your names, where you are physically located, etc. Everything they need to know to stop these scams they know even before the target picks up their phone. Additionally the entire conversation is recorded by NSA. So what’s their excuse???

  4. SB143 in the Montana legislature is nothing more than a special interest group (outfitters) using the force of government to line their own nest at the expense of non-residents who have family in Montana. In the long term, it will reduce the amount of private lands that are now available to the general public through the Block Management Program. Outfitters will lease more of those lands over time, excluding everyone but those who have enough money to hire an outfitter. The bill also increases non-resident youth license fees making in more difficult for your grandkids to come home to hunt with grandparents. The end result is more hunting pressure on public lands and then comes the restrictions on those lands. The outfitters will do just fine, the rest will not.

  5. It is very frustrating to live on the right side of Washington and be governed by the oligarchs in Olympia. Our Eastern Washington votes don’t really matter except at our local county levels.Any conservative state representatives do not stand a chance against the socialists from the West side.Population centers control things just like it is in other states.
    It is an uphill battle but the state of Liberty would be a blessing and I pray it can happen.

  6. Mr. Rawles,
    I have to tell you that I REALLY enjoy your News From The American Redoubt!
    I look forward to reading about the happenings and big goings-on, every week.
    Reading this portion of The Blog has really become a staple of my week and something that I completely look forward to, every Tuesday morning!

    Thank You!

  7. The State of Liberty in WA nor the State of Jefferson in northern CA – southern OR will ever happen as it would require Congress to create two new Republican states and lose some of their power in current states. The State of Jefferson got close but WWII derailed the effort.

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