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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we focus on migration between the 50 states. (See the Idaho section.)


COVID causes Bogus Basin to lose $3 million in revenue, “our goal is to stay open and safe”

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The big influx:   A moving company migration map.  And here is some more detailed data, to match. Here is a snippet from the latter article:

“In any case, what is quite clear is that such “progressive” bastions of Democratic power such as New York, Illinois, California and Michigan saw the biggest population outflows in 2020, while the biggest winners were the sunbelt states Texas, Florida and Arizona. Expect this trend to only accelerate.”

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Snowmobiler hospitalized after crash near West Yellowstone


Montana’s National Bison Range transferred to tribes. Here is a quote:

“Red Sleep Mountain has begun its official return to the Flathead Indian Reservation after Interior Secretary David Bernhardt on Friday signed papers transferring the National Bison Range to the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes.

Tribal Chairwoman Shelly Fyant says the transfer returned care of the bison to the people who had made it a mainstay of their culture.

The transfer was included in a spending bill signed by President Donald Trump on Dec. 27, 2020.

Tribal spokesman Robert McDonald says the public will see little change on the 18,800-acre wildlife refuge covering Red Sleep Mountain south of Pablo.”

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High winds cause downed power lines, outages, overturned semis.

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Butte man jailed for throwing beer cans at police cars.

Central & Eastern Oregon

Two dead after Ontario hostage situation, police shooting

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Crime Down in Deschutes County

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Clarkston man held in jail after chase

Central & Eastern Washington

WSU freshmen enrollment decreases, retention rates increase

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Former Spokane Indians manager Tommy Lasorda dies at 93

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New movie begins production in Spokane, hoping to boost local economy


Wyoming GOP rips Rep. Liz Cheney for voting to impeach Trump

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Sage grouse review done, but scant time for Trump’s changes

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Game and Fish Dept. bracing for spread of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease

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  1. Notice the language of liz and nancy using the words “sacred’ and “temple” in describing the capitol building. I guess they have self promoted to deity. Their actions and attitudes demonstrate such.

    The people of Wyoming have been swindled by a woman who was just freshly reelected and now has two years to prove herself a faithful foot soldier to herr joe and 2nd fiddle comrade kamala. Ah yes, bipartisanship.

    She chose a path with no due process nor defense allowed for the President and she chose to follow nancy over precedent and the overwhelming will of her constituents.

    3rd ranking republican? Et tu Brute?

    1. It’s called a “sacred temple” if used for ritualistic purposes. Pizzas have been delivered many times thru the gates to Congress
      Sometimes when congress preys, they say”amen and awomen”.

      Battle btween Good and evil ratcheting up.
      We must gird ourselves with the Almighty’s armor,be prayerful and vigilant.
      Fasting, not feasting…and the Truth will be revealed, and Strength given to overcome joyously,the upcoming storm.
      Just remember…lots of new stove wood is just sitting on the ground for processing….a benefit of the high winds storm.

    2. Dear colorado,
      We will exchange 1 congresstraitor cheney for 1 Congresswoman Boebert (both will fit in better in their new habitats). But wait, if you act in the next 24 hours we will sweeten the deal and return all of your windmills.


  2. Migration Map,

    In FL, I wouldn’t call being invaded by outsiders as being a “Winner”.

    They bring other customs and norms, some would say wickedness, destroying the local culture.

    I don’t mind folks coming for the Winter, but when they stay all year, they exert tyranny over the locals.

    Look at GA, that was a “WIn”?

  3. Now that Trump has built up our military, it will be used against “we the people” by the Demonrats who are now in power thru a rigged election! May the “God of all Mercy” help us, as we are now in a “hot spiritual war” against evil in the USA!!!!!!! The Demonrats don’t even trust our troops, as they must take a loyalty oath just like the SS!

  4. And so, having thoroughly and terminally trashed their residence states, the losers will now travel to new areas to exploit that “tax base”, gentrify it’s citizenry, and leave it a greasy spot on the interstate, in their never ending quest to destroy this country.

    “Great Googamooga, can’t you hear me talkin’ to ya.”

  5. Getting tired of listening to our conservative leadership screaming at us that violence is unaccceptable and not the answer. That is not how our founding fathers felt. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Suppression is akin to oppression.

  6. We have unfortunately created that witch our founding fathers so despised an American Aristocracy. We serve up present and past Politicians as Royalty instead of Servants. It is partially our fault of allowing them status above the Commoners for generations. The only solution is Term Limits and Citizen Legislatiors. This will end the lifetime benefits and place true Representation By the People of the people and for the people.

  7. benjammin, I hear you. I’ve been listening to Mark Levin and Dan Bongino for many years now, and recently discovered how pacifistic they are as of recent. Mark Levin nonstop preaching ” We have to fight”, “Never give up!” But only peacefully. No physical action. I’m seriously getting tired of hearing Mark Levin’s war cries that gets no results though peaceful assembly. I’m done wasting my time through phone calls, written letters and emails. Donations that did nothing but make my wallet lighter. Attending peaceful protests against these oligarchs who will not have their minds swayed. I’m not advocating for violence, but seriously, what options are left to keep these tyrants in order? Article 5 convention of states is a pipe dream, Mr. Levin. If we couldn’t get the ball rolling on a fast track when we had President Trump and the Senate, we sure as heck won’t have a chance in hell now that they control everthing, including a rogue Supreme Court. May God help us. I believe the 4th box will soon be the last straw.

    1. Ffffpatriot

      You’re right. And your wrong. I’m annoyed with the constant cries for pacifism. However, when is the time for violence? After people have suffered greatly under tyranny. The time will come, I feel inevitably that those who understand what freedom is, will be called to fight.
      The nation is not calling for it. The mass population is going along with it. Trump may have marginally been cheated out of the election, but there are a lot of supporters for this new agenda. Until there is massive tyranny, people will not fight it.

      Next is suffering. God promised we would suffer. I’m not saying it’s good. However, we must endure long suffering.

      1. Your comment was fairly accurate.

        I would add that pundits that make statements that are construed to advocate violence will be singled out and …. based on current events …. prosecuted. So they are speaking carefully.

        The question is, are they just trying to preserve their fan base and paycheck or are they posing a sublime message? I say they are doing both.

        Additionally, it might be wise to give them a break as we need their voice out there for as long as it can last.

        1. There may come a time for violence but I don’t believe it’s now. As long as we have cell phones with unlimited data, food on the shelves, gas in our cars, money in the bank, 200+ channels on tv, easy access to healthcare, etc, the vast majority of even the most patriotic people will not support such a move. All we can do is continue to participate in the political process with as much vigor as possible and hope to change things peacefully for our children’s sake. I truly believe most Americans have the same ideals but somehow get hijacked into voting otherwise. Either the republican party needs to change to gather these people together or perhaps it’s time for another party. Of course if this happens, we will be empowering the democrats for the near future. The only answer I truly have is to continue to pray for our country to survive because if it falls, so does the rest of the free world.

          1. GaGone Galt… Prayer / Yes… the political process and elections / No… the ballot process has been negated … voting is irrelevant… my vote no longer counts… Proverbs 3:5-6 … Psalm 118:8-9

    2. I remember in 2015 and 2016, when Trump was pushing America First, Mark Levin was railing against Trumps version of America First, trying to equate it to the original America First movement from 1940. It was a movement to keep the US out of the European war. There were some pretty strange bedfellows in that movement, from staunch conservatives to communists, and everything in between. At the time it was advertised as a pro Nazi and pro Hitler movement. Levin was trying to make the false case that Trump’s America first movement was a Neo-Nazi movement. I stopped listening to Levin in 2016 because he had literally gone insane with his hatred of Trump and America First.

      Back in 2010 there was a fairly big push for an Article 5 convention of the States. Mark Levin railed against an Article 5 convention, saying it would be controlled by Nazi Pelosi. Now, all of a sudden he is promoting an Article 5 convention, he even wrote a book. What changed? Nothing except that now it was Mark’s idea, so it must be done.

      I have always considered Mark Levin a neo-con. Sort of conservative, at least in rhetoric, but not really trust worthy. Though, lately, he sounds like he has come around, he’s not to be trusted.

      1. Charles K… I agree … not trust Levin… I do NOT support an Article V… if an Article V ever took place the floodgates will have been opened and anything could occur… even an entirely new document… I trust no man / woman in the political arena… PERIOD !!!

    3. We TRIED keeping our heads down, praying to vote our way out of this peacefully. They STOLE the election. And now they’re administering “purity oaths” to our military, making them claim allegiance to the Democratic party rather than the Constitution, and calling for the persecution, arrest, and “purging” of Trump supporters. And yet they’re freaking out about a double-handful of peaceful morons (interspersed with their own AntiFa crisis actors) romping through the senate chamber with a bullhorn and a flag.

      What do they THINK we’re going to do, when they pursue us and won’t leave us alone?

      1. Anna, we are being pushed to do exactly what they want (start chooting) so they can continue with the next stages. Remember: They have told us all along every single thing they intend to do. Prepare to be purged one way and then the other.

        1. Alas, they THINK they know their plan. No matter how peaceful the protest, they’ll hire crisis actors to turn it violent and then blame it on middle America. Luckily, unlike the leftists, middle America knows their history.

    4. I like Levin, but the Article 5 stuff is going nowhere fast… an increasing number of people don’t give a rodent’s rear end for the Constitution or living under a system of individual freedom. They want the peace and security of Chinese style fascist-corporatism.

      The demographics of the country are changing, especially since Biden is intent on giving citizenship to 20 million illegals. This will consolidate a permanent democrat majority (they wont even need to cheat the election anymore). There will be another surge in democrat voters as their children become adults in 18 or so years.

      If a separation (secession) does not happen soon, our grandchildren will lose their rights under a racially divided, 3rd world socialist dictatorship, ruled by a small handful of elites. (we aren’t far from that now).

      The tolerance for illegal immigration should have stopped 50 years ago. Now its too late, you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube. If secession is to happen it will have to start moving fairly quickly. 50 years from now will be too late.

      Something tells me it won’t happen.

  8. In the detailed map, this graph showing the influx into Idaho,, which as far less land, might have what I estimate to be about 30,000, verses the 10,000 for Montana. As the trend continues, the proportion may hold. This is good news for Montana. Idaho can serve as an outer layer of defense from the hordes from the NW coast. :o)

  9. True we have devolved into treating those who are elected to “serve” us, into treating those very same as superior to us. We have failed miserably in that regard.
    And it is often said and alluded to that violence is not the answer.
    True as well. Violence for violences sake is senseless. It proves nothing and only increases animosity.
    But history, from the beginning of time, teaches different lessons. As has been proven by 2 World Wars, Vietnam, Korea, throughout the “Stans”, and numerous battles and wars between peoples of differing cultures and nations, much too numerous to count.
    Violence is the ONLY answer. Else you be relegated to be a slave of others.

    In some circles – Not yet.
    In others – Past Due.
    In still others – The time has come, or will be in another day.

    Whatever comes, whatever time wins out, the pushed have been pushed to the point where the growth of a spine is inevitable. History teaches that Violence is on the horizon. This will not end well!

    Do not Obey- Do not co-operate – Do not comply
    When the governed become ungovernable – Let them herd cats!

    You are endowed with God given rights, let none take them from you. You do not need permission, you have those rights by your very humanity.
    Long Live Our Republic

    1. Regarding Biden’s pick for assistant secretary of health. I am from Pennsylvania and unfortunately we have had to live with him/her making decisions over the past few years. His decisions and recommendations during Covid have simply been ridiculous. It sickens me to see where our country is going. However, we must remember that God is in control and our best recourse is to Pray.

    2. If he wore a funny hat and claimed he was Napoleon, he’d be dragged away to a loony bin. But if you’re a man and dress up in drag, and claim you’re a woman you can be appointed assistant secretary of health for a nation of 330 million people.

      Someone obviously thought it was necessary to pander to the 0.01% tranny vote. Makes you wonder who exactly is pulling Biden’s strings.

  10. The 26,000 troops in DC right now are the greatest show of force by Dems and liberals in the history of this country. Their presence is meant to intimidate and show how easy the boot of tyranny can be put on your throat. There are NG troops from all 50 states and 4 territories. IMO this is meant to show any doubters that the left wing reach is any where they want it to be. Now the dufus congress critter from Tn is saying that 75% of the troops, are white men, are conservative and should be vetted by the FBI (aka fibbers). Re-education camps for conservative adults and special classes for the children of Trump supporters is also being bandied about….please, dear God, let the madness stop. Another idiot from NY (Chang?) is trying to make the possession of body armor for any reason a felony and even a helmet that could deflect or stop a bullet is included. Another one on the table is having to have a federal permit to buy ammunition…

    1. These people are idiots. Do you think this virtue-signaling clown car will be able to lead the country when the national debt, bolstered by covid-bailouts and a side-order of our weather patterns tilting into a Grand Solar Minimum paired with past-peak oil, all come home to roost and collapse the economy?

      Trump wasn’t perfect, but at least he had a rudimentary grasp on the fact you can’t keep spending more than the average worker can earn.

  11. It’s 12:17AM here in Michigan. I’ve been reading the news and SB for the past hour. I’m going to bed deeply disturbed and concerned. I’m 69 years old, a believer, and not afraid. Yet I have this terrible feeling that my country is disintegrating before my eyes. I’ve never seen events changing so rapidly in all my life. Never before have I been thankful that I’m getting old, tonight I am. My peace comes from God, my faith.

  12. The best thing we could do is go and give them all the Green New Deal! (rope and a tall tree) Then set up a provisional congress to act as both house and senate until a new election could be held. Only thing I’d change during the provisional congress is to make term limits for everyone, bureaucrats too!

    On Covid,

    How many had the cold that went around during Christmas of 2019?

    Reason I ask this, is my family had this, and my sister tested positive for antibodies. I just talked to my insurance agent, and her family all had it, and they all tested positive as well. It may be that, that cold was a different coronavirus, and that may make us immune to the Covid 19 strain.

    1. several viruses that cause the “common cold” are in the family of corona viruses.

      (just one of many reasons some people think this was an experimental modified virus that escaped the Wuhan facility)

  13. Being the recipient of influx from Blue states is not a plus. I live in North Carolina, and that influx has turned my Red state purple. I expect it to be Blue in the next election. They’ll simply cheat if that’s what it takes.

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