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Here are JWR’s Recommendations of the Week for various media and tools of interest to SurvivalBlog readers. The focus is usually on emergency communications gear, bug out bag gear, tools, books, and movies–often with a tie-in to disaster preparedness, and links to “how-to” self-sufficiency videos. There is also an emphasis on links to sources for storage food and a variety of storage and caching containers. You will also note an emphasis on history books and historical movies. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This week the focus is on cold weather camping gear. (See the Gear section.)


This upcoming release looks interesting: This Is How They Tell Me the World Ends: The Cyberweapons Arms Race. (It will be released on February 9th, 2021, but Amazon is taking pre-orders.)

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Active Measures: The Secret History of Disinformation and Political Warfare

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Long Range Shooting Handbook: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Precision Rifle Shooting

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This book is dated, but still surprisingly useful: The Black Book of Revenge: The Complete Manual of Hardcore Dirty Tricks and Schemes

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Clandestine operations: The Arms and Techniques of the Resistance, 1941-1944


Now available on Amazon Prime: Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb

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Nature: Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalo

Instructional Videos & Vlogs:

There Is No Ammo Shortage For These Two Calibers!  (To get straight to the point: He’s talking 12 Gauge and 10mm.)

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A recent comedy from J.P. Sears: What It’s Like Getting Censored on YouTube

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Another from J.P.: Big Tech Cleans House! – Everything We Want You To Think


Unchained Melody sung like you’ve NEVER heard!

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Didgeridoo Meets Orchestra

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Clifton Hicks – Love Somebody (Soldier’s Joy)

Gear & Grub:

Sometimes, you have to pay more, for quality:  Eureka Assault Outfitter 4 Person, 4 Season Backpacking Tent

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US Military 4-PC Weather Resistant Modular Sleep System with Waterproof Gore-Tex Cover

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Yes, you can make your own rocket stove from a coffee can. But these are available commercially, and are more stable: Solo Stove Lite – Portable Camping Hiking and Survival Stove | Powerful Efficient Wood Burning and Low Smoke | Gassification Rocket Stove for Quick Boil | Compact 4.2 Inches and Lightweight 9 Ounces

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RedSwing Heavy Duty Reflective Survival Space Blanket, Multipurpose Emergency Thermal Blanket for All Weather, Green

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Odoland 4-in-1 Snowshoes Snow Shoes for Men and Women with Trekking Poles, Carrying Tote Bag and Waterproof Snow Leg Gaiters, Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Snow Shoes, White, Size 25”

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Halligan Bar, 36in Handle, High Carbon Steel

Featured Antique Gun of the Week

Our featured antique gun of the week is an 1889-production US Navy Colt Model 1889 chambered in .38 Long Colt.  Like most other pre-1899 guns, it can be mailed or shipped directly to your doorstep without any paperwork or FFL dealer involvement. (Be sure to check your state and local laws before ordering.) Take a look at the many recently-added guns at the Elk Creek Company store.

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  1. Giving that Amazon is attacking free speech by removing Parler from its servers I would recommend that we should not be linking to Amazon. Everyone should cancel all Prime and Prime subscriptions and search for alternative online shopping. This is more difficult but sacrifice is necessary for freedom. -Scott

        1. They are ALL compromised. For the e-book edition, I’d recommend KOBO because they’re owned by Japanese firm Rakuten. The Japanese aren’t particularly fond of socialism or leftist virtue-signaling. Amazon, Barnes & Noble/Nook, and iBooks are all rooting for our destruction. Also, if you like a subscription service, ScribD has, thus far, remained pretty neutral.

          As for the paperback edition, go to your local independent-but-not-leftist bookstore and order it. Will take a bit longer, but you’ll be supporting your local economy. If no such beast exists (I realize many preppers live in the boonies), then buy it used from Abe Books.com or Thrift Books.com.

          Just remember that SurvivalBlog probably gets a tiny commission when you order from Amazon via one of their links, so while boycotting Amazon links, you also need to chip in for their annual coffee cup challenge (contribution) to keep the lights on.

          1. I hate to break it to you, but ABE books is owned by Amazon.

            Powell’s Books, out of Portland, OR leans left, but they are not backing down to the local Antifa/BLM crowd, and are staunch advocates of free speech.

        2. Innovation and self reliance for starters. Do you really need that thingamabob? Can you buy it used from a yard sale, second hand store, or barter with your neighbor? Can you make something yourself? Yes, I know that takes time and we are very used to having it NOW. At the very least start cultivating local stores, preferably small businesses. I know, I know, as someone who has monetarily protested many businesses over the years because I abhorred their political views it’s hard work. (I’m a constant source of comedic material for my family for my beliefs, but I will have the last laugh) Certainly not as easy as clicking an item into your shopping cart and waiting breathlessly for it to arrive via USPS, or more probably by left leaning UPS or FedEx.
          If you find it’s to hard to do this thing how are you going to handle all the really hard things that are coming down the pike intended to destroy people like us?
          Adapt and survive. Toughen up. Use your “little grey cells” to innovate.
          American may be no more but that doesn’t mean we aren’t still Americans. We still have access to that famous American can do attitude. With that and faith in Christ Jesus we are invincible. Even, especially, in death.
          All for the King.

          1. TeresaSue,
            Great points!

            Re-purpose what others don’t want, or can’t see the value in. Resale shops, garage and farm sales. Educate ourselves about real value, learn how to barter and negotiate (where both sides feel like they win).

            Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!

            Improvise, Adapt and Overcome!

            As always, hoping you…
            Seymour Liberty

          2. I like to tell people my house is decorated in “Early Yard Sale,” with a side-order of thrift shop. You’d be amazed at what people throw out that can be saved with a bit of wood glue, white paint, elbow grease, or a quick run through the sewing machine.

          3. TeresaSue,

            I am on board whatever you are sailing. My improvisation has sometimes been due to poverty, often to to stubbornness and frugality. I am amazed at how many people have foresaken Christianity for another “C”, Convenience.

            Carry on

        3. Local Mom-and-Pop businesses. They are hurting right now, as are local non-chain restaurants. If there is a used bookstore near you, shop it. Thrift stores and second-hand stores. Avoid Chinese goods. Spend locally.

        4. I skip Amazon and go directly to the manufacturer if I cannot buy from a local store. That is hard for me living in very rural area. I’ve had a few that do not sell from their website so they direct me to the nearest retailer. I can usually call them and order whatever item I wish. While they may have to order it, I still avoid Amazon and Wally world.

    1. Scott, you are correct. I’ve been saying this for quite some time – few listen. They’ve been ‘brainwashed’ to get the ‘lowest price’, wherever it is. I also do not shop walmart. I try my best to buy American, and also to avoid Red Chinese goods.
      I also do not have a tv, nor do I fly commercial. I don’t use “social media’. I don’t take vaccines of any kind.
      We have to SAY NO, to the machine.

    2. I deleted Amazon from my life and urge others to do the same. Unfortunately, many in our community prefer the easy affiliate checks and convenience, over the blood that our Founders gave in support of freedom.

      1. We don’t use Amazon unless absolutely no other choice, but do use it to research products, and feedback about products, then buy from local suppliers or direct from US manufacturers if they sell to the public.

        Also we don’t use any of the FANG companies (Fakebook, Apple, Netflix, Alphabet/Google), and are not on & don’t use Social Media. We also buycot/boycott ‘woke’ Corporations (Like Disney, Dick’s, etc) who lecture Society to avoid Activist retaliation.

        Life’s too short and resources to valuable to endure and enrich that nonsense!

        As always, hoping we all…
        Seymour Liberty

          1. Okay,
            Let’s try this again (apparently, I still haven’t gotten the memo).

            ‘buycott’/boycott (I get it, spellchecker fixed it- not my typo, Lol!)

            I thought I was suffering from ‘Oldtimers’ disease (a.k.a. Joe Biden disease)

            AS always, hoping you…
            Seymour Liberty

        1. A lot of good thoughts on here. Definitely use Amazon for research then find the product locally if possible or a small online company. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to know a companies leanings. I am more than willing to pay higher prices and shipping costs where need be rather than support the destruction of our free speech. I recently bought a kindle but looks like its back to paperbacks. I did notice that pdfs can be converted to the format that kindle uses. Since this site is helped through the amazon purchased, I second the recommendation for the ten cent challenge.

          1. I looked for the revenge book on Amazon, research. The comments were worthwhile.

            Then I found this one:
            Get Even: The Complete Book of Dirty Tricks Paperback – January 21, 2020
            by George Hayduke

            The comments were complimentary. Now to the library.

            Carry on

      1. Charles K. All this talk about Amazon perplexes me. If Amazon is our enemy, then truly we are in deep trouble. Amazon is successful because all your neighbors love Amazon, and maybe you do also. Therefore, you must be surrounded by “the enemy”. Amazon succeeds because America loves it. Your problem is not with Amazon.

        1. It truly is a bad situation. Amazon supplies products that I have a hard time finding any place else, so I shop Amazon. I always use JWR’s Amazon link, so I get to help SB and therefore the SB community, by helping to keep SB going.

          Amazon is also the enemy. Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post, one gosh-awful propaganda rag for our political enemies, the communist Dummycrats and the communist Neo-conmen the Republicraps.

          I really don’t have a problem with Amazon, or continuing to use Amazon. As long as it benefits me and my wife, I’ll use it. As certain long-term needs are met my use of Amazon will decrease. In time I hope not to need it at all. On the otherhand, in time I may not have much choice as it may not be available to me or anyone else, for that matter. Time will tell.

    3. I use my amazon wish list as a running registry of tools, books, music or other supplies I might wish to purchase, build, or obtain in the future. It’s a one stop list. The list is not a purchase. If you want to purchase the product somewhere else you can still use the list until you find it elsewhere. I have an Amish hardware store about 45 miles away so I don’t visit often that has interesting supplies. I’m currently looking for some hardware cloth but I can’t find the size I want local. The product sits on my wish list until I determine if there are other purchase sources or if Amazon makes the most sense.

      I have no use for parler, but I’m a big fan of competition. Competition is the big reason capitalism is any better than the other isms. Amazon is not competition.

    4. Are there not any Christian billionaire patriots? Even for profitable reasons, if nothing else, a new Amazon, google, apple, cnn, etc..they would make another fortune.

  2. Re: Ammo shortage.

    I haven’t seen either of those available. The only 12 ga available around here is 3 1/2 in magnum for geese hunting and the occasional No. 8 birdshot.

    1. You’re right. Went to BassPro last week and the only 12 ga. they had was 3 1/2” steel waterfowl or 3 1/2” turkey loads. They were running about $4-$5 PER SHELL!!

      1. Gallenson’s in Salt Lake has plenty of 12 gauge Federal Flite Control 00 buck.
        And 20 gauge #3 buck.
        And Federal HST in service pistol calibers. But it’s pricey. I bought a bunch when it was $29.00 to $32.00 per 50. Now its $55.00 per 50. Procrastination is not your friend. Pallets of various ammunition, the inventory of which changes hourly now. Sometimes they have Federal M193 5.56 and M855 for .70 cents a round. Sometimes they DON’T! A full pallet, set out on the floor, lasts about a day now. No limit.
        Last week, I saw Speer 5.56, Gold Dot, for $750 for a 500 round brick. Federal 5.56, 68 grain match, only $450 per 500 round brick.
        Two 6,000 count boxes of Hornady .224″ 55 grain FMJBT disappeared while I was in the store. I grabbed one a month ago.
        Gallenson’s hasn’t answered their phone since January 2020.

    2. The local Wongmart dutifully removed all of its ammo from the shelves (again) yesterday apparently to prevent the white supremacist insurrectionist deplorables from going crazy and shooting up the place because of the up coming Biden immaculation… all six boxes… for months they’ve only had two boxes of 28 gauge shot shells and four boxes of 270… but they had to take it off the shelves…

      I had to laugh.

      ( btw, I noticed the local Sportsmans Warehouse had alot of shotgun ammo on its shelves… I couldn’t find any .410, but there were boat loads of 28 gauge… does anyone actually use 28 gauge anymore???)

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jebuWS871IQ
    Right Side Broadcasting video streaming Trump’s send off from Andrews Air Force Base this morning and streaming his return to Florida.
    I will not give the felon and Commander in Thief the time of day today.

    When you have to militarize D.C. and various state capitols in order to install a Communist puppet based on your rabid conspiracy theories that all patriotic Americans want to kill you, it’s obvious the guy wasn’t elected by We the People.

    I’m in mourning for the Republic, if there’s a shred of it left. I will continue to prepare for the coming persecution of Christians, Conservatives, Constitutionalists, and the 2nd Amendment.

    1. SaraSue… well stated… we MUST all continue to prepare … I believe we must LISTEN for HIS voice to guide us in those preparations…LORD, please remove all the obstacles of interference and cancel all the noise that would hinder us in hearing YOUR voice… In the name of Jesus Christ , AMEN…

    2. Preppers were somewhat vindicated for listening to the voice of the Lord when covid-19 lockdowns first hit the country and -we- were sitting comfortably in our homes while the rest of the world was getting into fistfights over the last roll of toilet paper.

      And still that VOICE keeps saying, “it hasn’t yet begun to rain.”

      All of us who are HERE know well, thanks to our gracious host’s inspired fiction, what the consequences will be of the exact kind of socialist policies the new administration is enacting and our debt-chickens coming home to roost. Beans, bullets, bandages, and bible … we’re at DEFCON 2. If you haven’t already, get out of the big liberal cities. The excrement is about to hit the fan.

      1. I have this theory/hunch… the LiberalSocialistMarxistCommunistSatanic administration, KNOWING that everyone (at least more than half the country) is very angry today and talking about things like civil war, secession, etc., are probably going to back off a bit to calm things down. They’re already talking about opening up the economy now that they have Trump out of the White House. It will lull some people back to sleep. People have been flooding out of the liberal cities and states by the millions, so that will continue because that portion of society is clearly awake and won’t go back to sleep. In short (sorry for the rambling), temporarily things may calm down as the Left thinks they won, and the Right along with everything in between, will quietly be regrouping and strategizing how to survive this. There may still be time to get out of the cities.

        P.S. To my FECKLESS Idaho representatives, you failed to stand up for Liberty and you must go. An election was stolen in front of our eyes and all you can talk about is covid.

        1. The SENSIBLE thing for them to do would be to tread water and give the appearance of making nice while the Biden administration quietly consolidates power by purging government of any Trump supporter or patriot who still remains, but so far, they don’t appear to be doing that. The far-far left tastes blood, has the bit between their teeth, and intends to run rough-shod the same way they burned-looted-murdered their own constituents in riots all summer long.

          Either way, MAGA Nation isn’t going back to sleep. While it will be more painful if they come after us, the way they are doing it … internal spy agencies … making the military swear an oath to the DNC and not the constitution … increasingly unhinged rants … and insane policies like welcoming mass immigration, outsourced jobs, and more taxation while the economy is still crippled thanks to covid-19 … so far they are signaling that is their intent.

          In the end, I suspect it will be the currency collapse, not anything Joe Biden does, which will be the final red-pill for those still not awake. There’s nothing like job loss, famine and riots to wake the sheeple up.

          As for your feckless RINO representative, it’s time for We The People to admit that NEITHER party represents our interests and UNENROLL to be independent voters so the big corporations will stop funding their reelection war chest. It’s time to #CancelTheGOP.

          1. I “unregistered” myself as a Republican on the 7th, I think. I disassociated from all parties. As a Republican and Conservative my whole life, I didn’t bat an eye due to the betrayal of both parties.

          2. Finally, You see the truth, SaraSue! We have been betrayed! They are truly both on the same team! They are both against us! We’ve been played! It is the Last Days! If the “Jewish Messiah” appears by Fall/Rosh Hashana 2021, Rabbis are claiming that their “Messiah” will come in 2021, and a final Confirmation by many of the Palestinian/Israel Peace Process, you can believe that we’ve started the last Seven Years or Three and a half years before the Return of Jesus Christ. There will be extreme world upheaval. Watch and study the books of Daniel, Revelation, Ezekiel, Zechariah, Matthew 24. Look up! We’re almost there.

          3. Avalanche Lily…would you please direct me to where I can educate myself regarding the New Apostolic movement…I find it troubling that people are getting caught up in so many modern day “ prophets “… I keep remembering Ezekiel 14…

        2. Biden has 17 executive orders waiting to sign to undo President Trumps orders including to now allow essentially unlimited illegal immigrants and removal of the ban from terrorist countries. I also see him trying to push his legislative agenda quickly. I also believe he will try to pack the supreme court. Should the Lord tarry, Biden has two years with democrat control after which time there is a possibility republicans could regain one or both houses. Biden and his handlers know this and have to push through as much of his agenda as he can before that.
          Grace to you from the God of all grace!

          1. The next two years are going to be tough.

            There are some who will work very hard to stop (or stall) the efforts of this administration which was stolen — no question in my mind.

            Among those champions is the Attorney General of the State of Texas.

            There was also an interesting thought presented in the link below about grounds for President Trump to take legal action now that the current installation has been completed.


            Is this correct? Does anyone know if this legal option is a real option?

    3. Well said. I especially liked the ring of Commander in Thief.
      Take heart SaraSue the Lord is in control, even if the commies think they are, : )
      All for the King

      1. I am a daughter of the King and under His wings of protection no matter what my emotions say today. Satan has zero authority over me and my family, no matter what form it comes in. Amen.

    4. SaraSue,

      Thanks for the heads up on RSBN. I had turned off the news this morning, and went to Newsmaxtv on my work computer, so it was nice to capture President Trumps sendoff on the live stream, and watch it between calls.

      Much appreciated!

      As always, hoping you…
      Seymour Liberty

    5. I’m with you, SaraSue. I guess I was hoping the National Guard was there to turn the tables and arrest those who partook in the crooked election. I was hoping Trump had a card up his sleeve. Just glad that we worship an Amazing God, and He is on the throne!

    6. I’m with you, Sara Sue. I’ve been in mourning for this great Republic for a while now. We have truly lost our way and have gone far, far away from Christ. Perhaps this time will result in many folks getting back to the Lord. God is still in charge and that is a big comfort!

  4. I have avoided doing much shopping on the Oligarch Bezos website for years and just closed my account and will no longer support them at all. I encourage all patriots to do the same.

  5. Here in Tucson we have some 2 3/4 inch no. 8 shot 12 gauge and some 12 gauge slug of various lengths. If one knows where to shop one can can find most ammunition calibers but it is very pricey.

  6. Okay y’all. It’s time for our pity party to be over. We’ve work to do. Turn off your TVs, radios, throw your dumb arse phones in an outa sight, outa mind place. We don’t need to listen to them rub salt in our wounds with the “inauguration.” If you have to have something on the tv turn it to on of the spiritual music channels. My favorite is Southern Gospel.
    Seek guidance from the Lord and start planning. Prioritize and implement. Isn’t this what we’ve been preparing for all these years? How can I not believe the Lord’s hand was in my choice of reading even when I was a young girl. I knew there was a reason I have so much obsolete knowledge floating around in my head. I mean, how many people know how to make full cloth, the fabric used for heavy, winter coats, just for starters? The Lord choose us to be here, in this time for a reason.
    Seriously, put your mourning clothes away and choose to be the light.
    All for the King

    1. Well said!

      No TV here (ever), no radio for me today, and SB is the only website I have visited on my phone. I wanted to come here to be among patriots and believers, and be encouraged. I don’t want to see the footage of the theft’s completion. I don’t want to hear the endless analysis and whining from people who won’t do anything. I don’t want to read the increasingly convoluted theories from people who STILL think that Trump will become president again somehow today. I’m not even in the mood for snark today (MAN, it must be serious!!). I invited my parents to come over and we all took all the kids outside to play in the gorgeous weather. I am glad to have that time for not only distraction from this dark day, but refocusing my vision on the future.

      At least half of the kids are asleep, and my own quiet rest time is ending. Time to get some dough rising, file some worksheets, and call the new realtor about our potential retreat. ONWARD!!

  7. Hey all,
    I’ve been trying to be upbeat today, but it’s been up and down. Sorry for the long comment in advance. I guess I needed to ‘share’ a few thoughts. It’s a sad day for America. We hoped it would turn out differently, but all is not lost. Our path will be more difficult, but it is a path we must walk.

    A cognitively challenged and deeply compromised life-long fraud, and his far left radical running mate, who never won a single primary, and was so un-popular, she dropped out before the Iowa Primary, polling around 1%, are our new Executives, along with all of their Leftist/Big Tech/Obama buddies. Yep, a sad day!

    I think we’re all feeling it and grasping for reasons why. Even people I know who normally don’t say much, have been asking about what’s going on with our country.

    A friend and person in my industry asked me about recent events, and WHY it was ok for The Left to condemn the Capitol Riot, but remain silent, and even condone the BLM/Antifa riots that went on for 6+ months last summer. I just smiled, and he asked why are you smiling? I just looked at him and said, well, I’m certainly not the smartest guy in the world, so when I get an easy question it’s a happy moment that I can actually answer one.

    He said ok, then why is it this way. I told him it’s easy to understand if you realize that for the Left, their religion IS the State (Government) so when they saw/perceived (alleged) Trump Supporters attacking the Capitol, they saw that action as their God being attacked. They went nuts!

    He said ok, so how do they condone what BLM/Antifa did? To which I replied; BLM/Antifa was attacking Businesses (Capitalism) and the Police (who supposedly represent Law & Order – protecting our Society, and Commerce), both of which BLM/Antifa despise. They have no hope for the future and are tied inextricably to the Government for handouts, support, and false promise of hope. And that also explains why they HATE President Trump. What better symbol of Capitalism than a Freedom loving, successful Businessman who espouses Law & Order?

    The Left’s God IS Government. Capitalism, Law & Order Enforcement (& even the Military) is the enemy of their false God.

    Keep the faith, pray for our Country, and Donald Trump and his family, and be well.

    As always, hoping we all…
    Seymour Liberty

    1. Folks can expect a pre-ordering announcement on January 25th. Thanks for your patience.

      Again, in an age of Internet censorship, getting the USB stick is the only way to be certain that you will be able to get to the 30,000 archives articles and columns from the SurvivalBlog archives, in the long term. It is even EMP=proof and waterproof.

  8. I have a question for JWR or anyone else here – has to do with “resistance” efforts in world history. I’d like to study it. Obviously, the #resistance in our government were serious, calculated, and thorough.

    I’ve had some broad ideas, the least of which are not putting our money into anyone who has turned against Christians, Conservatives, and Patriots. But, I want to study the topic more in depth. There are so many millions of ways we can thwart the Communist takeover. Any books, thoughts, or ideas on the topic would be helpful. I will study.

  9. Boots on,

    So, I agree these tech tyrants are our enemy. I earn 80% of my income off Instagrahm. So, yes, we should endure to cut them out of our supply chain. However, I still watch some things on Y.T. I’m currently creating content for Rumble. Rumble is, and will be flawed(ideologically), but I believe that competition is critical.

    Most Amazons profits don’t come from purchases on Amazon like you think, it comes from their AWS, Amazon Web Services, which they get money whenever you use Twither, or UbeTube, or especially NotFlix. If you cut those out, or reduce, you will cut out their profits.

    Streaming services will always exist, and what’s more effective than boycotting is supporting the competition.

    Create videos and upload to Rumble(or other services).

    * Gardening
    * Survival
    * Hot water tank repair
    * How to change your brakes
    * Electronics

    Get video editing software and make some really decent videos.

    You will hurt their bottom lines more by providing alternatives!!!

    Also, buy alternative stuff! Don’t cut joy, and fun out of your life! Just buy it from better sources! I understand people want to abstain from everything, but when you support effective counter narratives (funny, entertaining, and well produced), it hurts there bottom line!

    I’m an artist, and I understand this realm of media entertainment very well. Views count. Investors need to see the viewershio shift.

  10. Disgusted but not discouraged.

    Fired up but not inflamed.

    Motivation not muttering.

    The solution to counter the enemy is to engage strength.

    I beg some of you to do what I am doing. I’m now vice chair of our county political party and I am co-opting the group to build our strength and get more LMP get elected.

    The enemy here is highly organized. Our team has to do better than them.

    Contact your local party. There are many empty PCO and block captain vacancies. Get off your butt and get engaged.

    Tis far better to engage the enemy on His doorstep than in Your back yard.

    Direct energy towards taking control.

    Our Lord helps those who help themselves.

    Zechariah 3:16 In that day it shall be said unto Jerusalem, Fear thou not, O Zion, let not thine hands be faint. 1599 Geneva Bible.

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