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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper from “JWR”. Our goal is to educate our readers, to help them to recognize emerging threats, and to be better prepared for both disasters and negative societal trends. You can’t mitigate a risk if you haven’t first identified a risk. Today, we look at the recent FBI shoutout in Florida.

Two FBI Agents Die in Florida Shootout

Linked over at the news aggregation site is this odd news: Two FBI agents killed and three agents injured in shootout in Sunrise, Florida. And here is another news story from a Miami newspaper that provides some more details. JWR’s Comments:  With two agents dead and three injured, I suspect that there may have been some fratricide involved. (“Friendly fire”.) Something seems fishy about this incident, at least from my reading of the first day’s reporting.

A side note: The frightening thing about search warrants that are based on “IP address evidence” is that a neighbor can “leech” access to a wireless Internet router. So the real kiddie porn guy could conceivably have been the next-door neighbor.  And even worse, pornography can be planted in someone’s hard drive, remotely, by any skilled hacker.

And, for some historical context, from 35 years ago: The FBI’s track record in Florida shootouts is not good.

Perhaps the “SWAT stack” raid formation should be re-examined.

Lastly, I expect the Democrats in Congress to use the FBI’s most-recent tactical failure as an excuse for more restrictions on the gun rights of law-abiding citizens. (More of their usual: “Blame the evil black gun…”)

New Listing: Massive Log Home Near Sandpoint, Idaho

The latest from Survival Realty Brokerage Services: 10 acres, 4,300 sq. ft. log home, outside of Sandpoint. This property is not on the Idaho MLS. The location and details to be disclosed to qualified buyers only.

UK Wants to Use Children as Agents to Spy On Their Parents

Reader H.L. sent us this: UK Wants To Use Children As Covert Agents To Spy On Their Parents. The article begins:

“As part of the British government’s covert intelligence bill, UK wants to use children as covert agents to spy on their parents. It allows 22 state agencies, including the intelligence service, the military and the police, to use children as undercover agents.

The British Covert Human Intelligence Sources Bill, due to be considered in the House of Lords in February, allows for the recruitment of children of 16 and 17 years old to spy on their parents, and at the same time allow them to break the law in doing so.

Covert child agents can break the law if it means they will be able to glean information that could prevent or detect crime, protect public health, safety, or national security or help collect taxes, says the guidance, quietly laid by the government this month.”

DHS Issues a Bizarre, Vague Domestic Terrorism Warning

Several SurvivalBlog readers and our Editor At Large all mentioned this bizarre and vague domestic Terrorism warning from the Department of Fatherland Homeland Security (DHS): National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin – January 27, 2021. The document begins:

“Throughout 2020, Domestic Violent Extremists (DVEs) targeted individuals with opposing views engaged in First Amendment-protected, non-violent protest activity. DVEs motivated by a range of issues, including anger over COVID-19 restrictions, the 2020 election results, and police use of force have plotted and on occasion carried out attacks against government facilities.”

Biden Opens Door for China to influence U.S. Electric Grid

Reader H.L. sent this: Biden suspends Trump executive order, opens door for China to influence our electric grid

Twitter Suspends Christian Group For Mentioning a Fact

And another from H.L.: Twitter Suspends Christian Group for Accurately Describing Biden’s Transgendered Health Official Dr. Levine’s Biological Sex.

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  1. “And even worse, pornography can be planted in someone’s hard drive, remotely, by any skilled hacker.”

    My wife is an IT forensics investigator. They can tell when and where it was placed on the computer, frequently from what source, and likely whether or not if it was direct or from an outside user.

    Of course, the accusation is headlined and never goes away, and hiring a skilled investigation company costs $100/hr or more and requires access to the computer.  Though the DoJ has been usually honest about it, so far.

    Another risk for readers to be aware of, if they partake of porn, is that the age of consent is below 18 in several countries, and once identified, any of that material, downloaded without criminal intent, still constitutes a criminal act in the US.

  2. I would like to the operations order associated with this disaster. If correctly done, there should have been pre-surveillance of the residence, which would have identified the door bell cam! Secondly, from the amount of casualties, I would suspect, they simply got lazy, and did not gear up for the search warrant. Cops get killed when they get lazy!

    1. Soft armor doesn’t stop rifle rounds.

      Like most jobs, they probably had a boss constantly demanding they do more and cut corners on any safety measures that consume time. 9 times out of 10 that skates by.

    2. Maybe the Female Body Inspectors should have stuck with what they have been doing for the past 5 years- trying to frame and topple a duly-elected president instead of trying to be professional crime busters- something best left to the professionals.
      I can only assume, since THEY were involved, that the “person of interest” in this case was an enemy of the Chinese communist party/the Xiden regime, because for years they have only worked on political cases, not crime cases.

  3. re:
    more dead government agents

    Instead of the breacher standard of tall-wide-angry, I heard a rumor the first government agent in the breaching-stack was a mild-mannered pencil-neck computer geek.

    I also heard a rumor that specific geek, that particular nerd, was in-charge of fussing with First Son hunter biden’s computer allegedly with alleged child pornography and alleged a ‘whole lot of china’ allegedly on it.

    And that government agent is dead.
    Any unease I feel about that crock of rumors will be eased by the next series of revelations from TheMainStreamMedia proclaiming CaucasianManBad used an UndocumentedFirearm ‘in commission of a crime’… so the whole mess was certainly absolutely unquestionably justified.
    Fortunately for my peace of mind, none of First Son hunter biden’s computer revelations — so far –publicly implicate Glorious Leader china joe in pay-for-play scams involving the Ukraine, chinese, MARXISTS, soros, TheClintonCrimeSyndicate, pelosi-harris, or the price of curried chestnuts in Constantinople.

  4. Re; Biden opens door to China…
    The sad thing is most Americans will never hear this, some won’t comprehend it, and some won’t care.

    Biden’s cozying up to China is so inexplicable, it makes you suspect there is something more than money involved… like blackmail.

    1. “it makes you suspect there is something more than money involved… like blackmail”

      nah. it’s just hatred of the united states and its citizens. not by biden – he doesn’t know where he is or what he’s signing, he’s just a stooge – but by his handlers.

  5. You ain’t gotta fall over yourself in grief cause a couple of LEOs died by any means but not one negative word on the chomo. Not even going to address the possibility of him being a violent chomo and a real actual threat to everyone. He certainly wasn’t worried about shooting neighbors or their property in the process of killing the agents to protect his stash and himself.
    I guess you only plant the seeds of what you want to grow huh

    1. Our government lied to us and tried to overthrow Trump’s administration. The FBI and DOJ did this and to this date no one has been brought to justice for it or been punished. Our FBI has for many years entrapped people, lied about what was said in their interviews and gone overboard trying to punish conservatives for thought crimes. I am 100% in favor of law and order and I support our police, but I found myself with mixed feelings about this incident. The FBI, DOJ, CIA and others have a long way to go to get trust back and they don’t seem to be doing that.

    2. @ Matt in OK
      No, I’m not going to fall all over myself for a couple feds. Their track record speaks for itself when it comes to abuse of Citizens. Not sure what a ‘chomo’ is, nor do I know anything about the suspect except for what is available from the news sites doing the reporting…who only report what the feds tell them about the situation. So using that info alone (at least 10 different articles read about the raid) it is reported he was 55 yrs old and had never been arrested or charged with any crime in his life, with the exception of 2 traffic citations. As far as him ‘shooting indiscriminately into the neighborhood’, there are no reports I’ve seen that any one other than the feds were struck and also no reports of any stray rounds hitting any other property. Additionally, there have been no reports I’ve seen yet of any evidence found that connects the suspect to the vague charge of ‘child pornography’ located during the subsequent search of the residence. The reports my change in the days to come, but as of now, those are the facts as reported, or not mentioned, by the feds through the media and their own outlets. Not defending or agreeing with either side, just looking at available facts.

      You are drawing your conclusions from the same facts the rest of us are yet you immediately trust, without question, the narrative set forth by the feds and unquestionably condemn the ‘chomo’. You’re a retired cop, have you already forgotten about the presumption of innocence? Sure, this guy may turn out to be a whacko…an objective investigation would bring facts to light, but I’m not sure the feds are capable of such an investigation. By rushing to judgment and unquestionably believing the fed narrative you reveal a lot about yourself Matt. You’ll have to forgive the rest of us for being somewhat skeptical of any narrative put out by the feds because, again, their track record of abuse (and incompetence) is well documented.

        1. @Matt in Ok
          “ Some here have no problem believing narratives. As long as it’s ones they like.”

          Well said! Your posts above provide ample confirmation of that thought.

          “Retired LEO not a cop”

          Is one term better than the other? Neither represent what an honorable officer or deputy should strive to be known as. Try living up to the title of Peace Officer.

      1. I agree with you. The FBI has proven itself to be corrupt, probably from the head down. And those near the bottom, the grunts with the badges will do what they’re told regardless if it’s immoral, criminal or just plain wrong.

  6. Im not sure what the picture is from, but thats not what I learned in the army. They are stacking on what looks to be a tiny front porch… I think multiple entrances would be utilized in that situation to create intersecting fire lines, and prevent bunching up.

      1. KayBee: I believe you are correct…from back when our “LEO heroes” were rousting innocent Boston “civilians” (“LEOs” often snidely refer to citizens as “civilians” forgetting that they themselves are civilians unless serving in the military) their homes. In the meantime, the supposed bad guy was found by a homeowner going outside for a smoke.

  7. The first time I read 1984, years ago when I was in high school, I remember a lively debate our class had about whether or not our world could ever devolve into such a place as Orwell described. With the latest news from the UK is proving that my argument that our society had become too enlightened to allow such a thing to to happen is false.

    What’s next?

      1. Daniel 12:1-3:

        And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book.
        And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.
        And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.

  8. I’m sorry for the FBI’s loss of two agents that were just doing their job. The U.K. wants to use kids to spy on their parents, this is something that has been in the back of my mind for a few yrs now, that we will be heading that way too. Some yrs ago I / we ( co-workers ) had a conversation about a shooting war with china when one of the guys said that we would whip in 30 days or less. And my answer was that we would be on our knees in 60 to 90 days, then I explained that because of 60 to 75 % of our consumer goods come from china, all they would have to do is shut off the pipe line of goods coming to this country, and then we would be done. I didn’t know at the time that 70% of our drugs came form China. Plus how many other items, goods are made in china.


  9. I would be very interested in the tactics,body armor level and if they had a long gun. I may be a big chicken but if I had to do that every day I would be wearing at least level 4 body armor and maybe a helmet.

  10. As an old man I find the internet disappearing rapidly. I refuse to allow the adds and tracking that many sites now require as well as subscription or registration to view an article. In addition as I belong to none of the Facebook etc , I am being denied access to other items. So be it, lived before the net, hopefully will be alive as it morphs into big brothers latest attempt to totally control our sources of information.

    If you do not have your data stored on your own computer in multiple storage formats, and with no connection between that computer and the internet other than sneaker net, it doesn’t really exist and may disappear in an instant.

    A good place to start if you haven’t already is with a cheap computer like the Raspberry Pi 400 and information like Survival blog has in their yearly storage solution.

    This posting was started when I clicked on a story that interested me, FBI shooting, and then was told I had to do x operation to continue, I instead chose y option and closed the article.

  11. “Covert child agents can break the law if it means they will be able to glean information that could prevent or detect crime, protect public health, safety, or national security or help collect taxes, says the guidance, quietly laid by the government this month.”

    OK so….mommy didn’t wear her mask (or three) whilst walking to the mailbox? PUBLIC HEALTH THREAT! Daddy bartered with a neighbor instead of purchasing from a store and paying taxes?! TAX EVASION!! Give junior a biscuit and encourage him to rat them out…

    1. Oh and, if junior gets cold feet about throwing family to the wolves after all? Just threaten him with the penalties for the law-breaking that he’s already been coerced into doing. After all, he’s learned in school that right and wrong are relative, and that parents=bad and state=good….

    2. A twist on the “rat your neighbor and others out” policy of NYS/NYC during the middle of 2020. This one, however, is similar to the Biblical predictions in Luke 12:53 and elsewhere (“a father shall be divided against his son and the son against his father”).

  12. We have hardly suffered a dearth of news to cover this week.

    I am watching with great concern policy reports related to foreign access to our electrical grid. Granting any form of access to our grid is extraordinarily dangerous. Peter Pry is, once again, voicing his concerns. We would be very wise as a nation to focus on our resources on efforts including securing our electrical grid (both with regard to hardening it, and as well with regard to preventing access to it by foreign entities). The link that follows is from the NOQ Report.

    In other news, I am hopeful that many will take up the current challenges to our Constitutional Republic, and our rights as citizens, in local and state decisions about everything from policy enforcement to legal petitions filed in the courts. A couple of news stories of interest are linked below.

    From The National File with Raheem Kassam: “THE RESISTANCE: North Dakota Legislators Plan To Nullify Biden’s Executive Orders At State Level”

    From an article linked at Populist Press: “AZ Senate Resolution Threatens Arrest Of Maricopa County Board”

    Also a news report about Governor DeSantis of Florida: “DeSantis — $100,000 fines per day for Big Tech…”

    From The Blaze Media: “Matt Gaetz says he is willing to leave his seat in Congress to defend Trump in impeachment trial”

    …and at The Gateway Pundit: “GOP Lawmakers Give Marjorie Taylor Greene Standing Ovation at Republican Conference Meeting”

    1. a)
      fines for big tech

      That cost is paid by their customers.

      Business 101:
      The price-tag on any product or service includes:
      * the cost of business taxes
      * the cost of employees and employee taxes
      * the cost of building/maintaining the business and taxes
      * the cost of the physical structure such as real estate and the office/warehouse and their taxes
      * the cost of utilities — water, sewer, garbage, electricity, telephone and their taxes
      * the costs of resources diverted from other uses such as loans from friends/family/bankers

      And every price-tag includes a set-aside for inconveniences such as ‘fines’.

      The government agents get their FreeRide primarily from business owners.
      To do business, the operators of a business must have some sort of trustable fixed location all their customers can relate to and rely on.
      The government agents prey on that ability of customers to trust their suppliers.

      To continue their FreeRide, the government agents carefully calculate the wealth-transfer tip-point — ‘how much can we extract from the business owners (and their customers) before we collapse the business?’

      That ‘$100,000 daily fine’ wealth-transfer was carefully calculated to maintain their FreeRide without hurting their benefits/retirement package.

      I bet the government agents calculated ‘$100,001 would be more than big tech could afford’.
      nomads and other Permanent Travelers

      The government agents rarely transfer enough wealth from us nomads to justify the bother.
      From nomads such as me, the government agents get a piddling amount of wealth-transfer through taxes called ‘license’, ‘fees’, ‘use taxes’, ‘fuel taxes’, ‘tire taxes’, and similar.
      Those taxes on us are inconsequential compared to the wealth-transfer available on a fixed structure housing a business.

      Accordingly, any successful wealth-transfer scheme by the government agents must focus on stationary taxable resources such as land, structures, and business owners.

      As always, the government agents carefully balance their FreeRide against the extraction costs.
      A few hundred thousand scattered nomads such as me cost too much to chase.

      And I bet the government agents include the potential for guerrilla hit-n-run retaliation from nomads if the wealth-transfer schemes exceed our tolerance.

      Nomads are nomadic partly because of:
      * a low tolerance for wealth-transfer schemes
      * a low tolerance for anybody poking their noses in my business
      * a way to maintain a suitable distance from TheMainStreamMedia and their influences, another way to ‘see the forest instead of each tree’.

      I bet the phrase ‘NotPayingTheirFairShare©’ was concocted by the government agents to transfer attention away from their FreeRide scam.

      I think we can all agree — any time the government agents are involved, a whole lot of transferring will be going on.

      1. Hello Large Marge!
        I understand exactly what you’re referring to with regard to the transfer of costs to consumers. This is a good conversation in which to engage. My first training was as an economist and this discipline is very much a part of my own thought processes.

        There are couple of important points… The first is that how much cost can be foist upon consumers is a function of supply and demand. This is not to over simplify the argument, but fundamentally, this is fundamental to the conversation.

        With this in mind, the solutions are straight forward — although not necessarily “easy”. Some of the solutions are labor and cost intensive, and may even be subject to regulatory governance. All that said, there are solutions.

        The first is to increase supply of the relevant services, and we are already seeing the development of these. Related to this, competition must be protected, and anti-trust investigations must be pursued. These are important and closely related matters with great influence in markets.

        The second is to re-route demand. In part this will occur with the development of new service options (essentially broader choice). It also occurs when people make the proactive decision not to be the product and/or not to buy the product. This is not as “unavoidable” as people might want to say. In most cases, there is simply the need for what I call “principled will”.

        All that said, the state of Florida (in my view), is acting to preserve free speech and to punish censorship. They are doing this in a way, and with the tools of authority that the average consumer does not have at their disposal.

  13. Good morning everyone,

    So my husband got an email from EBay yesterday something to the effect that if you sell items there now that they will no longer put your sales $ in your PayPal, they now will direct deposit your sales $ in your bank account and then they asked for all your personal information such as Social Security number, Ect.. I looked at him and said absolutely not!! anyone know anymore information about this? Seems really bad to me (I myself don’t have an EBay account or PayPal) .
    Just wondering

    BYW that log cabin home for sale is absolutely amazing!! Wish I could afford something like that. Short story, my uncle (who had a very rare Auto immune disease) was traveling back from a log cabin home trade show down in Missouri several years ago, got in an accident and passed away. His dream was to take what he had learned from that trade show and design and build his dream log cabin home complete with all of the things needed to accommodate his wheelchair and the other disabilities that he had.. I miss him very much ( I lived with him and his wife and helped take care of him) and one of my dreams is to have my own log cabin home in honor of him.

    Have a Rockin great day! We’re about to get blasted with blizzard #3 with a massive drop in temperatures for the foreseeable future. Yay!!! not really

      1. Telesilla of Argos, Michael Z Williamson, JML

        Thank you for the insight, I too thought this is a scam of some sort. My husband hasn’t sold anything on EBay for over a year and I myself do not have any accounts with them or PayPal. I’m always extremely cautious and trying to make sure hubby is too.

        I appreciate all of you responding to my inquiry, something told me that this was not right

        Rock on

        1. Hi, I’m not sure if maybe you did indeed receive a scam, but I can personally tell you as a current eBay seller that eBay has indeed a suspended my ability to receive my deposits through PayPal, and now they directly deposit them into my bank account. I wasn’t thrilled since I’ve been using PayPal for many years and was content with things the way they were. However, I have been receiving my payments in my bank account regularly with no problems. I’m not sure why eBay is doing this as I too thought they owned paypal, but I believe eBay also is charging more fees as part of this change. Again, I can’t speak for your own personal correspondence that may be a scam, but I do know for a fact that about a week or two ago I was switched over to direct deposit, and I didn’t have a choice. Maybe they’re only doing a percentage of sellers at a time or something I don’t know. I have been using eBay for numerous years probably 15 or more at this point. Hope this helps.

          1. Missy,

            Thank you for clarifying that. My husband said that the correspondence came directly through his EBay messages and even though I don’t personally have accounts with them or PayPal I’m still suspicious of their motivations as like you said everything was fine with sales dollars going into PayPal but now directly into your bank account and you don’t have any say in this.
            To me this just stinks, just more of not being able to choose where YOU want your sales dollars to go. And I know they already have all that information, blah blah blah, but why all of the sudden? Just seems strange to me

            Thank you again
            Rock on

    1. That sounds like a phishing scam for sure. Why would ebay even do that. They own Paypal. I’ve been selling on ebay for over 20 years and did not receive any such email. Never give out information to an unsolicited call or email.

  14. A news article on the growth of nomads in America — homeless people who move into vehicles because they can’t afford rent and who are increasingly moving to National Forests and public lands.

    I in no way wish to speak badly of those Americans — what our elites have done to working people in this country is despicable. And their numbers are still small. But what I think is interesting is how it shows the Golden Horde idea may be mistaken. Survivalist assume urban dwellers will flee the cities and head to the country only AFTER a major disaster strikes.

    But that evacuation is already starting albeit in slow motion. If America’s decline continues then when SHTF you may already have a large mass of people on your doorstep with few resources. If you doubt me re slow motion change, try looking at how many California places still speak English.

    1. Don Williams… This is a very good point. It makes me think about the fact that many crises are this way. The signals are incoming long before the acute phase of the crisis at hand.

    2. Last time I went up to Portland (a year ago) I saw a huge number of car-dwellers in rest areas. I had never seen that before.

      Last summer 4000 homes burned in Oregon, many of them in trailer parks. That’s a big loss of housing stock.

      Camper van, trailer, and RV prices have gone up a lot over the last year.

      I think you’re right, there’s a pre-Horde out there.

    3. Spot on. I live in a rural area but often travel to the nearest city of about 18 k and the number of homeless people has increased astronomically in last couple years. I think some are locals and others have migrated hoping to find more suitable ground, i.e. less competition for handouts.

    4. Many of the migrants are climate refugees.The Minnwsota state domographer warned a couple years ago that 600-800,000 people would be moving to Minnesota from drought states to a water-rich state.

      San Diego has thousands of employed people living in their cars, being unable to afford the price of housing. They would wash up in a gas station rest room and go to work each day. To make life easier for everyone, the county contracted with local lots to use the usually empty parking lots for overnight sleeping. They have sanitation facilities and security patrols. That means fewer housed residents waking up to a nomad relieving him or her self on the lawn or in an alley.

      Free Places to Park and Sleep in San Diego County

      Dreams for Change’s Safe Parking Program includes intensive on-site services. Areas that support Safe Parking Programs are San Diego Parking Lot, which is available from 6:00 P.M. to 6:00 A.M., and Imperial Parking Lot, where people can stay from 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 A.M.Mar 3, 2019

      Carry on

    5. “Stealth camping” is a thing with Millennials and Gen-Xers. It’s popular among college students, who can’t afford to live in a dorm, as well as young people in high-cost cities. They’ve got living in a Prius, unnoticed, on a city street down to a fine art form.

  15. I found the coverage of the FBI shooting a little suspect, just because they kept showing the body of one of the FBI agents being removed from an ambulance DRAPED IN A FLAG! Am I the only one that found that a little bizarre. Do we now send out teams of agents with flags in their pockets just in case somebody gets killed, and then we can drape a flag over them?

    I get a flag draped coffin. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a flag draped body being removed from an ambulance. Something just doesn’t seem right about this. It’s almost like it was staged for a photo op.

    1. You may be right, the FBI might be trying to regain their image, not the one they have today, corrupt and bumbling. Convenient that the perp committed Epstien scide.

  16. A couple more news links of interest…

    This one presents an ancient historical perspective: “The Thirty Tyrants
    The deal that the American elite chose to make with China has a precedent in the history of Athens and Sparta”

    I’ll be very interested in hearing the perspectives of others especially knowledgeable and well versed in this history.

    Also! Mark Levin was on-fire in this interview with Sean Hannity on the subject of the Constitution. It’s worth really listening to what he has to say: “Mark Levin: Chuck Schumer Should Be on Trial — ‘He Threatened the Supreme Court’”

    1. “……The United States didn’t trade with Moscow or allow Russians to make large campaign donations or enter into business partnerships with their spouses. Cold War American leadership understood that such practices would have opened the door to Moscow and allowed it to directly influence American politics and society in dangerous ways. Manufacturing our goods in their factories or allowing them to buy ours and ship them overseas would’ve made technology and intellectual property vulnerable……”

      That about sums the problem up, doesn’t it?

    1. They are all trying to make a mark for themselves. Committed to outsmarting each other, more so than us. And kissing up.
      Now the “top cops” have evolved into a brain with two legs. No physical attributes to put that big brain to use.
      Just look closely at most lawyers, but not all, and especially prosecutors. Oh my, what a physical example.
      Most of those I’ve known drink too much, lie, mess you over while supposedly helping you, make under the table deals and tell you just before your testimony….we’re not going to bring “this” up, so DO NOT mention that!

      Guess what? They all then run for office, and become our permanent politicians.

      Or what else might those just having obtained a law degree do? They become FBI agents.

      Semper Fi

  17. Concerning the children spying on parents, my kids have informed me that during their hunter safety class the were encouraged to report their parents if they were involved in any illegal activity. So this is already done here. This alone is a good reason for homeschooling and making sure you develop a good relationship with your kids.

    1. “develop a good relationship with your kids”- Reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode “It’s a good life” where a boy (Billy Mumy) controls his terrified family. Anyone who displeases him “disappears”. Completely.
      Or the Stazi in East Germany.

  18. Migration.

    This is the 11th month of immigration onto the Olympic Peninsula, a five-county region. There is a steady stream of Californian and Oregonians, mostly aged Libs and those in the 30-40YO range.

    The larger source though, is within-state weekend fugees who work remotely. Other fugees are living on the continued largesse of extended ‘can’t/won’t work’ unemployment and the “food crises” wherein we continue to claim hordes of folks are starving but in the food deliveries our church and CERT team assists with, the majority of recipients are already well supplied by government and other NGO sources.

    In the ’80’s with wife and baby, we struggled for a year unemployed ourselves and lived off food stamps, benevolence from friends, a tiny garden, and rare odd jobs. BTDT. But in these 2020’s I encounter many who refuse to try and support themselves

    Other fugees are renting BnBs long term, living in RVs, filling ‘summer’ rentals, moved into their summer or vacation homes.

    Most retain their license plates from states of origin, and license plate holding trim proclaiming which car dealership of purchase.

    Bottom line? Government shutdowns are planting Cofugees into traditionally conservative areas where many fugees are working to influence local politics and policies while retaining voting and vehicle registrations from their point of origin. Letters to the editor and social media continue to pound against local values.

    Now is the time to engage, folks. Don’t stop. Don’t surrender. Start your actions. This is not the time to talk about guns. It is the time for wholesale psychological, electronic, and political warfare.

    The right place to engage the enemy is at Their front door. Not in Your back yard.

    God helps those who do His work.

    1. Wheatley Fisher, Some of your statements sound like Saul Alinsky, in a good way. Powerful activism is apolitical. Just like carpentry. I don’t care whether it is a right hand or left hand swinging the hammer, as long as the job is done right.

      Carry on

  19. Children as spies in the UK reminds me of the book:

    the children’s story by James Clavell

    When I read it my daughter was in elementary school and it scared the dickens out of me. I guess we have arrived.

    A small book and worth the read.

    1. Agreed! I bought a copy earlier this year – upon recommendation here on SB – and read it within just a few minutes, feeling the hair stand up on the back of my neck more and more with each page.

      Then I stood up, handed it to my husband to read, and said, “THIS is why we will never stop homeschooling.”

  20. “And even worse, pornography can be planted in someone’s hard drive, remotely, by any skilled hacker”

    like the “wrecker” charge the communists accused anyone of.

  21. There are over 40,000 no knocks raids each year. The FBI shootout in Miami years ago was an issue of poor preparation and drove the FBI to switch to .40 caliber bullets. They had to drop them because some agents could not control the firearm.

    I don’t understand why they didn’t wait until the guy came out for air, food, or other shopping.

    If you read the FBI report on the Miami shootout which cost two agents their lives, they weren’t prepared. History does repeat itself.

    1. And after seeing the photo of the raid here on SB I couldn’t help but think how disastrous it could have been if the suspect had been in the bushes to the left of the FBI line and had had a fully automatic weapon. With a five second burst there would have been possibly eight agents killed instead of two.

  22. Any law enforcement officer that goes after child porn distributors or users is ok in my book. The children used to produce the videos are horribly damaged, and those using them deserve far worse than what our justice system can dish out. Whatever tactical mistakes were made take a back seat to the news that they lost their lives. These guys deserve some respect for the way in which they served and gave up their lives.

  23. If the dude the FIB was going after was really downloading child sexual abuse photos and videos, then good riddance. But we don’t know that to be the case. At all. He could have been a patriot being taken down for some bogus, unconstitutional gun so-called law. How can some of you people so blindly and naively believe what the FIB and the media tell you? Blows my mind. In general, you should never believe what any LEO says in the context of any investigation, especially if they are investigating you. They can lie with impunity. But if you innocently provide two slightly different accounts of an event, they can nail you to the wall.

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