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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we focus on an ancient grizzly bear.   (See the Wyoming section.)


Taking a Stand: Sheriffs, Local Officials, and Rule of Law VS. Covid Dictators.  And here is a report on the same sheriff from the left-wing propagandists at Spokane’s major newspaper: New Kootenai County sheriff latest law enforcement leader to refuse to enforce mask mandate as cases and deaths mount

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‘I can’t afford to live here’: People moving to North Idaho see increasing housing prices

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Farragut focus of logging concerns


Montana governor orders National Guard back after they slept outdoors

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Montana lawmakers look at more ways to kill wolves

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Rockfall damages road, indefinitely closes Pictograph Cave State Park

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Montana’s “Golden Triangle” is getting national recognition

Central & Eastern Oregon

Upset La Pine business owner has American flag vandalized, twice

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Bend native, WWII fighter pilot Leon Devereaux Jr. dies at 97

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Driver charged in fatal crash

Central & Eastern Washington

Six Republican party chairmen calling for Rep. Newhouse to resign after voting ‘yes’ to impeach Trump

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Peter sent a warning to all Washington residents: There is an anti-“assault” weapon law pending — SB 5217. Peter notes:  “If you’re going to buy an AR-15 (or similar) then you’d hurry up.  They are proposing to grandfather ownership prior to January 1, 2022 and any new purchases or transfers are forbidden.”

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Inland Northwest RV Show canceled because of COVID-19


Grizzly, 34, confirmed as Yellowstone region’s oldest known. Here is a quote from the news story:

“A check of a federal grizzly bear dataset confirmed the news. Remarkably, Grizzly 168 is, so far, the oldest grizzly ever documented in the tri-state Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. The bear, in fact, lived as long as any grizzly on record in North America, though closely related coastal brown bears have bested that longevity in the wild — as has a Minnesota black bear.

Large carnivore supervisor for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Thompson said his team was able to pinpoint Grizzly 168’s age, the Jackson Hole News & Guide reports.”

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Liz Cheney gets 2022 primary challenger after Trump impeachment vote

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  1. re:
    Montana National Guard members forced to sleep outdoors in District Of china

    I checked the temperature in District Of china — 25F to 36F… a few degrees each side of 0C freezing.

    For the inaug of china joe, the plutocrats ordered some 25,000 weekend warriors to Guard the palace.
    Then ordered them outside because the Guard were sleeping in TheHallowedHalls, using the restrooms, and generally being un-sightly.

    If the perfumed princes/princesses treated me that way, I might be tempted to ignore trespassers sneaking through the shiny new fence.
    I might be tempted to hand-over my shooting equipment and explosive supplies to the first mostly peaceful protesters.

    I might be tempted to do a lot of looking the other way.

    Then, after I got home from doing my Guard duty, I would go on Yelp to leave my review about the proprietors of District Of china.
    Hint — it would not be favorable.

    1. Our National Guardsmen are full time warriors in their hearts,their minds,and their souls.
      They answer the call any day of the week. They are all weather patriots and deserve respect.

    2. My issue wasn’t so much the conditions themselves…we saw worse in Afghanistan…as it was the lack of anything vaguely resembling a Concept of Support. Sleeping in the cold isn’t an issue… sleeping in the cold IN THE NATION’S CAPITAL demonstrates a lack of planning that should be grounds for UCMJ action for Dereliction of Duty under Article 92.

      Even worse is the gutless, feckless, miserable excuse for a commander that allowed it to happen. The appropriate response to the demand to move those Soldiers from the Capitol to the garage should have been something along the lines of “Nuts”.

      But that’s ok. As Kipling said, “Tommy ain’t no bloody fool, you can bet that Tommy sees”. And so does Joe.

        1. Hoooah!

          Bad leadership.

          Even more disgusting is the Media labeling the Chief of the National Guard Bureau as the Commander of the National Guard.

          The FBI should be screened by the NG, IMO.

  2. Montana governor orders National Guard back after they slept outdoors,

    New WuHan flu strain in S.A., which is not contained.

    It spreads to UK and is not contained.

    Lots of UK and SA VIPs attended the DC Inauguration.

    NG troops from all over the country are in DC, living in cramped conditions, conducive to the spread of a flu.

    NG troops return to their respective states.

    WuHan all over again…

    1. Supposedly there is now a “California Variant” that has spread to Israel. See, yesterday’s ILTV.

      So then now there are three variants: South African, United Kingdom and California’s.

      1. Glad to see covid is being politically correct and doing the multi-cultural thing. Had they not done it on their own politicians would have mandated it anyway. Even microorganisms must march in lockstep.

      2. A question about legalities:

        If ‘my friend’ harbors malicious intent toward somebody, say for example some totalitarians over in District Of china, then those totalitarians suddenly up and die… but the death certificates say ‘corona virus’, does this automatically absolve ‘my friend’ of any wrong-doing?

        On a serious note, how do us deplorables pursue murder charges against the wuhan laboratory for all the dead folks?
        Which court and which prosecutors do we use?

        I seem to recall barack hussein o’bama was involved with a massive dump of working-class Americans’ tax-dollars into that china laboratory.
        Which court?
        Which prosecutors?

        And finally:
        * what are the odds TheClintonCrimeSyndicate are involved?
        a) pretty darn high
        b) nah, they may be psychopath grifters but they would never kill anybody

  3. “2% of the California population moves to Idaho and then votes it into California 5.0 like they already did Colorado, Nevada, et al.” is a Redoubt apocalyptic scenario that I don’t believe Mr. Rawles has ever posted preparation advice for.

    1. Yeah, that is happening in Fl, except these are the folks coming from the North East US. And during the big outbreak they had all their friends and family from up North coming running here so that the Gov actually stopped cars on the interstates and told them to go HOME.

      Not saying I agree with everything the Governor has done, but I agree with a LOT of it.

    2. They’re in the works doing the same to Texas. The complete cultural change to Texas in the last few years is astounding.

      These are Californians moving for financial reasons – not for cultural or “morality” reasons.

  4. Texas guard were also stationed outside 24/7 with no warming stations for at least the first 3 days. The FBI vetted your cell phone if you contacted them, but that’s another story.

  5. Our Washington State attorney general is extremely anti 2nd amendment as is our goofy governor. They work closely together to take away our rights . Interesting times indeed.

  6. In a completely unrelated subject , biden has signed a bill or executive order that everyone should by ” american “. Hmm, I wonder where he got that idea, is this another one of biden bright ideas, unlike when he and Obummer was in office.

  7. The Washington bill that grandfathers in previous ownership… also requires registration of the grandfathered guns (sec 3, 2.a). Registration is not currently required for ownership of a firearm in WA.

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