Recipe of the Week: Globalist Political Casserole (2021)

To celebrate the new year, we are presenting the following parody recipe sent to us by SurvivalBlog reader M.S.U. for his Globalist Political Casserole (2021). Note that this is not a typical recipe for SurvivalBlog. Again, it is a parody.

  • 1 President-Elect, Brain-Fried, Thoroughly Senile
  • 1 Vice President-Elect, Marxist, Over-Ambitious, Fully Co-opted, and Clarified
  • 2 Houses of Congress, Braised until their two party ingredients are indistinguishable.
  • 3 Low-Interest Rate Economic Recoveries, julienned into very long strips. (Can be substituted with fake economic recoveries.)
  • 7 Major Religious Denominations, De-Backboned, Homogenized, and Whipped
  • A Half-Dozen Social Media Outlets, with Socialist Agendas Thoroughly Stirred-In
  • 3 Soured Legacy Mass Media Networks
  • 1 Communist News Network (CNN), Half-Baked
  • 1 Fox News Network, Turned Over Easy, with Plenty of Green
  • 1 Drudge Report, Freshly Dredged in Globalist Whitewash
  • 50 States, (with 49 Governors Browned to serve up Compliant Statist Lockdowns.)
  • 9 Supreme Court Justices, Riot-Shakened (Or alternatively: 15 Justices, packed liberally.)
  • 12 Federal Reserve Bankster Governors, Non-accountable and stewed since 1913.
  • 1 Generally Dumb Public, Well-stirred by Mass Media to a Flat, Dull Consistency
  • 1 Pandemic, pre-heated and over-hyped for 9 months, left simmering
  • 2 Re-hashed Media Dilettante Doctors (Choose from Fauci, Brix, et cetera),
  • 2 Shots of Over-Rushed Vaccine
  • A large dollop of election fraud.
  • A dash of Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, or Face Time.
  1. Pre-heat Political Oven to 450F. (But not all the way to 451, so that books will not be burned.)
  2. Let the three Legacy Mass Media Networks stand for 60 years until soured.
  3. In a separate well-greased pan, fry the brains of the President-Elect, for 45 years.
  4. In a media mixing bowl, marinade the Communist News Network (CNN) in Leninist dogma for 40 years, and left half-baked.
  5. In a censorship-coated Media Casserole Dish, combine the first 11 ingredients, stirring in equal amounts of Climate Change hype, White Privilege guilt, and Transgender Acceptance seasonings.
  6. Add some faux Black Lives Matter, to regional taste. (Use larger amounts, on the East and West Coasts and in the Deep South.)
  7. Add one Asian Pandemic (Wuhan variety is best.)
  8. Before cutting in the Fox News Network, be sure to first remove all the brains, but DO NOT remove the 10 Blondes’ Legs.
  9. Punch down any alternative media that rises.
  10. Bake for a full election season.
  11. Season well with salty and spicy irrelevant pop culture gossip.
  12. Drizzle with carmelized Drive-By Media drivel.
  13. Garnish with a sprig of Green New Deal.
  14. Optionally, this casserole can be done as a Molotov Flambé, with Renewed Portland Riots.

Serve on a festive “2020 is Over!” table setting decorated with a hoarded toilet paper centerpiece. Best with side dishes such as Never Trumper Sour Grapes, Georgia Runoff Election Grits, Re-heated, and Well-Aged Pelosi Polenta, and Curdled Senile Senator Feinstein Souffle. Also goes well with a tossed ballots salad. Accompany with a 1940s-vintage Antifa Red Whine. Follow dinner with an appropriate dessert — such as Aztlan Flan, Soros Sweets, Eco-Friendly Tesla Tart, or Facebook Frappé. Round out the evening with either an Ocasio-Cortez Barista Espresso or a 1960s-vintage pinko protest aperitif.

Do you have a favorite real recipe that would be of interest to SurvivalBlog readers? In this weekly recipe column, we place emphasis on recipes that use long term storage foods, recipes for wild game, dutch oven and slow cooker recipes, and any that use home garden produce. If you have any favorite recipes, then please send them via e-mail. Thanks!


  1. You left out one of the main ingredients. Billionare open border globalists erasing and replacing the traditional native-born citizens with invaders who have no connection to the people who live here or our culture, language, history, values, and religions all done for profit, power and punsihment.

  2. Always start a meal like this by following the recipe. Latter if you thought it was a keeper – make incremental changes to your personal taste. The author is obviously an outstanding cook who had experimented heavily with going around and disregarding the Constitution of their guests palates.
    Note to self: first change to “amend second” attempt of Globalist Political Casserole – increase preheat temperature of oven to 500* and reduce to 451* after placing it in the oven. This will have a crispier outside and may reduce the time it takes to serve ~ & kill any vestige of hope.

    1. Yes, CW64!

      …and this recipe should also include a reference to the crime syndicate described here:

      BREAKING: A Printer in Michigan Printed Tens of Thousands of Excess Pennsylvania Ballots Which Were Shipped to New York and Fraudulently Filled Out Before Being Delivered to Pennsylvania

      If this is true, I hope the evidence is on display for all to see on January 6th such that there is no way to escape the truth of it!

      …and how about some criminal charges and arrests to go with it!

  3. This was very well done and I laughed out loud. I have learned to skip passages with a St. Funogas byline until I am out of earshot of a sleeping little one, but I guess from now on I’ll have to be more cautious of other parts of the blog, too! 😉

    (Sad that you had to state twice in the beginning that it is a parody, but, in this day and age…… *rolling eyes*. For years I have enjoyed articles from The Babylon Bee, which is a Christian satire site, and recently I have seen more than one occasion on which a national “news” publication has written an entire article “fact-checking” one of their posts — only to come to the earth-shattering conclusion that content published by a satire site is, in fact, SATIRE. Sad.)

  4. Oh man, I couldn’t wait to try this recipe this morning! It looked almost as good as T of A’s peppermint patties or Animal House’s collards.

    Since any cook worth his salt makes a few changes, here are mine:

    The recipe was missing 50 lbs of baloney so I added that first, followed by several pounds of dyslectic carp. I was unable to locate Pelosi Polenta so substituted Pelosi Poppycock instead.

    While letting the whole mixture rest before cooking, I decided to forego the toilet paper centerpiece and replace it with a head on a platter, the name of which I won’t disclose in the event the dingledorfs at the NSA won’t realize this is a parody. I thought it’d be more romantic to light the dining room with torches and eat with the meal with pitchforks. I headed out to the pasture and selected some of the largest cow pies to serve as dessert. By the time I returned, the mix was well rested so I put it into the casserole dish. As the stench was hitting my nostrils, and just as I had my hand on the knob to warm up the oven, it suddenly occurred to me that in my haste and excitement, I had failed to consider all the ramifications. I couldn’t choke all these items down individually during the past 20 years, what in the world made me think I could swallow all the Bravo Sierra when mixed together??! Not wanting to waste 3¢ worth of propane, or risk acute food poisoning, and remembering that these slime balls have been dumping on me for most of my life, I decided to skip the whole stomach and intestines route and scraped the whole concoction directly into the composting toilet so I could dump on them for a change. I then ate an entire box of Exlax for breakfast to ensure the casserole topping would be the right consistency. At the end of the week, not wanting to corrupt my compost pile as badly as these people and organizations have corrupted the country my brave and true ancestors settled and fought for, I’ll take the remains out to the burn pile, pound a stake in, and then add the hottest fuel possible to be sure everything is well cooked. I’ll wait for a day when the wind is blowing eastward to help the black clouds of toxic smoke make their way to Washington D.C. where they belong.

    To help me overcome the resulting bout of depression this morning, I made up some peppermint patties to get me through the day, then made some more coffee and finished reading SurvivalBlog while munching on cinnamon rolls and listening to the cat purr on my lap. The depression lifted almost immediately. As soon as I finish the cinnamon rolls I’m going to get the checkbook out and answer the ten-cent challenge. It’s gotta be cheaper than Prozac.

    1. While reading your post, the first thought I had when you when you dumped it into your composting toilet was don’t put that into your gardens it’ll kill anything growing. Then I kept reading. One suggestion, don’t per your cat and eat cinnamon rolls at the same time. I find the addition of cat hair reduces my enjoyment of the cinnamon rolls.

  5. Here is a list of some of the stuff Sidney Powell came up with.
    Save the link. It’s a rather long read:
    https://sarahwestall dot com/evidence-of-foreign-interference-in-the-2020-election/
    I put “dot” in there so we won’t get in trouble for posting a link.

    1. Thank you for sharing this, Not So Free!
      Sidney Powell’s findings are deeply disturbing, and should be investigated fully using the full weight and power of the United States government — which is supposed to exist to serve the people, and to support, protect, and preserve our Constitutional Republic.

      I wonder if this aspect of the election fraud will be revealed tomorrow, January 6th, or if those arguments will be limited to and focused on the domestic aspects of the Great Election Train Robbery.

      There was some movement in Wisconsin…

      “BREAKING: Wisconsin Legislature Announces Resolution To Be Introduced on Thursday Which Will Likely Decertify State and Award to President Trump”

      Georgia Senators are calling on Mike Pence to delay the vote of January 6th…

      “Georgia State Senators Call on Pence to Delay Jan. 6 Electoral Vote”

      The evidence of illegal activity, irregularities, and out-and-out fraud continues to flood in Georgia. Todd Starnes posted this from Project Veritas…

      Work is advancing in Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. Other states are in play even though we hear far less about them including New Mexico.

      In addition to all the other contacts being made in support of free, fair, honest and lawful elections, be sure to reach out, offer support, and thank President Donald J. Trump.

  6. If you find that there is not going to be enough to go around to serve those greedy neighbors (that never seem to hold their end up) just add the right volume of Porkulus to fill things out.
    It’ll be at your own expense, of course.

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