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  1. I remember my father making a meal from fresh buttered corn cut off the cob, still hot, mixed with fresh tomato pieces. Salted and peppered, (freshly ground so as to preserve the active Peperine with all it’s unexpected benefits!) It remains a favorite for me!!!

    So this recipe should have not surprised me…but it did. Made with fresh, frozen or canned garden produce, it sounds wonderful!

    Off topic for this recipe but still a recipe adjustment to possibly improve one you already make, is my tweak to “doubled” (deviled) eggs. When making my filled boiled delights, i enhance the filling by using and additional 4 whole eggs for every 12 i cut in half to fill. These whole eggs are put through the smallest/finest grater, both white and yolk, to be combined with the yolks for the filling. (i try to put through the grater twice to ensure it blends in really well. AND the imperfectly peeled/broken boiled eggs get used for this…win win!) Then i also grate the yolks from the halved eggs as I usually do since it makes the filling easier to mix well. Use the same recipe you normally use for “doubled” eggs, adding enough additional mayo, vinegar, mustard and spices to account for the increased volume. Now for the fun!!! Fill each half with enough yolk mixture to fill the yolk void AND cover the entire top of the half. (i simply spoon the filling in, helping mound it with my favorite baby rubber spatula.) When served, no longer will everyone carefully choose the fullest filled egg, they are ALL full…everyone loves them! After all, the yummy filling is what we like best about “doubled” eggs…the white is mainly the delivery vehicle, haha! Oh…sprinkle with smoked paprika, though I leave a few plain for those who prefer bare naked filling.
    Try this tweak before Easter arrives…it seems i make them more often now for some reason.

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