Preparedness Notes for Sunday — January 10, 2021

January 10th, 1776 is the day that North Carolina Governor Josiah Martin issued a proclamation calling on the king’s loyal subjects to raise an armed force to combat the “rebels”. This ultimately led to Colonel Donald McLeod leading the men on an assault on the Patriots that ended with fifty of his men dead and 880 captured. The Patriots lost only two of their number.

Also on this day in 1976 the song “Convoy” by C.W. McCall was the #1 song on the U.S. pop charts.

SurvivalBlog Writing Contest

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Round 92 ends on January 31, so get busy writing and e-mail us your entry. Remember that there is a 1,500-word minimum, and that articles on practical “how-to” skills for survival have an advantage in the judging.



    I am sharing this site with everyone, but don’t know how long it will stay up on You Tube. Don’t not look because the time is nine hours. What you need to see regarding the taking of the lap top is in the first 20 mins. Lee Wheelberger tries hard to get facts out to the public. If for some reason this does not link, look up Inventor Lee Wheelbarger and click on Hard Drives missing. Panic in DC. Gen. Mcinerney drops MOAB at White House.Gen Flyn. Alex Jones

    1. sewNurse,

      Many thanks!

      US military gathering evidence from foreign agents in District Of china such as pelosi et al

      The foreign agents such as pelosi et al are merely the puppets.
      The puppets are the individuals the puppet-masters want us to see.
      As deplorables ‘whack-a-mole’ such as pelosi et al, dozens more are eager to take their places.

      The greedy, the vain, the power-hungry are not dissuaded by the gallows.
      Their motivation is a sickness of the heart, and by necessity, exceeds/avoids any rational thought.

        1. I wish readers would give their opinions on this. I don’t understand what marshal law entails. I find it hard to believe that people would be locked in their homes, not able to go the pharmacy or grocery store.

          Does the world just stop? No UPS or mail deliveries?

          If you have knowledge of this, please share your wisdom! Krissy

          1. Krissy…had that conversation with DH today. The first thought was it would just be a more extreme lockdown on the order of this past year’s going-ons. Then it settled into the more severe, unknown territory and boy, i wondered exactly what you did.

            His concern was for the bill payments we normally mail. The possibility of “having them in limbo” and how that might affect this coming next month or two didn’t sit well so we delivered what we could today. We’ll see what tomorrow brings and go forward as the current events allow. We really don’t know what the next short while will bring. (Much time spent with the Father lately asking for guidance and a tighter hold on my heart and hand as things continue to unfold.)

            Perhaps each geographic area would have guidelines to follow with allowances for local need? (Sort of like this past year maybe.) The duration is a question to think about also.

            Yes…asking anyone with an understanding of the parameters to chime in please…..

          2. Joyce, You are so kind to reply! My wording was confusing, because I didn’t mean for it to be you, per se, although I appreciate your response.

            (Great idea to get bills paid early.) Thanks a million for the post.

            Anyone? Anyone?

  2. In order for the patriot/rebels to succeed they first were allowed by God to SEE the evil subjugation of their king and his minions. More importantly SEE that there are many worse things than death and the fear of it.
    One King to follow is enough. Only He deserves our worship.

    The global cabal has rightly said that our current POTUS is a divider. God has truly used him to show who is for freedom and who is for slavery.

  3. JWR
    In the event that you get de-platformed can you post an alternative means of finding survival blog. That has been discussed a number of times in the distant past. It may be time to discuss it again. Please.

    1. Since we migrated to using WordPress installed on our overseas server, a backup dotted-quad address is no longer feasible. Rest assured that we have three servers available. And if our site is taken down by any non-government miscreant, we can be back up at the same old URL within a few hours. But of course, if the government ever gets dictatorial censorious, then we’ll have very little recourse. At that point, you’ll have to rely on your SurvivalBlog Archive USB sticks.
      Bottom Line: Yes, there are existential threats to free speech on the Internet. But the biggest threats are on the social media sites that we have avoided from the very beginning. Consider this headline: Breaking — Amazon to shut down all Parler servers tomorrow night… But we are reading that because they were depending on a social media companies to handle software downloads. SurvivaBlog’s main server is entirely offshore, and independent of social media.

      1. When the Banana America dictatorship begins on Jan. 20th, 2021, there will be no rules, just right, for our Dear Leaders…

        The purchase of the most recent SurvivalBlog Archive USB stick is recommended for continued access to very important information…

        After they are done with private social platforms, they will move on to actual web sites… They also run the internet… Other countries block web sites all the time…

      2. This is off subject but trying to find out what you are using/ recommending for a web browser. The one I use will be going away as the CEO just Loved the idea of Trump and conservatives being deplatformed

        1. Personally, I use Opera (and have been very happy with it since).
          You can block ads, so it doesn’t get so bogged down (like Firefox, etc).

          I wouldn’t recommend using any internet web browser that originates from the USA, unless you know FOR CERTAIN they don’t follow the usual far-left, group-think, free-speech-hating ideology.

  4. Hey JWR, any chance you can start giving us a “song alert” before mentioning any songs so that those of us who get them stuck in our heads for the next four days can at least have a heads up? (The proper response would be, “10-4, Good Buddy!) 🙂

    Below is a link to the story of Moore’s Creek Bridge referenced above. It’s a great read. After Lexington and Concord, “…muskets, ammunition, and gunpowder had become objects of great desire…” Sound familiar?

    Militias of “Liberty Boys” stood against the Brits and Lt. Col. MacLeod didn’t get his butt handed to him, he died instantly of acute lead poisoning when he took 20 musket balls at once. The ingenious Liberty Boys had removed the planks form the bridge and greased the rails. lol. When the Brits tried to cross, many fell into the creek and it was a total turkey shoot after that. The battle only lasted three minutes. It must have taken C.W. McCall’s convoy to haul off the 850 POW’s. From this victory a lot more Colonists thought maybe they COULD defeat the tyrannical government… a lesson we should take to heart in 2021.

    1. It’s been years even decades since hearing that song. Even so, when I read that a couple of lines popped into my head. Those are the only lined I can remember. Now I have to find a song to get rid of them. Maybe – the wheels on the bus go round and round round and round….

    2. I believe we all need to stop talking about the Revolution in America. We all know the battles, the score of dead, the beloved Founding Fathers putting their fortunes and sacred honor on the line. But we need to reflect on our own battles. We need to engage now.

      We need to talk about Trump and his victories for us.
      Talk about the school boards being overrun by us patriots getting engaged and turning it conservative
      Is patriots like Ted Cruz standing up in Congress. Us running for Congress.

      The next box folks is the “cartridge box. “ Frederic Douglass.

      Let’s get involved now in our communities

      1. Trump did much to expose the Deep State, and in their effort to get rid of him, they exposed themselves more, and revealed just how powerful they can be. There is ample reason to believe that there will never again be a free and fair election. Our chances of electing anyone who represents us in any way is now zero. We can now only make a difference perhaps at the local and state level in some red states. As seen in Georgia, even that is not possible. Once they enact strict gun law, Montana may have the opportunity to secede. We should at least try as it would at least contribute to a spirit of civil disobedience.

    3. I’ll help ya out St lol

      Was the dark of the moon on the sixth of June
      In a Kenworth pullin’ logs
      Cab-over Pete with a reefer on
      And a Jimmy haulin’ hogs


    4. I second that request!! Actually had this song stuck in my head for part of our trip… probably a natural occurrence from passing long lines of semis.

      What temporarily helped me get rid of it was other good driving music: the Eagles, CCR, a little Skynyrd, and the like. Hope it helps you too, Rubber Ducky!

      1. Hey Bear, sounds like we both suffer from the same malady, getting songs stuck on our heads and never being able to sing a song correctly without turning everything in to a parody?

        Where I grew up nobody had more than 8 crayons in their box so we argued endlessly about what in the heck kind of micro bus those 11 long-haired friends of Jesus were driving. Was it a Sure Cruise Micro Bus? Shar Truce? Charred Goose? Shard Ruse? It wasn’t until I upgraded my kids to the 120-color box that I discovered that chartreuse was a color of all things. Right there in the box between the incarnadine and the zaffer. Whoda thunk?

        The song I get endlessly stuck in my head is that old John Denver tune (before he was famous) Blow Up Your TV:

        Blow up your TV, throw away your paper
        Go to the country, build you a home
        Plant a little garden, eat a lot of peaches
        Try and find Jesus on your own.

  5. A radio station I listen to pointed out last year how convoy had hit number one. It had never occurred to me that they had. It just goes to show how deep the hate of tyranny goes in this country. That song really hit a chord.

  6. Thanks for the link to the Battle of Moores Creek story, St. Interesting history. Good poem the other day, also. Looks like we’re fully entering the “fourth turning”. Hold on tight for the ride.

  7. re:
    non-censoring censorship

    The ‘b-rated’ hollywood actor arnold schwarzenegger has a YouTube speech with the title ‘message following this week’s the attack on the Capitol’.

    The hollywood actor reads from a hollywood script about ‘democracy this’ and ‘democracy that’ while comparing those evil 2021 American patriots to those evil National Socialists of 1930s Germany.

    I wrote an (if I do say so myself) eloquent rebuttal, but YouTube refused with a pop-up window “Your post cannot be loaded”.

    I gave the schwarzenegger speech a thumb DOWN, but you can do anything you want with it.
    It’s a free country.

    1. I did NOT watch The Arnold.

      But, here at the Trailer Parker, when anyone says, “Trump like Hitler with the National Socialists,” in a sentence, = I just tell them, “Trump is ~prolife!” “Anyone that thinks, Hitler and his cronies were really ~prolife, belongs in a Nuthouse.”

      ………. More than a few old Geezers around here have been smoking Marijuana since they were young, and calling Richard Nixon, another Hitler.

      …….. +Libtards are the ones that think, there are too many people in the World. And, The Arnold seems to star in movies about a dystopian future. [Fancy word to say, dystopia = an imagined world or society in which people lead wretched, dehumanized, fearful lives.]

      ……… At least at this Trailer Park, Dementia Joe got most of the Trailer Park vote [From the eligible and ineligible voters in the park].

    2. For the people that might NOT understand the “SA and Rohm” in ThoDan’s comment, a bit of information from “Conservapedia The Trustworthy Encyclopedia” [Better than Wikipedia in my opinion, but unfortunately, not as extensive.] =

      Ernst Röhm
      “Ernst Röhm (November 28, 1887 – July 1, 1934) – was a friend of Adolf Hitler and an early member of the Nazi Party, one of the key architects behind the rise of it. He was co-founder of and later became Supreme Commander of the Sturmabteilung (“Storm Battalion”) or SA. He was also one of the many homosexuals who made up the higher echelons of the Nazis.

      Röhm had been in the military since 1906. During World War I he was twice wounded in combat and later was awarded the Iron Cross First Class. After World War I he was a member of the Socialist terror organization known as the Iron Fist. In 1919, Röhm joined the German Workers’ Party, which soon became known as the Nationalsozialistche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Worker’s Party – Nazi Party). Many of the first party meetings took place in a beer hall that catered to homosexuals, the Bratwurstgloeckl. …

      … During the early 1930s, Röhm’s SA, with 2.9 million members, was a much larger and more powerful part of the Nazi Party than Himmler’s SS (“blackshirts”). That suddenly changed in June 1934 as a result of a power struggle between the SA, which had a more radical vision than Hitler would tolerate, and a coalition of Himmler, Hermann Göring, the army and big business (see Military industrial complex). In particular, Röhm, a noted anti-Capitalist and hardline Socialist, desired for permanent, continuous revolution (in a manner similar to Trotskyist ideology).

      The army, which by that point only had 100,000 members, feared the SA would absorb it into its ranks; which is what Röhm wanted to do. Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich prepared the list of Röhm’s SA associates who were executed or imprisoned in the “Night of the Long Knives” which took place between June 30 and July 2, 1934.
      …. Hitler had Röhm killed as well, for fear that he would be a rival in the near future, with Rohm arrogantly demanding that Hitler deal the killing blow when told to commit suicide via revolver in 10 minutes, only for two SS officers, including Dachau commander Theodor Eicke, to shoot him point blank, with Rohm’s alleged last words being a declaration of Hitler as the Fuhrer, only for Eicke to angrily tell Rohm that it’s too late for that. Himmler and his SS gained enormously from the killings; the SS became its own branch and Himmler reported only to Hitler.
      A quote about the economics of the The National ~~>Socialist German Worker’s Party – Nazi Party. [Also, from Conservapedia]

      “Outright state ownership and operation, advancing in all fields, are particularly ascendant in the extensive areas of new enterprise opened up during the Nazi rule….virtually all economic enterprise is subject to rigid state control; and it is control which we have seen to be decisive in relation to the instruments of production. Legal forms, even income privileges, are in the end subordinate to de facto control.
      Even where private owners still exist in Germany, the decisions about “their” property are not in their hands. They do not decide what to make or not to make. They do not establish prices or bargain about wages. They are not at liberty to buy the raw materials they might choose nor to seek the most profitable markets. They cannot, as a rule, decide how to invest or not invest their surplus funds. In short, they are no longer owners, no longer effective capitalists…

      The regulation of production in Germany is no longer left to the market. What is to be produced, and how much, is decided, deliberately, by groups of men, by the state boards and bureaus and commissions. It is they that decide whether a new plant shall be built or an old plant retired, how raw materials shall be allotted and orders distributed, what quotas must be fulfilled by various branches of industry, what goods shall be put aside for export, how prices shall be fixed and credit and exchange extended. There is no requirement that these decisions of the bureaus must be based on any profit aim in the capitalist sense.” …
      The National ~~>Socialist German Worker’s Party – Nazi Party ~ had a Socialist Agenda for their country [Today Germany; tomorrow the World.]
      Of course, the libtards tell us the Nazis were the ‘Far Right’ on the political spectrum. The libtards call pro-life people Nazis. [Libtards are Lunatics]

      We as free people need weapons to protect ourselves from the libtard lunatics. SurvivalBlog up in the headings for the page, has links about advice for different weapon systems.

      The biggest mass murderers have been through Governments; think Mao, Stalin, and Hitler etc. [They were atheists.] The libtards blame religion; but libtards are lunatics. [There has been a complete failure of public education in America. Libtards are completely ignorant about Nazis and Communists.]

      Anyone interested in edification about government Mass Murderers, the University of Hawaii has an extensive site. = “DEMOCIDE: MURDER BY GOVERNMENT.
      (A now deceased college professor amassed a huge amount of information.)

      The libtards tell us already, there are too many people in the World. They want to get rid of a lot of us. It’s time to some preparations; Biden is senile, and a ‘friend’ of Communist China. The near future will be interesting~times.
      ‘We are certainly in for a Rocky Boat ride in the near future. The libtards are planning to ‘rock’ a lot of us, out of the boat.

      1. Not a rival, more a powerful man with an unconvenient vision and goal.
        Not all victim´s ´d been part of Röhm´s circle, there were other victim´s unconvenient or in opposition to the NSDAP

        The economic stuff is at best overly simplified, the industry and economy was rather early dircted towards war and military needs but real effective control came rather late in the war.
        Effective for Hitlers goverment that is

    3. LargeMarge

      I used to enjoy Schwarzenegger’s movies, that stopped one day ago , that fool just showed his ignorance and lack of intelligence quote : ” Trump is the worst President we have ever had “, ……gee, must be over 200 years old huh? C grade actor, needs to stick to acting.

  8. I may be grasping for anything positive but I noticed a few things.

    1. Trumps removal from Twitter is drawing the ire of some leftists including the ACLU. I also know my daughter, a conservative to center Millennial, who hates Trump for his personal behavior, says this is the most troubling thing to her this whole last week and thinks it is going to backfire in a big way.

    2. According to Rasmussen, Trumps approval rating edged up slightly after the Capital incident to 48% for their average and if I read the article correctly 51% Thursday. The propaganda storm did not seem to work.

    3. Supposedly BLM and MAGA people came out together against Cuomo’s overtures toward forced vaccination.

    4. No violence after two announcements of officers who shot black suspects will not be charged. It makes you question if the previous violence was organic and if the average inner city black person is really as radical as we have been lead to believe. Maybe our fellow citizens are not all like we think they are?

    On a related note, if the election was massively fraudulent, I wonder what the response will be of the black people who supported Trump after the record low black unemployment? You wonder what conversations might be occurring in those households and communities?

    5. Something highly subjective. My church this morning was crowded and on fire. Not in a political way. We prayed for Trump and Biden although I am sure a few had to choke out one or the other or maybe both. I suspect most lean toward Trump but that was not the issue. The church was on fire for Christ. I should note we are what I would call true Protestants, in that we do not always conform. Although in a lockdown state, we have largely blown off masks and such and were one of the first churches to open in our area after shutdown. We run three services the first of which is mask required to accommodate those with health concerns and the next two are mask recommended but almost universally ignored.

    My point is the attitude was not one of fear or anger but one of seeming renewal. Looking to what God will do next. I wondered how many other millions of Christians were doing the same across this country.

    There is a lot of power being projected right now, but how will it match up to the 75-80 million Trump supporters, along with leftists who still hate censorship? And more importantly are these powerful people going to thwart God’s purpose? No way.

  9. Stranded with my Snowcat. Thrown Track. / Log Cabin Update- Ep 13.19
    (YouTube Video, 14:53)
    The Outsider
    Jan 9, 2021

    You can’t drive a tracked vehicle like that, short turns to clean out the mud or snow buildup in the rear of track, not a full hard over one like that… Also, check for proper track tension every day…

    I wonder if a Snowcat can pivot?

    This man is a fast learner, and it’s a great video…

    There are wolves in his area, and I hope he made it home okay…

  10. I’ve deleted F a rcebook, and UPube seems to be taking down the usual channels I like to watch.

    So I find myself visiting SB three times a day just to read comments.

    I’m interested in starting a Liberty Museum.

    A 300 sq ft library with physical books.
    A 300 sq ft computer lab/server room/radio room
    A 300 sq ft reading room, with hammock hooks
    A 300 sq ft locker room, with year long rentable lockers

    24 hr access… Would anyone be interested in access to such a place? Near the Mississippi.

    Car port parking, river and ocean nearby.


    This was the, “serious,” admonishment from David Dubyne in his video from yesterday that I just watched on Adapt 2030. (It is only 9 minutes long.)

    The Capitol was a great distraction to keep everyone from knowing what is really happening.

    Blessings, wisdom and strength to you all, Krissy

    1. Krissy’s link is about ~Food Control is Next~ and the scientific explanation of the Grand Solar Minimum. (The Earth does have cycles of Warmer and Cooler years, that last over decades.)
      This is a long-term prediction of a future cold spell, that people should consider, when prepping. =

      It’s currently taught in our schools and said by influential people, “There are too many people in the world!”
      The Elites (do seem to) think ~they would be better off, if most of ~us just disappeared. … [A shortage of food would give the Globalists the excuse to convince their minions to push all of us ‘deplorables’ off the boat (so to speak)]. Supposedly the Microsoft Guy has spoken of the ‘eaters’ and the valued ‘producers’ in our world. [I don’t know for sure; I’ve just heard it reported.]

      SurvivalBlog does have advertisers that sell emergency food supplies to have on hand. = Limited in the length of survival.

      SurvivalBlog also has good articles such as
      ~Family Winter Greenhouse, by T.M.P.~ AUGUST 9, 2019.

      motherearthnews has an article about greenhouses in Communist China.
      [China has a huge supply of coal, but, with its economic system, the people have to ~rely on old technology and ideas. … [The old ideas and ways, should be of interest to people, even here in the USA. (unless you think the government of a Dementia Joe is here to help you.)]
      ……… See ~Chinese Greenhouses for Winter Gardening~ April/May 2017
      “Unlock the full potential of the sun with an energy-efficient passive solar greenhouse, and grow warm-season plants year round with little to no extra heating.” (such article are many places on the Internet)

      There was the use of ‘passive solar’ heating in our society years ago. It’s just not a new idea. Old ideas might come back, for survival.
      There is information on the Internet about building a Greenhouse with Hog Wire [Welded Fencing] and plastic. +The use of a piece of canvas to block some of the sun, if the plants get too hot. [The contact points of the plastic with the wire need to be ‘padded’ with a soft material. Plenty of ideas about that to prevent Chaffing.]
      A method to quickly and inexpensively have ‘seasonal’ greenhouses.

      This old time method was used too. =
      “An Oldie But Hottie: Hotbed Gardening If you were gardening pre-electricity, in cold weather, this idea of hotbed gardening would be about as ordinary as line-drying laundry. Now, though, we tend to overlook the simplest ideas and go straight to some complicated, electricity-based technology solution instead.” from morningchores site.
      There are explanations and how to information all over the Internet about Hotbed Gardening.
      Raising chickens in the backyard, and slaughtering a big hog for the meat, use to be as common as Ham and Eggs for breakfast.
      [I never did it, but my grandparents and parents did make sure, ‘To sell the Chickens before they died, and the Eggs before they hatched.’ ~> For many old timers, the hog was turned into preserved food such hams, bacon and sausages.]

      As a separate note: The US Military can teach a novice how to shoot accurately within a few weeks. It takes ~years of practice to become a good knowledgeable gardener.

        1. Never used it. = I see things like that in my State all the time. Any plant cover like that would protect from frost and birds. I live in a big agricultural area.
          Other people reading Once a Marine; Always a Marine’s comment, can see pictures of a ‘Floating Row Cover’ on the Internet.

          There are sites that explain, how to make your own ‘Floating Row Cover.’ Here’s one with a BIG BUTT to it. gardensnursery(dot)com/make-your-own-row-covers
          The site said to use ‘Rebar’ as the hoops. That type of metal would cause chafing and ruin the plastic in the first couple of strong winds.
          [No direct experience with ‘Row Covers’ ~ but other experiences.]

          I’d try find to find used EMT someone is tossing out. I use to see it as garbage all the time. But, people grab everything to salvage now days.

          “Electric metallic tubing . Designated as EMT which refers to a product, also referred as a type of conduit that is manufactured, as a protective light weight metal pipe, to use as a raceway for electric wiring.”

          There’s a special ‘bender’ that is used to bend EMT. Easy to use. But, you just need some ‘hoops’ a specific size. Ask if it’s possible to bend around a ‘burn barrel’ ~ advice is free at Church or the VFW Hall.

          Someone at a VFW Hall or at Church might know a source for just scrap EMT.

          I don’t think the material is pure aluminum. As scrap, it’s not worth much. [No deposit on it]

          Anyway, the smooth surface of EMT would NOT NOT NOT rub as much on the ‘plastic ~ Floating Row Cover.’

          PVC conduit is use on Roof tops for water piping to drain off ‘condensate’ water from Commercial Air Conditioners. Building Inspectors require the PVC piping to be ~painted to extend its lifetime in direct sunlight.

          The Metal EMT would last a lifetime once bent into shape. A heavy plastic cover will last for a number of years. [I had a big piece of heavy plastic I used inside. I’d place it down, and then put the canvas drop cloth on top. “A man has to know his limitations.” = Were words of wisdom in a Clint Eastwood movie.

          It’s good to grow your own food. As I said, I live in a big agricultural area. Poison is used to kill bugs and plant diseases. (Just has to be) Commercial crops are relatively bug free; nothing like a homeowner garden.

          I’ll look up close at a ‘Floating Row Cover’ if I see one later in the year. I’ll look at the tubing. I’ll remember; hopefully, NOT after I’m long down the road.

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