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This weekly column features news stories and event announcements from around the American Redoubt region. (Idaho, Montana, eastern Oregon, eastern Washington, and Wyoming.) Much of the region is also more commonly known as The Inland Northwest. We also mention companies of interest to preppers and survivalists that are located in the American Redoubt region. Today, we focus on small companies located in the American Redoubt, including some that have recent relocated to the Redoubt, from other states.


Ecommerce, clothing, RVs and more: Dozens of Idaho businesses hit ‘fastest-growing’ list

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Small manufacturing firms continue to drive Idaho economy

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Divide Gun Company now offers ultra-lightweight precision hunting rifles.

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“Families have just had enough’: Idaho business helps conservatives move away from Democratic states

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Moving right: The rise of the political migrant in Idaho

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Idaho: Attracting Gun and Knife Manufacturers


2020 Best Tech Startups in Montana

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Hoplite Armor, in Kalispell, Montana now offers a wide range of body armor components, including ballistic plates.

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The new full-service gun shop in Manhattan (near Bozeman) caught my eye: Empire Arms

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Reloading component maker Montana Gold Bullet is swamped with orders, but they are doing their best to catch up.

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Choice Ammunition in Victor, Montana is primarily known for their precision rifle ammunition, but they also make some “Cowboy”  revolver ammo, including a great-shooting .44-40 load.

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The Road to Montana.  “An influx of ‘COVID migrants’ has led to a swell of new residents in the Flathead Valley, as well as rampant speculation about an unprecedented population explosion. But how many people have really moved here?”

Central & Eastern Oregon

2020 Best Tech Startups in Bend

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If you live near Pendleton, then check out Eastern Oregon Cerakote and Gunsmithing

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Bay Area drone startup expands in Bend

Central & Eastern Washington

2021 Best Tech Startups in Spokane

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Manufacturing companies in the Tri-Cities.


If you live anywhere near Cheyenne, Wyoming, then be sure to visit Ronin Arms and Cerakote.

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Both MagPul Industries and Stag Arms completed their moves to Wyoming in 2020.  And Weatherby also completed its move to Wyoming in early 2020.

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  1. I know there are some / a lot of good people on the west coast, but there are a lot of people that have voted in the problem politics believing all the bull that the dems have put out. Now they are tired of it and are moving out. but the problem is they are bringing the bull s— ideas with them. Two examples that I know of is my grandson-in-law, he worked in a hardware store in Bend Or and had to deal with people from California and they bitched because they could find what they wanted or needed in California, why don’t they have it here in Or. The second ex was contractor from Bozeman Mt told about the people moving in from California and about some of their goofy ideas about life, living, and government and about how good things were in California and some were already thinking about getting things, laws, rules etc changed around in Mt where they now live. I could go on, but mu soap box is getting shaky.

  2. Genesis 19: 15-16… Anyone agonizing over relocating should probably not hesitate. I have family “addicted” to the So Cal lifestyle, but think that they can “time” their exodus. I hope they error on the side of caution. We escaped 32 years ago and never looked back. OBTW… most big cities look like California… Taxes, oppressive laws, etc…

  3. Bay Area drone startup expands in Bend – Bend is a major liberal & leftists area of OR – which has many areas like it. It’s an overgrown snowflake community which has attracted lots of $$$$$

    Michael J.

  4. You need to expand the American Redoubt to include Nebraska, the Dakotas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Utah, and Texas. Planning needs to start on recovering New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada. There are also several states east of the Mississippi — Tennessee, West Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi that could probably be included too, along with the rural regions of southern Illinois and Indiana, and the western parts of Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and western Florida. We actually cover a huge geographic area, which is not as thickly populated, so we have a harder time being heard. Should something happen, the seaports of Louisiana and Texas will be critical infrastructure. We also need to be supporting the rural parts of Colorado and eastern California. There are too many of us, for all of us to move to Idaho and Montana.

    1. I concur with your assessment Grey Mann, the areas you mention are outside of the “comfort zones” of most looking for easy “convenient” living.

    2. Don’t forget northern wisconsin. I’m 15 miles from pavement in every direction. Lots of big woods only 4 ways in if you have 4×4. Long ways from the people’s Republic of Madison. Could use a few more like mnded people

    3. We are perfectly capable of inviting others to our state. Those of us old enough remember what happened the last time it happened and that’s why you don’t see the extended invitations.
      It’s not just politics it’s gangs, values and attitudes we don’t want.

  5. Until a critical mass of freedom-loving immigrants makes a small number of states noticeably more conservative, adding more states to the Western Redout squanders momentum. As an example, Wyoming may be heavily-Republican but it’s open primaries end up nominating far too many RINOs. We need to flood the field there before moving on to other states. Now if one is sick of socialism and can’t make it work in the key states, then by all means move to any of the freer states. I’m in Western PA and would welcome more conservatives to “the last bastion of the New Deal.”

    1. Amish country is #1 on my husband’s “relocate to retire” list, while I like the Allegheny National Forest region, but as this election has shown, y’all got a BAD case of the “blue cancer” on the state level. So sad, to see a good state with so many good people be held at the mercy of leftist-Marxists. My husband is originally from upstate New York (Rochester-Syracuse area) and NONE of his family still lives there because of New York City politics drowning out their voice.

    1. So much for conservatives moving into Ada county (Boise). They went all in for Biden in November. The adjoining county went 70% for Trump. If they could isolate all liberals in one county that’d be fine but they also inhabit Sun Valley (they went all in for Hillary in 2016 and were the first hot spot for the Covid).

  6. We have been fortunate so far as to only gaining a few transplants in our area, however, one of my rancher buddies now has a sign up on a pasture fence that reads; (COWS AND HORSES SOMETIMES LAY DOWN TO SLEEP—DO NOT CALL 911!!)

  7. Something has gone wrong in Idaho. Our Gov.Brad Little is on the friend of China list. Boise elected a mayor who should go to Portland along with her police chief from Portland. Cd’A school district counselor tells little girl she is transgendered and instructs her how to proceed. Family is very upset. Principal at the school says the group protesting this is white supremist organization!? I have family member who works at this school and being told to keep mouths shut. What has happened to Idaho? I’m weary of electing politicians who say one thing but do another.

  8. I thought the article in the Flathead Beacon dispelling mass-migration myths was one of the better pieces of journalism I’ve seen in some time. Rather than repeating rumors and interviewing some academic or pundit who give subjective opinions and fan the panic, the reporter actually conducted research and came up with objective facts. Automotive registration, licenses renewal, septic system permits, requests for new electrical serivce, school registrations, all showed growth, but nothing like locals feared.

    Are second-home owners staying longer than usual? Yep, looks like it. Are there new residents moving here? Yes, and they have been for years. Are they seeing 10,000 or even 30,000 new residents. No, not a chance.

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