Preparedness Notes for Monday — January 11, 2021

Today is birthday of big game hunter and writer Peter Hathaway Capstick.

January 11th is also the birthday of Alexander Hamilton (1757-1804.)

And today is the natal day of the late Gunnar Fridtjof Thurmann Sønsteby, who was born in 1918. He was the most decorated hero of the Norwegian resistance under the German occupation. He died May 10, 2012.

Today we’re posting another review by our redoubtable Field Gear Editor, Pat Cascio.


  1. If you haven’t read any of Peter Capstick’s (aka Peter Slapstick) books, do yourself a favor and get some. They’re all a great read even if you’re not a hunter. He’s extremely funny, writes about great adventures, and informative at the same time.

    Death in the Long Grass is a good place to start and the related book Man-Easters of Tsavo by J.H. Patterson is also a good book about some lions eating 140+ workers who were building the Ugandan railroad and the story of how the lions were finally hunted down.

    1. Hey Bear, what was the gist of it? All I keep getting is, “We’re sorry, this site is currently experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again in a few moments.”

    2. Hey Bear, when I do a search, I can see it on the search screen with a time stamp of 03:26 saying Trump’s term ended January 9th… since the site itself is experiencing technical difficulties, it must be either hackers or a rogue State Department intern that made the change! 🙂

      1. Donald Trump’s biography blurb on the State Department website said that his term ended at 19: something on 01/11/21. And nothing else.

        It’s been fixed now (says 2017 to present) so I guess St. Funogas was right. I’ve heard other people saying it was a disgruntled staffer. Yeah, get in line, dude or dudette — awful lot of us feeling disgruntled these days…

    1. We have an entirely independent web site and lease a dedicated server in Holland. But we never know when the Federal government might attempt to take down web sites. Therefore, as I’ve mentioned before: Your only CERTAIN way to have access to SurvivalBlog’s archives is to have it on a USB stick.

  2. Dan asked the everyone who watches his show via youtube, switch to Rumble (He is an owner). He also asked that everyone stop using twitter, he knows some of you are tied to it in your business. At least try to stop twits for the next couple weeks. Also, Apple is dead to him. Finally, stop using Amazon!!! I believe they were hosting the servers (possibly cloud) for Parlar. They had 24hrs to find a new host. As a full disclosure, I have never used any social media ever and stopped buying on Amazon, several years ago, so his ask was pretty easy for me.

    1. I love Bracken. True American patriot. The problem I have is I don’t have the two hours to watch these videos. I wish they would keep it to condensed taking points in 15 minutes .

      Same goes for Alex Jones with his 3 hours a day broadcast.

      1. Agreed.

        In the comments, I always post:
        * I can read a couple-three hundred times faster than human speech. Notify me after the transcript is available.

        My intention is nudging those blow-hards toward self-editing.
        My hopes are consistently dashed…

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