Censorship: The Storm Is Here

You’ve probably seen the 1984 movie The Terminator, and recall the closing denounment sequence, where Sarah Connor is driving her Jeep through Mexico. She stops to buy gas, and a Mexican boy warns her: “Mira, la tormenta.” (“Look, there is a storm.”) Her quiet lamenting reply was: “I know.”

Here in the Inland northwest, we just suffered a large windstorm event, with tens of thousands of trees toppled or snapped off by wind gusts. The grid power will probably be out for days for a good portion of the population. But we are muddling through, just as we always have. We just fired up our chainsaws and cleared the roads. The men from the local power co-op will soon have the lines back up, and life will get back to normal.

But meanwhile, 2,700 miles to our east, there is another storm — even larger –that is blowing, and it is showing no signs of stopping. This is a political maelstrom. They are calling it The Purge. It is actually just the latest in a series of purges promulgated by the Tech Giants. These date back to the purging of Alex Jones from Apple, YouTube, Spotify, and Facebook, in the summer of 2018. But Jones was just the test case. But now they’ve taken their gloves off. They’ve just recently suspended or deleted the Facebook and Twitter accounts of more than 70,000 people, in an attempt to censor them. Some of those accounts were held by the sitting president and key members of his cabinet. Former congressman Dr. Ron Paul had his account suspended. Internet discussion forums have been deleted. The Parler (spoken “parlay”) social media platform was de-platformed by the combined efforts Google, Apple, Amazon Web Services, and Facebook, cutting Parler off from its servers and downloads for its user application (“app”). It was widely reported that the Parler app was removed from both Google and Apple’s app stores. And contemporaneously, a large number of web sites, blogs, vlogs, and discussion forums have been shut down. Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetz posted the alarm: “Big tech tyranny is playing out before our very eyes.”

Here are some details on just a few examples of The Purge: Parler was totally de-platformed and may not be available for many days or even weeks. The Brushbeater discussion forums were deactivated without explanation by their forum hosting service. AR15.com — which hosts the most popular gun topic forums on the Internet — had their domain registration yanked by URL registrar GoDaddy, also with no explanation given. Thankfully they were able to get back up and available just a day later. Newsweek reported: “Brian Kilmeade, a Fox and Friends host, claimed to have lost 30,000 followers over four hours on January 9… …Fox News contributor Byron York also claimed he had a “precipitous drop” of 29,000.” Sarah Huckabee Sanders posted: “I’ve lost 50k+ followers this week. The radical left and their big tech allies cannot marginalize, censor, or silence the American people. This is not China, this is United States of America, and we are a free country.”

The Impeachment Sideshow

The mainstream media’s news cycle is presently dominated by the second impeachment of DJT. This was orchestrated when he has just a few days left in office. But that is just a sideshow to distract the public from the real news: The Purge. That larger story really should be the main topic of discussion. But the media moguls have masterfully pushed that off to the sidelines and turned the news into “All Impeachment, all the time.”

I expect The Purge to continue until the Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, on January 20, 2021. But then it won’t stop. The censors will press on with de-platforming, shadow banning, Terms of Service strikes for YouTubers, and much more. Their faceless cohorts in the hacker world will use ping flood DDOS attacks. The mainstream media will chime in with character assassination hit pieces. Bankers will cut off anyone who pro-liberty, pro-Christian, pro-Second Amendment, pro-QAnon, pro-life, anti-vaccination, or pro-Trump individuals and organizations from credit card processing services or other banking services. I also expect Amazon Associates and PayPal to soon do much the same.

I’ll go even further and predict that video call/conferencing services like Zoom, Skype, Houseparty, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, WebEx, and FaceTime may soon vindictively suspend access, based on just one participant ending up on a Bad Boy List.  Leftist academia will cooperate by removing any professors who don’t agree with their socialist agenda, and they will bar conservative speakers from visiting their campuses. Domain registrars, domain hosts, cloud computing services, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), will curtail access by anyone who doesn’t match their worldview and abide by their ill-defined “community guidelines.”

The major search engines — most notoriously Google – have long been using algorithms to de-emphasize and shadow ban web sites that don’t concur with their leftist politics. Conservative and libertarian sites – such as my own find themselves showing up down on page 2 or page 3 of search results unless whoever is searching types in the exact, letter-perfect name of the site or individual that they are searching for. And of course the search engine bias “autofill” scandal has been very well documented. (For example, typing “Hillary Clinton Crim” automatically completed the sentence to read: Hillary Clinton Crimea diplomacy.”—even though there were hundreds of news articles about her criminal behavior. Similarly, Anyone who typed the search phrase “Hillary Clinton e-mail” had it automatically completed: “Hillary Clinton e-mail contact” instead of “”Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal.”

I heard from talk show host Todd Herman that the Sales Force e-mail service shut down the Republican National Committee (RNC)’s e-mail access, claiming that they did so to deter terrorism. It has also been reported that Mozilla (Firefox) is now planning to censor conservatives at the browser level. Deplatforming from social media isn’t enough for the tech censors. They want the ultimate shadow ban with site blocking and de-emphasis lists built into web browsers.

And then there is President Trump’s banning from Twitter and Facebook. I was heartened to hear that Gab backed up all of President DJT’s Twitter tweets before Twitter completely blocked his account. But what do you bet that Twitter will sue Gab for stealing “copyrighted content”?

Make no mistake about The Purge. It is nothing short of a Bolshevist-style revolution. They want to muzzle, intimidate, and demoralize the opposition. That is how communists operate. Censorship is one of their key strategies.

Some are suggesting that the big tech monopolies should be broken up.

I should mention that almost everything I’ve mentioned thusfar is essentially private (corporate) censorship.  But with a Democrat presidential administration soon to be seated, there is the potential for them Going Full Lois Lerner. That might mean: targeted tax audits, politically-motivated additions to the No Fly List, and possibly even politically-motivated additions to the No Buy list, for firearms NICS background checks.

Be aware. Be vocal. And most of all: Pray hard.


  1. Jim

    I am outside the USA. We are being told to buy emergency food, water, flashlights etc, by the way, I had a YT channel expressing conservative Christian views, I had my channel shut down with no warning two weeks ago for no reason except I had somehow broken ” their community guidelines “, dark times are coming, I am just glad I am on Gods side !. both of my parents lived through Nazis first, then Communists. I stand for country and Christ.

  2. I’ll be vocal right now, but I bet I’ll get sensored from even this site. The Bolshevicks in Russia murdered around 30 million Christians. These same people want to do this in America. They also control the Federal Reserve private run for profit bank, the media, Hollywood and the porn industry. “They” are spoken about in the Bible and were called Edomites, the descendants of Esau. ” They” are mentioned again 2 times in the book of Revelation, the last book in the Bible. Everyone here go read Revelation chapter 2:9 and Revelation 3:9 and you will start to understand who is behind all this. Now we will find out who we are not allowed to critize…

      1. Chuck Baldwin does a lot of good, however he is not the be all end all…the Bible is. I recently listened to a Chuck Baldwin sermon and he quoted PART of Matthew chapter 5 vs 12-22…..He left out the most important part of what Jesus said….”until heaven and earth pass away, not a jot or a title of the law is done away with, and whosoever keeps the least of the law and teaches others to do the same will be called great in the kingdom of heaven”. When Jesus spoke those words, not one word of the new testament had been written yet. Baldwin left out that part of the verse. The people mentioned in the Bible in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 are the ones at the top of the Satanic pyramid. Henry Ford understood this in a certain book he wrote about his hereto unamed group of people. Who are you not allowed to criticize the most???

        1. Your comments are not being moderated as much as you think. It’s called “intermittent access” to the internet at this time. We do not have power at home and today it seems the Powers That Be, have shut down the internet line in order to fix it. We had hundreds if not thousands of downed trees in our neck of the woods as a result of that windstorm. We are in town using free internet to post these comments this afternoon.

    1. Remember it’s the “Elites” of this group who are evil, not the rank and file of this group.

      The rank and file are going to suffer just as horribly as the rest of us. The “Elites” consider them to be cannon fodder.

      The rank and file need our prayers for salvation in Jesus Christ and that their eyes will be opened to see clearly. My heart cries out for the salvation of the rank and file of this group.

      Remember not to lump them all together.

  3. We, are indeed at the precipice of The Storm. Of course, we have had plenty of warning, and time to stop it. But, we (As a People) didn’t. We let them distract us with a “Pandemic” with an almost 99% Survival rate, then the actions of one bad cop to enable and justify a summer of Death and Destruction. While cities burned and cops died, the Socialists clapped their hands and urged the BLM, who, despite MILLIONS of Dollars, have NOT rebuilt one neighborhood, sent one kid to a better school or opened a food bank. ANTIFA, in lockstep with the actions of the Black and Brown shirts, continue to attack, destroy and intimidate anyone who does not repeat their party line. Big Tech, the Ministry of Propaganda and the MSM ,who now no longer even try to thinly disguise their bias, are marching with the orders of George Soros.
    Abraham lincoln said it best. That no outside power could ever destroy America. We, as a Country, would do it to ourselves.

    1. Folks, was just on brighteon.com and listened to a quick 2 min video > https://video.brighteon.com/file/Brighteon-staging/hls/76d764dd-c01a-4ae3-8efe-25dd4548a517.m3u8
      Its from American Police news … the caller posits that the left plans to assassinate Biden on inauguration day and blame a T supporter. This would give them everything they want!!!
      Listen for yourself and if you agree, get this video out far and wide! talk it up …there are no cameras there in DC – there needs to be!!!

    2. I believe “…one bad cop…” did everything within his abilities to sustain the life of drug-addict career-criminal George Floyd during mister Floyd’s suicide.

      Based on the videos, I believe all the responders worked to sustain the life of mister Floyd.
      But mister Floyd was intent on suicide.
      Suicide was his reason for inserting a lethal dose of illegal drugs into his colon… while consuming a massive amount of alcoholic beverages.

      Instead of accepting the marxist agenda from TheMainStreamMedia, could we please look at the source of mister Floyd’s fentanyl — china.
      The chinese manufacturers, the chinese shippers, the chinese distributors, the chinese bankers, the chinese-owned big-shots such as china joe and First Son hunter biden.

      Although a doddering half-wit and an incompetent buffoon, ‘Office Of The Prez-Elect’ china joe is partly responsible for the suicide of mister Floyd.

      I welcome your rebuttal.

      1. I agree Large-Marge. I’m not a fan of the police, and never have been. In fact, I’ve been repeatedly astounded by what I call “law and order Republicans” — people who claim to love liberty, and who claimed to see the encroachment of government as a threat, but then “backed the blue” no matter what the blue did. We have way too many police. It used to be that the law liberally allowed a man or a woman to defend themselves and be immune from prosecution or lawsuits. The law was changed in order to make it seem like we need “the blue”.

        “The blue” is part of the problem. Just look how many of “the blue” arrested innocent men and women for not wearing masks.

        And something that’s always ticked me off as a combat vet is “the blue” trying to claim they’re just like the military. What bull! As a soldier, I was never told by my chain of command that my number one priority was going home at the end of the day.

        But …

        For all their faults, “the blue” get blamed for things they never did and for situations that were not there fault. If black men want the cops to stop shooting them, they should stop resisting arrest. The number one activity virtually all black men who get shot by cops share in common is that they were fighting the men who were there to arrest them for criminal acts. And by the way, white men stand a much higher likelihood of getting shot by police for that same conduct.

        Racism didn’t kill Floyd. And a bad cop didn’t kill Floyd either. In fact, while most of America was shocked to see that cop kneeling on Floyd’s neck, first, Floyd wasn’t being prevented from breathing by that cops actions, and second, that kneel hold technique was taught by the Minneapolis PD as a proper restraint technique. (Now, I think the latter is nonsense, but that restraint technique *** used *** to be official Minneapolis police tactic to people resisting arrest.)

        Floyd killed himself. And BTW, he was not a nice guy. Anyone who sticks a gun in a pregnant woman’s belly in order to control her during a home invasion robbery forfeits the right to be called a nice guy who just wanted to peace. And let’s also not forget that the reason the cops were interacting with him was because he had just tried to pass a counterfeit federal reserve note to a shopkeeper.

    3. Abraham Lincoln said it best. That no outside power could ever destroy America. We, as a Country, would do it to ourselves.

      And, indeed, we, as a country, must rebuild America. Let us do so with fierce resolve and loving others as we love ourselves.

      Destruction of what we are accustomed to is happening. No doubt. As we work together and do what we know is right, we create an underground culture that will survive whatever repression comes.

      Carry on in grace

    4. A little over sixty years ago since Russia‘s Khrushchev delivered his message to the UN on his prediction for America. September 29, 1959.

      “Your children’s children will live under communism,
      You Americans are so gullible.
      No, you won’t accept communism outright; but we will keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you will finally wake up and find you already have Communism.
      We will not have to fight you; We will so weaken your economy until you will fall like overripe fruit into our hands.” “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”

  4. Hello everyone here.
    I hesitated before posting this but still I thought I had to.
    Disclaimer : I am not American and I am what could be called a leftist. Let’s be frank, in some ways, I could be called a radical leftist. Which means that I feel way more at home reading what I can read here than on the so called leftist medias. And even if I disagree with the various writers on several points, I can’t thank them enough for everything written here for the last years.
    Please don’t put me in the same bag as the guys from the big tech companies. And not in the same bag as the ones pillaging and burning under the BLM flag either. And definitely not in the camp of those admiring Mr Biden. And not in the camp of those howling for censorship of anyone.
    One point which has always puzzled me is that while people (should I say preppers in general ?) are keenly aware of the risk posed by state power, they have been reluctant, or at least they looked that way to me, to act against private companies, and mainly the big tech ones. Don’t get me wrong please, I have absolutely nothing against private companies, a country needs them. But when they begin to have more power than a state itself, I think they should also be considered a potentially more important threat for freedom.

    Which brings me to a small practical matter : trackers and authorizations on a smartphone. If you use a smartphone, check every applications you have, check every authorization these applications asked or use and check the trackers used in these applications (I can’t help with Apple ones but you can easily find some good free or cheap software to do that kind of verification on Android phones ; not sure I should put specific names here).
    In the present situation, and especially considering the reputation preppers have in some circles, letting a piece of tech and a handful (at most) of companies know what you buy, where you live, who you talk to, etc seems to me a very definite risk. I won’t even mention the fact that it also gives a more or less precise map of where to find people with useful ressources in the case of a big event.

    Anyway, these were my two cents of thoughts.
    Please accept my apologies for any grammatical mistakes I made and I hope nobody will mind this post.

      1. Cedric and Joe… I was in DC on Jan.5-6…I find it interesting that yesterday,Jan.14, I received a phone call from Washington,D.C. … did not answer… left about an 8 second voicemail… I don’t know anyone in DC… tracking ???

    1. Cedric, where ever you see yourself on the red/blue spectrum, I appreciate your input. The gentleman who runs the American Conservative website, Rod Dreher, wrote a book some years back, Crunchy Cons. In that book, he posits the Crunchy Con Manifesto, from which I copy #3–We affirm the superiority of the free market as an economic organizing principle, but believe the economy must be made to serve humanity’s best interests, not the other way around. Big business deserves as much skepticism as big government.

      A link to whole thing with some commentary: http://www.ethicsandculture.com/blog/2019/the-crunchy-con-manifesto-a-proposal-for-actual-conservation-of-something

      Carry on

    2. actually and quite recently it was explained that leftist and liberals are 2 different things. liberals(at least they use too)will actually listen to an opposing viewpoint
      leftists on the other hand WILL NOT listen to an opposing viewpoint and will try to destroy you in all sorts of ways if you try.

      i’d say you are probably a liberal in nature not a leftist….

  5. If I wasn’t living with someone who believed, I wouldn’t think any of this was believable. It is the world’s worse magicians show, and speaking against it is like the emperors clothing. I live with a thirty something certified social worker. I told her that I had Parler on my phone, her response was “yikes”.

    Mob mentality, group think, cognitive dissonance, there are many names for this line of thinking that is full of fallacy. It amazes me that even after studying the pitfalls of it, someone can still so easily fall prey to it.

    A political weather vane. She will articulate whatever is popular that she has read, and really cannot have a discussion about anything that isn’t being discussed currently, everything she states are FarceBook approved thoughts. She has even read 1984.

    I’m horrified to report, they actually believe this, “they believe it all”. She has zero dissenting views, indeed, her views can change as quickly as the news cycle.

    Conflicting beliefs within a ‘body’ of people is common. Indeed, people will try to debunk entire systems of thinking based on outliers of individuals who are loosely characterized within a group, ie. “Peppers”.

    Recently however, I’ve seen people inhabit both sides the fence of thinking within weeks(NOT FENCE SITTERS) Individuals who demonize anti-lockdown protests, join a BLM protest, then blast protestors, Pro-vaccine suddenly become a dreaded (air quotes) “anti-vaxxer”. Argue that science supports evolution/climate change, but gender is based off how you feel and has no science, it’s a social construct, YET “Don’t take my vitamins they are for women”, or as a news outlet reported, “drug companies discriminate because they don’t label well enough for women”.
    I’ve know people to hold conflicting ideas before. I’ve known individuals who owned rifles and also believed in gun control (head scratcher). However the mental gymnastics individuals are doing today is bogglingly. Mostly, I want to let everyone know how deep the rot is.

    Individuals who called to cancel Brett Kavanaugh, are the same individuals ok with Joe Bidens creepy behavior. Individuals have both the opinion that Amy Coney Barrett is unqualified to be a Judge because her religion, while also believing disagreement with Islam leadership is bigotry (Overheard conversation, publicly the reason states is “she doesn’t have the experience).

    Obviously I could go on and on. SPOT report however, these people exist, it’s not being conflated.

    God ultimately is in control. We will all be released from this place. Don’t put trust in men. In God we trust. Every man falls short.

    Well, I gotta return this soapbox…

    1. Good comments J.G.

      How about the one about Democrats going completely nuts over the right protesting the election when the right at least has a lot of numbers, graphs, data, and the Pennsylvania constitution among other things to back them up and show that they at least deserve their day in court, but those same Democrats four years ago were pushing the totally improbable story that the Russians hacked the American system. If the Russians can hack the voting machine according to their claims, than why can’t the left hack those very same machines?

    2. Some years ago, I went back to college to do a career change for health reasons. It was Sanders/Clinton primary time. While in few sitting in a hallway, I overheard several teachers praising Sanders and saying this generation in college would finally be generation to embrace socialism and change America. Looks like they were right. My bible says God has already won.
      Grace to you from the God of all grace.

      1. I believe the younger generations will be more comfortable with a stronger safety net similar to that in many European countries. They have paid their dues, obtained their educations, followed the guidelines and they can’t find decent jobs, or even jobs at all. Capitalism has thrown them away, created one of those life shaping and changing events in their lives. Capitalism in the US is broken, it’s corrupt, as David Stockton said the US now practices crony capitalism where the rules of the economy are made by the rich.

        I don’t see younger generations embracing socialism, which is actually defined as “Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy.” Young people don’t want collective control, ownership, or distribution of goods or the means of production.

        1. I respectfully disagree. Yes our capitalist system has corruption, any time someone worships money more than God you have corruption. That doesn’t mean it is broken. Capitalism still provides equal opportunities for anyone willing to work, even if you don’t have a college degree. As this younger generation, what they want is redistribution of wealth from those that have to those that don’t. What they want is free taxpayer funded healthcare, free college, student loan forgiveness, universal basic income, at least $15 minimum wage just to name the biggest items. There are millions of good jobs out there that they don’t want. When you rack up tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt getting useless liberal arts degrees that is your own fault, nobody should bail you out. One of our newest, most vocal representative calls herself a socialist democrat. This country is already trillions of dollars in debt and they want to add trillions more every year. I say get a job with or without a degree and pay your own way. And $15 an hour for flipping burgers is too much.
          Somebody else can have the soapbox now.

      2. BWL

        I can beat that ( I think ), I have two adult grown boys, one 34, the other 29, both have never read Revelation and both, need safe spaces, AND have no problem with Socialist ideals and constructs, supposedly highly educated ( one in Engineering, the other industrial design ).

    3. I reckon we humans are an inconsistent lot. I know a Christian woman who donates to Planned Parenthood, despite her opposition to their providing abortions. She tells me that PP helped her teenage sexually active daughter get regular gynocalogical and contraception care when no one else would. I am more than a little unpredictable myself. A trained killer, now a pacifist.

      I chose a low-paid profession so I would not have to work for “the man”. Thrift and scavenging, as many have posted about here, allowed me to buy my property from the bank. No debt.

      We are commanded to love our neighbor, not his/her ideology.

      Carry on

  6. I should preface these remarks that I disavow violence other than self-defense. Going to Washington DC for an ill planned event is something I would never do. I’ve organized a significant events in my life, always very carefully thought out with adequate police protection.

    1. Cease using Facebook, Twitter, similar censoring sites. Find alternatives
    2. Be discreet in what you say. (operational security, gray man)
    3. Diversify your financial dealings. Multiple accounts, multiple vendors for paper-based assets.
    4. Sufficient physical-based assets to tide you through.
    5. Wisdom is unfortunately often gained the hard way. But be very careful around people who don’t clearly show the ethics of Jesus. Political extremists abound, and if you are following some of them you’re going to end up in trouble.
    6. This might be the time to get the appropriate licensure and begin to learn how to use short range VHF/UHF voice and data techniques for the appropriate people. Be aware that WINLINK communications are open to reading.

    1. Also beware that VHF/UHF comms are line-of-sight, and can be DF’ed right to your location. Go the extra step and get your general license so that; MUCH harder to trackback to the source!

      1. I’m not sure how most of a complete sentence disappeared from my post, which made the post senseless:

        Also beware that VHF/UHF comms are line-of-sight, and can be DF’ed right to your location. Go the extra step and get your general license so that you can use HF; MUCH harder to trackback to the source!

      2. I have thought of this. However, if I get a general license and don’t follow radio procedures then I am breaking the rules, ie… say callsign every 10 minutes. If I say my call sign they have my home address. So I could just talk on HF without a license?

        1. Not knowing how to use comms in the best of times could be fatal in the worst of times. If you know how radio works, you’ll be less likely to be tracked down. I’ll leave it at that…

        2. The FCC only requires a mailing address where you can receive correspondence. It does NOT have to be your actual street address. A Post Office box is perfectly acceptable. In the future, should the FCC require an e-mail address, the requirement will be the same. ARRL members can get an “alias” e-mail address. Anything sent to “Your call sign @arrl.net” will be automatically forwarded to whatever real e-mail address you list with the ARRL.

    1. I must agree. The time has passed for raising the alarm.

      You’ve been shouting from the housetops for years. Survivalblog is preaching to the choir. Those who could be reached have been reached; it’s a waste of precious time and resources now to beat that dead horse.

      Instead, more practical insights, how-to, did you knows, etc.

      1. I agree, Gene.
        My saying is, “I’ve learned to fish in friendly waters”.

        With people I know who have no clue – nor do they even want one – I am pleasant, generic and vague.
        Others who have clearly ‘drunk the koolaid’, I’ve walked away from.
        Time is short.

  7. Top ten services that use Amazon Web Services.


    Netflix: $19 million
    Twitch: $15 million
    LinkedIn: $13 million
    Facebook: $11 million
    Turner Broadcasting: $10 million
    BBC: $9 million
    Baidu: $9 million
    ESPN: $8 million
    Adobe: $8 million
    Twitter: $7 million

    As of October 2020, Canalys reports that the worldwide cloud market grew 33% this quarter to $36.5 billion. AWS has 32% of the market and generated more revenue than the next three largest combined, Azure is at 19% of the market, Google Cloud at 7%, Alibaba Cloud close behind at 6%, and other clouds with 37%.

  8. can’t really comment on the ” purge ” except that our constitution is constantly being eaten away . As far as the D.C. riots , I’m reminded of the Boston tea party and Lexington and Concord. I guess all those folks should have not done what they did. Then again I guess it was a good thing !

    1. the MSM fails to mention the DC march for Trump was approximately 3 MILLION strong and a very small percentage of BLM/ANTIFA infiltrators started the RIOT and a small, VERY small percentage of Trump supporters joined in. this was an orchestrated FALSE FLAG event planned by the LEFT to VILIFY Pres Trump and his loyal supporters.

      1. You raise an interesting point. The Trump election protest was large, angry but I’m assuming peaceful and law abiding, but a very small number of extremist chose to break into the capital to interrupt Congress and hurt those they believed wronged them. Now the whole crowd is identified as of the same character as those that threatened Congress by the center to left populace. The same thing happened with BLM. The crowds were very large, most were peaceful, many were white, but a small number of extremists and just opportunistic criminals chose to steal and damage private property. Then the right grouped peaceful protesters in with the extremists and criminals. All it takes is for a few bad actors, a few criminals acting during a large event to taint the whole event even when it isn’t justified, and it happens to all sides of the political spectrum. The news (right to left) reports on the violence, the emotional story, the conflict.

        Relevance: What if the extremists start taking guns to protests, threatening others with guns, shooting their guns, or attacking the government. I can see these actions as an excuse or even an impetus to take away guns or add restrictions to their sale, use and ownership. I prefer the status quo where I am able to own all the guns I need. I’m just thinking ahead.

        1. No need to worry about a Biden administration going after guns, he has already said it loud and clear that guns are a Day 1 agenda item. They might be sneaky: over regulate lead, manipulate copper prices, force powder manufacturers overseas, ammo controls like Commiefornia, etc.

  9. And no one is doing anything.
    *attending silly protests is not doing anything, not really*

    When I wrote the insurgency paper in January 2020, it was theoretical.

    This, is real.

    1. And, perhaps, attending a protest would backfire, if it is true that the particular protest in question is a false flag.

      No one wants to be the first to take things “hot,” and it is of course paramount to consider the effectiveness of any strategies.

      Just at this moment (well okay most of the time), I have no answers. I’m going to go hug the future, bake some bread, teach some math and English, and pray pray pray.

    2. Hey Just a Dad, that was an amazingly well-timed article! Can you take another look into your crystal ball and tell us how long we have until we’re marched off to the gulags? I want to know how much time I have to pack my bag, and hug my grandchildren and my cat goodbye.

      1. Fun -and all, I hope to see peace, however, as a student of history, I am aware this option has most likely left the building. Be prepared, and be willing to act with V if necessary , but most of all, as another very smart poster said. Hug your future

    3. Just a dad:
      Don’t be fooled.
      Many are praying … the most important thing, right now.
      And those who’ve totally surrendered to God, are also -doing- (read, obeying) what He tells them to do.

  10. Yes. The purge was absolutely terrorism. We’re in the second or third wave of a Marxist insurrection.

    It’s captured the youth of many universities -that they feel that the only way they can make history…Is by destroying the foundations of the society.

    Yes , let us take their violence and threats serious.

    Just like much of the violence in the capital was preplanned by antifa insiders…Matt Bracken spoke about this on info wars yesterday.

    When you’re watching an operation …you begin to clearly see the cause-and-effect and (covert members) their symbols and their actions.

    Anyway. It’s really important to live and think and pray differently …than we’ve ever prayed before.

    Forgetting about Trump (He represents a freedom movement)…It’s like the system is announcing it’s AI take over.

    The November elections was sabotaged by cyber criminal level actions. Actual felonies, likely pre planned by Dem agents (Deep staters and postal
    workers are almost the same).

    If they don’t like you… you may not ever get your mail. And if they don’t like your vote….that vote will never be counted.

    Just like Facebook and Google censor and use harmful algorithms (I’ve been banned by Marxist Zuckerberg).

    That’s right you can be blacklisted on air all of them because they’re an interlocking monopoly accomplishing extreme left wing goals. They are a big liberal conglomerate…Paying each other off and getting control of regions of America.

    And the world. They have more power than Congress, the Senate or even the president.

    Media that’s fake like CNN..They have too much authority and can cause a lot of damage with their reporting.


    The elections had SIMILAR algorithms of bias and persecution against our people. And yes I’m using those terms carefully. The social media monopolies are misusing their power and hurting many good American families.

    These destructive forces must be purged-But with prayer and outreach. Never violence. You can see the outworking of communism with Google and Facebook cracking down on any and everyone. They basically bless anyone who destroys marriage family and children. Anyone who defiles a child is blessed by these evil companies.

    And these companies foment racism, bitterness and hate. They are like the modern factories of Marxism. They mock Christians in college universities and anyone who has any decent or honorable life goals.

    They would make great Nazi holocaust officers.
    They’ve actually assisted China to crack down on the Christians and Muslims in concentration camps there. Operation Dragonfly. Yes…. I’m talking about these same social media giants harassing millions of people worldwide.

    My senator has challenged both these companies noted here. The patriots and heart landers Will never submit to deception or intimidation. He knows what they’re doing to me and how they’ve banned me.

    It’s OK …because I am connected to the real world and real people… Not just a robot or a computer or a headset or a phone addiction.

    Those who See reality for what it is…Can do the most good to help others during the time of crisis.

    Thanks JWR and SB people.

  11. It would appear that the only legal remedy we have it to avoid using their products in any way that makes them money. Example: Use Facebook to communicate with friends, family and like minded Patriot’s but do not purchase anything from their advertisers. Example: Use Amazon to get reviews to help you make the best purchase but do not order from Amazon. Go directly to the company. Support local businesses. They may cost a little more but they aren’t taking away your right to free speech. Finally, I live in Michigan. Most consider it a blue state. It isn’t. It is overwhelmingly red, with several blue leech like cities that have government dependent people voting blue. Don’t boycott states but do avoid doing business in the blue cities. Simply don’t go there. If you own a trucking company, don’t deliver there if you can financially swing it. If we want to do it legally we have to use the power of our purse to dry them up?

    1. RetiredArmy03 is exactly right. I call amazon my “product search engine”. Find what you are looking for, check reviews, copy manufacturer and part number, paste in the search engine of your choice. Many times it is cheaper elsewhere.

      1. That’s a good idea. I’m really struggling with cancelling Amazon. There just aren’t any stores other than the $store in my little town (mostly crap from China other than milk). The next towns over, have precious little. It’s a several hour drive to get to a town big enough to purchase supplies. Yesterday I started searching on the web for alternatives to Amazon and Walmart. Slim pickin’s for certain things. It’s quite scary when you think about it – we’ve all been herded into these purchasing cattle lanes, slowly but surely, ever narrowing fences until it’s time to get on the cattle truck headed for slaughter. I’m well stocked, but for the thing here and there (like my vacuum died this week) that I need fairly quickly and it’s snowing cats and dogs etc etc, I sure was thankful I could get what I needed within a week without having to drive 5 hours in awful weather. I realize I’m working through my addiction to convenience. I also realize people lived for hundreds of years without a vacuum of any kind, just a broom.

        I will try your method to see if I can find alternatives. I’m committed, just frustrated.

        1. I live close to a large city and I buy certain products on Amazon because I can’t source them locally. Stores just don’t carry them. There isn’t enough demand for the products, too specialized. Out in the middle of KS or in many rural areas the demand for products will justify and support stocking even fewer products. Businesses need to sell enough product to make a profit.

          If you look at Amazon or Walmart they have become so large that they have economies of scale that give them lower costs and thus lower prices, they have better website experiences because they can afford to hire the best programmers because they have so much revenue, they ship so many packages they can negotiate lower shipping rates. It’s a classic case of an oligopoly/monopoly using their size to gain advantages over competitors.

    2. RA03- i agree, lets put our hands in their pockets for a change and empty them. To many of us have gotten used to the convenience they offer. It will take years because they have other sources of income including contract money from our government.

      1. Agreed. It is a convenience, we can get away from it. I tell my family the founders put their lives on the line for freedom and we can’t give up Netflix and Amazon?

    3. RetiredArmy03-My family lives 10 miles outside the 3rd largest city in our state. They started a mask mandate on July 15. We have been avoiding spending in the city as much as possible. We food shop in a smaller town closer to our home for the things we do not grow. I’ve also started going to a Dollar General out in the county. That saves me paying city taxes which to this point has been the main goal. I’ve also started ordering food from CLNF.org and having it delivered to our home. The only thing we’ve had to purchase in the city is farm critter food. I recently discovered a feed store out in the county. We’re going to start going there, going forward. You are right, when convicted to do something, it can be done. It just take a bit of planning, willingness to be inconvenient, or doing without until an alternative is available. Throw in a bit of ole fashioned stubborn and we can starve the beast.

  12. As I read this I was thinking need to Pray more u said it at the end of your writing JWR. I pray everyone has their house in order for the coming changes. If you have been following the blog a while I would think U do. Get it right with the Father first if you have not already. The Father will help U get your Physically Mentally to be strong. I pray you have time. Big changes coming. Sure sounds a lot like China’s infrastructure is coming here soon, just the beginning.
    Blessing to All.
    Joshua 1:9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

    1. Mike, God won’t save us. We’re sitting on our butts waiting for him to do all the work. What did Patrick Henry say about that? In his “Liberty or Death” speech on 23 March 1775, a full month before Lexington and Concord, he said we must fight for our rights! He didn’t say they were going to pray their way out of this one. He didn’t put the responsibility off on God saying, “God will save us.” He didn’t say let’s sit around and wait for the second coming. What Patrick Henry said was, let’s go kick some a$$ and ask God to bless us in our quest for freedom:

      “Our petitions have been slighted, our remonstrances have produced additional violence and insult; our supplications have been disregarded; and we have been spurned, with contempt, from the foot of the throne…we must fight! I repeat it, sir, we must fight! An appeal to ARMS and to the God of Hosts is all that is left us!”

      1. I agree with you in some ways. If one studies the life of King David, one has to acknowledge what God told him to do. I had a very brief conversation this morning regarding our little town’s security with a family member. It is well understood here, without having a formal “militia” that if trouble comes our way, it will be swiftly dealt with. Neighboring towns actually have militias. We have a lot of retired law enforcement and vets and hunters. Unless the threat comes from space (which is possible), we can manage it.

        In the broader war, I will “divest” myself of anything that supports the current corruption, financially. I will speak my mind to our elected individuals (here in Idaho they’re mostly supposed to be Conservatives, but who knows). I will prep. I will pray. And when it comes down to it, I will shoot in self-defense until I run dry. I will die fighting if needed. I am not afraid to die because I will immediately be with my Savior. For the most part, I don’t think Americans are going to lay down and take it (Communism, that is).

        1. “I don’t think Americans are going to lay down and take it (Communism, that is).”

          Hey SarahSue, with all due respect, of course Americans are going to lay down and accept it. Didn’t the East Germans? Didn’t all the countries that made up the USSR? Didn’t the 1 billion Chinese people? Didn’t Cubans, North Koreans, Vietnamese, etc. ad nauseum?

          Americans have already sold their souls for those Social Security checks and all other forms of socialism here. Social Security was very hotly debated back when first proposed and who would possibly be against it today to have a hot debate with? Now it’s the third rail of American politics.

          Socialism is the last step to communism and our foot is already in the air halfway to communism. Normalcy drift is a real killer and Americans will do whatever is necessary to keep those government checks coming.

        2. Hi SaraSue – Americans have accepted communism since the 1930s when FDR traded Gods 10 Commandments for Marx’s 10 Planks. Every plank of Marx’s plan has been implemented in AmeriKa without resistance or awareness. Read those 10 planks and you’ll understand how the Left conquered America without a shot being fired.

        3. you reckon?…..bet the MAJORITY will play along and do WHAT they are told. Millgram proved that other well-done studies much newer show the same result. Human beings all will do horrendous things to people when told to, you’re fooling yourself thinking otherwise. America has already excepted Karl Marx.

      2. I had an interesting conversation with a young black man who was working at a local auto parts store. After 2 1/2 years of college he dropped out. His reason was that he was accumulating debt at an alarming rate. He is now evaluating various careers that he can go into without continuing on in the college debt mill and end up with a useless degree. I offered a few suggestions and wished him well in his endeavors. I walked away feeling good about this young man.
        As far as crony capitalism it isn’t anything new, you toadied to the king, you tried to empress anyone that you wished something from, etc. It is in all systems. How is your new Dacha on the black sea comrade? Enjoying your trip to Phedo Island Mr. Clinton? Nice you Red Cross heads are enjoying Geneva, the most expensive city in the world to live and work in all supported by people deluded that they are contributing to a good organization where all of 3% of the money goes out in relief. And on it goes Mr. lobbyist.

  13. but that street runs both ways doesn’t it, when conservatives are all deplatformed at the browser level, they won’t be able to bank, buy or provide useful data or clickbait clicks. What happens when Amazon’s profits suddenly drop 50 percent, or Wells Fargo is abandoned in favor of the local credit union. Once again, this was exactly the wrong thing to do. And once a viable alternative ISP is available, 40 percent of the country will abandon Facebook, Google and Twitter. One month of not using any online service would bring about a quick and quiet “attitude adjustment”..

  14. Btw, this inauguration shutdown is a very visual example of censorship of wrong think. Anti leftist protests. Protests will become domestic terrorism UNLESS the left agrees with it.

    1. Bingo! And if anyone thinks that the Gates’ appearance in Wuhan with the Bat Lady and “Dr.” Faux was coincidental, think again. Gates has made no secret that he believes in depopulating the planet. My suspicion is that the virus was a way to herd people towards the pre-developed vaccine which will accomplish his NWO/Agenda 2030 goal.

    1. But…why… It’s just easier to comply… I need groceries…or something…. it’s just a very small knife cut … number 999 of a thousand…. It’s just one very small degree on the way to boiling…
      I will resist someday… But not today…

  15. JWR,

    As predicted, the communists have hijacked the government, media, financial institutions, health care, corporations and half of our witless population. The stolen election is their grand finale coup.

    Apparently, this is not enough. The question becomes what is their end game besides totalitarianism?

    Will their next steps be based on revenge instead of control? Do they want bloodshed as the ultimate act of power?

    1. Their end game is of Satan. The globalists in their speeches and papers have made it clear that the earth’s population must be reduced substantially. They wish to remain vastly wealthy, in control of everyone, and they wish to rule over us as peasant servants. They believe imperfect (or uncooperative) people should be killed (abortion, euthanasia, withholding healthcare, etc). They sincerely believe this. They are so full of their own BS, they believe it and can’t see any flaws in their thinking. We are nothing to them. Study Communist China. Study the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. Study Nazi Germany. I’m not speaking AT you. I am just responding with what came to my mind – to answer the rhetorical question of “what is their end game”. One has to understand Satan and Evil to understand what they’re end goal is. They wish to be gods.

      God will not be mocked. We may die defending ourselves, but God will deal with them, eventually.

    2. “What is their end game?”

      Their goal is getting you to focus on the immediate situation, the ‘little local drama’.

      Their every word is mis-direction.
      Their every act is mis-leading.
      All they care about is you spelling their names right.

      Ignore them, laugh at them, breathe!

      TheMalignantOverlords (from SeaGypsyPhilosopher Ray Jason) are irrelevant.
      The most self-important among them are less valuable than one grain of sand on all the beaches.


      Clutch your pearls and wail, because:
      * “And in other news, congress today announced a series of sweeping new reforms intended to allay suspicions about…”

    1. There are lots of articles out there like this, although they are getting harder to find. I can’t remember where I first heard the word but my friends and I have taken to calling them “Hopium”, as in Hope is a drug that can alter your reality. I believe the reality is we had better prepare for hard times. This ain’t a movie where a heroic ending saves the day(and the country).

    2. MaG, that is very interesting…like others, I’d heard whiffs of this but not followed up. May be something here!
      I am of the mind that something b i g is indeed imminent. I won’t go into specifics, but will say only this:
      I am trusting God for the outcome!
      And whatever He directs me to do, to the best of my ability, I’ll do.
      Best to you~

    3. Ma G, I can’t thank you enough for sharing. I absolutely love Lenora Thompson, and have been reading her for years on, Lenora’s PsychCentral blog,
      Narcissism Meets Normalcy. I had no idea she was a patriotic writer also.

      I don’t know whether things will turn out as suggested in the article. However, it would be too wonderful for words to see traitors collect their comeuppance.

      What if the big military, “send off,” isn’t actually for a send off?

      Now, that would be sweet.

      Blessings to you, Ma G, as you have blessed me. Krissy

  16. Champions are arising among us, committed to the causes of liberty and free speech… Among them is James O’Keefe with Project Veritas.

    “EXCLUSIVE: Twitter Insider Records CEO Jack Dorsey Laying Out Roadmap for Future Political Censorship … ‘We Are Focused on One Account [President Trump] Right Now, But This is Going to be Much Bigger Than Just One Account’”


    It’s a good idea (and practice) to share the news of their work.

    JWR said it well: “Be aware. Be vocal. And most of all: Pray hard.”

  17. Thank you JWR for writing on this critical topic. I had a moment of pause this morning when trying to get to survivalblog and the message I got was that the domain didn’t exist. I tried 15 minutes later and it came up.

    Many, many years ago, my colleagues and I ran some tests proving the Google algorithms censored search results, and we laughed then chose different search engines. That was before the Google search engine was installed in most corporations, ISPs, public education, etc. I learned to use Tor probably 20 years ago, so that I could research topics unfiltered by big tech. You can go to https://www.torproject.org/ to understand what Tor is all about, but basically it creates an encrypted tunnel from your computer to the destination, obfuscating your originating IP address. Therefore, hiding your web activities.

    About 3 years ago, with a sense of foreboding I canned my social media, changed my email to protonmail, and if I commented online it was with a fake name. Now, I KNOW that my efforts are only superficial because without reformatting my hard drive and carefully rebuilding it, the spyware remains. I also know that ISPs (Internet Service Providers) have a log containing your IP (Internet Protocol) address, which is associated with your physical address, and thereby ANY post one makes ANYWHERE is recorded in those logs. Sometimes they archive those logs, sometimes they delete them periodically.

    I should be using a VPN, but I’m not currently. VPN – Virtual Private Network, which encrypts traffic from your computer to the web.

    Protonmail is encrypted email, but decrypts at the recipient email address, so it only protects email in transit. For example, if I send something to someone with yahoo, the email contents can be captured there.

    Tor encrypts my web traffic to a particular destination, but without getting way too technical, the routing of your traffic (i.e., web visits, email, etc) can be subject to “honey pots” (compromised routers), where your traffic is decrypted and read.

    All that to say, I’m preparing to go completely dark should things escalate. Dark as in no cell phone and no Internet connection.

    A lot to think about. And I’m not even an “activist” by any stretch of the imagination. I’m a Conservative and a Christian.

    Apologies for not completely explaining the technicalities above. My brain doesn’t function on full power any more, but I remember some things.

  18. Now that Nancy, ‘The Wicked Witch of the West’ has had another 15 minutes of evil glory, Chuck, the new ‘Sheriff of Nottingham’ taking over next week, Vice president ‘Edgar Bergan’ who will be doing all the talking for the demented figurehead President-reject Biden along with his main handler ‘DOCTOR” Jill Biden, in cooperation with the main-stream-fabricaters’ and the ‘Master’s of Menlo Park’ controlling our group think we are essentially doomed as a Republic.
    After the next 4-8 years of socialism we will continue our descent into the next step which will be communism, which I believe is the end goal for these pigs.

    Washington DC is not a swamp. It is a septic tank!

    The only saving grace, albeit a small one is that Queen Nancy lost around 10 seats and the incumbent republirats lost none (with that being said, I only trust about a dozen members of congress and with the sole moderate democrat leaving, Tulsi Gabbert, there are none left I’d even trust to hold a dollar for me ’til I got back from lunch…. Jus’sayin)

    I don’t trust our government
    I don’t trust the main stream media or press
    I don’t trust social media
    I don’t trust hollywood
    I don’t trust pro sports owners/players
    I don’t trust corporate owners/ceo’s

    The above list, and there are many more that can be added to be sure, are led by nothing but deceit, greed, power and/or all three.

    As JWR and many readers have been saying for years, Beans, Bullets and Band-Aids!!!

    1. “Washington DC is not a swamp. It is a septic tank!”

      Rob, please don’t insult septic tanks, they serve a very beneficial purpose unlike everybody and everything in Washington D.C. A very large septic tank would be a great holding tank for all politician everywhere. They’re all against We the People no matter how you slice it and dice it.

  19. We are the victims of our own satiability. We are complacent/complicit with what the media are doing because we don’t want to put in the effort to censor them. We have inconvenient alternatives to using these services, and yet people will continue to buy product from Amazon and use Google as their web browser and buy the next great Iphone because we prefer convenience over confrontation. Meanwhile our social leaders (those who claim to support our cause and speak out against the propaganda and the usurpation of our rights) tell us to refrain from action and just wait for “the truth” to come out and the checks and balances to kick in.

    These tyrants we are facing, they change the rules to suit themselves and their interests whenever they feel like it. You can’t keep playing the game by rules that no longer apply to both sides. Escalation is inevitable, and the longer it takes to get there, the worse it will be. But no one wants violence, especially those winning the word fight. So we go along to get along, and we will continue to do so, until we are bound and gagged as we are led to the guillotine.

    You decide. I’m stacking it high and stacking it deep.

    1. I’ve heard that Duck Duck Go uses Google. Years ago some one reported asked, ”is Google God”? Well, it is some kind of little ‘g’ god, a demon god, the brain center of AI perhaps. Only moments after reporting some hard facts that countered the propaganda about events on Jan. 6, my session on YouTube was instantly terminated. No human could be that fast to react. On certain platforms such as Google, YouTube and others, that are interlinked in some way, AI will be used to censor, reeducated, or brain wash the masses by altering their internet experience, and world view. I believe that AI is being used to create a reality for the mindless masses, or those who unwittingly accept what they are being fed by AI. Those using Google platforms are and would be increasingly become subtly trained by an unseen hand to self censor and comply. It is call AI. We are well beyond 1984.



      1. I doubt Duck Duck Go uses Google. DuckDuck is my default at home. I do quite a bit of searching for obscure information. I start with Duck Duck and wind up on Google for the hard searches. Some of my work browsers go to Bing, and it can’t handle the hard searches either.

  20. The windburst didn’t just drop trees on powerlines in W WA, it dropped trees on substations which all have to be repaired before restoring power out to customers.

    A derecho in 2020. One short wind burst in January 2021. Magnetic polar migration continues. Record cold temperature and snows in Spain, US, Japan to mention a few.

    This is just the beginning. Satanic forces are planning takeovers in many places. Even our small town had a zoom call with 200 people planning to takeovers the mayor and city council positions two nights ago. I saw the followup organizational emails.

    If you are hiding out, you are helping the takeovers.

    Martial law won’t happen because that would include military courts and prisons. The governors continue to expand use of the National Guard to enforce edicts and bypass local authority such as sheriffs and their courts, backed by Attorney Generals and loaded leftist Supreme Courts.

    1. Foxfire? Do you mean Firefox from Mozilla? They are also openly contemplating censorship also, and I believe they get a significant portion of their revenue directly from Google.

  21. Great article, thank you.

    If this was Nazi Germany, North Korea, Stalin era Russia, Communist China, Cambodia, Cuba, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Iran, Iraq, North Vietnam, Chile, Italy, etc. it would be just business as unusual. It is a shame that liberals do not understand history and only want to rewrite it to their political advantage; which become a fleeting moment in mans’ continuing desire to dominate others while creating incredible suffering. History tells us that the common man is the one who suffers the most under totalitarian leaders. What they forget to look at is what happens to them in the end, it usually is quite painful.

  22. I can’t remember ever being this pi$$ed about anything in the last 25 years. It started with the protests when the Capitol was stormed. One night I laid awake until 4 AM because I couldn’t turn my brain off. That’s a new personal best. I wrote an impassioned essay and posted it last Saturday, which was very poorly received. I’ve known for decades that I’m a nutjob, no question about that, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’ve spent my lifetime reading and researching and gathering the facts. I had one fact wrong in that essay (thanks Once a Marine!) but the gist of it was correct (that the Founding Fathers used violence in their treasonous insurrection) but the facts presented were correct.

    I spent this week writing a 10,000 word essay with a 7-step plan called, “The Only Way Forward,” which, as soon as it was finished, I tossed into the “Do Not Print” folder. If you can picture the olden days when someone violently tore the paper from the carriage of their Smith-Coronal, that was me this week. I then wrote a 5,000 word essay called, “Only TEOTWAWKI Can Save Us Now,” which also found a home in the “Do Not Print” folder. My motto for 2021 is, “Give people hope, even though it’s false hope,” but I just can’t do that with these recent events and the comments of family and friends.

    The reason we’re absolutely for sure headed for a tyrannical life in this country, with libertarians, conservatives, Constitutionalists rounded up and shipped off to the gulags is because We the Pi$ssed will never in a million lifetimes come together as the Founding Fathers did. They put aside all their differences, kept their eye on the ball, Independence, and would iron out all their differences after their cause was in the victory column.

    The bullet points of my essay were:

    Well never accomplish the goal until We the Pi$$ed can quit worshiping the Constitution. There’s a HUGE cognitive dissonance they’re working under and if they could understand that, and accept it instead of holding fast to their false doctrine which they quote like scripture and verse, they’re an enemy to the cause. I used to say the Constitution was a “good first try.” After re-reading the Anti-federalist papers over the past two weeks, I have changed that to, “the Constitution was a failure before the ink was even dry.” I’d go into more detail that but it would take 500 words so I’ll skip it for now.

    Until we can get We the Pi$$ed to stop believing the military industrial complex propaganda and quit thanking our vets for their service, they are an enemy to the cause. We gobble up propaganda when it tickles our ears and whine about that which doesn’t.

    Until we can get We the Pi$$ed to quit the MAGA crap, they are an enemy to the cause. It’s not 1945 guys! We are a country of recent immigrants. Los Angeles is a microcosm of what’s happened nearly everywhere in this country. In Los Angeles whites are a minority and only 59% of the people in LA were even born in this country. In 12 out of 15 largest U.S. cities, whites are a minority. Why in the world would all those immigrants want to make America great again? Why would any of the Millennials, who represent the largest age group in the country, want to make America great again? Their American started with computers and iPods, not post-WW II parades. Wake up MAGA people and do your homework! You’re an enemy to the cause.

    Until we can get We the Pi$$ed to accept the fact that we need this country Balkanized ASAP, they’re an enemy to the cause. We’ll never make America great again but we could make Greater Idaho great as a separate country. Ditto for other Redoubts across the land. We could have Border Patrols that actually do their job instead of looking the other way. We could have a country that actually gives a rat’s behind about We the People.

    We’ll never get more than a single digit percent of current servicemen and vets onboard because they’re not going to give up a paycheck or pension for the cause and we can’t win without their expertise and help. Uncle Sam bought off the American people, literally bought them off with money, long, long ago. Nobody’s going to give that up for the cause. Not pensioners, not SS and Medicare recipients, not state and Federal employees at all levels, not employees of military contractors, nobody. Except for that single-digit percent of people who would, the rest are an enemy to the cause. Our servicemen will also never get on board because they swore and oath to protect the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. We’ve never had any foreign enemies trying to mess with the Constitution, only domestic, and our military hasn’t done jack squat about those enemies: the guilty politicians who are the biggest hypocrites of all because they themselves trashed the Constitution a long time ago. I’ve done more to honor the Cub Scout oath I took when I was 8 than our military has done to protect the Constitution.

    Our servicemen are not the military, they are employed by the military. Most servicemen experience the wonderful feelings of camaraderie, suffering through the blood, sweat, and tears of boot camp together, life-long friends, somebody having your back under any circumstances that may arise, buddies who would give their lives for you, the feelings of honor and pride, and yes, crying when your best buddy dies in your arms. I can’t imagine a soul among us who wouldn’t love to have those feelings and emotions and lifelong friends who always have our backs. But we have to realize that those emotions come from the love of our fellow servicemen, not from our government.

    The last reason why only TEOTWAWKI can save us is that humans don’t realize how much group think is responsible for what all of us believe, much of it hindering the cause. Twenty five years ago I belonged to the male tribe, the Christian tribe, the tribe of my church, the Republican tribe, the American tribe, etc. All of those tribes affected my thinking and I would have defended most of them to the death rather than accept the truth about things. The only thing American hate worse than Freedom is Truth. It’s how we’re wired for survival and it’s a huge stumbling block. Until our group think is that of the Founding Fathers and our group think tribe is “We the Pi$$ed,” we’ll fail 100% of the time in trying to improve our lot in this country. Group think is not critical thinking and the left of this country will kick our butts every time, as they clearly have already. They’re doers, we’re talkers. They’ll ban our guns while we show up at protests with them but never willing to pull the trigger. We’re just a bunch of boys with toys while the left crushes us.

    The odds of getting even one of these bullet points done are a million to one. The odds of We the Pi$$ed forgetting our differences long to come together to get the job done like the Founding Fathers did, our chances of winning are less than my chances of strapping on my Keds next Saturday and outrunning all the thoroughbreds to take home the ribbon at Churchill Downs.

    Only TEOTWAWKI can save us now.

    1. I agree with most of what you said. I too lost sleep this past week due to my over the top anger. I think each of us are working through “what’s it all about Alfie”, not to make light of it. We are in a dire situation.

    2. Hey Tom, JWR has the copyright on all this stuff. I’m just a raving nutjob who appreciates him letting me post here and who buys soap boxes by the dozen. 🙂

    3. I have been a long time reader and haven’t commented in years. I have to tell you that I believe you are correct in most of what you are saying. Most people will not give up their pensions, SS, Medicare and such. Most people talk about praying but seldom do. The people who pray, do they pray for our enemies? Do we lift the evil enemies up before God? Why are all the Billionaires supporting the left? They have everything you could possibly imagine. I call them day 6ers. Read the first 2 chapters of the bible. These people want us gone so they can recreate the world in their image. At least Musk wants to go to Mars, something he can’t send his personal assistant out to buy for him. Tom Clancy has a book called Rainbow Six. It seems as if we are living in this book. Right down to the virus. The NWO had to wait until the WW2, Korean, and Vietnam vets died off. They would have never stood for this. Now we are weak and comfortable. Oddly enough I was overcome with a deep sense of peace in the last 4 weeks. I am usually very keys up about all this. This morning I awoke feeling alarmed. Still at peace but alarmed and happy that I have prepared. Never give up my friend.

  23. I like the analogy. It does not matter if it is a rain storm or a political storm, (or even economic storm) The better you prepare, the easier it is to recover. Have your chainsaw ready to clear the roads, likewise have your finances stable to recover from economic strife. We cannot predict the future but the more we prepare for as many calamities as we can, the easier it will be to recover afterwords. I have my chainsaw, food stores, ammo, constitution and bible and I am still working to be a little more prepared tomorrow.

  24. Here’s a great reason to be vocal…


    The truth is getting to the people, despite the censorship. Delivery of information — whether it’s news reporting or thoughts to be debated in the arena of ideas — is key to the cause of free speech, freedom, and liberty.

    Those who would try to silence our voices will find that people — classical liberals and conservatives alike — will join together to overcome and defeat those efforts. This is about so much more than differences in politics. This is about tyranny. People from all political stripes should seek to support our Constitution — the Republic it is designed to preserve, and the rights of all the people it seeks to protect.

    Had President Donald Trump been legitimately defeated at the ballot box, then so be it. …but the evidence that this was not the case is piled mountain high. This is the height of silencing the voices of American voters.

    We must remember… Speech is much more than what is posted to the public view of social media accounts. Speech also occurs in the private moments of the vote when the privacy curtains are pulled and the levers are pulled.

      1. Because I cannot get UPS, Fedex of USPS at the house, we do much less online ordering than we used to, and I really don’t miss it. Small things can ship to the post office, but many companies wont. I find eBay sellers are often more flexible.

        I buy everything I can at our local Ace Hardware store because the owners work there every day. There are also two general stores that sell just about everything you could want for rural living: clothes, footwear, tools, farm supplies, gardening supplies, small equipment, animal feed, etc. These are all locally owned, non-chain stores and I like to support them.

        I will shop at Home Depot or Tractor Supply when I can’t get something locally, but I try local first. I’m willing to spend a little more to support a local business where the cashier knows my name, or at least recognizes me, and they are grateful for my business.

        For your phone calls, video chat, and texting, look into Signal and recommend it to everyone you call. End-to-end encryption and you can set messages to auto erase on both ends. I have heard good things about Telegram but don’t currently use it.

        I think the demand is so high that companies will spring up that are conservative-friendly alternatives to the big cloud and hosting companies. Maybe the folks who funded Parler will build their own data centers and then rent services to like-minded companies. Alternatively, companies can host overseas.

        Finally, you don’t really need Facebook, Twitter, etc. You will probably be happier, calmer, less anxious and more productive if you delete them from your phone.

    1. Duck duck go

      Avoid all social media

      Amazon is, sadly something that has by its own ability and the originator of its genius *and evil he may be, but genius he is* replaced, like Walmart, our ability to shop elsewhere for many

  25. Five days ahead of full blown communism in America, being silenced (purged) by social media doesn’t cause as much concern as being purged off to “re-education” camps… which one might also refer to as communist hospice.

    1. Done. My wife wasn’t happy, but I can at least starve them of the $1k average of year purchases I make. Sucks if you purchase in support of other sellers that benefit like JWR. I’m done with them though.

    2. Amazon doesn’t make deleting your account very easy. When I searched on how to delete my account, I was surprised at the large number of sites explaining how to do it. Lets hope another Patriotic vendor takes advantage of Amazon’s mistake.

  26. This comment isn’t related to the above article, just saw something on national news about nancy P and what she is doing in congress since the election and what happened on 1/ 6 / 21. What is happening in D.C. and the congress more or less reenforces what I have seen or experience for the last 50 plus yrs ( mind you, I’m a very political illiterate person and don’t understand the system at all ), but when Trump ran, I was hoping that things would be better, but I didn’t count on the power of the swamp and all of the rhinos ( along with the hard core comminusists dems ) of not going along with Trump to make things better. So to say that I’ve lost faith in the political system would be an understatement , the politicians are only there to pad their bank account and the hell with the rest of the country ( until reelection, then it’s promise time again ). And yes I would like to have reparations because my ancestors were slaves too . they were called serfs in those days. Sorry everyone, just my two cents

  27. We, the American people have been taken advantage of with this psychological event that effectively erased the bulk of Trump’s existence by removing his voice. The psychological aspect of this being a virtual assassination of sorts. This event of removing Trump from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube has encouraged the mental fantasy of the left’s ability to bring to death our President. This enabling circumstance will only encourage the woke society to elevate the threat of a virtual discrimination towards anyone that fails to drink the Soviet fruit punch. This surreal emasculation towards the world wide web of the neutering of conservatives has begun, and will continue. The very observance of any firearm seen in any online video will be a threat towards the normalization of firearm ownership as the socialist begin the deconstruction of our constitution. I have been trying to warn my fellow enthusiasts that are so eager for quenching a threat at the front door demanding that they hand over their dirty guns, that they’ll be side swiped by the realistic events that will most likely be the inevitable outcome. You see, the deeply entrenched left have slowly gained access to our www data and can easily weaponize it to “seek and destroy” their own enemies. There won’t be a door being kicked in, it will be very polite, maybe even somewhat of a bribe to encourage firearms to be “sold back” to an owner that never existed. Many will succumb to this initial temptation. (BTW, an investment in rusty junk and unfixable firearms might be a good investment for this!) The next wave will come with threatening letters and a “we know who you are” notice. The last wave will come from the weaponizing of government abilities. The article above eludes to this. NICS denials, BMV denials and suspensions, CCW suspensions, business license and insurance denials, threats to our employment and the very ownership of property may be denied. Your Facebook and Twitter accounts will be deleted. The IRS will seize your accounts, harvest your wages, and ultimately ask your employer to terminate you. Your Social Security payments may stop. Your Medicare terminated. Your bank accounts and 401k frozen. etc….

    The future reflects a group of victims (you and I) completely oblivious to the degree of damage and destruction that the government can and will devise against us. While we grip our rifles in preparation of war, it will be too late when we discover our lives, summed up in rights and privileges, will be taken away until we beg them to take our guns and restore our lives.

    I have no real wisdom in how to prepare for this in entirety, only in partial nuggets of ideas to help. I really do think we could be headed for a time of discrimination and virtual warfare fought in terms of government overreach that will result in most of us having our tails tucked between our legs while our rifles gather dust.

    Sorry to destroy the thought of some kind of magnificent tough guy mentality many of us have, being the protector of our freedoms and families, but I think we all have ignored the possible reality we most likely face. The storm that faces us may be much different than expected. Our desire for a valiant conflict with an enemy we think we understand will instead be one we never thought of and will quench that desire with a stream of ones and zeros.

    Greg in Indiana

    1. Greg,

      I believe the way is to convince everyone you know (especially government employees/enforcers) to resist following the orders to subjugate their fellow citizens.

  28. 1) I warned you guys of this many months ago. And it is not “the leftists” or even the average Democratic voter — it is the billionaires and their prostitutes — in BOTH parties.

    2) It was Ronald Reagan who scrapped the Fairness Doctrine that once limited deceitful propaganda on the TV networks. It was Reagan who told a heckler “I PAID for this microphone” — which should also be billionaire Jeff Bezos motto for the Washington Post. Or maybe “Democracy dies whenever it annoys Jeff”.

    3) It was Republican bootlicker George Will and others who argued “Money is Speech ” in Citizens United. Which means the billionaires own the national discussion and the other 329 Million of us can shut up.

    4) Does no one think it strange that Libertarians yelled for decades about the danger of “government” — while NEVER saying a word about the danger of concentrated wealth and billionaires willing to stab the nation in the back if it will increase their wealth and power? At least the government gives us a vote — unlike the billionaires gathered in their cabal plotting our enslavement.

    5) “The leftists” is a hilarious distraction. Divide and conquer. 5 days after the votes were counted for Smiling Joe, the corporate Democrats were urinating on the Progressives. Poor Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sounded like she had just realized she had a sordid one-night stand with a drunk too ill-mannered to even take her to breakfast. You will see a lot of buyers remorse soon — exploit it.

    6) Sun Tzu said to know your enemy. You don’t . It is not your fellow Americans who work for a living and struggle to pay their bills. Look at how the billionaires’ prostitutes in the News Media lie.

    It was not mythical “white supremacists” who cut Christina Romer’s Jobs Program in half in 2009 and dumped 8 years of 15% unemployment onto black Americans — it was the man preparing to enter the White House hilariously claiming that he thinks Black Lives Matter. I’m surprised that the Ku Klux Klan hasn’t made him an honorary member — for nuking black life savings and reducing them to a median value of $13,000.

    You don’t win elections by preaching to the converted — you win by winning new recruits and by exposing the deceit of your enemies. Those highly paid “consultants” at the RNC and Trump campaign had an enormous blind spot — as did Fox. It is almost as if they thought their job was to elect Joe Biden, not Trump. Hence NO discussion of Joe’s 47 year record in the Senate and White House.

    What Intel people call an “anomaly”.

    1. “4) Does no one think it strange that Libertarians yelled for decades about the danger of “government” — while NEVER saying a word about the danger of concentrated wealth and billionaires willing to stab the nation in the back if it will increase their wealth and power? At least the government gives us a vote — unlike the billionaires gathered in their cabal plotting our enslavement.”

      With all due respect, I didn’t find it strange that your comment didn’t mention Godfather’s pizza even though we all love pizza. You failed to mention it because it has nothing to do with your current comment or your cause. Libertarianism is about freedom, not about controlling people including billionaires. If it weren’t for the form of government you love so much, those billionaires wouldn’t even exist. Because of everyone’s normalcy bias, they can’t imagine what this country would have been like had it been founded on the idea of Freedom instead of the Constitution being set up to limit our freedoms and create a huge bloated Federal government we now have. Had there been any libertarians back in 1788, and had they been the ones to write the Constitution, our country wouldn’t be in this mess and this country wouldn’t even exists as it now does, the Confederate States of America would have been granted their wish to have a government of the people of the south, by the people of the south, and for the people of the south. In a free country, we wouldn’t have had nearly this level of technology, most of it working against us, if the government hadn’t been able to build the space program with all the money they stole from us. No other country wold have it either. If not for corruption and graft, there wouldn’t be nearly as many billionaires of millionaire politicians. Most of the billionaires you are complaining about only exist because of political connections and technology that wouldn’t even be to this level had it not been for the space program. In a free country the government never would have had the funds to grow any larger than just a few office buildings in Washington DC which limitations on their power would have gone a long ways towards not screwing up our lives and enslaving us.

      And what good is it that the government gives you a meaningless vote?

      1. 1) I do not care about ideology –whether of the left or right — because it is often a veil to hide the real agendas. I especially do not care about ideology that I think is based on myths. I care about my people, FACTS regarding their situation and ACTIONS taken against them.
        2) I myself have noted the testimony of Aedanus Burke, member of the First Congress, that the Constitution was formed as a secret conspiracy to allow the Rich to retake control of the American People after the British were expelled. That would be the Rich who had sat on the fence, traded with the British enemy and tried to pimp their daughters to British aristocrats while the common people did the fighting.

        3) FACT1: few human societies have existed in the past 6000 years without strong government — and the few that did were quickly exterminated. Witness the Indian tribes of North America.

        4) FACT2: The FountainHead of Libertarianism — Ayn Rand — was full of crap. She was a refugee from the Soviet Union who was able to write her self-serving selfish garbage because she was protected by US soldiers with a completely opposite ethos:”Duty, Honor, Country” Although one can see why Rand would follow the Soviet ethos and survive by sucking up to American rich elites. Unfortunately, one of her acolytes, Alan Greenspan, was too stupid to see the hypocrisy, took her seriously, and almost destroyed the US economy.

        5) FACT3: The Richest 1 percent now own 39% of US wealth — and their drive to seize that was supported by Libertarians, not opposed. Citizens United proclaimed that the Rich have the right to buy as many members of Congress as they want. No honest politician today can survive the primaries unless he either sellouts out to the Rich or is wealthy himself. And the destruction of Trump shows what happens to the latter.

        6) FACT4: America is being destroyed by disaster after disaster, caused by the Rich pursuing their own selfish ends and with contempt for the American People.
        a) A Patriot Act to suppress American rebellion not rebellion by the people of the Middle East. Because Libertarians are happy to support oppressive government when it comes to protecting their sacred property rights — while savagely attacking any government attempt to improve the lot of the common citizen.
        b) Widespread poverty, misery and early death — the product of globalization and importation of huge masses of low paid foreign labor.
        c) Massive federal debt that is turning the American People into slaves unless we repudiate it. Each of us now owing 14 years of income tax payments as our share of that debt. What did we receive in return?
        d) I agree with Libertarians in one respect: Congress now is a pack of prostitutes and needs to be stripped of 90% of its power — with the power returned to the states, to local governments or to the People. But we will never be able to accomplish that while our national discourse is controlled by a few billionaires under the legal argument that “Money is Speech”.

        1. Hey Don, I agree with you on almost every one of those points, with a few tweaks.

          On point 2 when you read about how the constitution was ratified, it’s obvious there was a lot of pressure from the wrong sources. People think the Founding Fathers were a group of gods but they were everyday people who couldn’t agree on anything. When taken as a group, the individuals who ratified the constitution couldn’t even get a 2/3 majority. Rhode Island put it to We the People to vote and they overwhelmingly (92%) said, “NO WAY!” So they formed a committee instead who barely passed it 51%-49%. The constitution was a failure for We the People before the ink was dry and paved the way for the mess we see today.

          On your fourth point, Ayn Rand was not a libertarian, or a good author. She was an objectivist with plenty of ideas that conflicted with libertarianism.

          On your sixth point, libertarians don’t support government in general, especially oppressive government, which sounds like a repetitious term. People who want to improve the lot of the common citizen need to donate their own money to that cause, not steal mine to support their agenda. I will donate my money to agendas I approve of.

          The rich wouldn’t be able to do most of what you are saying without being empowered by the government and their cronies in congress. Every war we’ve ever been in was solely so the rich could further enrich themselves at the expense of We the Gullible and our involvement in the wars were only possible because our politicians were in bed with Big Money.

      2. PS A Clarification: When i spoke above of Libertarians supporting oppressive government to protect their property rights while opposing efforts to help the common citizens, I was thinking of Congressional Libertarians.

        Of Rand Paul — who went crying for help from government after he got his behind whipped by a neighbor and demanded a jury award him $500,000 for injuries — while joining the Democrats in indifference at thousands of Americans dying in poor neighborhoods with no police protection and some of the highest murder rates on the planet.

        Or Justin Amash’s support for illegal immigration and the impeachment of Trump for his inquiry into Joe Biden’s involvement in Ukraine



        1. The only libertarian I’m aware of who’s ever served in Congress was Ron Paul, certainly not Rand. None of the other so-called libertarians could come close to passing the qualifications. Anyone is is a capital “L” libertarians… isn’t really a libertarian.

          Everyone you mention is is not worth mentioning, I agree. 🙂

  29. I like using facebook because I have friends all over the world now. I have already begun to not do any political posting. Would it be helpful to start making (fake) positive comments about the left? Make it appear that we are are more leftist in our posts. As long as our good friends know what we truly believe.

  30. Pray, firstmost. Continue to prepare and learn. Help those who cannot help themselves, even those who are still blinded.
    Stop using apps, if you are using the internet go back to using links you have save in a library, you’ll find your visits are cleaner with less adverts popping up.
    I pray we will one day wake up and the likes of google, and facebook will have disappeared from the internet and our real world.
    Mr.Rawles, to you thanks so much for your years of efforts of reaching out and waking many up to being on the road of preparing.
    God is still in control. He has already won this war. God Bless these United States of America.

  31. The Spanish flu one century ago represented the death of 40-50 million people. Today the world’s population is four times greater with air travel in full swing which is by definition a super spreader. The death casualties in today’s World would represent 160 to 200 million in relative terms but more likely 300-400 million taking into consideration the air travel factor that did not exist one century ago. So far, COVID death toll is roughly 1 million people. It is quite likely that the economic crisis due to the lockdowns will cause more deaths than the virus worldwide.

  32. I have to say something…these are seriously troubling times, and we need to make sure we’re thinking straight. I’m so sick of seeing good patriots going down QAnon rabbitholes. If it’s not blatantly obvious by now that Q is a troll or even a psyop intended to make patriots look bad, I don’t know what say. I know so many good people who got consumed by theories about Dems getting into bed with children and completely ignored Dems getting into bed with very real Big Tech. People need to keep their heads screwed on straight and see what’s actually going on.

    Also some advice regarding the Parler hack–the original reports that said hackers got everything (emails, phone numbers, photo ID, private messages, etc) seem to be incorrect. They did apparently manage to scrape (copy) all the public content. So if you are one of the many law-abiding people who used Parler because you were concerned about free speech, and you’re concerned about being doxxed, now is the time to make it harder for doxxers to connect the dots. If you used your Parler handle/username on other social media, change it. If you used your Parler photo on other sites, change that too. If you had public Parler posts that are identical to posts that you made on facebook or twitter, you may want to delete those (or at least make them private).

    Interesting times ahead. Prayers for America and her people.

  33. If anyone on this site is still using Google search engine, shame on you! DuckDuckGo is so much better. It doesn’t keep records of what you search for or deliberately pull up liberal propaganda.

    It will be hard for those who’re really involved with the media cr*p to disconnect; I know because I did some of it. I never really cared for Twitter (except for the ‘Foal Watch’ series every spring; it’s so fun to see Justify’s newest foal). Facebook is ju just a big bore. I won’t put my name or picture on a computer.

    But the biggest switch-off was when I turned off the TV. I give myself very little wiggle room in its total abandonment; if I think something is happening which may affect my family’s welfare, I’ll turn it on. So far I’ve lived through two tornadoes, one huge flood, three earthquakes, and an industrial explosion without needing its assistance. The programs are boring, monotonous, feature characters doing things I consider sinful, and the language is crude. I love Youtube, where I can pick what I want to see (documentaries and old movies).

    I live just fine without a cell phone and due to my mental orientation have little need for friends or acquaintances. I’ve been following my own drummer all my life, so it isn’t hard now.

    Our ancestors met and planned their new government under Liberty Trees; why can’t we?

    Between 50 to 70% of Europe died during the 1346-50 plague. The survivors found some economic and social matters changed, but they soon got used to it. Hardly anybody even remembers the plague nowadays (“I am the grass. Watch me work.”).

    I wish I could meet some of the folks I read here. It’s a secret dream I have of meeting people I can relate to. Just a dream.

    Make a list of last-minute things you want to do this weekend. Hubby and I drove into Nashville two days ago and it was eerie; there was nothing wrong, but there was so little traffic. It felt like Christmas day. Tomorrow I’m going on a grocery run to get potatoes, onions, last fresh produce for a while. Hubby says there’ll be a loaded gun by every door.

    Good luck to everyone. Pray hard, but remember the rest of the song: “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition”.

  34. If half of what you people say is true about .gov and big tech censorship then this site, survivalblog, is not long for free operation. It is antithetical to everything that those 2 entities are about.

  35. pro-liberty, pro-Christian, pro-Second Amendment, pro-QAnon, pro-life, anti-vaccination, or pro-Trump individuals

    This is the gosh darn problem. When the heck did Qanon, anti vaxxers, and whatever Trump is get rolled into fundamental Republican beliefs.

    I abhore any form of cencorship but jimmney cricket we could fight this way better if we left the guys wearing horns, anti vaxxers, and trumpism behind. I say we could fight cencorship without having to defend the people we keep saying don’t represent us.

    I say we just take the lumps and redefine what Republicans are again. Was it not better when our leaders spoke with elegance, civility, and integrity (for a politician). We use to be the party of leadership and strength.

  36. One has to ask how did the 4,000 Trump supporters get identified at the Capitol protest and placed on the No Fly List almost immediately . When the FBI said they had a Treasure Trove” of data on all the Trump supporters they were not talking about video data in the age of masks . They were talking about the NSA scooping up all the phone data the protesters were carrying in their I Phone pocket tattler . So without any warrants and oversight the FBI with the help of the NSA is spying directly on the American people . Get a EMP/privacy pouch for your pocket tattler today. ………

  37. 1) Our planet is an overcrowded lifeboat — existing in a space that extends for trillions upon trillions of miles in all directions and in which it is impossible for human life to survive.

    2) Our planet is being destroyed by overpopulation:

    3) Even the other two threats — climate change and mass extinctions of species — is the result of overpopulation. We would not have climate change if our billionaires had not exported the Green Revolution to Asia and caused the population there to explode from 1 billion to 4 billion within a few decades.

    Meanwhile American population has stayed flat absent immigration –because the billionaires ensure that Americans couples must struggle to rear even one child.
    Meanwhile Africa has 8 children per woman.

    4) America is deeply blessed — we are one of the few countries that can be self-sufficient in food. Yet our elites are turning America into the same overpopulated, deeply corrupt, heavily populated manure hole that exists in much of the world. A manure hole in which freedom can not exist — because starving people will support tyranny if told it is necessary to ensure they are fed.

    That is what the past 4 years of attacks on Trump were really about.

  38. I can’t even begin to tell you how much this bothers me greatly.

    Microsoft, Big-Tech Coalition Developing Rockefeller-Funded COVID Passports

    Seasoned with this:
    Philippians 4:6-7 Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

  39. I’m more optimistic than JWR, though I do see changes coming many of which SB readers may not be happy with. If you want to predict the moves of your opponent you need to know what they are thinking, understand their world view and be able to put yourself in their shoes and think like they do. This can’t be done in an echo chamber. One needs to read at least some of the opponents press, listen to their leaders, talk to friends of different political preferences, read blog or social media comments from people who don’t think like you do. Then apply common sense and fact checking that includes their data sources to determine what is real, what is just politics, what is just rhetoric, what are just fringe extremists views, etc so you can determine what is actionable intelligence.

    With Respect to the Purge, Retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal and others contributed to the article https://www.yahoo.com/news/attack-on-us-capitol-was-the-beginning-of-an-american-insurgency-counterterrorism-experts-warn-100000381.html Non-trump supporters listened to partisan US Attorney General Barr who said the election was not stolen. They listened to all the Republican election officials who said their vote counts were accurate and matched with recounts. They have listened to the FBI (a conservative law and order organization) judge “that ideologically-motivated lone offenders and small groups will pose the greatest terrorist threat to the Homeland through 2021, with white supremacist extremists presenting the most lethal threat.” Some have probably checked FBI statistics of past crime and seen the counts of white supremacist and other extremists committing violence. They watched the videos of the capital being stormed, read about the threats of violence those extremists voiced against their perceived enemies in Congress. They have watched tens of millions become ever angrier after listening to lies from Trump and other conservatives (claims they have researched and easily disproven). (side note – many of those non-trump supporters are also angry about economic conditions, being oppressed, so just being angry is a shared feeling) . This anger and some of the lies led to storming the capital and trying to stop democracy. A good portion of the country is angry at the rioters (peaceful protester is fine), and they are afraid of the angry rioters who threated their enemies with violence. This is a short summary of their thoughts about the attack and useful for predicting what their future moves might be.

    To put it in conservative language, how would conservatives feel if the capital was attacked and invaded by Islamic extremists trying to stop the peaceful transfer of power, the operation of Congress, and to do bodily harm to members of Congress? What would conservatives be doing to stop the threat? How far would conservatives go? To non-Trump supporters the threat to democracy by those who attacked the capital is just as great.

    This is a very narrow view of how non-conservatives think. I didn’t address economics, role of government, social issues, etc. The views, interests and perspectives of everyone else also vary widely. There are few ideological dogma’s shared by everyone who isn’t conservative. The billionaire has different desired outcomes than the family struggling to keep a roof over their head. This lack of consistent dogma actually makes it harder to predict what will happen. Try to figure out who is making the rules (who controls the actions of those in Congress, state and local government legislative bodies) and what will the majority of the country demand and accept.

    Read JWRs comments again thinking about how the rest of the country views the events since the election. This could help you determine probabilities and timing for future events or policy changes. Maybe you will think of potential actions that JWR didn’t mention, or other ways to prepare.

    1. 1) I agree with you that it is important to understand the other side. A Massive mistake by the Republican Party in this election has been appealing just to their supporters — the already converted — instead of appealing to all Americans. The Democratic leaders have stabbed their own followers in the back repeatedly in service to their billionaire owners — but no one on the Republican side pointed that out.

      2) However, the “violence” did not start with the Capitol incident a week ago — and the Trump supporters did NOT start it. Democratic provocateurs — hired thugs in my opinion — have repeatedly attacked Trump supporters starting in the 2016 campaign:
      a) Trump supporters have a right to peaceably assemble — yet his enemies repeatedly invaded Trump rallies and tried to provoke a fight so that dishonest reporters could publish lies about “violent Trump fascists”. Trump’s enemies blocked roads leading to his rallies to prevent his followers from arriving. Hear any loud outcries from Democratic leaders about that violation of the civil rights of Trump supporters?

      b) Antifa — leftist fascists claiming to being anti-fascists with the typical two-faced deceit of hired thugs — repeatedly attacked conservative speakers at places like Berkeley , Middlebury, etc.


      Note how liberal governments had their police stand down and allow the violence to occur — with two-faced lawyers arguing (a) the police have no legal obligation to defend any specific individual or group and (b) victims have no right to defend themselves. A truly vile doctrine that is applied not just to conservative speakers but to black Democratic communities with some of the highest murder rates on the planet.

      See any Democratic leaders denouncing that violence? Or the antifa shooter who stalked and shot a Trump supporter in the back?

  40. PS Re “The Terminator”, what Kyle Reese said re Skynet applies equally well to the group of billionaires destroying this nation:

    “Listen. And understand.
    That terminator is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead. ”

    Greed never sleeps.

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