The Editors’ Quote of the Day:

If you identify as a conservative and continue to believe that your prime enemies are ordinary leftists, or you identify as a leftist and believe your prime enemies are Republican citizens, you will fall perfectly into the trap set for you. Namely, you will ignore your real enemies, the ones who actually wield power at your expense: ruling class elites, who really do not care about “right v. left” and most definitely do not care about “Republican v. Democrat” — as evidenced by the fact that they fund both parties — but instead care only about one thing: stability, or preservation of the prevailing neoliberal order.

Unlike so many ordinary citizens addicted to trivial partisan warfare, these ruling class elites know who their real enemies are: anyone who steps outside the limits and rules of the game they have crafted and who seeks to disrupt the system that preserves their prerogatives and status. The one who put this best was probably Barack Obama when he was president, when he observed — correctly — that the perceived warfare between establishment Democratic and Republican elites was mostly theater, and on the question of what they actually believe, they’re both ‘fighting inside the 40 yard line’ together.” – Glenn Greenwald


  1. Any keen observer of Politics and history in just about any country you can name play the same game, ie in USA Dem vs Repub, Australia Labor Vs Liberal, England Tories Vs labor, same in Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, you name it, the Elites KNOW how to create the illusion of each opposing party as the ” enemy “, and of course the blind sheep eagerly defend their party, while those behind the curtain laugh, indeed, Satan is the ruler of this world, yes, power corrupts completely when not grounded in solid biblical values and laws, yet human nature is drawn to the ultimate historical Biblical fall of the curtain, I did hope I wouldn’t be alive to see it.

    Blessing to all here

    1. i had a similar but opposite hope. i had hoped i would live to see the coming of the Lord while on the Earth. that i must admit was a bit short sighted in that to get to that particular event one will have to go through some very very horrible things near the end that would include seeing my beloved America slide down into the ole crapper.

      until then i will cling to my God and Firearms…

      Christ is coming…

      Mar_13:13  And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

  2. Cannot keep this out of my mind these last couple months….. that is – in King Herod’s day, he ” stopped at nothing ” to eliminate his perceived threat to his power. Bethlehem comes to mind. Why would we be surprised at what the marxists / leninists are willing to do ? Just say’n

      1. And one of his biggest lies is that evil doesn’t even exist. When everything is relative, and it’s all based on feeeeeelings, and no one can disagree without being judgmental /oppressive /fascist /supremacist /etc………then people easily fall for that lie!

    1. Ron, perhaps you read a different essay than I did. I interpreted Mr Greenwald to say that the ruling elites, who don’t care about politics want you to fear the marxist/leninists.

      Unlike so many ordinary citizens addicted to trivial partisan warfare, these ruling class elites know who their real enemies are: anyone who steps outside the limits and rules of the game they have crafted and who seeks to disrupt the system that preserves their prerogatives and status.

      What did you interpret from his words?

      Carry on

      1. Reread the article and still feel the same. The REAL power brokers could care less of the ideologies of their subjects – just will STOP AT NOTHING to subjugate them and refine their efforts to continue control. It truly comes down to good and evil – plain speaking here.


        1. I appreciate plain speaking, brother. What I was pointing at is that marxists/leninists are also targets. To refuse alliance with someone who spouts that philosophy may have a large cost. YMMV.

          Carry on

    1. Thank you for the link to Greenwald’s piece. I find it to be clear and very timely. And I agree with your suggestion that everyone read it.

      Greenwald first came to my attention during the Eric Snowden blow-up in 2013. Greenwald and I are probably political opposites (I am a Constitutional Conservative), but he speaks the truth, and that’s what I want to hear. BTW, re Snowden – I think that he is an actual, legitimate whistle-blower, and I was hoping that Trump would pardon him (although I also think that Trump may have asked Snowden IF he wanted a pardon, since his life would be in danger from the ‘deep state’ if he were to walk freely).

      1. The excerpt JWR posted is the sixth paragraph up from the bottom of the article.

        You might also look down through the comments posted at the article — including some by people who say they are former military or intel.

        1. Thanks for the coaching, brother.

          The comments number nearly a thousand. Too much for this jarhead.

          If you have a couple you have copied and will share, I’ll read them.

          Carry on

  3. There is a great difference in the world before Donald Trump as President and the world today. Prior to Trump’s MAGA Movement, there wasn’t truly a viable alternative, and the only political battles occurred on the margins. This was the reason many conservatives voted with the Republican party.

    Today an alternative is emerging, and I pray we embrace it. There are those who believe that the Republican party can be salvaged in some kind of political take-over by Trump supporting patriot candidates. I am not so sure because the corruption in politicians on both sides of the aisle appears to be so deep (some say bottomless).

    There are others who say that it would not be possible to establish the infrastructure necessary to succeed in the development of a new party. Dan Bongino has expressed these concerns, and as much as I appreciate Dan and agree with him often, this is an area of disagreement for me.

    I support the development of a new political party, and have heard suggestions like the Patriot Party or the American Patriot Party. I am ready to join.

    This is President Trump, even now:

    Here’s the contrast, right before our very eyes:

    To all those who supported the theft of the Presidency… You should be ashamed of yourselves. Having read through a tremendous amount of the ACTUAL evidence (which actually does exist), there is no question in my mind that election fraud was rampant. No matter what you say, I know the truth.


    1. Oh my goodness, THANK YOU for sharing that link about Trump’s hotel. This morning my husband showed me the headline about the soldiers being kicked out of the Capitol (over supposedly one of them not masking?? Seriously?? BIDEN was photographed without a mask too!! And haven’t all of the troops been forced to have the vaccine anyway??) and sent to the parking garage and I was seriously wanting to scream and throw things. What’s that about “dogs and soldiers keep off the grass?” I settled for banging on the walls in the closet a few times. My husband said, “Ehh, I’ve slept in worse and so have they.” But SERIOUSLY!! YES you have on the battlefield or on field exercises, but in our CAPITOL?! This jackass “inaugurated” yesterday is not fit to ….and I can’t even think of what to say next, because any other occupation in a support staff capacity for the troops, done with the honor of a person who WORKS for a living, is WAY MORE than he’s good for!!!

        1. …….oooookay, I guess it’s only soldiers keep off the grass. Sigh.

          I was glad to see the pizzas delivered to them by the youngest Congress critter. Guess he hasn’t been around D.C. long enough to have lost all his human decency yet. Probably there wasn’t enough to feed all 5,000, but it did look like the entire back seat of his truck was full anyway. A simple kind gesture, even if partially for PR.

          1. There was an update in the news with reports that other states — perhaps Texas and New Hampshire, in addition to Florida — have recalled their National Guard troops. We may see more states take the same action.

      1. Honestly i don´t see any problem with being quartered for a few days in parking garage and if some of NG members were lax with mask discipline they needed to be reminded.

        If the President was lax then he needed also to be reminded but if it was only when he took his oath of office you critic has no merit

    2. @ Telesilla

      Like to get your comment on this………my wife saw soldiers turn their backs on the POTUS motorcade is the thief in chief went past, true?, or this, DJT took back the USA from being a corporation ( 1871 ) and brought back the USA as a Republic. Any truth to this ?, I read through the Marshall report and watched the links, many Govts have resigned over the last week, Italy, Netherland, Merkel resigned, just some I can name, I see a lot of skullduggery going on, how come Biden wears a mask in front of a camera with no person standing near him? does Biden really swear on the Bible? what Bible?, could be a book on Freemasonry for all we know, there is no witness to verify this is there?. I see many, many other odd things going on.

      1. Hello AS!
        I saw the video of the troops with their backs turned to the motorcade. It crossed my mind, for a moment or two, that maybe they were attending to potential threats coming from outside the motorcade (probably non-existent, but maybe this was the working theory) — as contrasted with standing in recognition of the passing motorcade. I hope that they were protesting the man who has been fraudulently installed as the POTUS (a protest he has earned), but I truly don’t know. What are your thoughts about this?

        As for Biden and the wearing of masks — another interesting observation. I wonder how much real consciousness and true cognitive function he has remaining. He seems to have some moments that are better than others — but none demonstrate any evidence of solid intellect (not that he had that in the best of his days). Does he make conscious and thoughtful decisions about masks — or is there some hit-or-miss element in all of this? Or is this just more Democrat hipocrasy?

        I have, from the beginning, believed that there were really two issues at hand. One being the use of the pandemic to advance political tyrrany, and the other the pandemic as a very real health threat and biological weapon.

        I know personally multiple people who have suffered greatly for having contracted COVID. Although some appear to be affected to much lesser degrees (excluding the possibility of longer term effects which may not be known for some time), others have been irreparably harmed, and many have died. With this direct knowledge, I encourage everyone to proceed with great caution (and to take as many precautionary measures as are possible).

        The one surprise to me was that the Bible on which he swore his oath did not burst into flames right there for all to see — assuming he swore the oath on an actual Bible of course!

        I have also noted with great interest, curiosity, and some concern the various resignations. Something is afoot. Whatever unfolds as we move forward will be both surprising and not-so-much — probably all at the same time.

        Unsure I was able to answer many of your questions, but it is a very interesting conversation, and I look forward to your thoughts.

        1. Telesilla

          Firstly, thank you for your reply, I thought reaching out to you, to get your nuanced thoughts is worthwhile, thank you very much! : ) …….not young myself!

          I saw the troops too turn their backs, how many, I honestly don’t know, I certainly hope, most did, I do know DJT has great respect for the troops, Biden?, I doubt, Kamala? not at all.

          Biden I notice wears masks for no apparent reason, my logical thinking asks, ok in the oval office, how many people will be there with CV19 threat?, just Biden, a camera remotely setup? possibly a cameraman and Biden with hidden earpiece being of course prompted, I think after signing three or four executive orders , the man looked tired, no mistaking it.

          I have tried researching Biden and Freemansory, then I find this:

          I have no doubt he is a Freemason, this fits a Luciferian agenda, Republicans are largely compromised, Dems worse, questionable now which is worse, Freemasons of course bow to a fake entity and inhabit both sides as you know.

          The pandemic is an ideal vehicle for tyranny, is it a true pandemic?, my view is, not really, the Spanish flue killed upwards of 50 million world wide, the world population was in 1921 1.7 billion, in today’s terms my maths equation brings the death toll today to 500 million, ( remember CV19 mortality is just a tad under 2% ) Spainish flue mortality was 57%, objectively a true Spainish flue mortality rate would be far higher, considering air travel, high road transport use of cars, buses, trains.

          So is CV19 real?, sure, the threat is overplayed, for example, I had cancer in 2015, had chemo, serious damage to my legs, veins, and other parts of my body, I cannot have oxygen intubation, it would either damage my lungs severely or kill me, having had anaphylaxis, I am super aware of CV19 vaccines with their untested cocktail mix, you know of the 30 plus old people who died in Norway after being given the Astra Zeneca vax right? I cannot afford the risk of taking the CV19 vaccine, are people dying from it? yes, how many directly?, my view is not as many as the overlords are telling us.

          I found this, details many odd events hidden behind the MSM. Your view?.
          THE MARSHALL REPORT – Exposing The Establishment Daily

          I can’t see the reports are fake, detailing, so-called stable first world govts resigning, next three months will be very interesting to say the least, getting a right view of God, so will God restore the Republic? I honestly don’t know, or better yet SHOULD it be restored?.

          Years ago, I read the Anti-federalist papers, I believe every free-thinking person should read them, certainly when the Republic was formed, including Freemasonry symbols ( eye of hours, Pyramids etc) into a founding formation, is occultic, no one can tell me, they didn’t know what it stood for, those men were not fools, yet they did that, there must have been a fiery battle between those who knew how anti-biblical those symbols were and those who wanted to create a new Republic aligning with true biblical teaching, what do you think?.

          1. Hello AS!
            I sincerely appreciated the sharing of your thoughts, and agree with you on much…

            There is no question about it. Donald Trump loves people, and he loves our country. He has great appreciation and admiration for our troops with a focus on those who do the heavy lifting and hard work on the ground (and probably not so much the swamp creatures who wear the uniform but are really no more than politicians themselves).

            Regarding the troops whose backs were to the motorcade. I was looking for a bit at their body language. The seemed a little more relaxed than I would have expected from being “in position and on guard” or “angry and in protest”. I found it strange. What did you think about this?

            You make a great point re: the seemingly random nature of the times when Joey-B wears masks, and when he doesn’t. …and I believe your observations of his fatigue after very short periods of public work are exactly correct. I wonder how long he will serve as POTUS before he is removed, or whether the stress of the work loan might take a toll on his health. Even during the time of the campaign, I felt it was grossly irresponsible (and even elder abuse) to have him on the campaign trail at all — or at any level — and that it was equally so to propose that he would be capable of truly serving at the POTUS.

            I am thankful for the news of your good outcome in the battle against cancer. This is a blessing, and I want you to know that our family will lift up our thanks for you this evening in our prayers. I am also sorry that the treatments took such a toll, and understand what you’re sharing about the vulnerabilities in your health picture now. I understand completely what you’re describing.

            Have you thought about your best alternative plan should you contract the infection? What’s the best approach for you in terms of treatment? …and are you comfortable with your prevention plans too?

            On that subject… We have added a product called VIREX to our prevention protocols. The product has what I call a “hospital floral perfume” (laughin’), but it’s supposed to really work. …and that’s what I am going for — something that works!

            With all that said, I understand also your position about the COVID vaccine question. The adverse results (and worse yet, the fatalities) are worrisome. Generally speaking (very generally speaking), I am neither pro- or anti-vaccine. I am a case-by-case kind of decision maker, and I seek to discern. Vaccines for polio, measles, and smallpox have saved many lives.

            The treatments I am watching closely are related to long acting antibodies. These are not vaccines, and convey “instant” immunity (well, instant as in about 15 or 20 minutes after receipt of the LAABs). One of these is AB8 and the other has a longer numerical reference and is being developed by Oxford AstraZeneca. The OAZ product may complete Phase III trials by early February. Plans for manufacture in the US were going to be in relatively limited numbers (very limited supply), but I hope this will change.

            So much to chat about, and thank you for the interesting and insightful conversation! I am wishing you and your wife both a wonderful weekend ahead.

        2. Telesilla

          I agree much with your thoughts, I am not anti-vax, agree, measles and polio vaccines have saved many lives, those vaccines were well thought out and implemented after a long long test period, one could argue,the third world was ( and is) where most of the testing occurs ( still), I have been told this by immunologists, reason being, they get to be guinea pigs before the first world citizens do!, causes less of an uproar for med giants in the press!

          I take high levels of Zinc, fish oil, magnesium cream for my Arthritis, high doses of liquid vitamin C, ( courtesy of the Chemo : / ……..the Chemo Drs gave me too much of the Chemo drugs, so went 12 days in the ER, touch & go, with a temp of 102, I lost 25 Ibs on the water only hospital diet grrrrr..I keep as fit as my middle aged body allows, walking, lifting some weights, I try to stay away generally from crowds of people, I believe we all must take responsibility for our own health, work within our physical limits, and if handicapped by ones body due to sickness or disease, our mind must not fall into the trap of being lazy and feeling very sorry for our situation, my prevention plans have fallen into, mask ( sometimes ), , keep my distance when in a line, eat healthy, wash my hands liberally, keep good sanitation, if I got CV19, I would have to say, no intubation and no high flow oxygen, many, many ex cancer patients would have the same issues as me.

          Remember, two vaccines, one from Moderna and another from Pfizer-BioNTech, are now being distributed in the U.S., first to health care workers and staff and residents of long-term care facilities, next to people 75 and older and frontline essential workers. Also vaccines are a substance that contains dead or weakened, disease-causing microbes. (For example, the measles vaccine contains measles microbes.) CV 19 vaccines don’t perform like that, mRNA. When mRNA enters your body, your cells turn it into a protein called a spike protein, which your body recognizes as foreign and forms an immune response against ( hopefully ), since the spike protein is a ” live ” protein, the idea is the protein stays active, mimicking the bodies, DNA, They also have the genetic instructions to make spike protein !, I have a very large problem with this. What are the long term effects?, how many doses will be needed? two per year? every year?, Coronavirus are not new, SARS, Avian bird flue, etc etc are all Coronaviruses, yet Coronaviruses mutate at an alarming rate, how come no one has come up with a vaccine for the common flue that we all get each winter season?, because they ALL mutate !,

          Kamala Harris will be POTUS, she is the dangerous one to on alert for, sleepy Joe, I suspect will be put out to pasture. By the way, I looked up JBs, Knights of Columbus connection, seems to be a fraternity, can’t find a connection directly to the Masons, I suspect, Wiki & google are hiding things from us about him, nevertheless, religious Fraternities are never good, for the simple reason, they become the focus and not God, the OT is replete with kings who focused on their own greed and lust for power, we ( Christians) are warned against this very emphaticly. Wrath falls upon those who create idols.

          DJT, I have never met him, I DO know people who have met him, they all describe him as very kind-hearted man, with strong opinions, who sticks to his beliefs, I may not agree with all he does, but I can admire a man who stands up for the troops, shame on those who run him down, based on rumor or lies, my view is the office of POTUS is to respected, few respect those who lead. I did NOT like BO, but I still respect the office of POTUS.

          enough from me ( late night )

          Thank you for the enlivened conversation! I we will also pray for you…..

          Blessings, wisdom, and peace be with you this weekend!

          Both vaccines received an emergency use authorization (EUA) from the FDA. An EUA is a green light, of sorts. It is not the same as official approval !, with the deaths in Norway of 30 plus old people, should be of grave concern, my mother is 91 in an aged care facility, she is of fairly sound, mind, takes no medications of any sort, and told me, she has refused to have the CV19 vaccine ( good on her! ) ,she told the Dr, why should she have it if she is healthy?, he shrugged and told her, OK, her reasoning is, if she gets covid, she goes home to the Lord, very hard to fault that !,

          1. AS! You make very good points about an aspect of the world many know little about… The use of people as guinea pigs who are vulnerable, have little or no personal decision making authority, and insufficient information to meaningfully participate in informed consent. In fact, I thought a lot about the example you gave of those in the Third World.

            …and this led my thoughts to how so many right here in the United States are part of a very similar life picture. Despite appearances, they have little or no personal decision making authority, and insufficient information to meaningfully participate in informed consent. There are some differences, but these aren’t as many as people might imagine (and the differences are becoming fewer by the day). We’re not so different, here in the United States of America — as frightening as the wake-up to that reality might be.

            All this to say, I wanted to extend a thank you to you — and to share something with you and other SB readers about how one thought led to another. Good conversation tends to have this result!

            Also wanted to add thoughts to the COVID-19 “vaccination” conversation. You make lots of good points about the bio-mechanical properties of the virus, and of the vaccine too. I would also say that when a virus is “engineered”, all bets are off for ever really understanding it — or having much, if any, capacity to defeat it. I am not one to give up easily — or at all really — and do believe we will learn to “manage” SARS-COV-2 (and all the mutations that will emerge). But… I am not convinced we will ever truly defeat it.

            These words — UNRESTRICTED BIOLOGICAL WARFARE — should be used often (maybe always) when SARS-COV-2 and COVID-19 are referenced. People must get a hold of what this means, why it should never have been allowed to happen, and why it can never be allowed to happen again. Having said that, my great personal concern is that we are only just seeing the beginning of everything awful that will come as a consequence of biological agents (intended use or accidental escape).

        3. @ Telesilla

          Much thanks for your kind words and intelligent conversation!, my nuanced thought for you is this since mRNA enters your body, and the cells turn it into a protein the spike protein, your body recognizes it as foreign and forms an immune response because its a live protein which adapts or clings to each individual persons DNA right?, believers conclude this is ( more than likely) is the way the vast population of this Earth will get the mark of the beast, therefore that is grounds to reject all CV19 vaccines! the underlying fear is ( for many believers) because the vaccine now ” alters ” DNA and is live, they will be consigned to everlasting fire!, so the theory goes.

          True? or false? or somewhere in between?, I don’t know, Biological warfare is 100% correct though, Big Pharma is in bed with the elites for sure, one example will suffice, did you know Thalidomide is still being sold in third world countries in 2021? ( Africa) remember my reply of the third-world populations are guinea pigs? so why is it still sold……MONEY!

          Drs are paid very poorly in most African countries, have a Dr friend who worked for a NGO, Drs get paid by sponsorship.

          I don’t have answers, just lots and lots of questions to ask those in charge. Drs I have learned don’t like to be asked hard questions and challenged, reading a lot grows the brain !……

          Peace & blessings to you

      2. Merkel resigned?
        When? to whom?
        Not that you read a note here

        the italian goverment lost part of it´s coalition and so it´s power base, i will not say it collapsed but it did definitly not resign.

        the dutch goverment did resign over slanderous wrong accusations about tens of thousands of dutch citicen

        1. ThoDan

          300 people arrested in Italy along with the Mafia in bed with the Italian Govt isn’t a collapse?, what is then?

          Dutch govt destroyed thousands of parents for lies, corruption and evil slander, a BIG issue don’t you think?

          1. Thank you

            More than 300, 3 or 4 of them are politicians(Nobe are part of the goverment), i wouldn´t call that proof that the goverment is in bed with the mafia

  4. What I have said for years, left and right are two wings of the same bird, two sides of the same coin, whatever you want to say. Christians have found themselves essentially homeless in today’s American political landscape, as we are left to choose between the march of leftism, or the slightly slower march of leftism. You decide which is which. Now, more than ever, we need to actually band together. This site is accomplishing that, and I am proud to be a member of this community.

    1. Ambrose,

      I agree whole heartedly. I have felt completely disenfranchised for many years. Neither party represents my values or beliefs any longer and I can no longer vote for the “lesser” evil..When both are clearly evil. I don’t want a vote for an evil man on my conscience/record


      The Word of God says in fourteen scriptures not to go to turn the left or the right!

      One in particular:

      Deuteronomy 28:14 says:

      “And thou shalt not go aside from any of the words which I command thee this day, to the right hand, or to the left, to go after other gods to serve them.”

      I would venture to say that those wrapped up in politics and politic leaders either on the right side or left side as the savior of our country, are worshipping Idols-other god’s…The god of the State Government.

      Our focus and hope is to be on the Lord Jesus, His Word, and proclaiming his salvation to the lost. For His kingdom is not of this world. He has a heavenly kingdom and is preparing a place for all who will come to him in faith and repentance of their sins. Come Quickly Lord Jesus! Amen!

      1. I would just like to add, that the elites used God’s Word and created the “left and the right” to divide us, on purpose with Politics, against God’s edict that we are not to turn to the left or the right!

        So devious of them.

        1. Avalanche Lily

          I now wonder if forming another party is the answer, I am not suggesting you are wrong, merely posing the question, my perhaps jaded view, anytime a new party comes forward to challenge the Tweedledum Tweedledee current two-party setup gets, stomped on very quick AND infiltrated with third columnists. Is there a viable alternative?

      2. Avalanche Lily…
        From your post: “I can no longer vote for the “lesser” evil.”

        We may see that many Americans are now also taking this position. I am among them, and hope to see the organization of a new political party. I do not share the view that either of the existing parties can serve as this vehicle for the current movement. My personal view is that these are far too corrupt to be recoverable.

  5. Greenwald appears to support the principles this country was founded upon instead of any particular “party”. Which is what this country was founded upon. He has differing views as anyone does. Ideas from everyone is what moves the country forward, bringing to the table substance instead of ideology….

  6. For our friends in Florida… What’s going on with the bank(s) that have closed Trump’s accounts? If this is true, it may be time to make individual moves. Perhaps something like a BANK BOYCOTT.

    …and a shout out with a congratulations to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for retrieving Florida’s National Guard troops. He is right. These troops are not the servants of Madame Pelosi.

  7. For anyone who thought Glenn Greenwald was exaggerating re the coming War on Domestic Terrorism, see this:

    “White House orders intelligence agencies to look at violent extremism in the U.S.”

    Recall that Obama’s Director of National Intelligence lied –under oath — to the American People and Congress about massive surveillance of the American People by the National Security Agency — and that his lie was supported by President Obama’s silence and that of the Congressional Intel oversight committees. We only found out the truth because Edward Snowden destroyed his life to warn us.

    Obama lied through his teeth when he said Snowden had alternatives for reporting wrongdoing.

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