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Here are the latest news items and commentary on current economics news, market trends, stocks, investing opportunities, and the precious metals markets. We also cover hedges, derivatives, and obscura. Most of these items are from the “tangibles heavy” contrarian perspective of SurvivalBlog’s Founder and Senior Editor, JWR. Today, we look at the fate of the U.S. Dollar. (See the Commodities section and the Forex & Cryptos section.)

Precious Metals:

US Mint Warns It Can’t Meet “Surging Demand” For Silver & Gold

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Investor Gold Demand Running At Red Hot Levels

Economy & Finance:

Despite Terrible US Economy in 2020, Workers of Mexican Descent Sent Most Dollars Ever Back to Mexico

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At Zero Hedge: What’s fueling debt mania? Americans are Struggling to Manage Personal Finances

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Government’s Money Monopoly and the “Great Reset”

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Behind the Scenes: Personnel as Policy in the Biden AdministrationJWR’s Comment:  By surrounding himself with Bolsheviks, it is clear that Joe Biden intends to wreck the economy.


At Wolf Street: Inflation Galore at Manufactures, amid Massive Shifts in Demand, Supply-Chain Snags, Shortages, Lack of Shipping Capacity. And They’re Passing it On

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Biden Begins Climate War With Attack On Energy Industry That Will Ignite Inflation. This essay begins:

“In what will be remembered as the ‘shot heard round the world’ fired by the Biden Administration, the first salvo of Executive Orders foretells pain for consumers and the economy in the form of higher energy costs.

Donald Trump’s legacy of the United States as an energy independent superpower benefiting from the lowest energy prices in decades is on life support, and the new Administration in Washington is pulling the plug.

With the exception of the Trade War with China, Trump was a peacetime President, with laissez faire policies that resulted in both low energy prices for consumers and a record expansion and penetration rate of the green energy sector across the entire U.S. economy. Electric cars, solar and wind power, and cleaner use of fossil fuels through a myriad of new technologies – all were beneficiaries of Trump’s hands-off, free market policies.”

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Biden warned us that his energy policies would be job killers

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Shell Sees Return To ‘Normal’ Oil Demand In 2022

Forex & Cryptos:

Over at Lew Rockwell’s site: The Dollar’s Reserve Currency Status Won’t Last Forever. Here is a quote:

“It’s no secret Mr. Putin initiated the strategy to “dedollarize” Russia’s economy. The yellow metal is now the second-largest component of the central bank’s reserves after euros, which make up a third of its reserves. Chinese yuan reserves make up 12 percent. Buy New $33.85 ($0.09 / Count) (as of 03:46 EST – Details)

Over two years ago Forbes compared the oil-producing state Texas to the oil-producing country. “Even though Russia has nearly five times as many residents as Texas, the Lone Star State’s economy is more than $400 billion larger. Texans, therefore, enjoy a gross domestic product (GDP) per capita of around $58,000, whereas Russians have one closer to $8,700,” wrote Frank Holmes.”

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Bank of England Keeps Policy as Is in Unanimous Vote

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‘Zim inflation fall no cause for celebration’

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Sentiment Speaks: Bitcoin Is Trying To Bottom

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Institutional Buyers the Likely Suspect Behind Latest Bitcoin Rally; What’s Next?

Tangibles Investing:

Analysis says number of rural homes for sale nationwide down a record 44% from last year, and prices are up 16%

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Big City “Exodus” & Distortions: Rents Plunge in Most Expensive Cities, Explode in Others. Boston Plunge Steepens, San Francisco Plunge Pauses


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    1. Ahhh the magic question.
      The gamble we all take. You either look at things that are stable and don’t make anything for money during that inflation time especially at retirement time, look to hedge against it with PMs or you look for what’s in demand and will rise and surf the waves. The Wolf Street article and the other articles here have clues as to what’s in demand or will be.

    2. Hey Tom, I’m the odd man out on this subject but I’ll give you my 2¢ worth even though everyone here disagrees with me.

      Physical silver and gold are not investments, they’re an insurance policy. Once you have a big enough insurance policy, then it’s time to invest. If you have a 401K etc, then you don’t don’t have any viable (emphasis on viable) options in physical gold/silver because again, they’re not investments. So when I want investments to supplement my insurance I buy SLV which is a paper silver ETF. I know silver better than any other investment since I got my first ounce when I was 14 or so and started investing in larger quantities when I was ~24 so it only makes sense for me to invest in SLV.

      Looking at the American Silver Eagle monster box buy/sell price right now, there’s an $8.65 spread, and my PM dealer has a buyback premium of 75¢, meaning it has to go up 32% just to break even. SLV on the other hand, has zero premium if you have a no-commision broker like E*Trade and most others. SLV right now is at $25.47 so if it goes up 32%, I just made $4075 profit but only broke even on physical silver. You can do better on Austrian Philharmonics than Silver Eagles, but not by much. SLV will be around just as long as the stock market is up and running, which will only shut down permanently in a TEOTWAWKI situation, so it’s as safe as all the other paper investments in your 401k.

      So if you’re talking strictly investments and not insurance policies, SLV is a no-brainer for me personally and I make money off it doing 1,000 share short-term trades. Good luck on whatever you decide to invest in.

      1. St. Funogas – There are ways to hold physical precious metals inside of a 401K or IRA. SLV and all of the other fake paper silver debt instruments are only claims on debt that will only be redeemed in debt. Remember rule #1: If you can’t hold it in your hand, you don’t own it.

        Money is a measurement of gold & silver in America as defined by our Constitution, U.S.C. and the several Coinage Acts. Everything else is debt that should be called currency, not money.

        Besides being an insurance policy, PMs are a store of wealth with a value that never changes. When I was a kid 50+ years ago, gas was .25 per gallon and candy bars were 3 for .10 cents. They still are today when these items are purchased with pre-1965 U.S. silver quarters and dimes. Keep stacking that money!

        1. Hey Gold Prospector, I understand what you are saying about holding PM’s in an IRA but I don’t consider those viable investment options, just more insurance. They’re tangible but not in the owner’s hands so not much good in a TEOTWAWKI situation and most people are too afraid of penalties so they’ll leave it there as the world collapses around them. Speaking from personal experience, sometimes it’s to our financial benefit to pay the penalties but most people don’t figure that into their calculations. I own my homestead free and clear because picturing myself laying in a hammock on my own debt-free land was more appealing than dollar signs in my eyes and no hammock, so I cashed some out. My homestead is very tangible.

          I doubled my 401k last year by investing in covid stocks, SLV, and mining stocks, all of which were pure paper. We only need so much insurance, and IMO the stock market won’t collapse overnight, we’ll get a heads up like we have every other time, at which point I can convert my paper to other tangibles. All the PM’s I piled into in 2008 are great insurance and sometimes I go to my safe-deposit box just to smile at my “insurance policy,” but they’ve been a lousy 13-year investment. With cash I could have done a whole lot more, but who cares, I want insurance on top of cash, so zero regrets.

          For someone with no stock-investing experience, I would tell them to stay away from every other stock except SLV. There’s no question it’s a good long-term option and most likely a very good short-term option as well. IMO everything else on Wall St. is anyone’s guess.

          Just my 2¢ and thanks for the feedback.

          1. St. Funogas,

            Agree with everything here but PLEASE don’t put PM’s in a Safe Deposit box. In a SHTF/TEOTWAWKI situation many Banks will be??? Not safe, not secure, not insured, & not private. If you don’t believe me ask the bank officer.

            Find another source of secure storage, whether it be a bonded/insured storage service like Brinks, Garda, Wells Fargo, etc. (has it’s own risks), OR find an ‘old school’ mega heavy bank/merchants safe bolted to concrete & hidden behind a false wall or other, so you aren’t at risk of being ‘coerced’ into giving up the combo.

            Just my 2c worth…

            As always, hoping you…
            Seymour Liberty

          2. St. Funagas – I hold physical precious metals in MY possession inside of a Roth IRA wrapped around an LLC. Several folks on this blog explained how it is done and one of them is I didn’t use them, but they explain at their site how they do it.

            I agree that physical precious metals are not an investment, but my gold and silver holdings have outperformed the S&P over the last 20 years percentage wise with zero risk of loss or value. That can’t be said for paper debt holdings.

            Please don’t keep any of your wealth inside of any financial institution, including a “safe deposit box”. Did you know that once a deposit is made, your fiat becomes the property of that institution and you become an unsecured creditor? See the Dodd/Frank Banking Act and what a “Bail In” is. This bail in includes anything inside of the not so safe deposit box.

          3. I tend to think on principle: our Constitution mandates gold and silver coin as a payment for debt. Not paper, not EFT’s , not any other THING but gold and silver coin. I speak only for my self and none others, and in that regard I spent 52 years of my life wearing the uniform of the US Army, the Army National Guard, and finally in a state defense force. My oath before God and my fellow citizens was to the Constitution, not a party, not a Federal reserve, not anything but the very foundation of our Republic. SO that being the case my advice is buy Gold, Silver and other precious metals such as Copper, Lead, and Brass in as many calibers as you can afford.

            Then buy other stuff when you have enough of the above items. In addition to that I also “invest” in shelf stable food storage, enough for my wife & I for 3 meals per day, and 5 years worth in the pantry. Above that we save up some for family and friends who are going to need support; and at the end of the line for fellow citizens when we can help.

            Our oath before God & man has no expiration date, because it goes directly to principles. Either we are a people of principle or we’re not; as for me and my family, we’ll live our principles.

          4. St. Funogas

            We own our place, have a fair sum in the bank via cash, no debts, no CC, my dilemma is she wants to buy PM, urgently at the moment, the woman is looking at various sites, which are insisting, there will be a crash, she is, of course, worrying big time, she will lose her cash!, she is listening to various NAR “prophets” and hyper stressing, ( not good), I tell her to buy guns, rakes, seeds, and older 4WD vehicle, etc, etc, etc, store food BEFORE buying PM, you can’t eat gold or silver, if no one around us has gold or silver, big problem, one aspect I notice now, is gold, silver, ( bars, etc through dealers ) is going way up, my rule has been, buy on the dips, sell on the high, right now is NOT the time to buy PM ( like Perth mint, Canadian mint ) gold, silver bars, etc.

          5. St. Funogas,

            Anything in a bank safe deposit box will be scooped up in the first bail in, no more safe than holding it in a depository. The rest of your post is excellent.

    3. The absolute best place to put you money especially in this age of “shifting economy would be “In Your Pocket”. without a doubt.
      Correct St Funogas in that $$ in silver & Gold is an investment, but it’s still of no use unless you have access to it, as in your pocket, or your safe. Increasingly though as our situation worsens. I’m expecting it to continuously deteriorate through the year, your pocket may have to make a slight move to that hole, only your hole digging friends would help you dig.

    4. Tom, choose anything related to raising food, quality tools, and quality training.

      Training in what? Raising your own food, of course. Self-care, like exercise and relaxation modes. Car and mantenence of your bicycle. No bicycle? Uh oh. Shoulda put that in the first paragraph.None of these are subject to gov’t regulation or market forces.

      Carry on

        1. ArcticEagle… TY for your convictions to God and man based on principles… it is so refreshing to know of others who are like minded… I would love to be your neighbor…May The Lord God Almighty bless you and your family

  1. I remember yrs ago while having a discussion about politics, I said something to a co-worker ( a dyed in the wool ,hard core union democrat ), that if a pet rock would run for president as democrat he would for vote for it. His answer was ” you damm right I would “, even if the pet rock didn’t know anything or was qualified to be there? Yes I would, he answered. Now we have a pet rock that is being handled by others.

    1. This mention of union dems brings to mind my Conservative friends who were employed by Boeing, formerly McDonnell Douglas, for decades. They seriously had to hide their thoughts. Couldn’t even put an NRA sticker on their vehicle for fear of the windows being broken out. That happened from time to time in the parking lot, and the craziest thing, the video cameras weren’t working at just that precise time.

      On a lighter note, I recall recently on this SB someone mentioning looking up at the snow falling and how beautiful it was. That reminded me of a couple things my mother told us kids way back.
      She said the snow falling from the heavens was really feathers because the Angels were having a pillow fight…that thunder was from Angels driving a team of horses and a buckboard across a wooden bridge to celebrate the coming Spring…that rain was God weeping because of all the bad things people were doing…
      I have always loved to watch falling snow, the bigger the snowflakes the better it feels. And I always think of my mom when it snows, and it is so eerily quiet.

      Just felt like sharing nice thoughts today.

      God Bless All, especially the children.

      Semper Fi

        1. This is hilarious! A high capacity assault pillow… Really hilarious!

          BTW. Mike Lindell’s video ABSOLUTE PROOF is very good. Many of us will be familiar with these reports, but seeing the charts with the numbers easily read is very helpful in explaining to people who might not really have understood. For me it was also the reinforcement of the conclusions I’ve also drawn about the theft of the election. Anyone who hasn’t seen it, probably should invest the time.

          …and support MyPillow too!

  2. Here’s a great article from American Thinker with recommendations for supplies which may be helpful if and when we see shortages (and I am reasonably concerned that these are likely). Although I don’t personally agree with everything this author proposes, I do understand the position taken, and respect these views too. Having said that, the list is very good, and a quick supplement to the recommendations of JWR.

    “First Steps for Surviving What’s Coming Our Way” by Michael Devon

    1. That’s a good concise list! I especially like the concluding paragraph:

      “Stay as calm as you can and be really nice to everyone. Our planet, our country, and our family, friends and casual acquaintances will require an extra smile a day plus a kind word. The Marxists and the MSM are gleefully injecting the country with digital heroin 24/7 hoping to make you angry, upset, fearful and helpless.

      You must not let them succeed.”

      1. Bear, I’m not sure about the closing paragraph. I wasn’t nice to everyone before the scamdemic, why would I change now?

        Be nice to my friends and family – Yes! But I don’t care to be nice to the liberals democrats, and Biden sycophants that come into my life. I don’t like them, I don’t want to be friends with them, and I don’t want them to misconstrue my being nice as an invitation to friendship.

        I tend to be more of a “keep your distance, and we’ll get along fine” type of guy.

        That being said: It’s a pretty good list, and I’ve printed it out to look at further.

        1. Well I’m not saying we throw a tupperware party or book club and go out of our way to invite all the Marxists and buddy up to them, I’m just saying be courteous. I don’t need to grill someone about their political affiliation before I hold a door open for them, or nod to them on the street, or let them go ahead of me in the checkout line. I don’t need to know the voting record of a person in my neighborhood before I compliment them on their flowerbed, or observe that it’s a beautiful day for a walk and scratch behind their pup’s ears. I definitely don’t need to get into policy debates with any persons at church before I wish them good morning and ask them if they’ve had a nice week. I don’t need to check about her opinions about the validity of the last election before I give a knowing smile or a word of encouragement to a fellow mama with her hands full too, bringing her child to therapy at the same time as us. Kindness is a fruit of the Spirit, after all. Smiles are kinda universal.

          But maybe, I am doing it all wrong. I’m quite introverted – so I TOTALLY understand your wish to “keep your distance” – and was pretty socially awkward (or told I was anyway) until late 20s, and I still have very few friends although that is partly an occupational hazard. Humans still baffle me sometimes, but at least I’ve gotten to the age now where I care a whole lot less what others think of me.

          1. Hey Bear,

            “…and was pretty socially awkward (or told I was anyway) until late 20s, ”

            At least you finally arrived. Last time I was at Walmart I asked an associate gal with purple hair, five piercings in each nostril and a wishbone through her nasal septum, “Where’s yer social skills?” I thought she was gonna right hook me but I said, “What aisle are they on?” She said, “Ya dummy! You don’t git ’em at Walmart, you git ’em from your folks!” I said, “My parents never had any, how the heck were they gonna give ME any??”

            It’s obvious to anyone who’s been reading SB for more than an hour that I still ain’t got no social skills. Maye I’ll try Aldi? 🙂

          2. “…gee Officer Krupke, we’re down on our knees
            ’cause no one wants a fellow with a social disease…”

            OK but actually I never made it past the second sentence and I’ve still got both hands firmly clamped over my nose (you are right – it is difficult to type with toes) and cringing in imagined pain, but every once in awhile I gingerly peek in the mirror and wonder “How would they FIT? WHERE?? WHY would…” before my eyes cross and up the hands go right quick again!!

            Sounds like your character took physical delivery of her PM investments, and wanted to keep a close eye on them, literally right under her nose?

            Maybe she’s a metalhead…who also really enjoys Christmas music, and wants to hear the Jingle Bell Rock every time she headbangs?

            Or maybe the rings are just placeholders, and the REAL performance art happens when she takes them out and grabs her neti pot? The Human Lawn Sprinkler!

            Man, the possibilities are endless really but I have a pair of miniature hands currently trying to stuff my necklace pendant into my ear, it sounds like another one is doing her best to Scotch tape herself to the dining room table, and another one is requesting a paring knife for cardboard (uh, no!), and potty assistance required in the other room, and….. 🙂

          3. Bear

            I am a loner, don’t have many friends, keep to myself, do my own thing. Alone very often, yes, lonely? never so, not a people person, I find most people shallow, self-absorbed, does not mean, I am uncivil, or a plain nasty person, I can relate, was shy in my young days, older now, my contentment is found wandering the forests, deserts, mountains alone, a rifle, dog, a pack, campfire, bible, what more can a man truly ask for?

        2. As a Christian, it is my duty to be nice to others no matter who they are. See Matthew 5:44. It is also my duty to be a witness for Christ through our actions, testimony and if possible to share God’s word. I don’t have to like them and I do struggle with this, but I try to do what the Lord would have me do.

      2. Bear, good quote harvesting.

        “Stay as calm as you can and be really nice to everyone. Our planet, our country, and our family, friends and casual acquaintances will require an extra smile a day plus a kind word. The Marxists and the MSM are gleefully injecting the country with digital heroin 24/7 hoping to make you angry, upset, fearful and helpless.

        You must not let them succeed.””

        No TV in this house, only occasional checks of “news”.

        Too much of it poisons the mind.

        Carry on

    2. I agree with the list and found myself mentally adding to it.

      Major end items you anticipate using or needing should take top priority. Re-roofing houses, rewiring, new well or septic, heating stoves, engine or transmission overhauls, electric bicycles, horse harness, forage harvesting equipment, tractor, grain drill, solar dehydrator, large capacity American pressure canner.

      Hedging is critical now. FRN devaluation is runamuck among the demand with shortages increasing and cash disincentives to work being spread even wider and deeper in the US.

      1. Thanks for those suggestions, and your idea the other day about pallets of wood, drywall, etc purchased in advance with the bulk + veterans discounts. Our potential retreat has a number of solid sheds on the property. We actually weren’t able to get a look inside two of them yet (looong story involving a confused realtor) and I’m sure they’ll be at least partially full of old junk, but we have started brainstorming ways to stock up on the building materials during our trip for closing, and stash them in the sheds until we are ready to complete the work.

        Unless of course we find Jimmy Hoffa in the shed. Then we’ll run for the hills. The OTHER other hills.

        1. Best wishes!

          Another thing I invested in was a mini-split HVAC unit, bought thru Home Depot. I haven’t got it set up yet but it was only 1800 bucks then. Compared to a dealer selling us a Mitsubishi for 5500 bucks. Tangible assett.

          Check them out. Low electrical use and great heat/AC in a well insulatedassets. We had one installed in a duplex we owned and loved it. In AFGN all our heat and AC was from mini-split units.

          1. Wheatley Fisher!
            This is an excellent recommendation. Although we don’t have a mini-split, a family nearby went with this system in newer construction. The system has worked well for them, and they are pleased with both the efficiency, and their monthly costs which are very affordable.

            Related to heating and cooling… We also recommend investigating the option of a wood stove. Ours is a Soapstone, and we’ve had it for nearly 20 years. We placed it after removing a traditional fireplace that had not been maintained by the prior owners and had become a fire hazard. This was one of the best decisions we ever made related to winter heating. The stove is designed to burn cleanly, and it produces a whole lot of heat for us on cold winter nights.

        2. No worries about finding Hoffa, he never left Michigan. If anyone ever decides to look, he is at the bottom of Black Lake at the union retreat there. The lake is surrounded by retired union hacks with their lake front homes.

    3. Hey T of A, great list.

      “Please don’t clear any shelves, let others have an opportunity to also purchase these items.”

      I disagree with this sentence. If we clear the shelves, the store may see that sales are increasing and keep more in stock. Just like guns, ammo, and toilet paper, eventually more people will start buying things on this list so it will be more important that stores keep more in stock. Us clearing shelves now may help jump start that process which will be beneficial for others in the future. People don’t learn and I’d bet my two front teeth that at this moment 90% of Americans are back to their normal toilet paper supplies. It doesn’t make sense to punish myself for people who have the IQ of celery when it comes to seeing the obvious so if I need to top off my preps by clearing Aldi’s stock of peanut butter when they have it, so be it. Their PB is 30% cheaper than anyone else. You know those people who say that preppers are part of the problem? We all know we’re part of the solution because our stocks of supplies means that will be more in stores for others later when the next crunch comes. Ditto on clearing shelves now, it’s part of the solution.

      The rest of the article was excellent. Most of us can probably see a few things on his list which we don’t have enough of or forgot altogether.

      1. If you really believe your buying spree has even a minuscule impact on production i´ve a few acres of best seaview to sell.

        How many americans are longterm hardcore preppers, 5% of the population?
        If all of them could and would stockpile en masse in short notice, that could maybe made a difference in production

        1. Hey ThoDan, you’re correct, my buying sprees won’t make a hoot’s worth of difference in the grand scheme of production any more than me voting counts. But I actually said, “We” and “Us.”

          “If WE clear the shelves, the store may see that sales are increasing and keep more in stock. Just like guns, ammo, and toilet paper, eventually more people will start buying things on this list so it will be more important that stores keep more in stock. US clearing shelves now may help jump start that process which will be beneficial for others in the future.”

    4. Telesilla of Argos

      Question for you oh learned one…………..! :)))

      Can you recommend or know of a phone that does NOT spy on you to buy? the woman has a Charlie chan phone, that listens to her voice and then sends her junk ads or web sites to browse, a real pib. Of course, her smartphone uses Android doesn’t it?, I still have a very old Iphone 3Gs, which is so outdated, no upgrades, no firmware, just does phone calls !. Would like to get away from Apple though.

      1. Hello AS!
        My apologies for the delay in sending this reply… I just spotted your inquiry. You are asking a great question, and a very challenging question. There are a couple of possibilities, although I always reiterate that no system is fool proof for spying. The phone manufacturers have made the avoidance of prying eyes very, very difficult.

        You might investigate these…
        1) The Pine Phone. It’s basically a phone with a Linux based operating system. It will not have all the bells and whistles of Android or the newest iPhone, but these are reasonably affordable. Potentially this one is a good alternative. Again, be sure to investigate further. More information can be reviewed at this link:

        2) The next alternative is much higher on the difficulty scale, but also worth considering, and you may be able to accomplish this directly or with the help of a tech savvy friend or family member. This strategy involves installing Ubuntu or another Linux derivative on the current Android phone.

        3) The third alternative, and this what my husband did, is to buy a new Android-based phone. We liked the Ulefone because it is very tough, water proof, and much less fragile than most phones available in today’s market. There are several “flavors”. His was under $200, and has a built-in FM radio. They also offer Ulefones with built-in GMRS two-way radios. Once he unpackaged the phone, he DID NOT and NEVER WILL log-in to Google. The nice aspect of Android phones is that there are alternatives to the Play Store to install apps. All you need to do is download the APK files and install those directly. This is easy. Use Duck Duck Go to search how to do this. Also make sure that location services are turned off, and NEVER allow access from any app to the microphone or camera.

        Hope this helps!

  3. Tom, Where to shift investments isn’t a one size fits all. A lot depends on age and current debt load. I just retired so no debt is important. That being accomplished I allocate as follows: land/real estate 25%, precious metals 20%, cash and retirement income 35%, firearms/ammo 10%, long term food and supplies 10%. You’ll probably get a hundred different answers because of differing ages and income levels. The most important thing is pray first and ask for God’s guidance. After prayer if I am not completely at peace with an investment decision or change of asset allocation I stay away from it. If you are on this website you are probably already a prepper with a plan. I wish you the very best and Gods blessings.

  4. “Behind the Scenes: Personnel as Policy in the Biden Administration. JWR’s Comment: By surrounding himself with Bolsheviks, it is clear that Joe Biden intends to wreck the economy.”

    Actually, Biden is a senile old man. There are very few goals in the brains of senile people except their basic needs. … Maybe, the sentence should be written, “The Bolsheviks helping control the USA Federal Government and Joe Biden intend to let China and other countries destroy the USA.”

    CW64 in a comment yesterday said, “Mike Lindell shows a small fraction of how the election was stolen in this two hour documentary. You want the proof, here it is. This is a must watch. Share with everyone.”
    CW64 then linked mikelindell(dot)com.

    Jefferson Davis seconded the comment and said, “I watched this and it is conclusive in my mind.” …
    Mike Lindell has produced a video called ~Absolute Proof~ that explains the HOW of the method, used to steal the 2020 Presidential election.

    The video is about 2 hours long. Well worth the watch. We know Trump won the election. Votes were flipped from Trump to Biden, Biden votes were added that didn’t exist, Trump votes disappeared.
    ……… It’s all in the use of a ‘tabulating machine’ controlled by people wanting to steal our election. … Actual voting tallying/switching was often done overseas in other countries. It’s all in the uncensored news.

    Mike Lindell’s ~Absolute Proof~ also explains the ‘spikes’ in the vote dumps coming at the same time, as an Internet message (dump) from a site in a country such as Communist China.
    …….. Computers on the Internet have an IP address number. The computers connected become identifiable. “Vote dumping and election interference” from overseas is identifiable. We also have ‘video proof’ of Ballot Box stuffing here in the USA, too.

    A lot of big shots in the political parties are in on the steal. ……. They know they are crooked. It’s on the news: Washington DC has become a Military Protected Fortress; just like a Third World Dictatorship.

    We use to be a government of the people, by the people, for the people. NO MORE are people welcome at the home of ~their own government.

    We live in dire times. Make sure your preps are secured. See the links at the top of SurvivalBlogs page. Check all the advertisers to the right.
    [People wondering what economic investments to make? They need to think about family survival before anything else.]

    Watch ~Absolute Proof~ and spread the information. Our election was stolen; they’re in the process of stealing our country next. … … A few of the Bolsheviks are already calling for the confiscation of guns, and the death of Trump voters

    1. GGHD: Thanks for reposting the Mike Lindell documentary information re: Absolute Proof ( … it is important that everyone watch and share it. There is a link to download the video on the same page if you want to save it. Size: approximately 1.8GB zipped.

      Here is an article that goes well with the video:
      The Thirty Tyrants
      The deal that the American elite chose to make with China has a precedent in the history of Athens and Sparta
      Found at

      1. GGHD(me) = The link from CW64 is a very easy read. Only a few paragraphs about Sparta and Athens. Most of the article is about current economics, and the Wuhan Flu in China.
        GGHD = [Any disease would have been used to have a ‘Lockdown’ ~ facilitate the usage of ‘absentee ballots’ ~ and engage in Voter-Fraud.] This ‘take over’ using voter fraud was planned during the last four years.

        Trump won the election.

        Here’s a key take away from the linked article by CW64 (But read the article): =

        “For my last column I spoke with The New York Times’ Thomas Friedman about an article he wrote more than a decade ago, during the first year of Barack Obama’s presidency. His important piece documents the exact moment when the American elite decided that democracy wasn’t working for them. Blaming the Republican Party for preventing them from running roughshod over the American public, they migrated to the Democratic Party in the hopes of strengthening the relationships that were making them rich.

        A trade consultant told Friedman: “The need to compete in a globalized world has forced the meritocracy, the multinational corporate manager, the Eastern financier and the technology entrepreneur to reconsider what the Republican Party has to offer. In principle, they have left the party, leaving behind not a pragmatic coalition but a group of ideological naysayers.”

        In the more than 10 years since Friedman’s column was published, the disenchanted elite that the Times columnist identified has further impoverished American workers while enriching themselves. The one-word motto they came to live by was globalism—that is, the freedom to structure commercial relationships and social enterprises without reference to the well-being of the particular society in which they happened to make their livings and raise their children.

        Undergirding the globalist enterprise was China’s accession to the World Trade Organization in 2001. For decades, American policymakers and the corporate class said they saw China as a rival, but the elite that Friedman described saw enlightened Chinese autocracy as a friend and even as a model—which was not surprising, given that the Chinese Communist Party became their source of power, wealth, and prestige.
        >>>Why did they trade with an authoritarian regime and by sending millions of American manufacturing jobs off to China thereby impoverish working Americans? Because it made them rich. They salved their consciences by telling themselves they had no choice but to deal with China: It was big, productive, and efficient and its rise was inevitable. And besides, the American workers hurt by the deal deserved to be punished—who could defend a class of reactionary and racist ideological naysayers standing in the way of what was best for progress?

        Returning those jobs to America, along with ending foreign wars and illegal immigration, was the core policy promise of Donald Trump’s presidency, and the source of his surprise victory in 2016. Trump was hardly the first to make the case that the =

        ~~~corporate and political establishment’s trade relationship with China had sold out ordinary Americans.”~~~
        Me (GGHD), The Elites treat people as slave workers. The Communist Chinese workers are economic slave workers.
        The US Workers have Unions, benefits, and Government protected rights. The Elites do NOT want that for their slave workers.

        “For the love of money is the root of all evil” … The Good Book

      2. Here’s a video only 16 minutes long, that details voter fraud. Sidney Powell, the lawyer, recommended it. =

        ~Unmasked: Have we uncovered the truth about the 2020 election?~ by Pure Date. The video is currently on YouTube.

        (The last 2 minutes of the video is reading script.) The first 14 minutes says it all.

    2. GGHG – Joe Biden is a senile Bolshevik. Years ago he was just a Bolshevik that mentored under Senator Robert K. Byrd – famous KKK leader.

      The election was clearly stolen from the American people by the Dark State. Knowing this means nothing unless you can prove it in court. The courts failed the people by their refusal to hear anything relating to this corruption and coup.

      1. You’re right, Gold Prospector!

        +This economic news. (Validates SurvivalBlog advice. Secure the needed preps, tangibles investing, moving to the Redoubt Region.)

        “Biden Is Following in the Same Economic Footsteps as Jimmy Carter – Inflation Here We Come” Gateway Pundit, February 7, 2021

        When Jimmy Carter came into power inflation was 5.7%, by the time he left inflation more than doubled to 13.5%. Now Joe Biden appears to be going down the same track.
        Massive government spending and a stimulative monetary policy was the heart and soul of the Carter regime and now Biden’s regime is working on doing the same.

        Last year the annual inflation rate was less than 1% but Biden’s policies are likely to increase inflation significantly.

        In energy the cost of gasoline increased under Carter significantly and this is due to happen under Biden. It will help Russia and the Middle East and not America.

        [More and a video at Gateway Pundit.}

        1. GGHD – I think you are being too kind to Jimmy Carter. In 1980ish, I remember getting 15% on my CDs for 5 years and T-Bills were paying around 20%.

          According to, the real inflation rate is between 8-12% and has been since we went off the gold standard in 1971. Today, the government doesn’t include many of the items that are increasing in price in their CPI formula.

          1. Gold Prospector is right.

            “Today, the government doesn’t include many of the items that are increasing in price in their CPI formula.”
            The inflation rate for the average citizen is much higher, than the number published by the government.
            The government simply does NOT count, many of the everything items all of us ordinary citizens buy.

            Also the Globalists, have used cheap Economic Slave Laborers, overseas to produce cheap goods sold here in the USA. No longer are many things made in the USA.
            Real wages for many Americans have gone down, with the loss of the good paying manufacturing jobs here in the USA.

            The large influx of immigrants both legal and illegal have suppressed jobs for Americans. Simple economics is the Supply and Demand ~ Ratio.
            Few people to work. The wages will go up with demand.
            A lot of people available to work, and scrambling for the jobs: = The employers will have to pay less for the wages.

            The Globalists are willing to employ people at the lowest wage possible. They really do see the ‘little people’ as sheep to be sheared of their money and of their lives. … There’s no real health and safety laws in Communist China.

  5. Took my good friend to a gun show in Nampa, this weekend. He is a missionary from Venezuela. He and his family got stuck in America, two years ago due to lost visa paperwork and the commie China virus. We stood in the LONG line for nearly an hour, waiting our turn to enter the building. This was his first gun show and my 45th. He seemed fairly impressed. I was impressed by the price stickers on the ammo! Boxes of 525 rounds of .22 lr. marked at $110.00! I left that show with mixed emotions. Saddened that this may be the last openly advertised gun show I may see and happy that I had the foresight, over the last two decades, to buy enough ammunition to supply my needs should I live to be 900 years old. One comment by my Venezuela brother really sticks with me;”If my people had this access to guns and ammo, we could take back our country from Maduro.” I guess his countrymen aren’t distracted by the Superbowl and the masked singer and $1400.00 stimulus checks.

    1. Yancey…
      I was really taken by this statement within your post: “One comment by my Venezuela brother really sticks with me;”If my people had this access to guns and ammo, we could take back our country from Maduro.”

      People within our culture have spent so much time disconnected from the realities of life and the world in which we live that too many lack the capacity to reconnect and plug back into the truths of life. This will have unfortunate, even tragic, consequences — not only for these people, but for all of us.

  6. Behind the Scenes: Personnel as Policy in the Biden Administration.

    Call me old-fashioned or your choice of worse other epithets, but what worries me about the Biden administration is that I can’t even pronounce half the names.

    Call me crazy but I’m more concerned about white/European/Christian extinction than I am about northern spotted owls hitting the endangered list.

    1. I bet you couldn´t pronounce half the names of all european´s or christian all over the planet and the only way i expect to see an extinction of white people is that all choose other spouses than white.

      1. Hey ThoDan, just for a reference point, I can’t pronounce many of the names in the Biden administration but I can pronounce all of them in the Eisenhower administration including all the congresscritters. Many Europeans who immigrated here in years past Americanized their unpronounceable names to better integrate. The number who do that nowadays is much lower and integration isn’t a concern, one more of the many reasons why the country is more divided than it ever has been.

        As for white people going extinct, if current trends continue, it’s a mathematical certainty at some point. Since the baby boom birthrates have been on a downtrend and in the U.S. we’re currently down to an all-time low of 1.7. You need 2.2 just for the replacement rate. That trend is likely going to drop more quickly now that the economy is in shambles and kids with so many student loans are not having children because they can’t afford it.

        Between that and intermarrying that you mentioned, the world white population is decreasing every year because as a group, we don’t bother to reproduce anymore. At some point, there will be a lot of people with some white ancestors, but not many with all European genes. As I recall, there are only two white countries who have a replacement rate, both are Catholic Eastern European.

        1. So you can´t pronounce all european names only the absorbed form and honestly i don´t care a bit for true race breeding.

          Her value is more precious than jewels and her worth is far above rubies or pearls.

          I don´t find anything of all european genes in the teachings of christ.

  7. Where to invest?
    During the last downturn in the economy construction equipment could be picked up for cheap,my first purchase will be a backhoe and then a small bulldozer, been watching the auction sites for awhile as well as Craigslist and prices are starting to soften on these items now, granted i would not be using these items on a daily basics but there is always a need for heavy equipment and could rent it out too.

  8. Im sending the “Absolute Proof” video and the Jovan Hutton Pulitzer videos to all my elected representatives local state and federal and asking them to get back to me about not having any proof about the stolen 2020 election. I want a dialog because there was even fraud in the down ballet races.

    1. Good for you, Oly!
      We continue to correspond with our elected officials on the very same subject. We let them know that true, open, honest, transparent and fair evidentiary hearings are REQUIRED. Also that there must be enforcement of the existing laws, and consequences to all those who violated them in the 2020 election. Thank you for stepping up!

  9. Get out of debt. Own things outright.
    Develop a community surrounding you with a variety of skills that will allow you to help each other. (family, church family, close friends with like value, neighbors)
    Two years worth of supplies — use JWR list plus any other item that you specifically need.
    Invest in stocks that pay a dividend and that you believe you can own for a lifetime, or develop your own independent business — small scale — don’t go in debt
    Or do both!
    Good luck!

  10. There are a lot of things in this world bigger than you and me. Time for a little perspective:

    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

    Living one day at a time. Enjoying one moment at a time. Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace. Taking, as He did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it. Trusting that He will make all things right if I surrender to His will.
    So that I may be reasonably happy in this life and supremely happy with Him forever and ever in the next.

  11. I have been trading SLV for years with good results, but I would never consider it an investment.

    We already have massive inflation do to the endless money printing. You need look no further then the markets, real estate, and the dollar to find the tip of our inflation iceberg.

    Before you buy anything, know the differences between insurance, an investment, and a trade.

    Hint: if you need to check Its price, it is not an investment.

    1. Holding paper debt products increases your debt, not your wealth. As long as people continue to call debt wealth, or money, all is lost and the bankster scheme succeeds.

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